NoCap - Pain Show (Official Music Video)


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    NoCap - Pain Show (Official Music Video)
    Shot By - @bmbfilms251
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    1. Myla Meg

      #ProtectTheRoyalSoldiers #AbideinNoMan but God and Jesus 🆙💯🦋🧏🏽‍♀️

    2. Myla Meg

      #MylahLynneNovaMommy 🌎 #Jahblessings

    3. Myla Meg

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    4. Tameria Hughes

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    5. Mag Maree


    6. Preston Colin

      sounds like lil baby but he goes hard NOCAP

    7. LaVoyd James

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    8. ForeignBaby kJ

      free da goat 🤧💚

    9. 1hunnitEC

      "They hate that I'm still here(hear), I watched them go buy earplugs"😖🔥

      1. jc rc

        up coming fl artist....appreciate any feed back

      2. jc rc

    10. Mula' Majik

      FREE YOU

      1. jc rc

        up coming fl artist....appreciate any feed back

      2. jc rc

    11. Joshua Bleak

      Trash...somebody told me he was dope i should look him up.....i just deleted their phone number this is garbage

      1. A J

        i bet 100 you didn’t even catch one bar

    12. Daniel Hackmeyer

      Who wants free music I got his login to his shi

    13. KEJNA

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      1. jc rc

        up coming fl artist....appreciate any feed back

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    14. King Ceasar

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      1. jc rc

        up coming fl artist....appreciate any feed back

      2. jc rc

    15. Kenneth Anderson


    16. lawrence weaver

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    17. GoofBall Inc

      Nocap n rylo needa stop playin around and drop again😢

      1. Sasyke Brezyx

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      2. 14ØØ Jai

    18. Demetreale Johnson

      Choppa Beyoncé 🔥

      1. 14ØØ Jai

    19. Aropmelo

      A nigga still on top the game like I’m tracing (Tracy) this shit a nigga still on top the game like (McGrady) and shit🔥

      1. 14ØØ Jai



    21. Tori Hilfiger

      My lungs & my right foot they both on gas ⛽️🍁💨

    22. ABK CG

      “I got niggas in the PIN like a WRESTLING MATCH” cmon dawg🤦🏽‍♂️🔥

    23. ABK CG

      “Ridin round wit tha CHAINSAW while I’m in TEXAS” 🥶🥶

    24. Ruthless. 650

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    25. draco hcee

      "Like the dodge ill be here when tha rain go" Lol im faded n jus caught this line damn No Cap cold asl.

    26. Sauce_boy 85

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    27. Almighty Reacts

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    28. Esteban Zazueta

      1:19 he lookin kinda crazy

    29. Wavey FN.

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    30. Jon Only

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    31. Raysean Green

      I feel sorry for yo soul if u reach for my necklace yeaaah.. he went crazy

    32. Breyon Morris

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    33. XVL Quayvon

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    34. Smoov Dee

      It was me and joe , talking bout shit we couldn’t bi- den. Iknow yall miss that 😂🔥🔥🔥

    35. Brenton Oten

      You literally have to analyze ever line because if you don’t you’ll miss so many bars

    36. Rezy

      Free NoCap

    37. Isabella Vargas

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    38. Rigo Villalobos

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    39. BOM City


    40. Jessica Person

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    41. LayBankss

      “momma ya child alright , this my destiny”🗣(Destiny’s Child)

    42. Jt Smith

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    44. Salina M

      He been him since the day he came out🙌🏾❤🔥🔥🤟🏾

    45. HumbleSlimeo TTV

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    52. ModernGGs

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    53. Darius Alexander

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    54. Martell Brothern 24

      Jesus Christ is white and was a white man

    55. Mike Sanders


    56. S K

      “I guess that pain show” hit different

    57. Tremetria Alexander

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    58. Madidon Messier

      I’m literally in love with you 😕♥️

    59. Lilmark x Lilclip

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    60. Cloud Club Ent

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    61. Sterling Parson

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      1. Shamar McDonald

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    70. Kam'ren Trost

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    71. Decarlos Robinson

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    72. Moneii quick

      Like who really a better artist/rapper then No cap!!

      1. Elevator Music

        Look up big key

      2. Elevator Music


      3. Moneii quick

        This the new Wayne 😂

      4. Na'Jaeh Sterling


    73. Tre Biggaa

      Yo what pants is this nugga wearing

    74. YNR BanG

      2020 belonged to cap

    75. young clip aka classic

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    84. Davo Migo

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    85. Patrick America

      Murder that she wrote and then I went and took the pen

    86. Paid Slime

      This hit so different bro 🧏🏾‍♂️💫 like if it do👇🏾

    87. JitTweakin JitTweakin

      2:38 “these niggas dien for bitches” was he talmbout Von 🧐

      1. 4pf Shit

        That was not a good question bruh😂😂nah he wasn’t talking bout von cmon now

    88. Kenneth Harris

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    90. BIG TIM

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    91. Babushka Nesta

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    92. deontae penn

      Choppa Beyoncé I just love how that bihh sound 👌🏽🤘🏼🤏🏼🫀🗣

    93. Ron V

      He said he got niggas in the pin like a wrestling match and his lungs and right foot both on gas stop playing with that

    94. 3z

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    95. regi the one and ONLY


    96. Washington Road Pedro

      😳😳 Nigga said “if a nigga play we gone suit up like the PRESIDENT. . Remember it was me & JOE talking about what I couldn’t BIDEN (buy then ) 🤦🏽‍♂️🥶🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    97. Lakers in 5

      Damn cap you got it ⭐️

    98. XayDaMan __

      Imagine disliking something so lyrical. These the same people that listen to Lil Mosey.

    99. MonroeAtm

      “My lungs in my right foot they both on gas” 🔥 his wordplay raw af💯🥶

    100. Nathan Henry

      True fact who here knows No Cap came up from selling hair ? Only real fans know this 💯💯💯