What's For Lunch? Food Fails (November 2019) | FailArmy


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    Happy Tuesday! This week we have a collection of fails that will make you hungry! Whether going to a restaurant or cooking your own food, there is always a way it can go bad!
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    1. ccrosbie33

      I hope the people eating that chicken are severely constipated...otherwise they are in for a long night.

    2. TEEGA

      Timestamps: 0:36 - With Some RIPz 0:33 - Spil 1:09 - Common Cockroach 1:46 - That's Not How You WASH THA MET 3:44 - EGGheads Return 4:36 - Comment Ignorers are Stupid Sumphs 4:44 - Ayuh 4:49 - DRASTICAL DEBUG 4:58 - Home Depot 2:53 - A mighty bonus

    3. Chocobar 69

      1:21 Chinese - aww that's free meal

    4. Shinobi Gamer95


    5. DARKMIKE12345

      Hey dad what r we having for supper Dad: chicken Why is it blue tho Dad: cuz I use dawn soap Me:........... Can I have 20 buck to buy pizza

    6. G A

      1:50 WTF? ಠ ͜ ಠ

    7. Fioravante Vicious

      Is that a Katydid on 1:26

    8. Fox X Gamer Plays

      I think we all know what part of the video I stopped at.. The man whom washes meat.. WITH SOAP?? 😆 Why, Who and What gave you the idea??

    9. Isaac McCarthy

      This guy: i'm about to wash the meat. Me:🗣️NOT WITH DISH SOAP YOU IDIOT.

    10. Foxy The Pirate

      Not the neji at 4:40

    11. Luis Ortuño

      No entiendo el ingles

    12. Frank Lin

      2:45 Welcome to Hell"s Kitchen We are serving extra Smokey Charcoal Chicken

    13. Maria Bravo

      1:50 idiot!!

    14. Liz Pecina

      1:42 people cooking during quarantine be like:

    15. Liz Pecina

      I got a Hidden Valley secret sauce ad before this 👀

    16. PH5121

      2:55 "Dude, you gonna get firrreeedd!"

    17. Amaan Siddiqui

      Washing the meaatt. 😅😅🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐. I am speechless and you??

    18. Thomas Qiu


    19. Te Kaha Broadbent-King

      Didn’t know dishwashing liquid was a good marinade for Chicken 😂

    20. Yaveh Suarez

      My guy you wash with vinegar and not on a open sink 🤦‍♂️

    21. scot wentworth

      I had found a huge cockroach rolled up in a big piece of sausage on my pizza at a Pizza Hut in Texas many years ago & demanded my money back & i refused a replacement !

    22. The south will rise again! 2020

      Yo I have the exact same microwave as 4:13 now I’m concerned lol

    23. Tiger 131

      1:30 please tell me that guy was just fooling around and not being serious at all

    24. Warframe Combat Action!

      The little girl had TOTALLY, wasted the egg though.

    25. Warframe Combat Action!

      But that makes sense though... she should have just said rinse the meat, the words of humans are turning into slang languages.

    26. Warframe Combat Action!

      Salt sap, sure, because its moslty made with salt... so the meat would be safe with that,.. but dishwasher liquid is made of a whole different dangerous chemicals.

    27. Warframe Combat Action!

      Lol, the pizza slide of, the bottom of the pizza is smooth though.

    28. Necessary _Bee

      She told him wash the meat dude use soap. Dude dumb as hell. He take everything literal

    29. david tran

      my favorite one 5:20

    30. manduheavy vazquez

      5:13 jajajaj lol. Greatness.

    31. manduheavy vazquez

      0:08 jajajaj lol. Greatness.

    32. Emran Dafadar

      Don't ad slow motion videos Please please please

    33. Khaled

      This!!!!! Is why I'm telling!!! Do not eat airport foods!!!!!!!

    34. SRT392

      Bout to wash the meat right now 🤣🤣🤣

    35. HelloTardis

      Holy fucking shit the “Wash the meat” guy...

    36. david jeffery

      2:00 lowest IQ I've seen in a long time

    37. Fernmelder Softair

      Bad Soup with Corona inside

    38. Steve Das

      2.00....seriously....is he that dumb???

    39. Abby Koos

      The insect thing was disgusting😂😂

    40. Tim Classic

      That video hurt in my hart 💔

    41. supersparks

      Anyone notice the teardrop tattoo under that dude's eye? Doesn't that mean he's killed someone??

      1. Eliott Dahmer

        lol, no

    42. Rodrigo Ele

      The guy washing the meat actually left me speechless.

      1. Sugar Z Blossom

        They do that alot in Africa or is it the fact that he was using detergent

      2. Yosafire17

        reminds me of the three stooges where they wash the vegetable,they LEGIT laundry the vegetables XD

    43. Fok in

      Not with soap dumbass

    44. The CatShow

      i died of laughter at 0:25

    45. Jonas Rosenven

      Vertical video fails.

    46. irene102

      As a spaniard that i am,this hurt me a lot

    47. shadow_wolf_55

      I hope that whoever ate that meat is OK cuz that is weird. Dish soap tastes nasty.

      1. breadisred

        @TAYLOR BOLTJES hopefully they didnt serve that dish soaped food


        @breadisred That too. But still. Hope they OK

      3. breadisred

        It doesnt only taste nasty, its toxic

    48. MechaTailsMK2

      What the **** did I just watched!?

    49. una persona

      "amica chips sto cazzo"

    50. Masa Ikramul Haq

      1:09 In Islam locusts is Halal 🦗😃

    51. Cheesy Pal

      1:05 u will have the most amazing smells in mouth ever

    52. Angel Smith

      "Wash the meat" translation: pay attention to me I'm doing stupid stuff haha I'm so funny and quaint

    53. Giann Paolo

      1:49 Waisting food don't get you famous 😥

    54. Ὓὄὗʀ L·ἷғἔ Ṃᾄҭҭἔʀṩ

      3:33 seizure warning 😬😫

    55. Jasefh Ortega

      Personas jugando con la comida, que pensaran los niños africanos?

    56. Sam Z

      Why No soap when you wash the meat. How else you wash the meat properly?

      1. Tsuyu Asui


    57. Max Sol

      посмеялся от души) спасибо =)

    58. Brick Williams Guitar

      That free taco is now going to be whatever the price of a broken wrist is.

    59. Andrea Luciano


    60. THE FREEEMAN 2048

      4:30 the sunlight has been concentrated into the glass

    61. Louis Beote

      who needs tide pods when you have tide wings

    62. BloatedBlitz


    63. aerodaan

      0:42 How millennials can't let go of their phone when they need to be responsible

    64. Owais Qadri

      The baby one was funny

    65. aldmyboi

      "daddy does the chicken taste funny?" "i remember putting dish soap on that" **spits out**

    66. Isabelle M.

      Someone show this dude thats washing the meat to the people in the ba testkitchen...

    67. Kristina

      What a fucking waste of chicken. Tool.

    68. Checkpoint COVID

      (@ 2:36 paused) Needs Brazzers logo.

    69. Agustin Guenchi18

      Goncho codo de mierda

    70. Clean Living

      These are great if I'd never, ever been on the internet

    71. Шумен Каменов

      He washed da meat

    72. Chenitta Thomas

      Well about to have soap flavored chicken 👍 if you agree

    73. Ethan Wong

      I’m not eating chicken at any restaurant again

    74. Shari Emerson

      666,42o viewer

    75. Palgrave

      Two Thumbs Down: A lot of these clips were shown by FailArmy in 2016.

    76. Hunty Baby

      Gedees mofos ouda da kitchen

    77. Easternwind Tell

      Indian army fails irvision.info/home/XmbggqqLlreZmdY/fy-lm-h-y.html

    78. Jordan Le Goïc

      Slo motion videos are the cancer of the internet

    79. xxstarfoxxyxx GD

      0:59 that poor man could’ve sold that on eBay for a lot of $

    80. Miwako Mint_bunny

      Wash the meat...wash the meat....yeah I got it.

    81. BlueFlag Alpha

      Don't forget to wash the meat

    82. Logan Brauser

      Pretty sure that first pizza was a double fail with the pepperonis all derped on one side

    83. airman fastspeed

      How does it taste like with blue chicken marinate?

    84. Johannes-M-Kxar

      Spülmittel auf Fleisch ja Moin

    85. Gypsy SnowWolf

      That man washing the chicken 🤦‍♀️

    86. Mo A

      What’s funny about wasting food ?

    87. justin mig Villano

      Taco boy slip out

    88. COVIDfromYT :D

      That wash the meat guy with soap is an idiot.

    89. Nathan Schmidt

      my name jef

    90. Vittorio

      0:53 è sempre divertente vedere qualcosa in italiano!

    91. Benny H

      2:05 wash it for the GAINs

    92. K M

      worked in 5 star restaurants and kitchens for 15 years now, never once have we ever washed meat. lol the whole process of cooking is to eliminate bacteria that your body doesn't process while its raw. Just a waste of time while prepping XD

    93. Patton 28

      How are you gonna pay $30 for an airport salad, just to find a big ass grasshopper inside?! That's an out-of-court settlement, guaranteed. You know that grasshopper was chilling inside, eating the lettuce leaves, and shitting all over the rest of the food.

    94. Vincent Robert


    95. Adam Ściebura

      1:00 Welcome to africa. (the commen was not intended to offend anyone)

    96. Andrew Pavidis

      1:41 wait that's illegal

    97. Khan Salvador

      Me eating crickets with guacamole "yeah, that cricket need a tortilla and salsa".

    98. Christoph-04

      The moment he died inside. You can truly see it. 0:37

    99. skajari1

      Weak sauce.

    100. Asterio Salamida

      Can the next video be Contagious Laughter?