Amazing marble race: Europe vs America - Track with funnel mix and elevator

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    Amazing marble race: Europe vs America - Track with funnel mix and elevator carrera de canicas berlinde
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    Hello, welcome to the great event of Marbles of the Copa America 2019 that starts now. I decided to do these re-uploads because now we have a good partnership with MSPN. It will be very cool to watch these events with Rick O'Shea's English comments. I hope you enjoy this event and you are coming to Euro 2019 for marbles.
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    1. Fubeca's Marble Runs

      Hello friends, you may like the new event that started here on the channel, I will leave the link for you to choose your team and cheer, as it is just beginning. Hugs and follow the link :

      1. kevin mil gutierrez

        Que yo hablo español

      2. Roman Ivory

        us us us

      3. tim kremer

        @Kay Denton qwe

      4. Asif Ali Khan


      5. Josh Spencer

        bre you act like a 4 year old

    2. Ben Vibez

      It’s 4:00am and I’m watching marble races. •-•

    3. jose ruiz

      spain spain

    4. Sital Addhya

      Bhai I observed you take many country to play in this tournament but you didn't take India in tournament. Why????????????

    5. 옹아

      I saw the first video today and it was so much fun. Please let us participate in Korea next time. I'm subscribing. ^^

    6. pradnya276


    7. pradnya276


    8. Aiden Scott

      Me near the end with the us vs England:oh yes the Revolutionary War again.

    9. Jacobhowe11 Sob

      Please make it less funnely

    10. Vova Shuld


    11. Evan Taylor

      he says that brazil gets out of the last funnel first but if you play it super slowly the Netherlands get out of the last funnel first

    12. Илья и Паша Нахабцевы

      where did you put England, she lost ?! 26:43

    13. MR.Turtle

      GO NETHERLANDS 🇱🇺 Edit: 26:27 wait what.. WE LOST!?!?!

    14. Priti Vandana

      In the 1st semifinal you have messed up the times

    15. INP Contel

      Is there any video there México win?? Please tell me :(

    16. CenterStarsChannel Hollow Earth

      We all know who won the Revolutionary War.

    17. Anita Anil

      Netherlands Vs Italy best match 👍👏👏👏

    18. Anita Anil

      10:29 Honduras is Blue and Yellow😂

    19. Arun Chaulagain

      I love it

    20. Arun Chaulagain

      Wow amazing

    21. Сергій хмельницький

      Україна 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

    22. Michael Josef Tabalanza


    23. Ryan STEWART

      26:25 U sure about that (look at the bottom left)

    24. Piggy

      3th match brazil against netherlands... fla- flashbacks... 2014⚽️😳

    25. Dragon Kirby1026

      Esto debería estar en la tele

    26. Joselyn Castle

      USA win for the first time from Chile and USA

    27. S D

      ⚠️Warning⚠️ Disclaimer: This comment may contain spoilers for this video. Read this when the video has ended. This is made for mistake of "Fubeca Marble Runs". Due to spoiler alert I have kept it secret what will happen in 2 European teams. I have written "European teams" due to spoiler. If you have watched then read this comment. Wishes : Have a nice day ahead 26:27 🇳🇱 vs 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 what a mistake Fubeca Marble Runs You wrote 🇳🇱 have finished 1st on 01:37:19 which is for 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and you wrote 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 finished at 01:58:15(+20:96)

    28. Doc Bailey

      A lot of argy bargy on the tracks.

    29. DenVak 09

      10:15 блять

    30. reese villones

      Pls make a live stream plssss

    31. Sxyldy

      Good England beat usa

    32. Little Tiny Gamer

      And again-ad: get high protein

    33. Little Tiny Gamer

      Germany with the full black with a very menacing look Me:MENACING

    34. Little Tiny Gamer

      Killer queens hands heat seekings explosives's's's's's's

    35. Jashika Tulsidas Mahtani

      thanks and i want portugal

    36. Saartje Vanden Borre


    37. helen nazareth

      1st is the worst 2nd is the best 3rd is the one with the hairy chest!

    38. Sequoia Boyl

      with England/Netherlands you switched the timing

    39. Jayden Moore

      I hop I get my game

    40. Vince Pepin

      How come you never have Canada?

    41. Ghostreaper

      Why! I want U.S. won! I’m U.S. Citizen

    42. James Katz

      let's go, we did lizzie proud

    43. James Katz

      why you saying america is continentbjts a country

    44. *TAREK*

      So stressfull yet exciting😃 Can't stop watching those races you do they are verry well made. Great entertainement on this channel. LOVE IT!!😁

    45. Archie dog

      US vs England was so close

    46. Joseph Vito's Learn n' Fun😎

      My eyes keep rolling on this 🙄 they spin.. and spin.. and again spin 😂

    47. Jacob Lehr


    48. mem811

      Spain and Portugal make Iberian Union

    49. Fox Zone exploring

      I'm from North America of United States so I'm with the USA

    50. Bandaru Sumathi


    51. rachelle and rohan time

      This is a america

    52. Rapid Boi

      32:48 YES LADS!!! Lmao

    53. Fredi Pablo-Perez

      NOOOOOOO i wanted USA to win ;-;

    54. Eduardo Barbosa

      rigged. portugal won our hearts.

    55. Easy Creative World

      Please add INDIA in every race

    56. Alessandro Barrios

      Hello to me like you videos 😁


      I will animator watch tpot 1

    58. matisse nimmegeers

      This is Europe vs Europe and America vs America You should have done a draw with in one pot the european countries and on the other hadn the American countries and each time pick 1 marble from each pot to see who will compete in the first round

    59. 양평이또또과파미

      wow!!!! you are so good

    60. shellsbignumber2

      Im so happy England beat Germany.

    61. Benny Larson

      Italy Is social distancing in round one

    62. dakota dondat

      now this is what I call fun and exciting. this is so entertaining. I like the countries. that represents the marbles. but I also like the teams. that where in the race.

    63. VS SMASH

      I was cheering USA but he lost

    64. VS SMASH

      Did Colombia win?

    65. VS SMASH

      Fubeca can you do more country marble races plz

    66. Sameen Beyabani


    67. Nick Figueroa

      I can’t believe that england won

    68. Daniel Deupree

      Where’s Australia?🇦🇺

    69. AngryWolf18 08

      18:12 for a crazy finish!

      1. AngryWolf18 08

        Does anyone else do this? 😂😂😂

      2. AngryWolf18 08

        32:36 Finals deciding moments!

      3. AngryWolf18 08

        28:28 huge comeback by USA

      4. AngryWolf18 08

        Also check out 22:02

    70. juan clan ,

      viva mexico🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    71. Junior. Com


    72. Caleb Amos

      go USA

    73. Chase Huang

      26:36 England got 1:37:19, not netherlands

    74. InDestructible_Playz

      Me: Watches England vs Netherlands. England: **times switched** England: **wins** Netherlands: I got a better time than you. England: Too late!

    75. oe h

      이 댓글을 보신다면 정말 꼼꼼한 사람입니다

    76. Ignacy Gołębiowski

      Oh God it was sad how Uruguay burned its advantage

    77. Elizabeth Ramos

      This is the best thing in the world srsly

    78. LauerFam

      Why are the videos making me yell at my screen

    79. Christopher Buckingham


    80. OTC • CoDeDliVerTy

      He is a pro builder

    81. Ross TenEyck

      At 24:48 the skin of their teeth? Hmmmmm 🤔 lol

    82. Joko sutrisno

      I love Indonesia

    83. naï jblilo

      Je rigole mais je ne comprends pas se que tu dit pareille pour tes commentaires. Je parle français.

    84. naï jblilo

      Je ne comprends pas pourquoi, je suis en train de faire un tour sur le site de la semaine prochaine.

    85. Maximus Yagdulas


    86. Joy

      Oh no england won

    87. La Legión Tirex


    88. La Legión Tirex

      No entiendo nada

    89. Lear Dyson

      Why is there no Australia mate?

    90. Makeshift Marble Runs

      Never been so proud to be English!

    91. DamianAngello

      !No gano Colombia¡😠

    92. Kelly Peters

      I love USA

    93. Marteek Augustin

      Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😡

    94. Marteek Augustin


    95. Green Gushers

      I think I used to watch this channel and once I found it again I was like🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩

    96. Jaya Das


    97. Arib munjalgo

      Wow. Great move, Netherlands

    98. nathan ljs


    99. Mobile Glitcher

      Idk why he titled it Europe vs us

    100. TSA Brawl Stars