Kids Decide Who Gets $1000 Is Very Cringe...


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    1. Ib Ba

      Some people just like to waffle

    2. Sohel Khan

      t series 180 million subscriber

    3. יהונתן חזוט

      -Democracy has left the chat-

    4. Pineapple Boi


    5. Jackie Knudson

      Competition was the best thing they could do lol it was completely fair

    6. Kyle Mcgann

      Fish girl likes the bahamas

    7. Benjamin Meredith

      14:50 *breaths in angry American with an excellent knowledge of geography*

    8. Kylah Xoxo

      This was super insensitive 😐

    9. biggbals

      I was hoping for the crazy person to win

    10. o mathitis

      $1K for insurance, belts, shoes... At the end of the day, most of them still complains. In some parts of the world, a family barely survives on $1.00 per day. That's the definition of "entitled" to you.

    11. Gummy

      nina... ninA... niNA... nINA... NINA... NINAAA!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Aspie Aunty

      Could some young people PLEASE tell this old boomer what the fascination is with ripped jeans??

    13. Jolien R.

      Hahaha us Dutchies biking to school for 30 min - 60min depending on the wind andd weather😂

    14. Aspie Aunty

      Judges these kids fashion sense intensely

    15. manguy123456789 ‘

      I deadass have to bike at least 40 mins to school I’d be blessed to wake up an hour later to have someone else to drive me

    16. Gabe Flounder

      Sometimes they don’t have school busses because the school is broke

    17. AthenaOnMars

      "EvErYoNe HaS sOmEtHiNg AgAiNsT mE" well no shit sherlock everyone has something against everyone because they all want the thousand dollars LMAO LIKE WHAT

    18. Josiah Brady

      bro...... the one girl who turned into a villain out of spite, I hope she grows up

    19. CringeKid16

      If the girl that won buys an electric bike, and assuming the bike caps at 20mph, and its a 7.5 mile distance, she would take 24-ish minutes to get to school.

    20. dj jackson

      All the high schoolers sounded like crazy rich brats

    21. dj jackson

      They should have played fort nite to decide who won the grand

    22. dj jackson

      The Buddhist girl when she went back home “I lose on purpose “

    23. Tom Beck

      Pewdiepie cheated on his wife

    24. robinho

      18:40 i talk so much my friends leave the discord and make a new one without me 😓

    25. Peter Fisher

      They’re literally crying over money that is not even theirs

    26. MitchieMitch

      Don’t know why more people don’t have there clothes in the question

    27. George Donaldson

      I live there omg

    28. Mike Hagjer

      The first guy who got voted out looks like NRG Aceu


      i have a 300 pounds gucci belt but i am poor

    30. Benjamin Wheat

      As a 15 year old I can confirm that kids my age are usually cringe like these

    31. Jacob Pagliaro


    32. Ioana Andronic

      The comments are off because everybody was hating on the Bahamas girl

    33. Ben Bruzek

      The Buddhist girl is so annoying

    34. Ben Bruzek

      I’d just shut up and let the other idiots prove they don’t deserve the money

    35. Mara Rodríguez

      I love that they predicted the end at 9:40 bahhahahahahaha


      God damn pewds the fact that you know all the fancy clothes

    37. ノルムNorm

      0:55 im convinced thats twomad

    38. Merve Mallı

      please get a co-host that is not a boomer, its creepy

    39. Xoinatos

      Ken got that drip thooo

    40. meisblonde

      I love these two together 😂🤣

    41. Amaya Seiber

      I bought myself a $1,000 car my senior year of high school.... I got to drive it for like 2 months before it broke down. Then I used all of my graduation money to fix it. Sad times

    42. Amaya Seiber

      High school was alright for me, but the bullying really does get worse every year. At least where I went to school.

    43. Gemma Ambrose

      that one girl: *states she has an advantage* *still falls* “It wasnt fair!!!!!” shut up

    44. NightPool

      That ocean girl isn’t eccentric. She’s a fucking cry baby lol


      Pewds Talking about these smal cars and where I’m from there called moppebil

    46. Diamond Zieman

      Kids today haha. We are getting old and I have a theory about that. The boomer traits I think get pasted down to their children because I will say this... "I had to walk half an hour to get my school everyday" hahaha. True story

    47. Artz Loo

      This episode was actually crazy

    48. Logan Bruh

      1:49 me when

      1. Itami

        me when the

    49. The Ultimate GamBirber

      Bro I just got done watching the other video and honestly the adults acted worse than these teens. At least you'd expect it from teens.

    50. Trapped In A Bagel

      Whaat? 40min on straight roads on bike? That's fucking chill

    51. MysteryHayz _

      cringed a little 😷

    52. Calebkos

      It’s always the boys that are voted out

    53. Plocký

      I picked 80min everyday for 4 years on my first job. its not that bad

    54. Plocký

      that girl with the short hair is a god damn cutie!

    55. midnightwolfgamer

      wow my old boss kat lives in Mcpherson and I live 4 hours from there

    56. Jonah Fleischer

      These kids are 500x more mature than the adults in the same challenge

    57. MT Professional Creators

      Just do rock, paper, scissors Best way

    58. Priyam kumar

      Man high school kids are annoying... And wait! I'M A FREAKING HIGH SCHOOLER TOO!!!!!

    59. r_ramendump

      Me a Singaporean, car guy, can't buy a car till Im 30 cause a New Nissan costs around 100000 USD here

    60. Meneer Harks

      Biking 40 min... thats normal in The Netherlands...

    61. Drei Drei

      Jesus Loves all of you

    62. Atlas

      “I have to take ubers to my school it’s a lot of stress” :(((((( Honeyyyyyyy did you know a lot of kids have to walk to school? I don’t even think this is a privilege thing it’s just an American thing like y’all need to simmer down wow

    63. Dani Cacior

      I am 20 y...and my most expensive clothing costs like 80 bucks...this rich kida dont need money cause the clearly have to much already xd...even cars

    64. Lenny Arias

      3:25 me in animal crossing whenever I buy something from the tailor shop

    65. rocky the penguin

      Everybody hating on ocean girl despite her being way younger then the other teens

    66. Joas Van der veen

      In the Netherlands is 40 minutes cycling normal

    67. rob van der burgh

      I always feel a lot of hate towards these people they are always stupid or something

    68. Future Pope

      she's a karen - "nina, nina, NINA"

    69. Vilshed

      i think i know that chick with the blonde hair white af lmao

    70. willekeurig

      Pewdiepie said americans dont know georgraphy i would have easily won that and im american

    71. Coralbunz

      "Just vote, just vote, I already know I'm gonna be out" "I don't know like everyone just has something against me" HHHHHHHH "I'm buddhist so like I do this 10 times a day" *Literally 20 seconds later she falls* "It's not fair" 😐

    72. Alexandra Sherman

      It feels more like a manipulative contest.

    73. Arina Bradshaw

      i was with ken the whole time about nina, i definitely saw her as manipulative during the whole process😅

    74. The Stoned Ape Gaming


    75. Ai Taoshi

      She cant ride bicycle with skirt 😂

    76. Max Härelind

      i bike 1 hour wtf is this shit

    77. Random E

      NINA NINA NINA!!!!

    78. Autumn Swift

      Damn compared to the 7 strangers this is actually respectable.

    79. Ayan Jha

      My first sentence would have been "Kick the Balenciaga right now"

    80. keegan schiffelbian

      I wanna just do it and be honest just say I want $1000 for weed and see what happens

    81. jeiyuuu

      28:12: oldiepie is coming out from his cave

    82. kay kay

      Idk why they don’t ask kids who work like 3 jobs just to help their family instead of these kids who clearly come from a nice home

    83. adventuregamingvital

      Revive adventuregamingvital ♥️

    84. Flynn Cureton

      Water is out

    85. Dilan Fernando

      15:41 probably the cringiest thing I’ve heard as a Buddhist

    86. Planes At Paine

      I wanted Nina to win just cause marine girl was bugging me

    87. ADAM's Simp

      i wanna punch overalls in the face 😂she just makes me so irrationally angry

    88. Alyssa Mew

      I walked to and from school, and didn’t have a car til almost 25 😂 American schools have to provide public bus transportation. She just doesn’t want to walk to 5-10 minutes to where the stop is, be on the bus a long time, or refuses to use the bus lol. If I was their age I’d say 1000 to help live off of while I was on my own in college before being able to find a job or go towards buying a car. I had a part time job senior year of Highschool and used it to live off of my first semester of college, buying food and hygiene stuff til I found a job for the second college semester.

    89. Forever Bored

      i swear when i was younger having a stand on your scooter was true chat shit

    90. Salma Bash

      the cat ears guy is loud and annoying


      “When I was your age, I walked 20 miles, uphill both ways. On one foot, the other foot was starting a business” -Steven He’s dad These kids: I have to take Ubers *cries*


      Steven He’s dad would say all these kids are “failures”

    93. phragment

      She literally asked what he would do with his girlfriend and then acted like he said that was his reason

    94. fazmo3415

      The short hair girl could quite literally be Erin the vegan's daughter lol

    95. The Hawk

      i had to ride to school for 50mins and go up a hill thats there and back....

    96. thibautv1981

      Imagine kids are doing this kids:give me your money

    97. pasta.pixie

      Does anyone know the bg music?

    98. Emily Blott

      The premium intestine proportionately stir because cuticle spectacularly protect before a selective sale. weak, vivacious history

    99. Tommy Daly

      Thank Heavens my high schooler is like the girl who removed herself, there were some very manipulative kids in this vid

    100. Nathaniel Vaughn

      Here's a reminder:) God made everything, and he spent time on you because he knows of how good of a person you are, and jesus protects you everyday, and he hears your prayers, but if you don't belive God or what jesus have done, it is not to late to start today, so please turn to the lord, it will be the best decision of your life, and you are alive today because God has a plan for you, so never give up and start living for god!