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    Happy Friday! This video is dedicated to science! More importantly, bad science! Enjoy!
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    1. Aaron Ruiz


    2. Kaan İnan

      That sounds like the failarmy laugh 0:21

    3. Jenny Rous

      0:49 it's where I regret everything in life

    4. Julian Zirn

      Chemic Teacher: Where are the Protons Pupil anwer: in the valence cup!

    5. eingemaischt e

      Safety glasses. SO important.

    6. Rair San

      Wow that’s crazy 1:00 is at my own school lol

    7. Thalles Mercês

      I love science related stuff hahahah

    8. Unseen Internet

      0:45 He's dead man....

    9. AcidicChaosLP

      2:26 mould was too cold

    10. CoyoteBoyo

      Half of these are physics

    11. Andrew

      2:10 was spalling there was moisture trapped in the mold

    12. PJRoRo

      Really reminds me how much I miss school :/

    13. dedede the superstar warrior

      0:47 The guy sitting at the top puts his legs together in pain.

    14. Robocop

      that axe to the balls.. may he rest in peace O_O

    15. BOOSTMC

      2:13 always heat up your mould lads!

    16. Dharma sugarpot

      Plastic tubes and pots and pans Bits and pieces and Magic from the hand We're makin weird science!

    17. Rebeca Grieg

      The girl with the vinegar volcano made me laugh 😂

    18. TheFriendlyHacker

      Amazing, not a single new clip! Every single one has shown up on FailArmy several times. Smh!

    19. ShadowLynx V

      . 2:17 a glitch in the matrix.

    20. Akbar The Scientist

      0:11 and thats why you should wear your googles

    21. ShadowLynx V

      There is no bad science. There is normal science and funny science.

    22. Tomas Llane

      hola buenos dias les vengo a proponer un reto el que dija mas

    23. Simon Willis

      Every man who watched 0:49 cried out 😂

    24. Melanie Ballesteros


    25. MitFlake Productions

      0:49 don’t see that guy getting biological kids anytime soon

    26. Nathanile Miller

      Once again

    27. Sakonema

      0:45 That must have felt good.

    28. Big Travis

      1:19 😂

    29. Corance Chandler

      0:50 well, I hope the kids don't inherit that...

    30. Fun Gags

      I have better videos. Subscribe

    31. Nathan McBow

      2:13. My best bet is that some sort of impurity in the cast or the metal must have combusted. Maybe the cast was damp.

    32. JHelix Official

      Dude that one kid literally took an axe head to the junk. That’s a hospital visit for teach?!

    33. Anonymous Mafia

      0:48, he isn't gonna have kids anymore.

    34. Kendrick Ang

      whoever did that shd go to jail

    35. Kendrick Ang

      its not the sharp edge but its dtill pretty terrible omg

    36. Funny Life

      1:48 when quarantine is finally over.

    37. Mortakma

      0:50 Oooooooooooooooooops. Fuuuuuuck

    38. bowen voowy

      when liquid though, it just blows up.

    39. Void Plush Productions

      0:03; HA! What a way to start off this video 😂😂

    40. Kubi GamesTR

      I felt the one at 0:48 real bad

    41. miko foin

      when liquid though, it just blows up.

      1. bowen voowy


    42. Marie Lemaréchal

      maxime je t aime

    43. Adrian Tarrant

      Imagine using the elastic bands around someone’s head to kill them

      1. tills g


      2. miko foin

        Like if fail army the best

    44. BullseyeBuss

      That dude got chopped in the junk with the blunt side of an ax!🥺

    45. Soinas Doyi

      CEO of not being first

    46. Jay6ix

      0:33 doioioiinggg *CRASH* *CRASH* *SMASH*

    47. Stephen Connally

      0:45 RIP

    48. Rose On The Loose

      1:04 This little Hermione is so cute 😄

      1. Soinas Doyi

        0:45 for real real real now... What was the Plan for this?

    49. โมบาย ช๊อป

      Tap Tap

    50. TheMinecraftfreak668

      1:20 Angry German kid is zat you?

    51. bodoti qwiu

      CEO of not being first

    52. QuidQuoPro

      2:13 I am curious, wtf DID just happen? Was it that they forgot to preheat the mold?

    53. PUG LIFE - Black & Yellow

      Son you are adopted!!!🤨 - I wonder who my real parents are? 🤔 We are them !! Your new ones are coming soon.😲


      study science NOT any religious book and you will live longer.

      1. bodoti qwiu

        Can you show these in slow motion please

    55. M M

      2:23 What do you mean "what just happened?", *Never* put liquid metal onto a non-preheated surface, because with the slightest bit of moisture, that's what happens. Violent enough to make it a viable way to remove scale from a smith's workpiece too, put a dab on the anvil, set the piece on top then hammer, remove the scale in one fell swoop, when liquid though, it just blows up.

    56. mishakrtop 228


    57. Daniella Stephen

      There is no way the folks in these videos escaped injury. ;/

    58. Duane Brown

      All the videos: Don't question my science!

    59. kolim jone

      The Boy in the Background feels the pain hahaha 0:49

    60. Mizo

      0:45 for real real real now... What was the Plan for this?

    61. TheCorrectViews

      About that last one... I didn't know what N.K. rocket models were released.

    62. TheCorrectViews

      Who saw the brick and cringed before it even stated?

      1. kolim jone

        i'm laughing a lot 😂😂😂

    63. Тупо Наука

      О, про меня ролик завезли.

    64. Snoozy22 Blue

      0:48 queue astronomia music

    65. Rod Fryman

      Can you show these in slow motion please


      still laughing lol...failarmy is the mother of all fail channels .. including mine

    67. areamusicale

      So, basically, anything that explodes is considered science for Americans? I'm not impressed.

    68. Loony

      its crazy how less people think... I mean... its soo logical to not move your head over the stuff.

    69. misolou fout

      How is this stuff 2020 when seen many of them years ago.

    70. Alex

      0:47 Wellll there goes the offspring



      1. misolou fout

        reaction between the hot and cold metal hitting each other too quickly creates the "jump" you see..

    72. SHE-ensya

      Not sure if I’m happy they tried but definitely tried very hard not to laugh 😅

    73. Jacob

      1:30 - fill it up like you Got few second, and then hold it in your hand like you Got all year

    74. jorge lopez

      Future think tanks of engineering.

    75. ibuy4unow

      Jake doesn’t have guts. Jakes just really stupid.

    76. Stop Motion // Cartoons from Armenia //

      i'm laughing a lot 😂😂😂

    77. Emperor Palpatine

      Are we just going to ignore the fact that half of these aren't from 2020?

    78. Powerage

      3.12 min. is not enough.

    79. Donovan Nash

      Omg 0:48 1... 2.... 3... let me up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏🤦‍♂️

      1. Donovan Nash

        Atlesst he was wearing a face shield

    80. Kelsea Nova

      The last one. That was a true fail.

    81. Thunder Bear

      0:49 i almost puked

    82. JustDaz

      Am I having deja vu, or have I seen all of this before?

    83. Safe Zone

      great video, you will find a lot of funny content on my channel

    84. GeorgeJansen

      This should have been called. DON'T SHOOT IT ON MY FACE. Got dam idiots

    85. Bazuzeus

      0:30 moron using Nitrogen triiodide spotted

    86. Adam Linden

      Being a foundry worker and working with molten metal everyday, I was flinching before they even poured that metal in the mold Shoulda heated it up first chaps (the mold) reaction between the hot and cold metal hitting each other too quickly creates the "jump" you see..

    87. hitmannn64

      Why have they changed everyone in fail army instead of making fails of the week??

    88. potato salad 345

      3 minutes

    89. opzz xsin

      I am proud to say that I saw this video in the first 10 mins😂

    90. ca fama

      Only fake accidents, so boring

    91. Y2Kvids

      y u no Coffin dance

    92. CY Thang

      0:48 it hurts😂😂😅😂

    93. CY Thang


    94. Travel Photos

      I thought this was going to be a video featuring Donald Trump.

    95. I Don't Know

      0:48w. Watch to feel pain

    96. Lords Servant

      0:20 1:24

    97. Ancient Aryan Technology

      RIP for this poor buddy 0:45

    98. DoINotIClickIMe

      0:49 kids, that's how scrambled eggs are made.

    99. Abe90

      1:47 Jake has guts. 1:52 Jake had guts. Now his guts are all over the place.

      1. Komotau4691


    100. Peter Pan

      The little girl falling from the Chair!😂😂😂