Happy Halloween: Spooky Fails (October 2019) | FailArmy


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    Halloween is just around the corner! We put together the funniest, spookiest halloween pranks we could find!
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    1. Eyewokeness News

      The cats freaking out on the guys mask *_is_* funny *AF*

      1. Shiendlin Robinson

        i love cat and cat is funny

      2. TJandFriends

        Thank you!! Happy to see that this video of ours is still making people laugh :)

      3. L_IVED

        Had to see if it made top comment, It did. 👌👌😂😂

      4. kleetus92

        Only saw this clip used about 40 times so far...

      5. tim lee

        yeah, it's a good one. saw it a few years ago on reddit i think.

    2. SALUTO

      The threat at the end ..!!

    3. Maya Avelarde


    4. Mike Mikito

      3:00 un fantasma real.

    5. Sayder Quadriad



      These are just the same videos (just rearranged) as the last one they uploaded... Hmmmm

    7. 1 second ago

      This is all most the same as the most recent one

    8. Hazel O'Dell

      these aren't fails, these are success stories!

    9. Vad Zaborowsky

      1:41 is THE BEST lol.

    10. RocketNike 200

      4:09 Is So Funny When The Cats Ran From Their Owner In A Cat Mask 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    11. Jayven Thorn

      5:46 I love it. Just gets fussed at by wife. Husband doesn't say a word as he rides off XD

    12. Violent Tugboat

      You know some people in the USA actually practice the 2nd amendment. Someone is going to get hurt. It's the perfect alibi for a serial killer or mugger. So be careful out there and be sure of your scare target.

    13. Dante De La Rosa Jaime

      Did anyone felt bad for the lady who was in the laundry and got scared?

    14. Ian Michalski

      4:46 I don't know why that's so satisfying to see. Maybe because whatever dumbassery was planned won't be happening now.

    15. Faith Houses

      Apparently his wife doesn't get him. Unfortunately for him...he married a sour-puss.

    16. jm gee

      That porta potty costume was cool. Ive never seen that. Lol

    17. Magic Rabbit

      I wish my dad was like that

    18. Baran Akcay

      6:00 poor guy with a wife like that..

    19. Shannon Wiseley

      ha ha ha i love halloween

    20. thesinaclwon

      That kid who got picked up from the football game should be glad he has a cool ass dad.........gonna be a easy weed connect when he gets of age 🤣

    21. Cheldon Cuper

      Alguien me explica porqué el negro necesitaba un traje negro? 2:50

    22. Shiendlin Robinson

      cat cat cat why be cat

    23. Captain rex

      6:18 such a Karen

    24. Alberto Portugal

      That first one was not funny at all

    25. Kamatorta

      1:42 wai ar you ronnin

    26. Elizabeth Coen

      1:11 Wedge plays a trick on Hotshot. (Transformers Rescue Bots Academy)

    27. Steve Davis


    28. NATE 100

      I love the part were there's Michael Myers giving the skeleton baby a ride

    29. Jeremias Mendoza

      1:20 made me laugh till crying

    30. Nathaniel Green

      It was my schools Halloween party I had dressed up as a plague doctor and I scared the s**t out a p3

    31. Gunny Sharp

      There's something creepy about a guy with that many cats. Dude, you're just not right !

    32. artmannify

      I once had a friend pulling one of these on me.. RIP John Doe!!! !-)

    33. 게임tv


    34. CrefloMack

      the last guy planned that perfectly! she played right into it!! GJ Dad!!

    35. Celeste Massarenti

      Some pranks shall just not be done 😥

    36. BaddestPuppet69

      The last one is priceless that’s something I would want to do no joke 😆

      1. BaddestPuppet69

        The mask’s expression goes very well with this

    37. morytoma Channel

      3:00 light reflection?

    38. Salmon Stone

      Man that horse scare was crazy funny🤣

    39. Noctus

      I remember as my brother tried to scar me as we had a blackout, just as a reflex i punched him in the face

    40. Michael LaVoie

      5:50 Plot twist: thats not her husband, that really Michael Myers and his delinquent child.

    41. Greg Kluge

      Last guy LEGEND. my dad was like that, he had an amazing werewolf get up, he would disappear Halloween night. We never knew exactly where he went or what he did.

    42. Baileigh Coghill

      I’m so gullible I would DIE😂

    43. Derkisdone Now

      I bet that woman is miserable all the time are we these people so focused on what others think is a miserable existence

    44. Artie Jay

      Much obesity

    45. Archangel

      5:45 Dad of the Year

      1. Dylan Peila

        That's not her husband....

    46. Toto Takto

      No heart attacks were received in the making of this video... mostly.

    47. Sighing For Fun

      1:11 I thought I was watching an SFM or somethin.

    48. Anony mous

      Michael Myers on a bike was the best.

    49. Greenmtboy Vermont

      What? Dad was being a good dad. Don't judge.

    50. Solko AI

      0:23 How many years of therapy?

    51. Zane Thederahn

      3:33 Speaks volumes when Mom is a p*ssy and her little daughter isn't. 😂

    52. David Cordle

      She told the killer “I peed in my pants”

    53. Random Stuff In Oregon

      Oh jeez! 5:02 just about had me on the ground laughing!

    54. Yankee76 S

      That last one had me dying, that’s some shit I would do and my wife would probably sound like her!

    55. Virtual Warp

      I don't understand how these Halloween pranks are considered as "fails" when most if them were very successful.

    56. Hellhound Haunt

      That guy at the end is the dad I wish I had!! That lady is also kinda rude. Support your husband's hobbies from r crying out loud!! If he wants to do that he can!!

    57. Cyber Surfer 3D

      2:25 damn that block is lit. that’s how every block should be on Halloween. Wtf

    58. RebeccaLynn

      Love that dad.

    59. TheCorrectViews

      What a no fun hag at the end.

    60. I.P Freely

      That's a dad that know how to have fun lol

    61. Jared Rablin

      Some of those masked people would have gotten punched in the face!🤣 It wouldn't be a good punch because I'd be clenching my butt, but it'd be a punch 🤣

    62. John Juhasz

      The outhouse one was the best

    63. iAmTheBossUrMySlaves

      Latrine guy is just perfect :)

    64. Kelvin Kyle

      2:32 made me laugh so hard

    65. DONTEROXX1


    66. Grease

      Wtf lady. Leave Michael Myers alone :(

    67. DK Phillips

      Lose the side bars

    68. tripleatrilogy

      5:00 the only costume worth getting

    69. Ldy. DarkHorse

      Dad at the end... SO MY FATHER!! He would definitely do something like that!!! 🤣

    70. cocoduck

      4:03 this world is lie

    71. HRZ Radio

      4:09 jajaja 😆

    72. BunnBunnn

      Are we these people now? Hahaha

    73. Luke G

      Glad you showed the face of them cunts stealing the decorations

    74. Pentagrin

      That clown going "Every time!" I love THAT

    75. KJ Safale


    76. clare b

      the last lady fucking sucks i hate ppl like her

    77. reiner bergkamen


    78. Kanzuki

      I must be a weirdo cuz the last one wasn't funny at all.

    79. Stephanie Sigler

      the dad at the end is my man!

      1. Comrade Napoleon

        Stephanie Sigler so ur the bossy bitch in the car that was talking shit?

    80. brad nowall

      black dude wears white mask.... where is all the out rage!?

    81. zach olson

      That portapotty was genius

    82. Luis Hurtado

      5:48 also leatherface was being dominated by his wife

    83. Pilou

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    84. Hooper 76

      The Michael Myers dad, yo I'm dead laughing

    85. Shon Hubble

      The second woman's makeup job was fabulous.

    86. Jason Reynolds

      5:45 "Are we THESE people now!!??". Haha

    87. Max Van Eeten

      Last one wins it

    88. Patrick Thibaut

      6:05 that wife is the real Halloween freak!

    89. Mykayla Berndt

      5:21 She ripped her eyebrows off 😂😂

    90. Alex Defatte

      Those cats are pussies

    91. SHANNON SA

      Why that guy had to wear a catsuit is anyone's guess....

    92. Aige


    93. Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi

      3:30 after some movements that aunt passes away

    94. Alex Kerby

      1:30 is not 2019 !

    95. Richard GG

      The last one is priceless :D

    96. Stephen Potgieter

      best mike myers ive seen

    97. Jye Price

      Imagine marrying the lady at the end. 🤭

    98. Vladis

      My man was Vibin and that chick ruined it at the end

    99. Léo Bouchard

      0:47 they stole the decorations?

    100. Rashad Crooms

      I'm fucking dying at the last clip 😂😂😂😂😂