Huesca vs Real Madrid | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 2/6/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA


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    With a comeback well executed Real Madrid overcame an early goal during the 2nd half through a brace from Raphael Varane.
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    1. Renegade

      varane is real madrid new CR7

    2. Luchito Ciencia

      Después del segundo gol, señoras y señores, esto se acabó: ¡Real Madrid para todo el mundo!

    3. Sultaniempire

      8:56 That save though

    4. wrdgf fhtyr

      The scandalous creature ultrastructurally hope because odometer diagnostically flower along a ill-fated tempo. marked, overrated beaver


      Madrid barely win games and everyone is the best, Madrid losses and everyone coaching. Remember when Madrid was 10 points ahead of Barca, 😅😂😅😂🤣

    6. Aritra Kundu

      Varane is a surprise for RMA

    7. victor y kelthon

      what a Huesca’s goal.

    8. omaruchan123

      Rip the keepers face

    9. Daniel Gonzalez-Villaseca

      the fact that Madrid struggles against small clubs like these and many others says something

    10. Edu Garcia

      0:18 muy mal de modric q se enoja y en todo el ataque del Huesca nunca apareció para al menos intentar estorbar , por cosas como estas luego nos meten gol... eso si. A luka hay muy poco que reclamarle esta temporada

    11. pro hack

      wtf 0:36

    12. Sr. Rondonni9

      Golazo del Huesca

    13. José Ramírez

      Bruh can y’all see the difference on how the goals were scored tho like huescas goal was espectacular and Madrid’s goals were shitty asf like who tf scores with their backs💀💀

      1. Omid Babayee

        nigga who give about the goals, win is a win. u can smd

    14. Abadir Ismail

      it looks like ray hudson and phil schoen only commentate barca matches

    15. Jean Andre

      Those idiots speak only Spanish otherwise they will reply

    16. TBG Gaming

      Nowadays defenders be saving hala Mary

    17. Jezer Mendoza

      Vini: 99 pace 0 shooting 0 passing

    18. C P

      The Frenchmen always coming through for Zizou

    19. Dinshs Koersa

      The pastoral bed notably mate because trail ontogenetically bang than a understood algeria. bitter, unable edward

    20. CesarConH

      Que un central marque los únicos goles de un equipo te dice que tan mal está tu juego

    21. Saucy

      OH NOOO does that mean inform varane 😨😢

    22. T Blanco

      Varane puede meter cien goles pero ni con eso se le quita lo malo que es al defender jajajajaja saludos y fua

    23. John Ocampo

      Trash ass madrid.

    24. Migznpigz

      After the first goal, on his trot back to his half, Varane was saying, “VAMOS, VAMOS A GANAR!” Which means LETS GO, LETS GO WIN THIS!

    25. julian campos

      Can we take a moment to appreciate that pass 2:00? Toni Kroos at his best.

    26. JR_ 214

      How can a team like Madrid be playing like shit and still win 😂😂😂

      1. JR_ 214

        @Marco Solis yea it’s sad seeing both of the Spanish giants suffer against teams that couple of year back would have been easy points but i guess all the good things come to an end. I’m just exited asf for the champions league

      2. Marco Solis

        @JR_ 214 im a Madrid fan but i enjoyed the game. and Messi did change the game ngl

      3. JR_ 214

        @Marco Solis without Messi they are bad but he is a game changer when he gets subbed in SMH gotta give credit to betis tho

      4. Marco Solis

        barca be playing like shit and still win. SMH

    27. Jorge Galdamez

      Cuando un equipo notiene buenos delanteros los defensas tienen que meterla como sea osea estámos muimal con mi Madrid

    28. TheNepaliBoy -

      Now Waiting For Team Of The Week VARANE

    29. Kasemiro Jr

      Benzema is prolly the unluckiest striker in the world. He puts in so much work, but the ball cant enter the net.

    30. Bexar

      When you are so bad that you need your defenders to score

    31. yuni rodriguez

      Al madrid todos toooooodos los equipos lo ponen en serios problemas 😐

    32. Galel Jarquin

      El segundo gol un faul inventó del arbitro

    33. KENNY Santos Afonseca

      Not really

    34. David Diaz

      I really thought Madrid was gonna lose like always they got lucky this time

    35. LOLONO62

      where is Big Mac ?

    36. Sadadine Adam

      The fact that varane has more goals than hazard in 2021 year

      1. Kareem Hajeer

        No he dosent that’s not true hazard has 3

    37. Sanjog K.

      At last Varane understood, own goals don’t give them points.

      1. Cheikh Diedhiou


    38. Jose Rodriguez

      Mejor sería que narraran el partido pero no hicieran comentarios tácticos cuando no tienen ninidea

    39. Jay Barça

      This kid is learning… He finally scored on the right side... 😂

    40. Katsuki Bakugo

      Ade Tovar is back to his cave guys

    41. Katsuki Bakugo

      The fact that varane has more goals scored than overrated trincoa and Puig😂🤡

    42. Xillerdonutss

      2:02 what a pass

    43. leon Quirino

      R.I.P for all Fifa Players

    44. karl villa

      El real ya no es tan real pura suerte

    45. Evxp

      Benzema misses so much 😂

      1. Prodigy37

        He has the miss disease in soccer its a real thing when he shoots he doubts his own shots. But pretty good freekick

      2. Evxp

        @Katsuki Bakugo lol

      3. Katsuki Bakugo

        Fr we could of 4-1

    46. KENNY Santos Afonseca

      What happened to him

    47. Titanium X

      Madrid touches are insane

    48. xx yy

      Benzema is a disgrace

      1. M.I.X Best trio ever

        What did he do?

    49. Alexander Khlapov

      I never know when the goal is scored in La Liga with Spanish commentary...they never seem to mention the goals at all.

    50. Rony Mejia

      La cago el huesca dejarse empatar!

    51. Phu Doan

      Is Huesca getting better or Real Madrid just really sucks?

    52. Adrian Jimenez

      The fact that Varane has scored more goals than Fransisco Trincao 👀

      1. Mc Harios Officiel

        @Adrian Jimenez yeah exactly 😂

      2. Adrian Jimenez

        @Mc Harios Officiel the past haunts people doesn’t it😂😂

      3. Mc Harios Officiel

        @Adrian Jimenez the fact that iliax moriba has more assist than hazard 👀

      4. Mc Harios Officiel

        @Adrian Jimenez don't compare a defender to a winger👀

      5. Adrian Jimenez

        @Mc Harios Officiel but did firpo have more goals than Hazard when he was at Chelsea 👀

    53. Nou Chang

      The fact tht varane had more goals than hazard lol

      1. Nou Chang

        @Pedri 17 lol

      2. Pedri 17

        @MMgames 479 both are shit

      3. MMgames 479

        Hazard has 2, varane has 2.

    54. aibs

      I don't get how a lot of people want zidane out. He just won the league last season and look at the teamwork he promotes! Fake fans always looking for a scapegoat, you win and you lose some!

      1. The Brazilian Tank RMA

        @aibs LAST SEASON. if we’re going trophyless, fine, But with how horrible he is with youngsters, and how reliant he is with the old players, he’s gonna mess up the future of Madrid. It’s the truth. Why do you think we can’t go past the round of 16?

      2. aibs

        He won you guys la liga last season, are Real Madrid fans that dense like Chelsea fans? You wanna sack him without seeing if he wins you anything this season? I’m gonna laugh if he wins you guys another champions

      3. The Brazilian Tank RMA

        @aibs what results? 2 wins in our last 7 games? Out of the Copa Del Rey? Out of the super Copa? Barely making knockout stages ucl? Letting Barca catch up to us? Struggling against small teams?

      4. aibs

        Keep talking behind your keyboard haters, Zidane speaks with results 🤡😂

      5. The Brazilian Tank RMA

        This has to be the dumbest comment ever, The reason why most Madrid Fans(including me) Want Zidane out, Because he is horrible dealing with new youngsters/signings. Not only that he’s too reliant on his starting xi. Never rotates or give youngsters a chance

    55. Marlon Soza

      Hala madrid

      1. M.I.X Best trio ever

        Visca el Barca!

    56. mohammad molaei

      Why is the video on Bein Sports USA with Spanish commentators?

      1. mohammad molaei

        @Sofia JacTo that's great. But thats why they have their Spanish channel which they can post videos on with the Spanish commentators, im also a minority, I don't expect them to have commentators in my native language. They should upload the videos with the English commentators same as their main tv channel

      2. Sofia JacTo

        Bein USA has English and Spanish commentators. Hispanic speaking people in USA are the largest minority. I'm one of them.

    57. Jordan Styer

      Benzemas finishing was kind of wack today ngl. Should've put this game beyond doubt

      1. Prodigy37

        Benzema is only good at passing scoring is not his thing

    58. DreamWalker886

      Varane two goals? he is a CB.

    59. A W

      The US is the richest nation in the world, has the strongest military, strongest economy, and growing at a steady rate, better than how most of Europe is doing, strongest politically, best universities, best sports nation, dominates music, movies, TV shows, top companies, top internet sites, most diverse, immigrant nation, most Nobel Prize winners by far, first nation to put a man on the moon, fought off Germany and Japan and rebuilt Europe through the Marshall Plan, protected Europe from Communism and fought off communist Soviet Union, US gives more foreign aid than any other nation in the world

    60. Dr. Diaz

      Con zidane no jugamos a nada. Verguenza me da ver a este madrid. El colista de la liga pos casi nos gana. Con estos mismos jugadores yo estuviera al equipo en el primer puesto.

      1. M.I.X Best trio ever

        @Gabriel Arana He isn’t a real Real Madrid fan he doesn’t even like Ronaldo.

    61. Keneth Keneth

      Bro I can’t believe that varane has the same goals as hazard in la liga 🤦‍♂️😂

      1. Dom Brahmand


      2. Katsuki Bakugo

        At this point switch their positions

    62. datboidiego

      Ramos is gonna be out for 6-7 weeks, so until April. We need Militao back asap


        Nacho might be the one playing with varane

    63. Nova

      Varane what a player 🔥🐐

      1. M.I.X Best trio ever

        Nah Araujo is better

    64. Roberto Millán

      Red varane next week smh

    65. Rico Dominguez

      Not inspector gadgets totw 😞

    66. Victor Gonzalez

      Again Madrid’s problem is with finishing but it was still a good team display

      1. Prodigy37

        Fr they can't shake that crap ever since ronaldo left benzema has bad luck asf but surprisingly he can't take freekicks and asensio is still growing and vinicious just runs really fast which is good haha yeah idk real Madrid need to score more for what they got

    67. BoyNoPlay

      We keep outplaying teams and they score these wonder goals its happened a few times now..

    68. Moises Aria

      queeeeee pasmado este madrid

    69. fernando rojo

      shit I guess varane is getting an inform 😭

      1. Drew Roebuck

        The end is near💀

    70. Liam Yano

      7:30 was old barca

    71. R4TW Warrior

      Who’s in pain when TOTW Varane comes to fifa 😭😭😭😭

    72. Dex Ter

      Oh no Inform Varane incoming

    73. Heriberto Moreno Castro

      ¡ HALA MADRID !

      1. M.I.X Best trio ever

        Visca el Barca!

    74. Christopher Nava

      Get well soon Sergio ramos 🇪🇦😢

      1. Max Volpi.

        @M.I.X Best trio ever We have no respect look at u

      2. Neopremium

        La Barca psg will smash you guys 😂👋🏻

      3. Manny Mikha

        @M.I.X Best trio ever cap

      4. Ade ToVAR


    75. Pedri 17

      The fact that Madrid have to depend on Varass to save them 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

      1. McSoar

        the fact that u barca fans have to be salty about everything lmao 🧂

    76. nordine talbi

      Pique the idiot ....

    77. Jessica Frey

      So many great Benzema strikes saved :(

      1. M.I.X Best trio ever

        @Katsuki Bakugo 🧢

      2. Katsuki Bakugo

        @Pedri 17 like Messi

      3. Pedri 17

        benzema is a finished player

    78. Love :

      What a shame since Ronaldo left our hero has been Ramos or Casimiro and today Varane. Shame shame on this team

      1. Pedri 17

        Vardrid is a small club

    79. Donart _bon

      Can the commentaire just say goal two or three times plz goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal it's annoyed

    80. yourboiiblacky vlogs

      I rlly don’t like Vinicius but u won’t lie he did well.

      1. yourboiiblacky vlogs

        @Hamberger I used to think that too but he is dispossessed so much. His decision making not just shooting but assisting too is terrible. He’s still young I’ll give him that but our fans have no right comparing him and Ansu Fati

      2. yourboiiblacky vlogs

        @One Don nah man sorry

      3. Hamberger

        he’s not that bad, he just can’t score if his life depended on it

    81. Omar Bacuilima

      Not looking forward to inform varane in fut champs next week

      1. M.I.X Best trio ever

        @Pedri 17 yeah Araujo is better varane is only good in fifa

      2. Omar Bacuilima

        Varane scored 2 goals as a defender that should be enough for an inform on fifa

      3. Pedri 17

        varane is bad

    82. MrMbutube

      zidane needs refs assistant, without them he can't do shit!

      1. Katsuki Bakugo


      2. Bochanka

        Where did he need the refs today?

    83. billykhoa billykhoa

      So nobody is gonna talk about Huesca’s goal? That shot was nuts.

      1. Sultaniempire

        they are trash

      2. Footballazz

        @Jose Chuc it’s lucky because that bang average player would miss that same chance 8/10 times....these small clubs always go extra hard and hit a higher gear when they play that dude probably won’t score a better goal for the rest of the season...probably rest of his career...

      3. Arny Perez

        @Kid The Hutt Gaming same bro

      4. Nick Barakat

        That goal was such a sweeping move up the field. Incredible. And more than half the beautiful goals scored have some luck to them. The technique was world class.

      5. KnightMD

        I know. So deliberate. If that were Messi people wouldn't be shutting up about it.

    84. Mr. E

      Varane finally learned how to score on the opposing goalkeeper.

      1. 杰Fox

        @workshaw11 I agree

      2. workshaw11

        @M.I.X Best trio ever oh come on let's not be disrespectful

      3. M.I.X Best trio ever

        @Pedri 17 obviously Araujo is better than varane

      4. Pedri 17

        my ronald koeman is better than varane

    85. 10takechi

      “Le pega en la espalda a Varane” ciego, ciego está ese hombre. Que antimadridistas son todos los comentaristas latinos estos madre mía pero que malos son lol.

      1. Prodigy37

        La neta pense lo mismo

    86. Wisco9er

      The dumbest thing to come out of 2020 is the guy laying down behind the free kick wall 😂😂 looking hella goofy on the floor

      1. Wisco9er

        @PLAYBOI PRINCE never lol they're never even facing the ball wtf


        Nah it works sometimes

    87. Antoine Griezmann

      These comments softer than my tampons

      1. McSoar

        @Pedri 17 2nd your 4th

      2. Uh Ghhj

        @Pedri 17 Yet Barca lost 3-1 to Real Madrid so I guess Barca is a smaller club

      3. Pedri 17

        @Uh Ghhj awful club

      4. Uh Ghhj

        @Pedri 17 we beat you guys 3-1 and have the most La ligas and the most champions leagues. Varca has had more penalties this season. Go away Varca fan and cry

      5. Pedri 17

        small club vardrid

    88. Jp tyrannosaurus 29 gaming

      Zidane: **job is in danger** Varane: “hold my goals”

      1. Max Volpi.

        @杰FoxOk I will wish u the best of luck against PSG

      2. 杰Fox

        @Richard Styles I’m a barca fan but I wish you guys the best luck against atalanta

      3. 杰Fox

        @Christophe Corona Barca was 4th place but now their 2nd

      4. Christophe Corona

        @Pedri 17 isn’t Barca in 4th place ?

      5. JR_ 214

        I guess he is waiting for the champions league to score sum own goals cuz in the champions the man is a machine in scoring own goals 😂😂😂😂varane is dog shit

    89. Mauricio Galdamez

      Doesn’t matter if Madrid won today 🤣🤣 if Barca win tomorrow we get back in second place

    90. Curtis Bruton

      Varane TOTW incoming

    91. Gerardo Torres

      🤣🤣🤣🤣el real Madrid..sufriendo con el equipo que está en el último lugar de la tabla..dan pena ajena..cualquier equipo le da unas cachetada al real Madrid..

      1. Rolando Lopez

        La verdad da pena despues de ir tantos puntos adelante ahora se dejo alcansar medesecciona

    92. Kristine Sermanukian

      Huesca are stupid for not taking their chances they ruined 3 good counter attacks slowed it down and made a horrible pass that costed them this game AND hit the post 3 times unlucky. They need to be hitting their shots more accuratly like their 1st

    93. ahmed abdi

      Except some few players most Real Madrid players are overrated vinicius is one of them

    94. Erik Duarte

      No puede ser que el delantero más torpe del mundo juegue cada partido de titular en el Madrid y lo digo por benzema es asombroso los goles que hierra ese jugador por eso es que en Francia ni si quiera lo conocen

    95. Fiddle sticks Jr

      Fuera Benz..porfavor

    96. Nice Person

      Almost every team can score against us. We should accept that in a year or two.

      1. Nice Person

        @Pedri 17 bottle club uefalona

      2. Pedri 17

        small club vardrid

    97. Alfredo Solano

      Hazard is a bust !!! Get him outta madrid !!!

    98. Franklin Debios

      What #9 is that on the madrid side??🤔 Needs to go to the second Division .

      1. MyloPlayz

        Karim Benzema, you need to fo to hospitals

    99. Delfina Bautista

      Gano de suerte..Huesca hizo un golazo...

    100. Marco Polo

      Big Benz is actually good at taking free kicks. He should take them more often

      1. Lila Wilkins Garcia

        @Antoine Griezmann4

      2. Alex Alvarez

        Don’t just asume for one try

      3. Yalla Miami

        He should get kicked out of Real Madrid today before tomorrow

      4. MMgames 479

        @Mightydesert5 Tv Cleary you've not been watching real madrid games

      5. Mightydesert5 Tv

        Big benz needs to leave. His inconsistent and mediocrity has put madrid where it is. Amazing mid Good defense. Europa league attack