Hot Dads (February 2020) | FailArmy


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    Shout out to dads! This week we have put together the hottest dads in the history of the internet! Enjoy these dad fails!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 9 ماه


    1. Éva Nemes

      0:33 Reason, when I HATE kids. :(

    2. Tami Tamilina

      4:07 🤣🤣🤣

    3. hello hi

      i love the thumb nail of the video its so funny

    4. Simbelmyne 444

      He really talk to your daughter like that?

    5. Koketso Ntsoane

      1:20 sleep it off

    6. Julius Petersilka

      00:25 the red cross is just in the right place

    7. Celebstagram

      So much cencoring. It's unwatchable! Freedom for the word FUCK!!

    8. Yusuf Eltalkhawy


    9. Jay M

      2:13 Fake and 3:25

    10. Nuclearsimian

      "I'm tired of playing games with you!" And this is why your kid hates your fucking guts and why he will distance himself from you, because you destroyed his hobby to *relax* with. So why should this kid do *anything* the dad ever asks now, ever? Any punishment goes from a basic punishment instantly to destruction of property. Cool. Great fucken parenting style.

    11. Emma Sanford

      That baby loves waffles more than i do.

    12. Halle Scharfl

      I think the last one was touching

    13. Xavier McDonald

      at 0:31 the baby is screaming his head off.

    14. Invoke

      the xbox was clearly fake...

    15. icecream bunnykitty

      0:20 :/

    16. LordSchaf

      Ich Sag's euch mit der ps4 ich würde die PS auf seine fresse knallen

    17. Lillo

      The first one was hilarious

    18. Eric Daniel

      2:14 is either a bad fake or a leak into an extremely dysfunctional relationship.

    19. tcdd f

      Why do black people swear so much

    20. Jay Alt77

      Nathalia is why we say women drive like shit !

    21. npr victim

      1:30 it's nice to see one actually stick around.

    22. Kilian Hans

      3:16 zum Glück hatte er das Kind schon

    23. mitchib1440


    24. PROSTO44

      3:27 Jimmy Kimmel ?

    25. Clay Foster

      0:34 Is that Matthew Santoro?

    26. mp2bill

      4:30 That’s hilarious.

    27. Mike Donut

      3:06 I call BS on that

    28. Jeff Cardinal

      2:57 best dad ever!! Xbox tards

    29. rgman2858

      At 3:00 what is wrong with that dudes mouth

    30. Oh Neil

      Never in my life I would have thought I would be watching a video entitled "Hot Dads"

    31. Ultrad321

      Stay strong brother dads, we can do it! :D

    32. Whitney Waters

      2:03 is a horrible father. Your kid falls on their face and you laugh???? Someone call cps. This sick is sickening. More worried about beating the kid in a video game then checking on his well being. Also whats up with all the swearing in 1:46 dont blame your kid when you get a call from her school.

      1. Sophie Clein

        If your friend falls over mos people will laugh, most try not to laughs are people falling over jeez lady, perious much

      2. Johnbr001

        Holy shit worry bout yourself, whiny little snowflake

    33. Felicia Marie

      @ 5:17 what is he saying?? I don't have a clue!!

    34. Orange Kayak

      I brought you into this world and I can take you out make another one look just like you

    35. Diane Mckimmy

      0:01 you can hear some dogs barking

    36. Limp business

      02:13 staged as fuck

    37. TheDistractedCanadian

      What’s the chanel for the guys at 3:25

    38. Itz Lone Wolf

      2:25 that's a mcjuggernuggets wannabe

    39. Gluteus Maximus


    40. FlexyMama

      Is it me or is the engineer one question away from putting the pedal to the floor and steering into a wall?

    41. Smart Potato

      5:17 Just his laughter Cracked me up 😂🤣

    42. Nathan McBow

      sigh. I always get a little annoyed when good electronics go to waste. Instead of destroying it, just donate it to a family that can not afford one. Trust me, that stings A LOT more.

    43. NoSoundMobile Gaming

      2:30 it's from 2017 right??

    44. NxW18


    45. Hermit Chad

      got a lil cringe half way thru but finished strong 💪🏻 dads rule

    46. mo Mo

      I need to see the first clip to the fullest! Lol

    47. Leviathan 1321

      4:07 godly timing

    48. Thomas

      Stop this bip for every insult it's annoying !

    49. Kronix

      5:17 when he said lock the door I couldn’t stop laughing😂😂🤣

    50. PRABHU S

      4:21 Hi failarmy you were there on tv . Everybody enjoying

    51. Secutur Gladiator

      2:10 Bradley Cooper is a officialy a bad dad!

    52. mr binch

      wait isnt this p0rnhub........

    53. Publius

      Last clip: *casually grabs kid’s face* XD

    54. Pumpkin Hill

      Who told you you could have a boyfriend? How long have you been with him? -One. Haha one what? -One time. O_O

    55. Seymore 84

      Damn straight!! Better listen to dad.

    56. Lilah Snow

      1:29-1:36 is me when my sibling takes a single grape off my plate.

    57. Ameila Rosalina The Hedgehog

      This is so funny

    58. Anamaria Licon-del Villar

      I loved the 2 guys in the car and the invented stuff that is already invented. I just heard my husband, same reaction to the not normal questions. Where can I see more of those 2???

    59. Derek J

      The title lies

    60. Peter Rabbit

      Yellow shorts fail is mighty! The set up, the little kid double take, the guy walking by, at least two people laughing hysterically, and the dude yelling "perfect" all added up to a winning fail.

    61. Jamie 1022

      That dad in the last video tells me two thing 1: he has them parent reflexes 2: with those reflex’s and how tired he looked that kid must be slot of work

    62. Arun Thakur

      X box😂

    63. Bill Scully // Driftwood Garden

      Only took 30 seconds to spot a reused clip.

    64. Gogo Gaga

      The “dad” cussing with his mouth full was less articulate than his kid-credit due to someone else, apparently!

      1. Girl M.D.

        Gogo Gaga - I thought it was gross how he was swearing at his young daughter.🤮

    65. Kevin Cinto

      4:25 on the screen it say failarmy

    66. Smoosh

      0:20 what the fuck is happening

    67. Darthmondo

      omg hahahhahahahah 4:07

    68. Humans Are Retarded Creatures

      Bro that was an automatic how?

    69. acceptance sets you free

      I think it's a real shit when parents smash up there kids stuff! Could never do that! Why didn't the prick just unplug it and take out of his room! Poor sod!

    70. Princess Vanessa ASMR

      0:32 Matthew Santoro is that you???

    71. Rav P

      4:41-5:00 = pure gold

    72. Bhawana Tiwari

      The last one was awesome ❤️❤️

    73. Kevinurk Rugbyer

      Mirate mi tercer vídeo y veras porque soy famoso en el pueblo para siempre.

    74. Mário Minhava

      2:02 f*ck the kid I’m about to win this race

    75. Gloomsoul

      Totally thought that was Matthew Santoro in the thumbnail

    76. KTM RIDER

      Clearly set up, who the fuck has an xbox 360?

    77. Agus D.d


    78. Sonny Lee


    79. Rick

      The xbox thing was very obviously staged

    80. THE BUDDHA 420

      Those things have a weight limit and you’ve reached your limit

    81. Hortencia Mendez

      Is that

    82. Clean Living


    83. Ryan

      3:05 "Hey buddy... how about next time you don't blame other people for your problems." What I woulda said.

    84. ShoukeWulf190

      Failarmy i love your channel!!

    85. Zaki Kaz

      2:03 - 😂😂😂 how they both carry on even after that kids falls

    86. DreamCollapsing

      0:00 Nelson Mondialu'. Who knows, recognizes.

    87. sparkygamer101

      the xbox one wasn't funny idc if its fake or not. that's not how you punish kids, if the kid did something against the parent's wishes there's already a problem there and destroying something the child finds joy in is not solving the problem it is only making it worse.

    88. Tha Pume

      3:57 im totally with him. Stupid question.

    89. Bmeister

      The thumbnail 😂

    90. Shit Happens

      watch my videos, best scenes

    91. Wolf momma21

      That dad at the end has my heart, that was an excellent catch and he moved his son around to a safe place to get down after letting him try to make his back feel better.

    92. Wolf momma21

      Wow, engineer guy is PISSED. Like dude, think about the question, he may have tried to ask you what improvement you would have done or how would you have overall done it better? What was YOUR vision for it if you HAD been asked to build it.

    93. Rohan Patell

      Brooo 4:16 that dad got bukaki'ed!

    94. capaPreta07

      0:20 someone plz explain

      1. Autumn Rooney

        Cucumber. Look up cat and cucumber videos

    95. Sc4rabeO

      Laugh: 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 so bad and boring sh*t.

    96. FUN ARMY

      thats awsome as usual

    97. Toren Beales

      Fail army has just gone down hill I feel like. Was good a few years ago, but now it’s just shit.

    98. Anas HellFiRe

      BOYFRIEND MYASS , lmao he killed me

    99. manduheavy vazquez

      0:30 jajajajaja lol. Greatness.

    100. Withers

      3:05 Just proves that parents are control freaks about screen time and don’t get that students have a lot of hard work.