Bad Day at Work - Best Funny Work Fails 2020


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    It's tool time! Sometimes even having the right tool for the job isn't enough to get the job done!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 5 ماه


    1. CY Thang

      1:26 nanii? spinny boi

    2. Jason Kent

      "Carl, why can't we just fish?!" (CRASH)

    3. Patrick Raab


    4. Emma Louise

      He was hammering an electric drill 😂 I honestly thought the glass was going to smash in the window 🙄

    5. Matthew Dev

      Him whipping his hair near power tools gave me anxiety

    6. Jason Blonar

      Am I the only one who wished the snow would fall on her at 1:02?

    7. Gaudion1

      Sammelt mal bittte neue Videos oder wartet länger bis ihr welche veröffentlicht. Von den meisten Videos sind locker 50-60 Prozent absolut veraltet und warem mindestens schon in 10 anderen Videos zu sehen. Beste Beispiel bei 0:25.

    8. Anthony SøLo

      Fail army fell off🤔

    9. Drillis Ertugurl Ghazi

      This is not funny...!

    10. Guilherme Veloso

      0:12 The fact that the guy would be literally torn in half by the chainsaw if he didn’t hold the wall, it just makes it more terrifying.

    11. Scottch Mist

      Way to steal Metal Construction, Failarmy.

    12. Angelegend

      Going greener and greener.

    13. Edu Ferreira

      Rotating head guy is the best tool

    14. aakash kant

      2:55 Me trying to start my car

    15. CPI_Productions CrEaToXx

      WTF! Who gave that idiot a chainsaw to cut trees?

    16. Sam G

      0:26 Dude WTF is she doing. IQ -5

    17. Imi

      0:25 killed me😂

    18. DerErdnussKrieger / Gameplays,Tutorials,Reviews

      That with the trees is so stupid. That is why we have schools for treecutting in germany. Lot of ppl in murica so stupid. i know why trump is the president :)

    19. IMmoshko

      2:55 Best laugh

    20. Beber Gang

      Tu repasse tjr les meme choses

    21. TD

      Really enjoyed the hair whipping guy! 😂😄😂

    22. catherinespark

      Kept thinking spinning-hair-guy was going to get his head pulled into a buzzsaw or something!!

    23. HeIsEnBeRG 8

      No se porque ponen como que es tonta la chica del taladro. Se nota que la taladradora no tiene potencia así que se ayuda de el martillo para que entre, entre los golpes y la poca velocidad del taladro pues hará lo que pueda la chavala

    24. Sakonema

      0:19 Equal rights now!! 1:16 This is how you do it.

    25. Daniel Selk

      ...that's IT? -_-

    26. Osagie E. Guobadia

      @1:16, this video has been seen on MTV's Ridiculousness! : )

    27. enigma

      Seeing them get instant karma for cutting down trees is great.

    28. Vítor Gouveia

      1:22 He’s a living fan... of heavy metal

    29. Deadstick

      Who cuts a good-sized tree down closely surrounded by vehicles on ALL sides?!

    30. Gronmaster

      Cutting down a tree?? OH, lets park our cars right there, AND stand there slack jawed and watch the show. What could go wrong?

    31. trekker007 Offical

      PLZ make an Bausteeeeel compliation!

    32. ramboanime

      Don't you love it when people just cut down a tree for no apparent reason

    33. John Moe

      1:07 Who thought anything else was going to happen?

    34. roule JJ13

      Omfg the hammer drill one made my butt clench

    35. Beni B0y

      Still uploading clips from years ago, that’s why fail army is dead as the dodo

    36. RJ Long

      Metal head dude = metal in inappropriate places

    37. SegaPutin

      О чем люди думают когда пытаются удержать падающее дерево

    38. Random Shit24

      This is so Funny 🤣🤣🤣

    39. Lady Weapon

      Metal head makes is even more awesome!

    40. ᅩU3Uᅩ

      01:18 tracer : "This place is awesome~!!"

    41. Totally Stefany

      Face reveal at 15mil.

    42. William Do

      2:30 The legend said that it keeps drilling

    43. Rye Bread

      I wanted to see people cutting fingers off with a saws-all

    44. Gabbie

      The head banging guy has me in tears🤣

    45. DNdavidsonsnation

      Wow! This channel is dead.

    46. DiscombobulatedBran

      My taint is oily

    47. Jeff

      0:26 - she needs a real hammer drill lol

    48. Caspidotheburrito

      some of these arent quite fails

    49. Will McAlpine

      Okay. When you hammer a drill - it's wrong

    50. Frosty Lemon

      3:00 someone help I think he's dying

    51. Sir Imran

      Wish you the best in life, may you achieve everything you want but keep it grounded that’s how people value it, good luck

    52. Mr Crabbyface

      PINCHE TONI!!!!

    53. steve wiz

      Congrats. 50% of the episode of just a dudes hair swinging. 20% was rehashed content. 20% weren't even fails. and the last 10% actually were fails. You're doing better failarmy. But not enough. Sorry

    54. Bill Beal

      "Cole why can't we just fish" Hahahahah

    55. Fun and Cute

      hahahaha LMAO

      1. Sprengmeister28

        😂 HAHA 😆

    56. Carlos Baltasar Cabrera


    57. vitako


    58. 梁家河小学博士习包子

      这么多重复的老视频我看你🐴呢 整不出新活就给👴爬

    59. Gamer Ghost

      if you're gonna show someone doing the hair twister they better fucking fail... this is a fail channel.

    60. Bien on watch

      @0:26 his father asked her to use a hummer drill but then she understood a hummer and a drill.😂😂😂

    61. 劉砲枝

      Human:I’m a tool. Tools: No, you are a fool.

    62. BlackGoth Goddess

      0:47 no wonder construction takes forever

    63. Tonn_vic c

      1:16 When your life is metal

    64. Ilyas Ferouz


    65. Matt Jasa

      It seems like Power tools + People = Problems 🧐

    66. HAYATO side

      1:17 最初から2倍速で見てたから恐怖だった

    67. Glennuel Henrio

      They love they works

    68. Waste of Time


    69. l l

      As a Tool fan, I approve

    70. Random Subscriber


    71. jason willy

      0:30 Best 😂

    72. Tyler Campbell

      0:20 🤦🏼‍♂️ Females.

    73. Dirt Road

      15 clips in 3 minutes...? That's it?! I want a refund! AFV videos are 50 clips in 10 minutes, just as funny, and don't e-beg for Patreon or merch sales. Unsubscribed.

    74. Dalton Stephens

      1:19 My boys hair went ⏩⏪⏩⏪⏪⏩⏪⏩⏪⏩⏪⏩⏪⏩⏪⏩

    75. C

      @0:20 gotta be the dumbest person ive ever seen in my life.

    76. Maria D

      OSHA would be very mad watching these videos. 😂

    77. isrofi yusuf

      Cloud chicken organizations when hours 2020

    78. Tabris Fru Lar

      I remember when you guys were editing (and uploading) videos that were actually funny... lately, you just disappoint, Just because people send you videos thinking they're funny (to ONLY THEM in most cases), does NOT mean they should be posted by you, guys. AND you are recycling videos over and over again (and not even the really funny ones)... I liked you guys when you weren't doing crappy edits just to post new things... I wish you could go back to those days... :(

    79. Clarke UK

      Damn I really went back to 2016 to watch this video. Recycled.

    80. Evilwhiteclownpunk

      Or, you could make the hole deeper (0:53)...

    81. Liam S

      Half of these weren’t even fails....

    82. Rodrigo Fernandes

      What's the music playing during the headbanger's part?

    83. Moloch

      Lol thought I'd check in to see if Failarmy got any new clips since 2018... Nope. Still just relaying the same set in a different order.

    84. Cheese Burge

      Nobody: The upstairs neighbor: 0:23

    85. Mahmoud Maguid

      That last tree cutter guy is so lucky he wasn't crushed. So foolish to stand underneath a falling tree like that. I hope he has learnt his lesson.

    86. Andrey M

      Worst ever! Unsubscribed

    87. ImAwsome

      Imagine the head banging guy going to a barber and cutting off all hair.... But that won’t happen cuz corona 🙃

    88. Piotr Duszyński

      1:12 that was damn close

    89. Chris Carpenter

      2:18 bye bye auger bit. It had a short lived life

    90. Nathan Tait

      1:27 Imagine his hair getting caught in that saw

    91. Chris Carpenter

      1:17 metalolcalypse

    92. Keshro


    93. butros cod

      Heavy metal dude should have his own channel and do the head thing around the world

      1. Ron Scanlon

        I saw that clip a couple of years ago and its probably the coolest thing ever. 👍

    94. dan

      Failarmy got so fucking terrible

    95. Daniel Perez

      Come on, not even one new clip

    96. carlos lopez

      minute 1:16 im calling power of Rock and Roll¡🤘🤘🤘

    97. Pvt. Shifty

      If that headbanging tool was ever doing that while working on a project in my house that I'm paying him to do, he'd learn pretty quick about those things called "consequences of poor work ethic" On the other hand, if that's his own house, then I hope he continues to rock out hard!

    98. jokerjjg

      I love it when a tree in its last day of life destroys some shit. It's like karma.

    99. Cosmin Vilcu

      I remember when Fail Army used to be funny...