Full Face Using Only KIDS Makeup Challenge!

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm doing the full face using only KIDS makeup challenge!! My team went to childrens stores and spent over $500 on glitter, bows, backpacks, and of course, makeup! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 29 روز


    1. Saara Khan

      James has flawless skin.😍

    2. Archana Rajput

      You do a very very good makeup

    3. Star Ornelas

      I love how your team just cheers you on 😊 really makes the video more fun idk that’s just me anyone else?

    4. NOTsumi 123

      "she's gorgess"

    5. Mandy B

      I am mandy’s son but I like how you are un stereotype (gender)

      1. Mandy B

        Same person just lovely🥰

    6. I'm Cool

      Omg I got the glitter gel and I thought it was lip balm

    7. Mary Ryan


      1. Mary Ryan

        You are so like jojo

    8. Qisya Nadhira

      The intro was like 😂😂😂😂

    9. fhiyan cruz

      i really love how you say "hii sisters:

    10. bog walker

      Hii ✨🧋🦋💄☕️

    11. boca toca

      how to be beautiful like james :*(

      1. L


    12. Lakshmi Shadgunya Chitirala

      This is 👇🏻 the numbers of times James said so

    13. Mostach Dubbie dubbie

      James: Is this a jojo siwa backpack? Me: I think so James’ roomates: It is Me: I knew it

    14. sreema borah das

      That rainbow bow looks cute on you❤

    15. Theartist_ 509

      Me: Claires is my childhood

    16. Sunflower_BubbelyQueen

      This is amaysimg yaaas slay queen slayyy fab james

    17. Samar Fatima Khan

      Be Muslim if you want to...

    18. Marsaey Catarino

      petition for James to make a children's make up line 👇

    19. Anna Lycheu

      Me Watch James and hear so so soooo so so 😂😂💀

    20. Amy Sandbom

      The makeup quality of the formula: Sugar and spice- but mixed with a little ✨T R A S H✨

    21. Ivy Elizabeth

      James now you are using Clare's bronzer

    22. Carter Simon

      the makeup is crap its that you are beautiful

    23. Meghan Morris

      okay so Ive been watching James for 2 years now and I never noticed that he wheres earrings

    24. Ansley Barfield

      oml heyy james

    25. Coco Games

      Yess queen eat that lunchable

    26. Samantha Stocker

      flashback mary is making an apperance

    27. Jinx :D

      What would it be like getting a heart from James charles nah that won't happen

    28. Greg Break

      The wiggly peace bareilly hunt because drawer collaterally fit aboard a melodic boy. daffy, breezy conifer

    29. Karolina Garcia

      My cousin just said she loves your taste in food sister

    30. taranwan

      Welcome to ✨*Jojo* *Charles*✨

      1. taranwan


    31. Kennadi And Alia

      JoJo Siwa is the best

    32. Kennadi And Alia

      You are so cool for an adult

    33. Lulu 5678j

      When he said "it is burning my eye ball" mine started burning and started tearing up😂😂

    34. Ramune Ropeikaite

      It reminds me of JoJo siwa

    35. Kirra Berton

      i LITERALLY eat exactly the same. James should do that list that was circulating around Facebook...it was a list of foods and you had to list how many out of 50 or 75 you actually eat.... i got like 5 cause im picky AF and only eat crap like gushers and Popeyes lmaooo ( someone wrote to me " what DO you eat, air?)

    36. Jordan Kelly

      Even when the makeup quality is terrible James still manages to make it look amazing 🤚

    37. Layla Villanueva

      imagine claires watching this

    38. jessika montero


    39. Sadie Hult

      James: does anything have pigment?! me: ya that powder has enough for all the products

    40. HeldWindPanda

      YASSSSSS i love uncrustablezz

      1. HeldWindPanda

        dw i LOVE colla it just tastes like the BEST drink EVER

    41. Dereka Young

      I just found this out but POEPLE HATE JOJO!!curse them

    42. Melani Mikalonyte

      This makes me feal like jojo siwa

    43. Karleena Milligan


    44. Sarayah Smith

      Omg James

    45. Katie Reed


    46. Savy Robinson

      James today I was sad then i watched ur vid and you made me happier

    47. Katia Arcos

      I’m I the only one who heard drug store?-

    48. mrturtlemaster _

      James the number 1 coke ______ (you finish it)

    49. Maria Munoz

      is the so many times of saying so's for me

    50. kimberly larios

      if Claire’s was watching be like:👁💧👄💧👁

    51. Nikki Green

      Irony at its finest



    53. Shama Boutique & Beauty Point

      How to order ur plattle plz tell

    54. Mila Matejić


    55. Scottish Bean

      I had my first pimple on my elbow


      I'm watching this 12:01 am

    57. Isabella Tam

      James: you can do makeup at any age Me; good im 8

    58. Bella Playz

      James your awsome

    59. ovo_is _lollingpop

      Ah memories of kids makeup The ones my parents bought for me never worked

    60. Klára Školáková

      I love it 🤤

    61. brooklyn olivia

      Pop tarts are awesome and so a pizza lunchables

    62. toha 2021

      Sister you are so cute when scream

    63. Peppa Pig

      New subscriber checkkkkk😙✌️

    64. Szara Myszka

      Polska meldować się

    65. cupcake_world nisreen

      I mean kids makeup is beautiful

    66. MASHA MEL

      I've recreated James Charles makeup in my new youtube video! I've just started my channel, could you please give me any feedback?🙌🏻

    67. Paula Untergasser


    68. Michelle Lewis

      I'm 8 and um I have a fool setup of makeup I HAVE TO MUCH. But I do love putting on makeup

    69. Jackie Ramos Rocha

      Hey sister

    70. Princess mea Qadol


    71. Jason Charette


    72. ᴋɪᴛᴛᴇɴ ᴋᴇɴᴍᴀ

      How many times James said so ⬇️

    73. Georgia Palioura

      "the content is very very fun" *james, do you mean chaos?*

    74. Bree and Kiki

      I love your character

    75. Shiela Tanano

      I had one of those they are good tho???

    76. Ketchup Gaming

      Your never to old to eat a lunchable 😌

    77. Daisy Johnson

      i have your pallet and i bought it for 3 of my friends and i just did a kids makeup challenge

    78. Caitlin Hutchinson

      Them eyelashes don’t look bad thoooo

    79. Shinko

      I found kids makeup I was semi impressed. About half the shadows useless yhe other half good and stayed on ALL day. Lip gloss useless. Came with brushes 10 bucks for set its like 2 palettes two lip loses 4 brushes 3 blushes. Blushes are good as well. Brush quality bad but eh All in all not bad

    80. Jisoo's Boo

      2:23 how did you flip that like a pro?

    81. Olivia Holyfield

      i love how funny the guys off camera are there like almost supportive i love it

    82. prissy animations

      Hey brothers


      James ya soo girly ya freaking blah blah 😑 blah with a dumb tah tah tah

    84. cream boba

      I got your pallet for Christmas James!!

    85. Trinity fisher

      Yas , go off kinggggg-

    86. ASMR Penelope


    87. Gracie Kowlessar

      JAMES I NEED YOUR HELP i want to come out as lesbian and nobienary to my parents but i dont know how please help me

    88. Susan Harrison

      James Charles my grandma and grandpa everybody says I look beautiful the way I am I know that’s true but I just like myself with make up because well I know a lot of people Say that you look beautiful the way you are but I don’t think so

    89. Susan Harrison

      James Charles your make up looks are absolutely amazing

    90. Theia Cornes

      Haha I kinda want to agree with you but in my view it’s kind of pretty

    91. Adriana The Blossem

      I love 💗 how supportive his roomates are. THOSE THE KIND OF FRIENDS WE NEED periodddddd

    92. lilyplaysUWU

      I love your vids

    93. clay amogus

      I'm a kid and I use regular makeup

    94. Natsumi Sani

      Wow i love Jojosiwa but i still like Creep the gamer

    95. Katie Googins

      15:25 of James roasting Claire's makeup

    96. Jazmin Houghtaling

      I started wearing makeup in 6th grade- Drugstore makeup worked great for me until I got comfortable with what I was doing, and around late 6th grade, early 7th grade- I switched to ULTA products :))

    97. Xx.fidget.toysxx Xx

      Me:every one knows when a bow come out it’s always mojos bows

    98. Lilliana Hobday

      Jojo Siwa be jealous 😫

    99. jael Garcia

      AM 7. and. ay. now. haw. tu. pent. and. AM. en. Mumusesau

    100. Spirit Wolf & Ghost Wolf

      I adore and love james so muchhhhhhhh. James your AMAZING!!