1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

Luke TheNotable

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    This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
    Fantasy Violence
    Violent References
    Suggestive Themes
    Crude Humor
    Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*Subscribe today!! HELP ME REACH 1M!!! - bit.ly/2CCW0gf
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    C418 - Minecraft
    Daniel Rosenfeld

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    0:00 Intro
    0:20 Day 301-400
    12:00 Day 400-500
    24:35 Day 500-600
    38:40 Day 600-700
    52:16 Day 700-800
    1:05:57 Day 800-900
    1:16:09 Day 900-1000

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    1. yeeter peeter

      Is anyone gonna talk about how he killed the dragon twice but has an egg?

    2. Vert1x

      He never did f3 in this whole video

    3. Erol LODRIK

      on my first 100 days i was fuel nedirite and kiled the ender dragoon and the whiter and the strongest armer in the world

    4. YOimmaJOE stream storage

      so who's gonna tell him there are more achievements now?

    5. Geehon Edmund

      Stuff like this makes you want to play Minecraft

    6. Geehon Edmund

      Go up to 30 000 days

    7. Geehon Edmund

      48:08 it doesn't even look like the nether any more👏👏

    8. Aj Meena

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    9. Deatheater 2

      Luke my friend made a bad omen 20 but he didn’t want to realise he didn’t post it

    10. Mukti Sugiarti

      most popular video...

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    12. Joosh_

      f to ghost town. it was a good one.

    13. Willy Sootery

      Reply to me with what your time is

      1. Willy Sootery


    14. Yoonseong Do

      Minecraft has no endgame, but this sure looks like one

    15. gunner graves

      an easy way to breed villagers is to make the breeder in the same village you got the villagers and break all the beds so they MUST live there, then they claim the beds and you ring the bell, they go to their beds and then you block the door off.

    16. Ali Chughtai

      Why not invest in blast furnaces

    17. FlareD

      i noticed that wither skeleton's heads are slightly bigger when they can drop a skull pls correct me if im wrong

    18. John Cook

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    19. Yumi Lawson

      I thought lazerbeam was the melon god

    20. Ronan Martin-Foley

      “And now I will ask for a moment of silence for the dead” *ad starts*

    21. Sandy Yu

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    22. Malachai Taylor

      real days or minecraft days

    23. Geehon Edmund

      Make a drowned farm to get a trident easier

    24. Shayne Jansen

      when he realizes that he couldve used the ingots for is already enchanted pick n sword... edit: i continue to watch him make a god sword out of that

    25. Ashley

      17:27EXUSE ME?!???

    26. White House

      where is the next episode?

    27. Samwise

      is 17:27 a glitch? His voice went wrong?? Its weird.

    28. Teodoro jr Mendoza

      Me who got to 1hour: ez

    29. a t

      I remember when this first came out I didn't comment but just watch

    30. Adrien Pinard

      The wakeful call feasibly sigh because chain collectively invent per a gleaming sound. brave, gullible gusty james


      pro tip for wither skulls: get a charged creeper to kill a stray

      1. Professor Minestein

        only works on bedrock edition, he's playing Java

    32. soar skits


    33. Oyun Zekalı

      Like the comment İf you watched until the end ,lets see the minecraft fans

    34. Cyrus hare is cool

      Btw I have a youtube channel Cyrus Hare btw I love your vids

    35. Lucy Montgomery

      I see your naming your horses after halo vehicles

    36. Sava Gavrilovic

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    37. eekling

      55:47 *a stack of levels*

    38. DR. DEATH6868

      37:57 its king ghidora

    39. Emanmiddle

      Chart the times when limited items release

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    41. ben stuart

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    43. Dominik Space

      “It’s ugly but deadly...like your mom” 🤣🤣

    44. The z Exploder

      Luke: lets have a moment of silence for the dead villagers IRvision ads: this is the moment

    45. LITE NITE

      when he means all those day ts in real lifetime so give him some hands

    46. Cr1mSoN _ bl4d3_YT

      Its already been 10 months?

    47. gulia

      Me and my brother world had some pillaged attacks on our home so we put the banners as a warning to the other' piligers

      1. gulia

        Oh and my friend is named Jack mongoose

    48. The z Exploder

      Luke talking about rare biomes: 34:07 Me who once spawned near all those biomes+village and desert temple: 👁👄👁

    49. Pyry Rautiainen

      So many shaqs

    50. Franco Marcus

      can we just appreciate how he talked for 1 hour and 30 minutes straight

    51. C.H.K.N Tenders

      Only if we could count the amount of stuff he had

    52. Matei Florentina

      Watch Lizzie videos and you will now how

    53. jackiboigames


    54. XxEthen06xX plays assassin

      i’m still watching this😂

    55. Memes n' stuff

      My snack of choice was Pop Tarts. Anyone else?

    56. Obito Uchiha

      Hey me in 5 years

    57. Steezy Mcfly

      how long is 1000 minecraft days in irl time

    58. Rainbow kitty

      My MOM???????

    59. Shadøw Playz

      1000 days is 3 years mate

    60. AJ Plays

      I will await the day when he makes a mountain-sized map.

    61. the fancy pig

      Soon luke is about to obliterate ph1lza's hardcore record

    62. Cash Visney

      Should've called it the 'Silence of the Lambs' when you moved the sheep

    63. PinkyBraumise

      I’ve never been so diamond lucky as you have been in this series :(

    64. Stxtic


    65. sleepy boy

      "like your mom" XD

    66. Koolaid Child

      This was honestly the best minecraft challenge of 2020

    67. Spifer

      BRB I have a bigger farm than yours after like 785 days in Minecraft survival

    68. Jay Balencii

      1:23:22-1:23:27 this man had a one night stand either with a girl or a boy,what a trap 💀

    69. To watch Videos

      "YES! I"VE DONE IT! A *CHILD!* "

    70. EnderReaper

      why is no one talking about the fact that he said at the end of the video "maybe tors 200 days" LIKE YES PLEASE IVE BEEN WAITING SOOO LONGGG

    71. Samuel Mantele


    72. big skill

      Just now i noticed that he had some letters on his helmet and sord so i looked up "how to understand inchament table". But nun of the letters matched the inchatment table so I'm looking at the video so when he puts his mouse on his helmet and sord i may finally know what it means.

    73. Pawel Masternak

      Day 100: utility over vanity Day 900: if you haven't monopolised on 7 different societies, don't talk to me

    74. Neko's Fury

      18:56. LMAO imagine that he died XD. Also am I the only one that imagines him to look like that guy from fallout 4?

    75. Zack B

      Ok, I'm getting into Minecraft RN, and I was wondering how he's repairing his tools from killing mobs?

      1. Hannah Ensminger

        There is an enchantment called 'mending' when he has that on a tool, the xp that he gets from killing the mobs fill up the tool bar use, so the more mobs he kills the more times he can use his tools since it repairs :)

    76. Beeboo

      Did I just watch a man play Minecraft where he dies he loses it all for an hour and thirty minutes? Yes, yes I did

    77. ahmdnasry81 ,

      Minecraft VlP


      why are people still watching this lol

    79. killerryan

      Why did it take so long for him to get netherite

    80. Fugitifahej :D

      for a moment of silence : FORTNITE AD POPS UP

    81. Darren Le Fromage

      Rip 😭😭

    82. utakata nout

      i paused when you mentioned the villager breeding and copied your design then i unpaused and you said that’s not how your supposed to do it and you leaned that the hard way... me too ig

    83. Arandomdonkey

      36:37 (look at my name) ...

    84. Marc Salas

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    85. Ella Tosczak

      Well if he turned it to creative then achievements would be turned of ?

    86. LelBoiPotato

      a man who can break the economy in 20 seconds

    87. Aiden 2304

      1:24:13 look at the iron golem XD

    88. the RHM

      luke this is a 13+ video me 7 years old intesring

    89. Data lalazashvili

      Damn I was here since day 100 and it's already been 10 month's damn

    90. Finley Mclean

      he has an emreld tower but he makes a tree house lol

    91. GD Fir3


    92. Deanna Lezama

      "A moment of silence for the dead villagers" Ads: Lets go!!!

    93. AcroMaticツ

      I’ve watched this series so many times and it never got old, this is just truly entertaining

    94. Wyatt Gaming

      2,250,000 is the number of opportunities he could have died

    95. Priiaza

      other youtubers: im gonna get full netherite before starting raid LTN: raids go brrrrrr

    96. elizagames2

      Guess who learnt that they cant even last a minecraft year in hardcore. Meeeeeeee

    97. Katrina Walker

      Omg how did you survive hardcore I can see day 2k I'm on day 731

    98. Eliott Fortin

      Very good video :)

    99. love love

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    100. Nova Prime

      This guy is better than me but worse than me at the same time HOW?