Top 100 Fails of the Year Part 1 (2019) | FailArmy


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    The time has come for us to reveal the most amazing fails that were submitted this year! This episode has the first 20 clips on the list. Join us all month as we count it down!
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    1. Vinicius Moura

      "87 - Nothing But Net"" Is one of my favorite ever!!

      1. Fat Goldfish

        It's not that funny

      2. Elhuntador 0125

        I love both that and 82

      3. Finnster cycles


      4. Unknown Incredible


      5. Obanai Iguro

        Shes Traumatized For Life

    2. Dora Baldassare Sailor Black Butler Moon fan

      I really love the #91 Bodybuilder Problems, and #86 Cat slap cake

    3. Flat Rock Fox!

      0:42 Been there done that! Two daughters. The #1 rule to this day is Don't pee on daddy! 18 years later & that rule is still in effect.

    4. sarup singh

      Did the baby burf or puke what whas thath white stuff

    5. Zoe

      I didn’t see a fail on #83. That girl is mad good at basketball!

    6. BlueC00Kiie


    7. TON 618

      daddy: makes cute noises baby: *vomits* (0:48)

    8. Alice Pereira

      that cat tho!

    9. DaShadows s

      2:41 that’s what he gets

    10. Divij's gamezone-techub

      I love 86th and 85th one❤️

    11. Uzma Sheikh

      2:24 he should walk away but the crowd made noises and he literally neglected the smoke

    12. Uzma Sheikh

      1:56 Laughs and shows the level of anger

    13. waterbottle 310

      First scene at 3:58

    14. CreativeMind28

      So violent at 1:22

    15. D. Makeev

      1:19 fake

    16. SpeedyGonzales73

      0:10 Song?

    17. The Minecraft Teen

      1:08-1:21 (drone drama) is just my favorite clip especially when it smashes through the window 😂

      1. Brahnan Tabalba

        drone drama is fake and cgi lol

    18. Bagdan Dinu

      Blana suge pula

    19. King Of Rookies


    20. The Honey

      4:30 he is looking like TECHNICAL GURUJI 😂

    21. DaDestsroyer 3000


    22. Andrzej Goliat

      "Guten morgen, butem w mordę" 😂

    23. Kilo

      2:56 - Woah, i noticed man had a babyseat on the back....srry bb.

    24. Kilo

      Awesome content as always! Subbed.

    25. Unsuited Resident

      Ok, I did not expect a cat paw. 3:17

    26. zXxReactionxXz

      Who came here because xqc skipped over that one part.

    27. Dk Nurul

      2:41 KARMA IS A .....

    28. Foxx-123

      idiots will never die out

    29. C Wicht

      3:49 was legit

    30. R B

      The little girl should of dunked it on that boy and hung from the rim and yelled out bitches!!!

    31. Siman akaJulian

      Very nice all the best

    32. タOdin

      1:30 Tech Rax be like this on holiday

    33. Michigan Loefti

      THIS IS NOT 100 fails only 80

    34. Dr Frankenlove

      Wow ya had to make how many vids for 100 fails? This channel is a fail.

    35. Amadis Demitrius

      The guy's look on his face when the barber honks the horn was priceless.

    36. 게임tv

      1:25 1:26

    37. PlayStation tnt

      It’s 82 you’re here for Sub to my channel pls

    38. DIA-Betical Type 1 JD

      "Drone Drama" Was Hilarious

    39. 細詳

      cat lol

    40. kira

      That bigass diesel truck was the best one

    41. Angel Roberts

      @4:00 dude looks like Omar from OmarGoshtv

    42. Stephanie Jean

      Top 100? And you start out with a stupid one? Hmm I love this channel but no just no.

    43. Ezio

      This is why aliens dont visit us👽

    44. Mr. Man

      That drone at 1:20 was super fake. That chair fell was too smoothly, and a little plastic drone could never break glass

    45. The Grand Nagus

      Back in the day i used to love when they came out with new posts. Now its recycled trash over and over. There is nothing new on this channel anymore.

    46. XxSunny SunflowerxX

      2:00 did anyone else see his buttcrack

    47. Moonly Editor

      95 drone drama is fake

    48. Robert Mcloud

      part 1 wtf is this juken vidoes?

    49. Manav Verma

      3:38 every time I saw it my reaction is 😂🤣🤣😂😂

    50. DESI KHANA YouTube Cooking Channel

      Awesome 👍 Superb Fully Enjoyed ❤️😍😎

    51. Rezuvious

      Gonna need info on that opening clip what exactly was he having done to his nose?

    52. I have a name now

      So, a big guy can be defeated just by standing behind him...

    53. Come Fly With Me!

      I cannot believe you include an OBVIOUSLY FAKE drone shot in that cumpilation

    54. Nessalynn Cline

      what was he snorting?!

    55. kieran hardy

      love these vids

    56. R Ninja


    57. Aaron Chen

      82 this wasn't even a fail, it's just a person reacting to a nosehair pulling

    58. carloscream

      03:57 - You go girl.

    59. SpaghettISultaN

      95 is fake

    60. Christopher Quihuis

      2:22 happened at SoWo 2015...

    61. Tristan Krisch

      Alle mir folgen !!

    62. JhonnLT

      these unfunny titles ruin it... it's like some idiot narrating the whole thing, it just get ruined

    63. catwarriorzzz

      Seen funnier channels

    64. Eggie X

      A Junkin Media brand! Your friend on IRvision. :(

    65. Chatting Chap


    66. 호주선녀 TV

      01:50 Epic fail lol

    67. StyrofoamTumor

      Omg you never rip out nose hairs!

    68. Theonly Al

      I reacted to this on my channel🤣🤣

    69. Marko Zafirovski

      The *catslapped cake* made me wheeze!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    70. Ádám Nagy.

      I'll send you a clip pls put it into your next video 🙏 Here is a link

    71. Thabiet

      Number 81: Sneaker head Guy gets thrown in the head with a sneaker...

    72. Q & A

      2:20 lol. That guys dead now. 😂🤣

    73. Aldo Buzi

      4:30 ειναι ιδιος ο θανασης απο τις μυγες

    74. Destiny Gillespie

      I died on 0:48 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    75. MrFlipperInvader792

      Why split the video up. Why not just have one big one

    76. 黄鸿杰


    77. Hodge 808

      *I love this channel because it’s like watching natural selection take its course*

    78. name's Zeus

      Im pretty sure nose hairs are neccesary

    79. אבירם ימין בן שושן

      לייק אם אתם מישראל וראיתם את ברי😂😂

    80. channel4ferrets

      Why not just one video for the whole year? Why 5 separate video's? Where are the classic "fails of the month"? Why does this channel go downhill? Bye.

    81. הסרטונים של ברי

      Place 91 is an honor

    82. הסרטונים של ברי

      Tenx 😘😘😘😘😘

    83. Nagy Ferenc

      Look's like Failarmy is running out of ideas. The title say's 2019 but if you look on the bottom right corner at 1:44 you'll see

    84. Чудотворная Икона

      ЭТО ТОП ?!!! Пипец, ребята. Вы действительно тупые.

    85. Deezrabazar

      90 - ur killing the ecosystem dude.

    86. Phantom Halo

      Good thing no body was in the chair at 1:13

    87. H Nash

      The "daddy issues" one is funny XD

    88. Stavros Dellaportas


    89. Stavros Dellaportas


    90. Oblivionaire

      Swear that the guy in the thumbnail looks like Noel Miller

    91. Paul Danaher

      2:07 😂😂😂

    92. Macan Cisewu Nyasar

      3:10 Random para tolol (indonesia)

    93. Koa5191

      86 was flawless

    94. Rental Snake

      This channel got weak af.

    95. Benjamin Burch

      That bodybuilder looks like he's taking steroids.

    96. Rob

      3:18 "My Germs!" 😂

    97. Evaldo bass


    98. Joe Stroud

      Favorite one was #83, the way she held her hand up and looked at the camera was Kobe-esque

    99. Jorge Vences Pizza Killer

      1:25 that was actually VERY dangerous.. some Young adults need to be taught LOGIC. like that tape could have broken her nose , jaw, or even break her trachea SMH 😔!!!