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    People in this vid:
    @Noah Beck
    @Blake Gray
    @Vardan Antonyan

    Outro song by
    Simon Rex
    Camera/ Editor
    Oscar Alva
    Camera man
    @Christian Guiton

    Kyle Carper

    Assitant to the assistant Editor
    Joe Vulpis

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    1. Mateusz Kadłubowski

      Starting to look a bit like Erik Andre show

    2. Deathvonsolo

      i thought his voice was a lot deep wtf-

    3. Brilliant Hafizd hermawan

      Jeff do hair cut with Alex ernst

    4. Karinka Asatryan


    5. Alyssa MacDonald

      Vardon is the best

    6. Araceli Escobedo

      Why does he look like this emoji 😁

    7. Mason Parent

      The faded camera man is sooo funny

    8. Hailey Helo


    9. Emma Hodgson

      have the funk bros on here next

    10. Jessica Goff

      At least these kids had a sense of humor lol

    11. Flicks 6969

      I love this show so funny

    12. bouytt guyt

      Why tf is no one talking about vardan he’s so funny.

    13. Kyla Barrow

      the way he introduced noah and blake has me dead yoooo🤣🤣🤣🤣 Noah: Charli Damelios sister’s boyfriend Blake: Charli Damelios sisters boyfriend friend

    14. Airborne Nuclear2307

      Vardan was just in the corner making Blake uncomfortable 😂

    15. Mugan Geertsma

      I hate how it said Charli Damelio's sister's boyfriend like NOOO just say DIXIE.DAMELIO'S.BOYFRIEND.

      1. bouytt guyt

        Shit reminds me of Eric Andre

    16. Abby Haith

      “He’s been in there one day. I did 5 months.” HAHAHAHA

    17. Mahi Tapakire

      At 4:50 he said he's officially dating dixie ahh

    18. Spider - Shrek

      Jonah sounds like a angry russian teacher.... specifically referring to

    19. bronwynalexandria

      Charli D’amelio’s sister’s boyfriend.

    20. Yike Streams

      black hoodie guy is fucking gone (dead emoji)

    21. Bruh Obama

      Jeff when is you’re eye going back to normal or is it like that permanently and we have too look at that nightmare forever

    22. Zariya Gibson

      Nobody talking about the roaches in the draw im dead asf bro

    23. Sky Reflex

      The spider at 6:23 scared me so bad

    24. miguel angel

      Kick Jonah and keep vardan but make Jonah stay i in the side so vardan can keep roasting him

    25. Alex c

      why did you delete the quarantine skotcast

    26. Miranda Casgar

      Jeff asking him about climate change literally restored my faith in humanity

    27. Vanessa Ordaz

      My favortie 4:02 part

    28. Kicks Solid

      Can we all agree Jeff is the most likeable douchebag on the net

    29. Giselle Belle

      I stg these dudes are all the same person. Someone want to teach them the definition of *ORIGINALITY*

    30. Jacob Basilevac

      Shit reminds me of Eric Andre

    31. Kidz Vlogs

      when that spider filter walked across the screen it flipping scared meeee!😂😂

    32. Yusuf Harun

      When Vardon says you go into in and out but don’t come out💀😂😂

    33. chodster fam

      Jeff isnt working out as much as he used to is he? U can tell lol

    34. chodster fam

      0:06 hes been cutting hair since he was 10 years old? Huh.

    35. Ariana Gomez

      The fact that Jeff shows that this are just bimbos lmao

    36. Just Destiney

      Me:Try not to cry because Noah so sweet. Also me:Me litterly dieing from how funny this is so I ended up crying from laughter.

    37. Sophie Windhager

      Is vardan armeinian?

    38. Hailan Johnson

      why did i never know of the blake dude he's actually like relatively cute

    39. Dymon Hammond

      i never get tire of the tiktokers

    40. giorgi khingava

      oh my god i am so proud good luck with the nomination jeff

    41. gianna

      y’all did him so dirty in that thumbnail 💀

    42. Dionysus

      Why is Noah’s face soo.. punchable??? Edit: this video is fucking hilarious tho 😂

    43. ii Beepboop

      I like yo cut g

    44. Youngtrash

      i can imagine what would happen if Tony lopez went on this show.

    45. Miraj Prasain

      6:21 Who noticed the spider on the screen?

      1. dcoog anml

        its so sad i found you because of jake paul

    46. Pekpeka Pachuau

      ''you go to in and out you never came out''😂😂.

      1. dcoog anml

        Thank God Jeff was in this because he's literally the only entertaining person in this video

    47. Slipsin

      The only time ill ever watch tiktokers

    48. KJJL

      Why is Jeff kinda ugly now

    49. Theresa

      Tomorrow it’ll be 1 month

    50. YoUtUbE bElIeVeR


    51. Imani Gonzalez

      if i wouldve threw my mac before realizing the bug was fake u wouldve had to pay for it.

    52. Suzy W Official

      Omg big spider 🕷 😯

    53. Ellie Blake

      Jonah is lowkey so annoying like its not even funny at this point.

    54. Ailsa Ni

      "He goes to in 'n out and never comes out." Vardon 2020

    55. Ilan K

      Matt. The rat. King.

    56. Eboni De Jesus

      Wow they described noah as "Charli D'amelio sister boyfriend"Poor dixies shes trying to make a name for herself but they still say Charli danelios sister..SHES A SINGER NOT JUST A TIK TOKER'S STISTER!!!!!!

    57. Val’s bored again


      1. Ailsa Ni

        You should bring Donald Trump on the show

    58. serena nicholas

      Stay safe jeff, stay indoors. If you're tired uber or get uber eats. You're healing well. Just keep it that way. Love from the uk

    59. Niyah Toleafoa

      “ you go to in and out but never come out” 😭🤣

    60. •Mr Yanno•

      Thank God Jeff was in this because he's literally the only entertaining person in this video

    61. the choo choo train

      its so sad i found you because of jake paul

    62. Dora Granera

      ok but like is no one gonna notice the fact that Blake is literally cuddling with the rat😭

    63. Aya Maysar

      "Charlie damelios sister's boyfriend" ...couldn't you just write dixie's boyfriend?😂

      1. D4NNY J4MIL

        That was the joke bruh

    64. SK - 06CS 784696 Erin Centre MS

      Noah beck is going to be a great bf for dixie fr because compare him asking dixie to be her gf and when Griffin did COMEE ONNNNN HES so sweet.

    65. Tharsana krish

      Who came after James video and watching Jeff's video for the first time 😹

    66. Medicum Plaga

      hey jeff ahahha whats umm ahahahah your uhh ahahahaah name jeff jeffrey jeff?? yo name jeff? PFFFFFFFFFTT ahahaahahAHAHHAHA you said it yu said the meme PFFFFFFFFT AHAHAHaahaha ya names je pfft HAHAH yu names jeff

    67. Syifa Farah

      Charli D'amelio's sister's boyfriend? tf? Dixie has a name bro lol

      1. Sakina Noorani

        I feel sad that you don't understand his humor

    68. Official Rhyze Clan


    69. Kings Of The Fall

      3 things I know for sure: 1.There’s a spider on the screen at 6:23 and it scared the sh*t outta me 🥴 2. That cameraman guy IS high af And 3. These kids are not coming back again lmfao

    70. dcoog anml

      Why tf is no one talking about vardan he’s so funny.

    71. shayeastcoast

      the bug on the screen got me :(

    72. Atxel Ramirez

      You should bring Donald Trump on the show

    73. sam pan

      the Eric Andrea show p2

    74. Chris

      is no one going to talk about the ant or spider at 6:22

      1. dcoog anml

        Blakes voice thoo

    75. nishtha arora

      please start uploading more. i miss you 🥺

    76. Samuel Gaskey

      I love how uncomfortable they look they think he’s so weird😂😂

    77. Danny Gonzales

      So what kind of haircut did he get

    78. IB LION

      I hate vardan

    79. Kloption

      0:21 Jonah: 👁️👄👁️

    80. Dana Angelica Dacurro

      are we just gonna sit here and not talk about how vardan just pissed on the chair and sat in it like it was nothing lmaoo (unless it was fake)

    81. Amy Marks

      Thank you Jeff :)

    82. ElleNotTheMagazine

      I love how blake was just chilling with the naked rat 😍🐭

    83. Tommy Kane

      This is some of the funniest shit on yt

    84. Sini 28

      WHAT IS THIS? Eric Andre's Barbershop?

    85. Baileigh Tahlulah

      “I don’t even wanna put that into the universe “ 🥺 that’s what I say

    86. Vic takes walls

      Did any1 get scared when the spider went on the screen

    87. Alma Sedibe

      What am i watching 👀👀📺

    88. Maja Lopandic

      Blakes voice thoo

    89. Aaron Albers

      i feel bad that they called him out for being high but oh well its legal there

    90. Ginger Fikus

      we're really seeing vardan grow up *-*

    91. İlkay the Outis

      6:22 jeff you scared the shit out of me

    92. Adhyayan Mehra

      "How'd ya get your start?" -Jeff

    93. Siddhant Kaushik

      Everytime Jeff uploads a vid I already start waiting for the next one.

    94. EASI

      I lost a lot of brain cells today

    95. EASI

      I think my brain just committed suicide

    96. Jaime Alvarez

      Dixie beck

    97. CJ carp

      Ok, how did you "Pop the ?" what ? " You want to date? wth... These are Our Nations Youth.. again wth

    98. SirCartier

      Johan needs to leave the videos keep vardan he a legend

    99. chips n ice cream

      Why does he look like a manchild like he's built I give him that but his face literally looks like a manchild

    100. Caity G

      Who else was gushing over Jeff more than Noah hahha