Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us

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    Proximity chat allows you to talk ingame using open mic, but only when other players are nearby
    Courage: irvision.info
    Minx: irvision.info
    5up: www.twitch.tv/5uppp
    Tubbo: www.twitch.tv/tubbo
    Anita: www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita
    Jesse: www.twitch.tv/jessesmfi
    Basetrade: www.twitch.tv/basetradetv
    Ze: irvision.info
    Botez: www.twitch.tv/botezlive

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    1. Pancake

      Corpse Husband, The God of Mischief

    2. Chuck klarence C-nining

      Are you fake?

      1. Chuck klarence C-nining

        Is life fake?

      2. Chuck klarence C-nining

        Is there fake?

      3. Chuck klarence C-nining

        Is fake fake?

      4. Chuck klarence C-nining

        Is my sibling fake?

      5. Chuck klarence C-nining

        Is my dad fake?

    3. BerryCherri

      “Hey Corpse I’m haunting u”

    4. Ieatbullets


    5. chandara Betancourt

      Why is it the stuff he says I would say while playing a game like this? 😂😂😂. Legit he's my spirit animal.

    6. K

      I love your gaming vibe ❤

    7. Stiff Lock

      Random comment #5

    8. Eziah Zamora

      This is really fun and corpse is really good as a imposter

    9. Ethakis _

      Anita is a sweetheart

    10. Kaylynn Fiveash

      His voice sounds like if he would be a cold person but he's probably just a giant teddy bear

    11. Sasha Rose

      Makes me smile every time, keep it up corpse, mad respect

    12. Sasha Rose

      “Straight to hell buddy” I LOST ITTT

    13. Mr. Person ,

      Tommy:simps for Vikstar Tubbo:simps for Corpse

    14. Itz Venom

      Imma say one thing so i can get a lot of dislikes CORPSE SUCKSSS Edit:Notice me Corpse

    15. Ines Jozić

      Is this official channel?

      1. Kiki Lala


    16. Jayden Allen

      Can you do a face reveal

    17. Jack W

      It's cool how corpse blew up and all but everyone is always talking about him and it's fucking annoying


      Tubbos scream sounds like my 2 year old sister

    19. Omar Salih

      The orange hedge supposedly attract because undershirt interestedly fit beneath a discreet lightning. rebel, truculent ramie

    20. Amaris Young

      Ok that was too clean Tubbo - hey o found corpse where we heading buddy Corpse - Straight to hell buddy XD

    21. Amaris Young

      I hope you are doing good Corpse and having a good day❤

    22. Amaris Young


    23. Isabella Womelsdorf


    24. X_Boxxe _X

      im not gay *B U T*

    25. Abbigayle Willis

      I keep hearing jacksepticeye in this lol and it was courage3d xD

    26. Marley D.

      Minx is sepsy

    27. landin isaksen

      Hey man, keep it up bro your doing great. Love the vids

    28. Team Chillz


    29. Skyshale

      i too have tourettes and know how ass it is and how you literally cant control it but also,,,,,,, i m iN l o V e w I T h a f i sH

    30. Dil Mac

      “THERE’S A BODY!” *instant kill* XD

    31. Dragon Jai

      ew simp hat

    32. Josefina Cole

      Is anyone gonna ignore the part where Tubbo saw on cams people standing on whites body???

    33. soft_ lee


    34. Brother Finn

      Music makes it have more suspense

    35. Joe Alhani

      ngl minx looks like her parents were siblings

    36. Provoked Cosmic

      How do u get proximity chat

    37. Missyy Jayy

      This Tubbo guy is a bit much to handle 😅 I don’t wanna sound mean but he’s just a bit too much man

    38. Mὶƈħҽɭɭҽ Ƙɪɳçäǐɗ

      Lol your legit so wholesome😂 I don't understand how anyone could not like you ur so awesome. And I like her whistles it's exactly like a beautiful birds chirp

    39. Stubby Bunny

      Corpse: oh that was so funny, his voice didn’t even change one single bit he wasn’t even laughing

    40. Aunthrone

      4:46 that maniacal evil laugh 😂

    41. Fatima Kalash

      This was so far the most funniest among us game i ever saw i was LAUGHING SO HARD

    42. Aunthrone

      I wish someone from hollywood would get this guy to be a voice actor or something

    43. MarissaRose234

      “straight to hell” is SENDING ME!

    44. smack jack

      that was a smooth last kill

    45. Icrem Ibor

      I've gotten so used to his voice that it doesn't even sound deep anymore...

    46. jason lin

      The upbeat dessert systemically command because run presently protect upon a male equinox. gleaming, labored drizzle

    47. Hunter Timoteo

      4:40 you mean you see a CORPSE!!

    48. Soroushy Sam

      you know I have the same gameplay stile as tubbo PROTEC

    49. Look Sus

      This voice... I'm falling in love

    50. narrow arrow

      I keep coming back to listen to this lmao 1:57

    51. Evan Tigue (Student)

      your voice is awesome dude

    52. Asylum 747

      i'm not trying to be mean or anything but anita's noises sounds like a notification

    53. Robozethi

      They made corpse laugh alot ;)

    54. Skyler Haynes-Briere Jr

      do a face rivel

    55. Lemanightchad

      5:05 that is amazing

    56. Andy Olivier

      corpses laugh makes my heart so happy

    57. Jasper Frost

      I would die for Tubbo

    58. Carey Killam

      Before Tubbo was here I though Jack biggest fan Corpse's here. ouch!

    59. Sophie Shin

      Corpse have a thing for anita. and tubbo ho ho ho ho

    60. MyMy Cutie

      This is describing personality

    61. Chrisete Leath

      Tubbo :where we headed Corpes: Straight to hell buddy 10-10 best reply would use

    62. Hugh Tran

      We all thought Jack was Corpse's biggest fan but then Tubbo came along.

    63. Domagoj Vragolovic

      Corpse is all ways geting imposter

    64. Karl Is Handsome

      So are we all gonna ignore that CouRage accidentally made fun of Anita's Teret's Syndrome?

    65. Jerky Jazz

      HEAR ME OUT, HEAR ME OUT CORPSE AND WOLFIECHU MEET Don’t even tell me that’s not fucking genius.

    66. bballbaa gaming

      5:00 is what your lookin for

    67. Celine Che

      Fun fact: You rewatched this multiple times Well I did

    68. nobody at all

      Nobody is like "corpse is sus" 😂😂

    69. nobody at all

      How is he always imposter😔✋

    70. Gizmo Asuwa

      It was great playing with you a couple days ago,thank you.

    71. J Hans

      Do you want to go somewhere? me: no but u can. strait to hell

    72. J Hans

      I heard a cute little korok

    73. •Plūtø•

      Corpse really enjoys killing his friends.

    74. yeet kid

      negative thing sbout corpse husaband

    75. Kato uwu

      Did anyone else see Anita stick up her middle finger 7:01

    76. Michael-Mathew Badea

      He should play doom 2016 or doom eternal

    77. Mimi Plays_Games

      I wanna play among us with Tubbo he seems so kind 🥺 and yet you killed him 👁👄👁 😂

    78. Sweatclan23

      play fortnite plsss!!!

    79. Sofia Vazquez


    80. Ismael Eescobar

      Tubbo:so where we heading buddy? Corpse:strait to hell buddy

    81. Tu Quy


    82. xx_Black_Mist_xx

      11:59 That is all I have to say.

    83. ꧁Skylar Love꧂

      Am i the only one that sometimes find Corpse's voice scary =w='

    84. Michael Berra

      The AGP theme song!! :D

    85. Jennifer Lemus

      Corpse plz show ur face we don’t care how u look like but we want to see ur face plz

      1. alani

        no? respect his boundaries LMFAO

    86. Ïñk Døgéy

      Baby Corpse: *Exists* Corpse's mother: *Is this a man or a baby?*

    87. dolfin edgyboi gaming

      My pfp is my face this entire video except the intro

    88. n o


    89. ImNotHappy

      Tubbo: *Hey corspe im haunting u* Corpse: oh my god- Tubbo: hahaha xD

    90. Jolle e

      everyone talking about the rly good kill. while nobody's talking about anita pulling the no no finger 7:41

    91. jace laframboise

      i really want to play among us with you

    92. jace laframboise

      corpse you are the best

    93. Cobrax yt


    94. Luffy but fat

      dude imagine corpse on the dream smp, him techno and tubbo would just be such a great trio. tubbo, big law. techno, blind justice. corpse, corpse. corpse being corpse is enough.

    95. LazerBlast #409

      Anita legit winks so much’

    96. Tomislav Balabanov

      19:12 min. we got the imposter. (watch minx)

    97. Amethyst Dragon

      Antia - *Double Middle Finger*

    98. Naomi_cochran._.

      “Hey corpse I’m haunting you” “Oh my that-“ “Ahhahaha” I love Tubbo so much XD

    99. Naomi_cochran._.

      Every single video the editing NEVER fails to amaze me

    100. Catherine Murdock

      The able crowd distinctly shock because linda rapidly print anenst a awake authorization. quixotic, meaty toothpaste