Making The Mystery Machine Great Again

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    1. Kent BoBo

      Hey, Junkyard Digz just got one of those rotary snowmobiles running that had been sitting for quite some time.

    2. HeadlineNews

      You HAVE to lower it, kit it, and DAJIBAN it

    3. Biggy smalts

      Whats the intro song??

    4. fin screenname

      That thing needs a hood scoop in the roof and the tailgat vented or something so the window can be put back in.

    5. Dakotah Neal

      Hit up Tavarish and build that 3 rotor for the Ferrari. If orb Dahm beats you to it it's going to take 3 fucking years

    6. Branden Childers

      Love this thing man! Y'all build sick shit fa sho! Iv always wanted to build a rotary but I can't afford it unfortunately lol. I want like a 94 rx7 and around here those are EXPENSIVE. BUT, maybe one day I'll get even an 86 or so. I love high rpm shit 😍

    7. Brian Jacobsen

      There dragon ball z store.?

    8. Ray Boucher

      moochi needs ear muffs.

    9. Dragon Dem

      whats up from MANASSAS VA love seeing from the area

    10. Jack Price

      I wanna see the van Toastr a set, make us aussies proud.

    11. Ace Lol

      Hit up tavarish he has an 800hp rotory 13b needs re building that’s a collaboration I’d love to watch

    12. Government Accountability4all

      Question so watch cleet and others build golf carts they always wheelie maybe you should be the first to put it in the front just asking it would be bad ass

    13. Lance Ladewig

      Crossthreads good as loctite all day long!

    14. Nick Hall

      Call Tavarish! He needs your particular set of skillz on a rotary Ferrari build.

    15. Jovito Anderson

      Hey I kno where yall are located

    16. fred rubble

      i can't wait for the PFI SPEED collab! DORITOS for all!

    17. Jadajada

      The Mochi Machine 647 HP

    18. Micah Buchheit


    19. It’s me, Darrick

      Very happy you guys got the Mystery machine. It’s finally home now!

    20. TheDuckumz

      Holy ad-break batman, fuckin IRvision embedded so many ads in this 10 minute video its ridiculous. Must have started that recently because i havent seen ads in ages...

    21. Jdmflair est.2020

      Remove a bit of 1 of the sliding doors and build a funnel that feeds cool air to the radiator. :D

    22. Billy Ward

      Surprised cleet hasn't covered this yet

    23. S7V7NFîV5

      El Fuego extinguisher goes on the front at hand reach 👍

    24. whoops655 running panther 303

    25. Shoots true

      Take the engine out of the rascal and put it in the white ps-13 in the background @5.27

    26. Brady Arnold

      Dude that engine sounds like 10000 angry bees on steroids trapped in a jar

    27. Lee Neal

      Glad it went to y'all instead of Coop. The last thing he needs is another vehicle he doesn't know how to work on .

    28. Paul Meijer

      Hell yeah you guys are working on the rota snow mobile. Its always cool seeing you tubers help each other

    29. Antonio Paquette

      Ahh yes.. the great sound of Doritos

    30. Derek Bader

      The golf cart build sounds sweet!

    31. Full load of Cummins

      Did he just say garret,james and pooper lol

    32. Speed Trapp 219 D

      Junkyard digs on IRvision have a perfect condition rotor snow mobile just like that he’s looking to dam near give away get in touch

    33. Robert Ryan

      I have been wondering what happened to the old mystery machine, salt doing some burn out things on the Cletus channel then all the sudden Cooper had his own channel I thought the mystery machine was going to him and then fucking boom you guys got it! So sick to see it get revived and can’t wait to see what you guys get accomplished with it

    34. Jeff Luvvern

      straight up, the most entertaining car dudes around... stay safe...

    35. c103110a

      MAGA ! Now, gone...

    36. Jason James

      So is it still Garrett's? Y'all just doing it up proper? Or did y'all actually aquire it?

    37. Tyler akerfeldt

      This is the craziest crossover episode ever get, Vargas bros with cleets mystery machine and JimmyOs s14

    38. Lee Knudson

      Nice to see you guys let her rip

    39. Wonkster1970

      Where's Cletus?

    40. Tony Decko

      the rad is in front of a wall (firewall) even with the fans, wont it overheat like super quick?

    41. Joe Stewart

      Rotorys are the only engine platform/layout that sounds as good as and mean as a v8 but isnt

    42. Terry's Speed shop

      If it wasn't for those meddling kids

    43. Hi There

      wow, that is scary... I like it.

    44. Rear Engine Shop

      The mystery machine is so cool. 🤘

    45. billreid11

      Arguing at 24 seconds into the video. Look up at the billboard guys! LOL! :-)

    46. Casey Waller

      So glad to see somebody's going to do something with that thing

    47. Speedrome

      ♥️ that pequeña camioneta!!

    48. jcnpresser

      Junkyard Digs just did a revival on one of those snow machines, we’ll sort of. They could get it to run exactly right, vacuum leak somewhere I think. Should be cool af in that golf cart!

    49. whale oil beef hooked

      Why coop used and abused it then wouldn't fork out to keep it in his stable leaving cleet to foot the bill smh

    50. Bucks RC World

      I can never ever get enough of this beautiful exhaust sound!!!!!!!!!

    51. BACNandEGGS

      I like how Mochi is just chillin with all the BRAPBRAPBRAPBRAPBRAP

    52. 7 Cities Vapes

      dam just realized you guys are right around the corner from me, im in newport news. was wondering why i seen you in local car scene pages

    53. Kyle

      Lol was that a neutral drop?

      1. Angel Motorsports


    54. James Badham

      At 8:50, of all the vehicles in that shot, the one making the noise is the 1 you'd least expect to (if we didn't know any better) lol what a mad van

    55. Ricardo Gonzalez

      Lighting sucks brotha

    56. Daniel Dacey

      longchamps on that would be fyeee

    57. SID

      Coz we’re gunna do another one just for you guys.

    58. sam yeates

      you know my town made golfcarts street legal. very cool projects. thanks for sharing.

    59. Peppermint Nightmare

      JH WHO?

    60. Danny Paul Ross

      Cooper has the other hubcap hanging in his garage

    61. Xplore

      How has it been a year?!?

      1. Angel Motorsports

        2020 was a blurr

    62. Blue Sharpie

      That Arctic Cat may technically be a single speed, that big belt works as a two-speed clutch just like a CVT transmission. That snowmobile will do every bit of 70 MPH once the belt slides into the "top gear" position.

    63. Stephen Gauthier

      I have a 80s rotor Mazda truck but no motor. Some day I'll finish it

    64. Boonjamin

      When a car is too sketchy for even Cleetus...

    65. Jonnyonwheels

      Those Sachs/Wankel sled motors NEVER got the love they deserved! Should be a sick golfcart tho👍🏼

    66. Hecks_ B_Rex

      I have the same shirt gil is wearing

    67. Jeep 3377

      “Cleaning out the threads” aka cross threading the wheels studs...🤷🏼‍♂️😂

    68. Chris Martin

      Love the mystery machine it’s so cool especially when it’s turning 9k rpm whipping around doing donuts 🍩 looking forward to the one rotor build too.

    69. patt20b

      That single Rotor will be sick with Efi and a little turbo on it. Sweet! Cain hard guys.

    70. Silverio Arroyo

      I'm new to the channel but I fucking love the intro song. IIt's been stuck in my head all week and I'm not even upset. When I see my neighbors black FC rx7 I can hear the intro play out in my head each time.

    71. Jacob T

      You should partner with the sxsblog guys and build a rotary sxs!

    72. ponypwr

      He got lazy through the build.. No.. I almost died...... Buahahaha!

    73. sony8331

      So did they actually buy it from cletus or are they just fixing it to run in burnout rivals at cletus and cars?


      Ok So do u also think this is a clickbait title!? Also: I don’t like when he says garrett. It’s cleet or cleetus or mr macfarlane

      1. Angel Motorsports


    75. lakatang

      You all need to show Junkyard Digs how to get that snowmobile running

    76. erock58

      I can`t wait for the snowmobile engine swap!

    77. Dank Solution

      Gimbal. You need one. Need to take dramamine before watching.

    78. cobrasvt347

      I'd drive it every day

    79. Benny Snickers

      Ever catch yourself grinning stupidly during Vargas' videos?

    80. Jose Rotary

      Rotary power is where is at hands down lol 💯👍👍👍🇵🇷

    81. Drake5153

      Would it be possible to get a driver for the Mystery Machine that's as enthusiastic as the Vargas Brothers..?

    82. HULKGQ Nissan Patrol

      Has it for 10 minutes and already seen better burnouts than the owner's. 😂🤣 👌 I love your work guys, most underrated IRvisionrs around!

    83. XOZ Industries

      On the golf cart project, make sure the rotary motor spins the same direction that you need it to drive the golf cart, we did a snow mobile swap and it ran in reverse

      1. Angel Motorsports


    84. XOZ Industries

      Where is the air supposed to come from to cool the radiator? And where does it go once it’s hot?

    85. Yellow Gruts

      It still sounds like shit

      1. Angel Motorsports


    86. Jose Gonzalez

      I could see the intro a million times

    87. John R

      Half the FD still in existence in that shop

    88. Norman Guzman

      I'm sure the Gulf club resort will love having that cart doing donuts.

    89. oryxguy1

      Unpopular opinion, rotaries should have to have a muffler for every rotot

    90. Nick Vadala

      Supa is pretty legit! Hope you liked it!

    91. Shiftheads

      21 Dislikes are from scooby doo villians

    92. Vanessa Camp

      Fix that “B” up get a solid tune and set up in it. Call “Suppy, Soupie, Soppy, Soup kitchen, WTF that fools name is” out. Burnout context, no prep something. Smoke his cocky arrogant ass. Serve him up some humble pie. Do it for the rotor heads he has been bagging on for too long.

    93. Bald Paul

      Lol at the snowmobile. Check out Junkyard digs as they just did a revival on the same sled!

    94. Ramon Zaragoza

      I'll have a hoody XL

    95. Scott Hoglund

      junkyard digs just fixed the same snowmobile and got it running on his channel. funny to see both

    96. John Doe

      Hell guys, with the weather headed your direction you might need the _SNOWMOBILE_ before winter is over!

    97. Cliff Lelisi

    98. girthbrooks

      I thought I was the only one using a 3/8 impact on wheels...

    99. cubonenineO


    100. Danger Dave

      I can't wait to see more on the rotory golf cart!!! Gonna be sweet!!