New Year, Same Us: Bringing in the New Year 2020 | FailArmy


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    2020 is in full effect! It may be a new decade, but we are bringing it in with fails! New year, same us.
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    1. Jonathan Ouellette

      3:27 "i shouldn't of taken that extra hit of acid"

    2. Jonathan Ouellette

      These people started 2020 the same way 2020 is going...

    3. SykesLife

      Little did you know..... 2020 is the worst year ever

    4. HacksignKT

      Happy *coof coof* pardon me, HAPPY NEW YEARS! Anyone for Chinese food?

    5. TerTsk Channel

      2:26 song name ,please

    6. smb_thc

      weouw! ... son of a bi***😂😂

    7. Nathanile Miller

      Is it her step brother?

    8. Watson Backster

      0:22 When You Hit The Guts By A Dog

    9. James Harris

      3:27 Happy New Year Wally the Walrus

    10. ezgi yesilalp

      3.56 Turkey

    11. GalaxyGirl BlackHeart

      The first one... What's that guy's problem?

    12. Kenshi Lite

      What's name the soundtrack from 2:26?

    13. Shahzo Bhai

      5:07 Girl laughs when shoots chinese guy Chinese guy gets angry and sneezes Girl: dies

    14. Noah Anderson

      Starting at 3:54 Dog be like: Why you do dis?

    15. Владимир Круглов


    16. Minori

      this is a very funny youtube chanel continue like that guys you make me lough.

    17. Jacob Gaffney

      P sure the dude at 3:30 is just tweaking off some party drugs. Weird but not really funny

    18. Copycat Singers

      your videos are not worth watching

    19. Barannya Kakaty

      3:35 Seal?

    20. Agus D.d

      demasiado coronavirus en el video

    21. Miss Cypher

      Can someone fill me in on what’s going on?? What’s the hate all about?

    22. John Nieckarz

      0:19 lmao

    23. Zenit Zenit

      So many dislikes... Your channel is dying 😁

    24. Don Matter

      Damn 🤣🤣 I haven't seen a fail army comment section in while. Fucking ruthless, all of ya

    25. The Mail

      First time I’ve seen a video receive more than double the dislikes than likes haha just delete this crap

    26. Matt Scully

      Homeboy with the hoverboard that blasted girl in the face then just rotates and rolls away nearly gave me a hernia from laughing

    27. Abby Koos

      Why are their so many haters?🤔

    28. Davis Schina

      2:56 wtf did the nipples of the man on the left do

    29. дракон Семаргл

      Что за издевательства над бедным старичком! Ещё и ржут, уроды! Небось "наследнички", а потом будут говорить: "инфаркт. Дедушка стареньким был."

    30. KiKida

      Teacher: Have A Seat And Ready To Social Studies Class: 0:22

    31. Barış

      3:56 This happened in Turkey and the news got out. :D

    32. Klaus

      New Year same fails? again and again...

    33. Kurapika

      3:55 that’s me and my dog when I get home drunk at 3am

    34. Josh Gardner

      Let's be real we all dance with our dog Like that.

    35. Victor Warmflash

      This channel is so sanitized now it makes AFV look hardcore.

    36. Karl Müller

      FYI: FailArmy is part of JukinMedia. The company that extorts money from smaller IRvision channels and threatening to 3 strike them. Don´t watch videos from criminals.

    37. Wazowski X360

      Is the Jaba from star wars ? 03:40

    38. Swamp King Johnny

      What music do you use in your opening?

    39. jason willy


    40. Fatih Öztap

      04:05 burası Türkiye 😂😂

    41. Harvey Crewe

      Yo is that Clips at the beginning. 🤣

    42. Google Poodle

      How is 3:58 a fail?

    43. Anthony Greven

      1:54 is still my favorite

    44. d e

      who gave the dog meth

    45. Denison Samuel

      Can I know what song is running in the background? The Piano ?

    46. Stamblue

      This is vertical video terror!

    47. Aenonar

      Junk media.

    48. Core

      I know this juken media stop scamming innocent people.

    49. Xavier Moreno

      She was sending him flash backs 😂

    50. dannyb20 vtec

      0:31 me trying to get over my social anxiety lol

    51. Cyber Surfer 3D

      1:03. Who tf would have a piñata in the living room. Wise decision guys 😂😂😂

    52. Arthur Weber

      3:53 I see that as a win

    53. CK - 16

      0:19 that's not a fail. THAT'S GENIUS!!!!

    54. Tascha K

      0:50 He is cute. I love cute idiots like him.

    55. Sunil KAMATH

      From the once mighty to the now ordinary.

    56. maxphilly

      3:35 is that real?

    57. solidsnake123100

      1:47 hele Marty z Erem Movie

    58. Nathanile Miller

      starting from4:33-5:42, Did not watch the video

    59. ZerK

      fail army fell off

    60. Artsbyag

      If I see one video from last year this year ima flip the fuck out! Except for one tbt

    61. Angry German Panda

      You make Her Cry ...... Now you will Pay

    62. DensinMeiko

      So reused videos and music over the videos?

    63. RandomTechS@#T

      Disgusting company.

    64. Jerson Marciales

      3:54 alguien más vino por Ibrahim? JAJAJA :V

    65. ΝΟΜΛ

      Looking back a few years ago when you didn't give a crap about crediting the original content owners in the description box, it all makes sense now.

    66. Brandon Bannet


    67. Lafawnda Snipe

      Wow. Not a single video from 2020. Nice work, I'm never coming back.

    68. SuperTime2Change

      This channel really has gone to shit. Glad I unsubcribed last year.

    69. balunchass

      unsub coz u were the same company as that thief and scammer junkymediashit

    70. vancomycinb

      new year, new crappy business practices. Bunch of dbs.

    71. Leander Seiler

      Min 0:40 minecraft villager

    72. - Ben Nu Productions -

      3:28 wow Siggas put on some pounds over the years

    73. Gᴏᴋū-sᴀɴ Bʟᴀᴄᴋ

      I guess people aren't sending anything new anymore.

    74. Tyler

      Unsubbing from this garbage company.

    75. oyc

      Nothing better than watching people fuck up while metal Auld Lang Syne playing through my speakers at 1 AM

    76. brinK

      lizzo is a bitch, she was legitimately concerned for her health... it wouldn’t be awesome if she got diabetes

    77. Ocean Man

      Disgusting extortionist. You'll get what you deserve.

    78. Landen Maupin

      Imagine wanting $6000 because someone watched a video clip

    79. cody marrero

      We pay $1500 per comment right? Or is it per letter in the words?

    80. Shadow daffy

      They started a war they can’t win

    81. Whisker Nose

      dogshit channel with dogshit owners glad to see you guys are still terrible

    82. ettore angeli

      song at 1:22???

    83. Weeb Attorney

      Get ready for the internet Junk media

    84. Perky_Unicycle

      Failarmy pigs


      2:00 cutest hamster ever

      1. Eliott Dahmer

        I believe that is a chinchilla, but no doubt it is cute as all chinchillas.

    86. Salvatore_ C

      Tooooooo short

    87. Viv1d

      Who remembers when this channel used to be good?

    88. TheChosenDragon1

      The one with the dog is from last year dude get new fails and longer videos

    89. ForkInTheRoad

      Only fail I see is this compilation.

    90. blyzora thalatira

      With clients like this, its no wonder their snakeskin lawyers are targeting better youtubers.

    91. sjsjjdd djxjdjd

      CMON do fails of the decade!!

      1. FailArmy


    92. Patrick Snow

      How many small channels have you're owners extorted today?

    93. 58 58

      alright, same vid again

    94. Kris Verduyckt

      This was one of your worst videos

    95. Raffi Altounian

      apparently the youtube fail video place did something to piss of an army of 12 year olds, 2020 ya'll heck of a time to be alive

    96. bradford342

      The company that owns FailArmy destorys small IRvision Channels. Support your youtube community!

      1. I Love You

        @bradford342 those company really crazy, $ 49 up to $ 299 per video that's the real price, but i don't know why it's become $ 1500 per video. Ironically, this Junkin Media did it to a small youtuber that have a "react video".

      2. bradford342

        @Vlad I think the Exact charges was 1500$ per meme. The channel showed the bill in a clip for 6000$. Which is nuts and no other meme/review channels pay this kind of BS.

      3. Vlad

        Can u explain to me what is happening , I can't find nothing about it on the internet

    97. BrandFire

      This channel is garbage

    98. Rugboi17

      Y u so ass

    99. U.E

      Yes put music over the reused fails, very iconic👌🏾

    100. Zenon Shandro

      The real fail is tuning into Fail Army.