Tom Brady 1-on-1 Patrick Mahomes react to Super Bowl LV Chiefs vs Buccaneers

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    Tom Brady 1-on-1 Patrick Mahomes react to Super Bowl LV Chiefs vs Buccaneers

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    1. STMARTIN009

      Are you 24 or 25? Sorry son but you are getting spanked in the Superbowl. Try again in 2 years as the shotgun will not help you on Superbowl Sunday.

    2. Enslaved by No Media

      sheep alert!

    3. Music Jam

      Ok master at work he was to hard on pat He did better than you would do so you can't hate its crazy how people think about NFL players like the jets they are not good but they are obviously good enough to play in the NFL so don't hate on pro teams or players just because of 1 game he can still be the greatest he can be the best in the NFL but dont hate because 1 game

    4. V T

      Just as I said. Brady pumping immortality into his opponent to the point where he believes it, and then destroys him. I’ve watched him do this for 20years. Don’t believe for a minute that this polite Brady doesn’t hang up the call and say to himself, “that kid is going down!😡” 🇺🇸

    5. kamari theheman

      dislikes are the ppl that dont like Chiefs and Buccaneers smh haters

    6. lildugg

      Ayy mahomes has a country talk kinda

    7. jjs777fzr

      I didn’t think it possible we’d see someone as modest, classy and respectful come along potentially taking the torch from Brady as we have here in Mahomes. Humbleness defined. Great job mom and dad on both sides.

    8. itssarahk

      how does it say feb 1 not feb 7

    9. André Maldonado

      Mahomes is classy & humble ,respect!

    10. JinJin Wins

      1995. Jesus Christ.

    11. Parsha Davis

      Why should they hate, no one should hate, with all due respect to anyone who reads this, hate is a choice and so is LOVE..

    12. StephanieJ Bradley

      Brady makes it seem easy... he's a team magician

    13. Scotty The Wanderer

      Being the GOAT is about more than just physical gifts.

    14. Justin Peska

      Who's this Tom Brady guy?

    15. Sifiso Ngwane

      Can’t even clown Pat,he was humble before the battle.🔥

    16. Brittney Sipes

      Have absolutely no respect for brade banned a dog fighter from the game but allow someone to cheat fined him 1 million and let him continue

    17. Mistee Lee

      After the super bowl- wasn’t much of a match up from my view here in Tampa 😉

    18. jerryholbrook13

      Tom brady embarrasses the chiefs and beats them easily

    19. Marcus Fitzgerald

      Two of the greatest to do it? Mahomes is really good but come on. Better than Manning, Young, or Bret? Lol. I know why the media try to say they are two of the greatest to sell the game.

    20. sangjeong kimcho


    21. sangjeong kimcho


    22. R T

      This is pure class

    23. Juan Gabriel

      Troy aikman should have been in brady's place

    24. betty jasper


    25. betty jasper

      Go cheifs !!!!

      1. David arruda

        Go Bucs

    26. Omari Mcfarlane

      Goose bumps i wish the rest of the world was terrific human beins like they are. NYC-out...

    27. Fire and Alt Roblox

      Tampa bay was meant for Tom Brady!!! Tom Brady’s initials:TB Tampa bay initials:TB Good Johnny you learned how to read now let’s learn to write "Patrick Mahomes is a baby goat playing a full grown goat"

    28. 유영철

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    29. SUGE WHITE Jacoby

      Could they be any nicer to each other? I think Tom, in this case, sets such a good example for Footballl players and athletes to follow. You don't have to be an a**hole to be great!

    30. Hello There

      That's actually pretty cool for mahomes


      GOAT: IF Brady did not have Losses in Playoffs & (3) Losses in the S.B. by 'Extreme Underdogs' (2x Giants & 1x Eagles w/Back Up QB) > it would be a perfect career! Tom Brady GOAT = most Unlikely Non-Athletic person. But a Leader & Clutch & Come Back from being down is a given > S.B 55 at HOME = Climax to the Story.

    32. Sally Kasper

      Good luck everyone

    33. Deft Faker

      Stop joking focus on the match guys

    34. 0 0

      You got to love them both and then going head to head

    35. Kellfire Immortal

      Brady using flattery, this is a first

    36. Boyfromsouth07

      Mahomes atw

    37. Ayana Ray

      Pat is going to take it to the house and get a super bowl 2 times in row

    38. J. D.

      I'm just hoping and praying for a great game. 🙏🏾🌟

    39. MrBlitZ

      Reminds me when Kobe just came into the league and was talking with MJ and even playing against him. Its the passing of the torch.

    40. Heat Headquarters

      Her: do you have socks older than pat? Brady: compliments him for 5 minutes

    41. Eduardo Levy

      Why does mahones look so tired . His eyes look tired . Does he sleep ? Brady looks like mahomes English teacher lol

    42. Der Spabvogel

      Watch Tom throw a 20 yard no look pass to Gronk.

    43. moonewitch

      I love my cousin, but sorry Pat! Tom is my favorite QB of all time!

    44. Carrie S

      Verizon SUCKS 😘

    45. Carrie S

      Yep, Version sucks!!!!!😛

    46. Carrie S


    47. Carrie S

      Wish you could go to my job..... have a lot from The Patriots, where I met the Team n you! I don’t have Money, ❤️to meet you and the Bucs and Edelman!!!!!!😘😒

    48. Carrie S

      You go Brady

    49. Phaze 29

      How does Brady look the same age as Mahomes?!

      1. Buddy Glynn

        He's vegan.

    50. Mckay Shamo

      Brady looks like a proud dad getting ready to destroy his son in Mario kart

      1. STMARTIN009

        Yeah. Brady lost 2 Superbowls. It builds character. Mahomes will be back.

      2. King

        Basically all of us in the future when we have kids

      3. FondCello681814

        and he did

      4. Erik Stark


      5. Evan Robinson1

        He Def plays Funky Kong

    51. Q Doe

      Deep down there is a hate for one another lol love competitive football

    52. mauro moris

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    53. وยςςเקคקєгקɭคՇє

      Off-topic but can we talk about the horrible mock draft at the bottom 🤦‍♂️

    54. dossube

      So, everyone is riding on Brady's wagon! I see... 😉

    55. Gman

      You know this 1 on 1 videos I thought would be a great one to watch before the big game on Sunday. The female host ask Tom Brady good question concern what skills he would like Patrick Mahomes game and Tom did a wonderful expressing himself well about what he like about Patrick game good job Tom. Then just when i thought I going to be treated with some golden nuggets from Patrick Mahomes about like what skills he like to have from Tom Brady game. This air head women asked if he think he could beat Andy Reid in a veggie avocado cheeseburger eating contest F'n really . What a dumb ass question to ask, totally no respect for his football IQ. I should've expected it from someone that devalue a young multicultural quarterback. Thanks once again for rubbing it in our face this why we don't like people you, all not all white people just people like you.

    56. Sergey Efuni

      my god tom looks like he is in his late 20s. Wtf is this man eating smh

      1. Brutus Barnabus

        Avocado Ice Cream is his secret.

    57. Calvin Huynh

      The cumbersome sparrow predictably pour because kidney chiefly invite worth a two giraffe. wrathful, nonstop process

    58. e-bone

      A kid is a baby goat, this is nothing but a scripted ritual with actors who know how to throw a football.

    59. Tyler Santos

      Mannn I love seeing Tom being so happy 😂😂


      This is wierd

    61. ManePOINT BigIDEAS

      Mahomes is way better than Brady. Tom is overated

    62. Cody

      Nicest interview I’ve ever seen.

    63. Product of A Red Pill

      Moderator was kinda funny

    64. McKenna Keenan

      Go chiefs!!!!!!

    65. Nathan Bradley

      Nov 29 a preview of things to come Chiefs - 27 Buccaneers - 24

    66. Nathan Bradley

      Excuse me Brady... unless you want Mama Mahomes coming after you, you better call her son Patrick not Pat

    67. Valerie Price

      Love ya nephew Mahomes 😁 let's get 2 rings

    68. Bryan Rodgers

      Humantler music Rodgers

    69. David Bojarski

      Ya how many times did the Patriots get away with calls going their way only knowledgeable football fans see that

    70. David Bojarski

      Remember Mahomes is young we'll see at the end of his career how many SBs he'll have

      1. KC CHIEFS


    71. Cherian Mathai

      lets just watch the game on sunday.

    72. Chilly Cereal

      I wonder if they really have that much respect for each other, or if they they just saying what everyone wants to hear. For real though Patrick Mahomes is amazing. Tom is the GOAT the last 2 decades have proven that. Hopefully Mahomes stay healthy & has a long career & stays at such a high level.

    73. Chilly Cereal

      That’s a lot of 5’s

    74. mike mallamo

      Long time Dolphins fan here, and it's hard to not like TB12! He is just a class act. Pat Mahomes seems to be trending in that direction too! He might be the first QB to win more rings than TB12 by the time his career is done.

    75. Emily Beckner

      Chiefs gonna win!

    76. Frosty31

      Calling your child a kid is pretty chilling. Kid is a baby goat, and a goat represents the devil. Every time you call you child a kid, always remember you are calling them a little devil.

    77. crizzonet

      Never forget Playoff Amendola smashed Kay Adams.

    78. BBfreak 8

      I thought they were wearing bathrobes at first

    79. victoria Bishko

      I am not a Brady fan So I bet he tries a no look pass just cuz!!!

    80. Eliecer Guerra

      "See You Pat"....ohh mannn....Brady just lost the Super Bowl right there.

    81. Wavy Gomez

      If I get another “everyone loves team state farm “ 😂😂😂

    82. Dinky Ramirez

      Tom Brady Best QB of All Time. vs Patrick Mahomes II Best QB In The World.

    83. Mondo

      Legendary interview. Irvin faded lol

    84. Mr. Meerkat

      Wtf kinda question for Pat was that

    85. Qin Shi

      Good vs good ( ok ) let’s get it on

    86. H R

      HUMBLE... that’s the word! 👍🏼

    87. Qin Shi

      Rise the power

    88. reimon_ boi

      Crazy that Patrick looks older than Tom😅🤙🏼

    89. Trovel Emmanuel

      Kay's true laugh comes out :) 6:15

    90. Brendan Mazon

      Patrick mhomes is the best qb in the world

    91. Brendan Mazon

      Lets go cheifs

    92. Josh Millan

      Their both just cheesing at each other 😂

    93. nzCheck_ Mate75

      I see Tom Brady and seriously see him as a new aged superman

    94. Baltimore Fan

      Awesome they did a duel interview! Hope it's an instant classic Sunday!

    95. Leonardo Willi

      This is two of the nicest guys that anyone could root for. Patrick is going to be legendary when his career is inked in the books no doubts and he's going to remember this particular game with a fondness that will be hard to match. It's almost a shame that one of them will end up with a loss but I've got to say, in all my years as a fan, this has got to be one of THE greatest matchups that will go down in history unmatched. And I wouldn't be surprised to see it played over again another time or two. TB12 is a difference maker, he makes everyone in that locker room better just by being there. And what about these 2 coaches, 2 of the nicest guys that are so deserving for all the years of dedication to their players. Last year, I was most happy for Andy Reed, a guy who has put the work in and finally got the reward, such a special time in the NFL. I'm a lifer Skins fan so I got to see a lot of Andy in the NFC East and although I can't stand the Eagles naturally, I thought he got so shit on. I hoped that we might land him as a coach but we weren't even close to that discussion. There's just nothing bad you can say about of of these guys, and what a historical moment. It doesn't get any better than this if you love a good football game.

      1. Darrin Schwarz

        The only thing that will designate a loss, in this game, will be the score. Both teams will play like winners, just like their attitudes.

    96. Jeffrey Haverkos

      As a panther fan tampa bays defence ain't no joke

    97. Luke Gorham

      U have 5 minutes with these 2 legends and u ask about fuckin hamburgers? What the fuck,be better than that.

    98. Jeffrey Haverkos

      This vid made my day awsome

    99. marke harris

      Not a KC Chef fan or trump loving Brady fan, BUT I am a Patrick Mahomes fan! Rooting for my BROTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    100. FBM_HennyOnICE

      And btw bolt 24 is ass