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    I have a very special guest on my channel today… MADDIE ZIEGLER! Maddie recently launched a collab with Morphe so today we’re swapping our brand new palettes and getting ready together! Maddie shares the truth about Dance Moms, Sia, and what it REALLY was like filming that music video with Shia LaBeouf! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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        Drea Tube I honestly must have commented something by accident sorry xo

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        @shanss ss ????

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        @Bailee Diemond well cause I like nikkies's better

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      Woooaaaaaa i cried ✨✨✨👁

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      Great makeup , tutorials are amazing on the tips.

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      Maddie seems sweet and humble. Refreshing. Also she's so naturally pretty

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      Wow. Maddie is such a humble 18 year old girl. So appreciate and kind... the way she almost cried at the end, she’s so precious. I hope all her wishes come true

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    17. Ocean Clarke

      She is so beautiful it even hurts a little 😍

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      4:03 Lmao she was supposed to ask “how do you signal holding the phone” 🤣🤣🤣

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    27. AH - 09WS 792621 Lincoln Alexander SS

      I know how it feels to have toxic people in your life. Having your family or others judging every aspect of you. Growing up I've always have a trust issues. Having my old friends and family judging my body just made me feel so insecure. If you guys think I'm faking this then you don't understand how it's like.

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      This really was a wonderful video. You both are such inspiring women and it was really refreshing to see such genuine positivity on youtube.

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      I just started watching Dance moms this past week so it’s ironic that Maddie is on here so it’s cool to see her grown up & reflecting on the show. Maddie you were so nice to Kendall on the episode where you had that duet that was true leadership uplifting here & giving constructive corrections!

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    61. gianna.castellano


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      When I compare myself to Maddie Ziegler I feel like 💩. So if that makes you feel better Maddie.. 😅

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