Adjust Your Attitude - People With Anger Issues | FailArmy 2020


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    I can't believe what you said to me! You got some attitude! We got a collection of the people who need to chill out! Stay safe!

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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 7 ماه


    1. Francisco Javier Bravo Cerda

      A very spontaneous Erick Cartman at the end of the video. Half hour laughing.🤣

    2. ÃÑÙBÏS

      The Piranha dog is great.

    3. PS PS

      5:17 Um....not sure about kangaroos anymore....or about sleeping with the light off, for that matter (@.@)

    4. Fioravante Vicious

      Man what a mean face that little kid did that’s just rude besides i don’t make faces at my family or Friends or Teachers

    5. La' Vy

      OMG that little dog🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀👹

    6. Frederik Szabó

      3:09 rarely a clip i´ve already seen makes me laugh unstoppably, this one doesnt dissapoint

    7. FloofyFatRat

      “Stop it”

    8. Tiger Gaming


    9. Bird Boi Cyrus T

      "You can't hit people because you want pancakes." Me: "Who decided that?"

    10. Cingkin

      legends say he never got the pancake

    11. anton balytskyy


    12. Gabi Benavente

      Angry Karen’s and toddlers act the same, I just noticed that. Is that why they’re in the same comp?

    13. Gabi Benavente

      Calm down Karen

    14. Darrian Hamm

      We all know we clicked on this video because of the face😂

    15. Zuki Nakichi

      1:14 his sister sitting there like “really?” is killing me😂😂😂


      Give the man some godamm pancakes

    17. Kelsea Nova

      0:49 sounds like she's screaming "Wasabi"

    18. ttomato182

      Why do all women hate farts, all men think they are hysterical? It is a cosmic battle that will never end.

    19. Thalia Hart

      Okay but the beginning with the toddler who hit the mom kind of and then kissed her was actually kinda cute

    20. foxisms

      Definitely a Dad Truth! "You can't hit people because you want pancakes!"

    21. Yessenia Villegas

      5:30 zoom calls raged

    22. Emma Louise

      5:43 if ever I have a son and he talks to me like this I’d go mad at the little brat

    23. Emma Louise

      Connor why did you hit Aidan? “Because I want pancakes” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    24. sir dave chasssington of dude land and comumbris

      That video of the woman an her ice cream was probably an outburst caused by something larger and the ice cream tipped her over I had this happen to me over brownies but it was actually caused by my aunts passing a few weeks previous. I think she just needed to freak out then when she felt like the sadness and rage were out she came to her senses and wanted a pickle

    25. Another One

      @5:10 could I get you some icecream and pickles for the rest of my life. I need that kind of passion.

    26. Tejaswini Banubakode

      From 3:07 to 4:01 that man looked like Jim Carrey 😆

    27. RuththeRuth Less

      I guess I could eat a pickle.

    28. Amp

      I’m very confused by the title. This just seems to be stressed people. What’s the attitude? What’s the change? This should just be annoyed people

    29. icecream bunnykitty


    30. Alphonse Tudor

      Punch ppl since he didn't get pancakes? What does that mean? He attempted to crush ppl into pancakes as alternatives?

    31. CC 3636

      The man With the dog Said just have Cats WTF

    32. Kpa gaming 1


    33. Arnder Autos

      4:14 Definitely Autistic.

    34. Rhys Brophy

      Can you add subtitles?

    35. Nicholas Colque

      On 4:43 that was just mean.

    36. Master Animator

      1:43 when the guitar lessons are too hard

    37. The Future 3D

      0:38 and you thought only kids have tantrums? Huh! think again after watching lol

    38. Nguyen Tung

      0:06 imagine you are her husband/boyfriend, now think about that moment when she comes home after having a bad day.

    39. MuSiCBoYaS

      well 3:09, the doggy never try bite him, a lot of dogs have this way to play, his fault its just be ugly

    40. Duong Nguyen

      What is link video 1:13 and that girl is so cute and beautiful 😍 -> 1:19

    41. romangoood


    42. screamingmimi90

      Today is June 17, 2020. It is a very bad day. This helped me a little.

    43. Double Oh Ryo

      0:54 okay karen

    44. MitFlake Productions

      Raging 101

    45. Océane Lésiak

      0:39 could someone translate this into English please ? I don't under screaming language...

    46. K


    47. Twiiisted Pandora

      He had karma when he broke his skateboard lol

    48. Dylan Shen


    49. Maxiniz

      Oh boy u don’t know what I doe for pancakes

    50. Noobmaster 69

      5:22 *welcome to Australia... next thing ya know there will be a snake in ya toilet*

    51. M I R I A S U

      That little man just wanted pancakes

    52. Prageet9 Chauhan

      Just saw an alien 👽 1:10

    53. Gustav L

      no men in this vid

    54. Joanne Kitchens

      01:52 05:38 02:56

    55. j sharp

      Chuckys got nothing on 1.04 🤣🤣🤣 😱

    56. Aaron LFC*YNWA*

      Sometimes being mad or have mad attitude can cost you so much!! e.g. this video

    57. Eli Echavarria

      5:40 lol 😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    58. Eli Echavarria

      3:59 lol 😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    59. voidmanagment

      Do people actually break their stuff when they're angry? I think I don't speak rich lol

    60. Real_RUBB3R

      4:40 if you seriously think this shit is funny you're an insufferable human being. Even if you pay them back for the food afterwards, that's still food that was wasted. The point of a prank or a joke is to have both sides laughing. Smacking someone's food out of their hands is in no way shape or form gonna make the person laugh

    61. NotSoGoodGamer18

      I can’t stop laughing at that zoom meeting

    62. Robert Brock

      Bruh this girl is getting mad over a fu*king golf ball that is stupid as sh*t

    63. GREEK II

      0:50 please explain me wat happened????

    64. Kyle Mills

      Let me rephrase your sentence "You can't assault people because you want your delicious pancakes" 1:54

    65. Cristina / Antônio Trentin

      0:30 Karen being Karen

    66. Los Tres Vidales

      1:11 soo ugly, like rat - pug but worst

    67. Stop Jduwwyeuqjhwgegwh


    68. Jody Buston

      Lot people driving and using cellphones, stupid

    69. alek k

      The dog gets me every time. Oh man haha

    70. Flisfia

      3:13 i dont understannd how people think a small dog acting like this is acceptable. Just imagine if the dog was bigger and how people would call the owner bad for letting it be like that but as soon as its a small dog its "cute and funny" it really isnt. Teach your dogs how to behave no matter what size or breed :)

    71. Erin Stratman

      The girl in the yellow shirt must be a vegan.

    72. 1891 HARAS

      I gotta know why that woman at the terminal or whatever was freaking out like that ,holey cow

    73. Louise


    74. _ a0R5P _

      chihuahuas are not dogs - they are big rats lol

    75. _ a0R5P _

      1st video- the other player knew that she is such a maniac, he is not at all reacting, in any way or form.. Otherwise it would have been his head lol

    76. MsRainbow Brite

      That guy yelling at his mother clearly is fake

    77. Syamsuddin Ali debadr

      3:35 thats intstant karma😂😂

    78. Syamsuddin Ali debadr

      3:51 does he don't really care of the mest

    79. Syamsuddin Ali debadr

      4:57 bro its just your skill man

    80. v Ryšková

      4:45 was kind of cute😂❤️

    81. Dr_ Yavvas

      half of your videos is from the past.. scam

    82. Legendary Cinematics

      Nelk boyssss

    83. Boomer112

      Wow... Never expected to see NELK on Failarmy. Specifically a prank which FailArmy seems to give zero fucks about. They don't care if it's fake, etc they just go ahead and put it in anyways.

    84. Art Vandelay

      that last guy screaming definitely drinks gfuel and plays call of duty

    85. icecream bunnykitty

      1:15 lol also 1:48

    86. Τρομπεοφόρος

      You butthead on 1:03 didnt have the balls to laugh not before after she leave

    87. Kylie Starr

      Tiny dog guy must be in the next Will Ferrell movie, seriously just picture it 🍿

    88. Belly Hab

      As always... USA

    89. DK viking KD

      3:10 sorry, that's not a dog...

    90. Caleb McFadden

      0:47 psycho mom freaks out in airport

    91. Luke Sheridan

      2020: Where parents are more concerned with filming their kids for "likes" then actually parenting

    92. SammyPlays

      "We cannot proceed like dis"

    93. Dee Jorney

      the best part is that woman yelling

    94. william dawkins

      A good leather belt would take care of a lot of these attitudes!

    95. Maggy7187

      the small dog... 😂

    96. Laura Mahnken

      knocking the crap out of the drone with the golf club felt like the right reaction

    97. kenny okunowo

      Lol...really cool...great videos too. Can i share your videos?.

    98. dead inside bonnie

      That lil dog man he was mad

    99. Sebastian Rodriguez

      0:20 i understand the kid, i would done the same

    100. CY Thang

      2:43 looks like a pro