The Beach is Closed: Trouble in Paradise (March 2020) | Failarmy


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    Suns out, but stay home! The beach may be closed, but at least you have these awesome fails from right by the beach!
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    Featured clips:
    Elephant Seal Rolls Down Hill -
    Guy Performs Backflip on Beach and Loses Hair -

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    1. Ace Trainer AJ

      Ah, beach... Too bad our 2020 Summer Body plans were ruined by a virus.

      1. Jenny Lee

        At least this year I can blame the virus for my winter body gained during the summer months. They might need a forklift to remove me from my place after pigging out all winter. All joking aside, I'm having trouble with losing weight, I've always been a little thick so having bony knees is new for me.

      2. Sun

        what u can do is eat less and drink water more.

      3. The south will rise again! 2020

        What plans

      4. Patrick star

        These are only excuses tho

      5. H20fanatic20

        Eating fries as I watched this video..😭👀😂

    2. The Crazy Bro’s in Alaska


    3. Aditya Raut

      Fail army:- Makes a beach compilation when everybody's missing it Satan:- I just wanna say I'm a big fan

    4. Brody O

      This is soo! funny!😂

    5. ?A


    6. Edward James Kenway

      We need to uninstall 2020 and install it again...this version has a virus..

    7. Frankie Chileman

      Why do people always say hahaha I got that on video 😜... Well duh I guess so!!! 😅

    8. Sheri Lippman

      5:07 how is that a fail

    9. Sheri Lippman

      They need to fix there view of what a fail is

    10. Ryan Thomas

      I like the part where the things happened

    11. Haashir Idris

      The seal though

    12. Renelle Johnson


      1. Renelle Johnson


    13. The Tailist

      Anybody knows the song on the vídeo?

    14. Adonis Octavien

      Not cool why did he not help seal

    15. Jeremiah Crawford

      Why do people film themselves doing yoga and working out? How much of a tool do you have to be?

    16. Ang S

      Does no one know a pandemic is going on?Total morons,every last one

    17. Jaxson A . P .

      0:43 You all feel sorry for the seal...he was only practicing social distancing...

    18. Ryan Wolverton

      3:31 I was really rooting for the dog. 👀👀👀

    19. TwisterLeaves

      0:42 Me when I am getting ready for school

    20. - Lovely Cookie -


    21. Aaryan Patel

      Most of these people are stupid enough to stand for office. Maybe I'll even vote for them if they promise never to have kids.

    22. Jesse Williams

      aye 5:22 thats lake taupo thats the exact same spot i was walking past and there were people skinny dipping

    23. Nikita Sid

      [2:33] Dude, ever heard of not hitting a woman even with a flower?

    24. Jay Perez

      2:03 wtf lol

    25. Goran Hajduk

      2:15 Is that Slazo 😂

    26. Death Blow

      That guys phone stuck to his back was priceless

    27. Coco's Guesthouse Koh Phi Phi

      Coolest vid

    28. newest bear

      2:48 I want my phone back Hate when they talk behind my back

    29. Andrew McConnell

      4:14 she was abducted by Poseiden himself

    30. Moonlite Quimby

      How Drunk You Are Right Now 1:52

    31. Val Nenuial

      NO CAPES!!!!

    32. Shroomin'

      Well she climbed that really high rope at Virginia Beach...

    33. Weiße Rose

      02:20 I didn’t know that lord Voldemort was going to the beach. 👹🤝

    34. Weiße Rose

      02:04 Ok.. this moment When the toilet is too far away and you eaten one burrito too much. 👍🏼💩

    35. Mike F

      That seal was just doing its impression of Deadpool 2.. rock meet bottom.

    36. KimmyKat💗


    37. Shredder_V6_Ratpack

      when that blubber went tumbling i lost it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    38. Rebecca Pauley

      Failarmy, you have been my go-to happy place for many years.

    39. 10tonhamster

      Honestly, I think the seal roll was deliberate.

      1. Deion Werleman


    40. Trozo Is good

      this video making me want to go outside :(

    41. Lee Moss

      i was meant to be going on holiday with my family this yeah to the sea side now we cant thanks 2020 :(

    42. Jason W

      FailArmy has lost material.

    43. Sara S

      damn we're really the Dumbest f*ing species there is

    44. Green Mills

      lol 0:47 seal try play it off as if it meant to do that roll after it farted 💨

    45. Ewan Fane

      Where is that at 3.30

    46. Annika Phillips

      What I'm gonna look like after I've been home eating all day from quarantine then I attempt to go to the gym 0:45

    47. TheGoodBook

      I am just starting a educational channel

    48. TheGoodBook

      great video

    49. Surprised Pikachu

      This is useful to pass time in quarantine

    50. fernando yevenes

      Jajaja 1 comentario de Chile !!!! :D

    51. J N


    52. ExpertEdy

      Literally everyone that's outside should be in prison, we are all gonna die just because of those idiots

    53. Copycat Singers

      00:47 that's how we roll

    54. Ciuppa Capra

      Like Justin for the guy at 2.30 brake facesse to girl hahahahahah best

    55. I'm a Potato

      2:33 me trying to escape the virus

    56. IDontKnowAGoodName

      I would love to be at the beach right now. Its prkbably my favorite place

    57. Steven

      Party Fails!

    58. alida flus

      3:37 - absolutely undeniable proof that dog IS mans best friend....

    59. Miike Falcon

      can you do one more Halloween

    60. Yo Mama

      1:34 Man buns and this. Isn't that a head band women wear when they remove their make-up? WTF

      1. alida flus

        5:08 I finally laughed... 😂😂😂

    61. Travis B

      why do people feel the need to do a backflip right at the edge of the water?

    62. bilishu aliss

      The filming was magnificent

    63. LW-Rōnin'02

      And Kofi Kingston .. Trouble In Paradise OMG cover 1..2..3.. ring ring ring

    64. grace the rat

      isolated river spots are gonna be the move this summer.

      1. bilishu aliss

        Is there anything worse than an american?

    65. rennie rad

      Love failarmy ❤

    66. Ruslan Nagaev

      Gorgeous sun&sand movies 🔥🤙👏

    67. Gregory M

      Stop with the blurred screen on the outside edges.

    68. Harpy Porter

      Failarmy has girls as fail category but not boys? Now who needs to be more gender equal?

      1. Appley Chu

        I think it's cause guys do more dumb shit 🤣🤣

    69. Shauka Hodan

      3:35 Dog : just take it off, godemit!

      1. Too Expert

        hi hello

    70. Loy71

      so many doubles in your videos man, so many

    71. cam s.

      4:42 she doesn't know a damn thing about skimboarding

      1. Shauka Hodan

        3:58 😁😅😅

    72. Yert Dest

      4:22 I am dying

    73. HiYa Pal

      5:08 I finally laughed... 😂😂😂

    74. Bobble Hat

      What's the theme song of the Failarmy playlists that started 9:00pm? I just wanna know the name of the song🎶😆 please tell me

    75. Discord is Complete TRASH

      Nice video!

    76. tstormicon

      FFS... may just as well retitle this to idiots who film in portrait mode. It’s fuckin 2020 people!

    77. BofE Spurlock

      Is there anything worse than an american?

    78. tea queen

      Lmao 😂 the last one 💀 y the dog run so fast 😂😂 😂😂😭

    79. Andy

      3:37 - absolutely undeniable proof that dog IS mans best friend....

    80. bodoti qwiu

      As the great Edna Mode would say at 5:06 "NO CAPES!"

    81. EvToon

      Nothing like seeing people have fun outside when you're quarantined. Feels good

      1. FailArmy

        Allow yourself to relive the memories of beaches past...

    82. fharry


      1. bodoti qwiu

        Bring back TNL.

    83. Cutter Roddy


    84. Tejas Mhatre

      Very Funny 😂

    85. Bradley 7D7

      3:58 😁😅😅

    86. The Pinkerton

      Derp Life ✌

    87. Fishplants

      4:50 how much did that guy pay to be in failarmy? So obvious it's just for this channel

      1. misolou fout

        @5:36 Balance.exe has stopped working

    88. Roamer


      1. misolou fout

        Не смешно вообще

    89. Inostrancevia TV

      3:32 Good dog!

      1. doliio volay

        These clips are weak.

    90. doliio volay

      3:00 made the repeated fails worthwhile. audience retained, for a few seconds.

      1. doliio volay

        Filmed weeks ago, during time YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE GETTING OFF THE BEACHES ALREADY! -_-

    91. Martin Kratochvíl

      1:48 Why is she holding her head like if she fall on concrete?

      1. doliio volay

        5:00 Hey thief, Borat wants his career back thank you!

    92. Ninjo Brown

      The noise she makes at 4:38 lol

    93. josh Seward

      That was brutal at 4:20 hahahaha

    94. Weylin Unruh

      That woman falling off a jet ski.... That can blow your insides apart. Legs wide apart and that jet of water right there.

    95. J A

      3:31 *Good Boy*

    96. Jamez Robertz

      Bring back TNL.

    97. toben42

      Son of a beach!

    98. mrpuckman

      No one knows how to recycle videos better than FailArmy!

    99. Ty Thielen

      I'm selling toilet paper for $20 a roll

    100. Шишка Енота

      Не смешно вообще