40-Vehicle Pileup on Freeway Is a Mile Long

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    A jaw-dropping pileup that involved 40 vehicles and stretched for over a mile left motorists in the opposite lane stunned. It happened on an ice-slicked stretch of interstate highway 80 outside of Des Moines, Iowa and was captured on video by law enforcement on the scene. A tangle of semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, cars and SUVs littered the highway and onlookers were helpless to stop vehicles coming over the hill from slamming into the pileup. Fortunately, there were no fatalities.

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    1. michael gilow

      The actual video they show is a couple years old out west on I 80. If you look up I80 pile up this video will pop up

    2. ms 3533

      White out conditions, unplowed highway, let’s drive 60mph! To many people with low I.Q.’s

    3. Valerie Rodger

      Apparently they couldn't get footage from the crash quickly enough, so they just threw in stock footage from a different accident? Seriously? Regardless, still amazing that there were no fatalities from the 40 car pile up in Iowa - though still several serious injuries that could affect people for the rest of their lives - especially when the accident in Texas just after this took six lives. The number of truckers involved mystifies me - do they no longer communicate with each other over CB radio, advising of weather and traffic conditions? You would think after the first few trucks were involved, somebody would be putting out the word and everybody else would be approaching more cautiously.

    4. Jamie Chen

      no fatalities in a 40 car pileup is incredible. we all thought this was a nightmare until we heard about the 100 car pileup.

    5. Graham S

      there actually were around 6 fatalities from the crash. they don’t know what they’re talking abt

      1. N S

        Yea this story is from a while back video as well

    6. Colton Davis

      I don’t feel sorry for any idiot that thinks going 60 in bad visibility and bad road conditions Those kind of people not only get themselves killed but kill others!

    7. Dayerina Recio

      I'm so glad nobody was killed, everybody survived 😟

    8. MOMS Mushrooms Jody Foster

      Why don’t you idiots shut down the dam highway?!

    9. Evan Breyer

      Two different pileups the live video one was in Michigan a few years back on i69

    10. Eric Pitre

      I wonder what goes thru the mind of one of the trk drivers that cant stop?

    11. Stephanie A

      Thank you God that everyone survived ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    12. Ghoetzin Jal

      Damn It Ms. Fritzle! Again?!

    13. Dtxmarco

      A day ago we had 140 car pile up in forthworth with 6 dead

    14. Games are fun

      Damn this is the second one I've seen there was one in Texas with over 100 cars and 5 people died i cant even imagine getting killed like this

    15. Speed Driven

      But Texas does it bigger, we has over 100

    16. rubixstudio

      They’re lucky that the tanker truck didn’t blow up

    17. Ken Nechee

      *Based on love alone. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Then on the third day rose Him from the dead.* *Now, though Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life. He will save and heal you, if you ask Him.*

    18. slick dreams

      That’s so crazy like a movie

    19. Christian Maileoi

      Just like Texas

    20. Mey Haqim

      Deja vu.


      Just imagine sweat and tears go into those semi trucks and cars to know that the cars were crashed

    22. Jachin Chyn

      I came here thinking it was the pileup from Fort Worth and was so confused when they said "no fatalities".

    23. Tre Walker

      This video is old!

    24. D1rtBik3r

      Its really sad to know that not long after that a 130+ car pileup happened

    25. YungBillz

      If that gas tanker would’ve blew up when that big tractor trailer rammed into it yeah it would’ve been fatalities 🙏🏾

    26. Taylor McFadden

      Nice video from 2 years ago wtf ?

    27. stoffels belgium

      If you watch clearly you see almost nothing else then trucks ... drivers going to fast in those weatherconditions with a truck, should be prosecuted for homocide !

    28. Jason's Journeys

      This video says nobody died but a similar video says 5 deaths.

      1. Jason's Journeys

        @Albert'sComputer oh didnt know about the one in Iowa

      2. Albert'sComputer

        This was in Iowa a week ago, the one from yesterday in Texas had 5 deaths

    29. Taylee Vera


    30. FizzieFroggie

      This footage is from 2015. What is this reporting????

    31. Brock Meyer

      I was in this pile up thank God i am still alive

    32. Hamza Mahrous

      My god pls pls protect all the families

    33. addiwhyyoubooted

      another example of mainstream media and propaganda this video is years old

    34. Avery Villegas

      You should see the 100 car pile up in Fortwotth TX today

    35. Maliha Ariel

      I appreciate the true concern in the callers voice and words ❤️👑

    36. Scoutz Marks24

      I sware this video is 2 years old

    37. Kayla Pemberton

      71 highway here in Missouri was the same exact way

    38. CrazedSymptoms

      No fatalities? That’s crazy

    39. Ziotic

      193 Car Pile Up I 94 Michigan Snowstorm Jan 2015 RAW VIDEO Guys this was not recent, video uploaded on Mar 14, 2018 on youtube, same exact video search that exact title I have above edit: there also was 1 fatality I cant believe inside edition goes to this extent for content completely lying about everything in this video

    40. A. Buster_123

      Some say the line is getting longer and longer to this day.

    41. Iniesta 8

      Why did the reporter sound like he was almost laughing when he said “there were no fatalities”

    42. sloop

      It's a miracle! (In other news, Texan family of 4 killed by drunk driver in fatal accident) God works in mysterious ways!

      1. sloop

        @Princess of Keys Dude you have no idea, that pile-up happened on the route I take to go to work each day. I didn't go to work that day.

      2. Princess of Keys

        there was also a car pile up with like 6 people killed and many going to the hospital recently. There is also videos of that you can see and its quite devastating!

    43. Tim G

      If you can only see 30ft in front of you you need to be able to stop in 25ft.

    44. Amy Glover


      1. Emma Kate

        Yes u dumb it’s ice they couldn’t stop

    45. ADK Man

      SLOW THE F^*K DOWN!!!

    46. Durangoman

      100% avoidable. when weather changes but people don't. sad really. weather does not change fast enough for it to be completely random, people refuse to slow down when conditions change.

    47. E. S.

      I hate the freeways I will never take them I always take the side roads to go anywhere It takes me longer but it’s ok!!!

    48. NotVlone

      Looks like a scene from the walking dead every time Rick came across a high way or bridge

    49. Osbaldo Hernandez

      Jesus hope everyone is okay of course it’s Iowa snow is crazy over their

    50. Bond James

      Not one idiot was driving slow enough.

    51. Mr Horncat08

      I suprised thats happened wow what the fk

    52. Tia's Shower Routines

      Omg, all jokes aside and I ABSOLUTELY don't mean this as a joke at all! But this scene looks like it could be in a final destination movie! 😳 As I realize, the whole entire 2021 is final destination!

    53. El chino Nv

      Insurance companies 👁👄👁

    54. Fabian Avatar

      It’s like jarhead in the highway of death

    55. Oblivion Light

      Oh, it would of been over if that tanker was full or even empty with fumes. This is why I stopped driving in 2012. I was lucky enough to drive 7 years without major incidents, but when it is snowing or ice... OMG, I remember when I pulled out of a jack knife in Arkansas!

    56. lancelotTheDark

      Reminds me of organ trail tbh

    57. jackpotbox

      So, so happy that there were no fatalities. Made my day. 🙏🏾

    58. Alberto Bernal

      This why I drive slower when the vision is not so good out. And I see dumbasses drive like they can see up ahead.

    59. WaNNa MaKe LiBs cRy

      Isnt this from a few yrs ago?

    60. Peggy Christian

      No THANK GOD !!!!!

    61. Dr. Skinnum

      Let's go fast in foggy icy conditions 😂😆😕,, who cares if we can't see, all deserved it...

    62. IndyGamer317

      lucky that gas tanker didnt explode

    63. Where’s The Wall?

      Can’t believed people were driving that fast by the way.

    64. Nya Mading


    65. JupiterKnight

      when the police calls the police

    66. Ashia D.

      The fear in the offices voice. So glad to hear there weren’t any deaths!

    67. Wilbur r

      So glad everyone is okay!!!

    68. Ortydog

      Go faster

    69. Bella S

      I can't imagine being in their position watching people crash and not being able to do anything to stop more people from crashing.. 😔 - What I could've done though is call the police instead of filiming it..

    70. The Gaming Kitchen

      People.gonna people.

    71. GamersHQ 420

      This is real this happen on Saturday 1am it was pitch black and there were 1000s on trucks In ditches it all happened because the news didn't say it would snow so there for this all happened its was way worse than in this video it happened every in south Carolina and north Carolina

    72. Catherine Lynn

      Why do cars go out in this weather. If you hear there's gonna be a blizzard, stay home. I could understand truck drivers being stuck on the road.

    73. Ahova Harry

      Yikes every year

    74. HolBiss_

      All they had to do was stand somewhere down the road and wave on incoming traffic ...

      1. Cecilia De lacruz

        You're an idiot if you think they'll even see anyone waving to them to stop in that weather. It would either be too late for them to hit the brakes, or too late for them to realize the collision in front of them.

    75. The Great Wall

      There was a tanker there they even more scary could of explode 🤯

    76. Matt Perez

      I feel like I have seen this video every winter for the last 5 years...

    77. Catherine Hamel

      How TERRIFYING for all involved😱. And folks inquire why I moved down south?! God Bless ALL Involved🙌🏻

    78. wonkydude1

      Better to get there late than not at all.

    79. That Certified Diesel Mechanic

      Wow incredible that's a person's worst nightmare I wouldn't be going half that speed in those conditions they shouldn't have been either because you never knows what's ahead or behind you just glad no one was killed

    80. Aurelia

      Grateful to hear no fatalities I thought I was going to be sick after hearing that cops call for backup.

    81. winsor Harmon

      This was a few years ago in Michigan

    82. Heather Hart

      Thank God no fatalities!!

    83. Michel Far

      Lord how mercy. Nobody seem to be driving at a snails plc huh

    84. OneTime Gregory

      People these days seem to be in a big ass hurry. Slow down, people. Especially on a snow filled highway.

    85. Kuruma

      looks like a movie

    86. Qukaw R6

      See people god is good❤️

    87. Shonelu X

      this is old video 😂

    88. Marcus Jones

      Why do people drive fast when it’s snowing outside and visibility is low like do people know you can’t brake or drive the same as if it were dry I guarantee you if people would of just drove slow this all could of been avoided

    89. AR-15

      Revoke license of all these tards


      They see me rolling they hattin-

    91. Nicole's gardening Good spirits

      That was horrifying to watch. Thank JESUS CHRIST and GOD ALMIGHTY

    92. Sandy Workman

      That is scary to watch, imagine being there stuck with cars and trucks and semi barreling towards you....thank God there were no deaths.

    93. EL coustic

      Sh&t I almost got hit yesterday by some stupid lady speeding on icy roads. Luckily I moved lanes. Drive safe and slow people it's not worth paying extra for insurance.

    94. Andrew D

      No resson for any of this, yet people choose to ignore the fact they weren't leaving following distance nor paying attention.....and it made inside edition because of peoples ignorance. Wow. 🙄🤔

    95. N&W 1218

      God dammit swift

    96. Eric Mlekush

      That footage is from i94 in Michigan like 7 years ago!

    97. TheMatrixGuy 1052

      When cyberpunk 2077 was delayed

    98. B711-HD

      Glad no one die that officer in radio sound so sad glad everyone survive

    99. dw5212


    100. Nishkid641

      Any BLM terrorist still wants to "defund the police"?????????

      1. Nishkid641

        @Zanicuh Z cuz if those BLM terrorist really "defund the police", what would they do after? Making more Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago..?????? Or who they will call in case of emergency????? Death to Black supremacists.

      2. Zanicuh Z

        What does that have to do with this man