Amante GT gets an engine swap, OH The Problems.


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    I picked up this Amante GT kit car with a blown engine, in the last video we tore it down and built on good engine out of 2 locked up junks. lets move forward to see if we can get the car to driving status.

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    1. christopher cudia

      open up the hole

    2. christopher cudia

      add a 12 volt fan push air from the outside

    3. christopher cudia

      you need more air// to that motor

    4. christopher cudia

      its missing

    5. steve charette

      Before measuring the depth of the crank for the pilot bearing, did you pull ba k on the crank? When you pulled the main seal, the crank pushed in quite a bit.

    6. Scottie Johnson

      "This is either going to go really good, or it's going to suck'" Pretty much how I face every day.

    7. Will Besquared

      Safety that’s funny!

    8. Will Besquared

      I remember these weird kit cars from the 70s..I thought they were all goners by to see one again

    9. William Whitehead

      Where can I buy that hammer you always use that a body shop hammer for bodywork it looks nice.

    10. Dave Chambers

      wow , thats a lot of thrust bearing clearance !

    11. Do Cong Tuan

      The internal headlight inexplicably ask because measure curiously shiver underneath a earsplitting paste. kindly, internal tailor

    12. John Walters

      Please please do a rewire job on this car

    13. Joes rust buckets

      What a great little car, you would have thought it was going to be a nightmare as regards the wiring. 🤙🇮🇪😷☘️☮️

    14. skycom

      Every time I watch a Mustie vid, I end up buying another peice of kit for the workshop.

    15. Katz Fam

      if you stick your finger in and you feel wetness it means your doing something right lol

    16. Harry burford

      hi why is that motor so hard on gas

    17. Ace1564

      Seen this car or simular in a Columbo movie season 1 episode 8 titled short fuse. Enjoy all your videos muskie1 first time commenting.

    18. longshorts3

      The ceiling panel gives this car an aircraft appearance - pretty neat! I think in my '79 GMC build I will consider an arrangement like that to impress the "finished" project with the guys. Some switches, gauges, stereo controls, HF, VHF, UHF, 50W transceiver with antenna mount on the front bumper! With the forest green flat body and black bumpers, it will look pretty cool! A 2" lift kit would do the road clearance very well without missing off the police (doubt they would even notice, what with the other monster trucks in town). Zinc chromate primer always, plus the finish colors will look cool. No "clear coats" needed.

    19. Roger Albert

      Why are some trolls so interested in how much money you make on IRvision? To hell with them.

    20. Tom Boyte

      Seems to me it would be easier but more time consuming to pull all those old wires out of that whole chassis and start from scratch just like YOU were building that kit car. Put in all new wire. Start with Important engine control stuff first then lights, horn radio etc. later and one at a time. You might end up getting rid of half the wiring to nowhere that's in there. That wiring harness is like untangling a spider web!

    21. Chris Smith

      O those pilot bearings allways have to be the (center) of attention ! L o L

    22. Chris Smith

      L o L 🤗 those pilot bearings have a mind of their own ! 🎄

    23. AndJustUsForAll

      How do you catch a unique fish? Unique up on it.

    24. castirondude

      34:00 those clicky clack pumps are very unreliable , even when new. Especially if they're not gravity fed. I had one mounted by the side of my fuel tank and when the fuel level dropped below pump level sometimes it would just quit while driving down the highway. Try something like a Carter P4070.

    25. Jörgen Norrman

      i just love that 911 porche engine sound .

    26. jey Lee

      that looks exactly like an old Hurst shifter I had in my Bug :D

    27. Ryan Johnson

      His initial reaction was like, "Oh crap! It actually started!".

    28. Peter Grubb

      Please get this thing on the road? Thx.

    29. David Holliday

      Awesome it has an Ampex deck. Research Ampex. They were industry leaders in Radio and TV studio equipment.

    30. Durango95

      That's a huge gear shift for a car!

    31. Michael Poulin

      If you ever made a reference to the Mach-5 from Speed Racer I think your right?

    32. Sam Denton

      Just out of curiosity: do you own a set of calipers?

    33. MrMoggyman

      Mustie 1 this car is a beauty. Thank goodness you removed those rear bumper bars. What a mess that was, and the rest too. But you can see already that she is a diamond in the rough. I feel sure that when you have completed her that she will be one eye popping car.

    34. Ken White

      If a person wants to can get a low pressure electric fuel pump off of internet for about 15-20$

    35. Ken White

      I love that vintage hust......

    36. TheSuperJank

      if its not too much of a hassle I'd like to see a video over all those electricals. I can do brakes n stuff but even when it's got diagrams I can't figure out electrics. would be cool and helpful to see how you figure it out

    37. Tim Clay

      Hey on the tarp on your camper, why don't you ask a camper manufacture like fleet wood for drop off like end of the roll of there rubber stuffing usually they will get rid of it. It would be great for a tarp. And it's super tuff.

    38. Bud Lamy

      Please keep filming this rebuild till its finished.

    39. AcheForWake

      I did notice the curtain on a few videos, was wondering when you would reveal the project ;-) looking forward to it

    40. Red Shogun

      Hey, mustie. Would it be possible to make a video explaining in depth how to use and read a multi meter sometime in the future? The way you explain things is just awesome.

    41. Efrem Kiel

      Cool looking car!

    42. Mark Harris

      Those pedals look like harder work than realising my wife's flip pedal is still down, and I’m driving with a left footed accelerator.

    43. S James

      Do those white bits in front the headlights move with motors to cover the headlights? Maybe one of the switches does that

    44. Eric Vander Mark

      Would even be nice to hear you talk about the VW APPLICATION in one of your upcoming video videos. I have 2 of my very best friends that are very interested also...... we are on a mission....... LOL..... thanks again

    45. Eric Vander Mark

      I have a question...... but first let me say that I love your channel and I will continue watching as long as you keep posting videos...... Now do you know anything about spitting a VW ENGINE FOR AVIATION USE .... I am planning on building a part 103 aircraft and from what I have seen so far the VW APPLICATION is the most reliable and fuel efficient..... If you know anything about this type of application I would appreciate your input and what if anything you know about this..... thanks for your consideration..... God bless you and your family and God bless America 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

    46. Douglas Cole

      I like watching the chasing of wires and all. I learn a lot like that

    47. Jeff Dhority

      Need some big tires sticking out in the rear mustie one!

    48. Eric jones

      Why doesn't Musty ever use his LATHE? he could make his own parts.

    49. david waller

      Great work dude

    50. S James

      Maybe the original owner realised he couldn't use the accelerator and gave up

    51. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

      Looking good mustie1👍👍

    52. T. W.

      Nice looking kit-car. I'm looking forward to the video where you solve the cooling issue. Nice sounding exhaust as well. Remember seeing/hearing similar systems back in the early 80's on VW Beetles.

    53. Fearless Leader

      I didn’t know he picked up James Bond’s old car. Just look at those rear mounted machine guns at 55:54 !!!!!!!

    54. Adam Carpenter

      Lambo time

    55. Roger Penndorf

      Another Home Run Thanks

    56. James Schenk

      Do something different with those hideous bumpers

    57. kenShuttleworth

      Hi Mustie, watching some of your old videos, don't get surgery for your tennis elbow - apply comfrey.

    58. John Clarke

      As I remember, clockwise opens the lock and counter clockwise locks it. However, I have been using Fobs for so long I have forgotten. However, I think they turned the same direction as the ignition switch, CW to start or open and CCW to turn off or lock.

    59. John Clarke

      It is not a BMW, otherwise known as a “Bavarian Manure Wagon” by the folks at Mercedes, so it’s doors will probably never line up, perfectly.

    60. John Clarke

      I always like how you are able to cobble an engine into a working solution. I don’t always quite agree with your methods but I would never complain about your results.

    61. wtbm123


    62. Hertog von Berkshire

      40:22 Rear facing machine guns!! Illegal but handy.

    63. tacoswamper

      That compression gauge at the end 😂

    64. Bill Allen

      Sucky suck? You work on engines with that mouth?!

    65. Michael Denton

      I would put some decent power into it

    66. Joes rust buckets

      Congratulations Mustie1on what must be a dream milestone, 500k subscribers, Delighted for you. well done dude. ☮ 🇮🇪 👏

    67. D Butler

      Holy cow what a wiring mess that looks like to me. Glad you can figure out all that stuff. Geese what a great job you are doing on that little car. Fantastic video.

    68. 65bug519

      I happen to have a complete heater kit the same as yours, it has been sitting around a long time but was never used if you are interested.

    69. s Buzz

      rewire may prove the best long term just sayin

    70. David Coudriet

      Love this project!

    71. slugbug55

      Gas heater has a glow plug. My '72 Super Beetle came with one. I remember my uncle having an early 60s bug when I was a kid which also had a gas heater. One Winter's day he started the car and gas heater to warm the car up and went inside for a coffee. When he came out the car was cold. He opened the hood to discover the gas heater had exploded but luckily did not start a fire.

    72. marcijunebug

      What a change it made just pulling off the “bumpers”...I dig it!

    73. joseph l Walls sr

      Pretty cool! Engine Roaring!

    74. Vance mac D

      I love the look of this kit car. Nice save

    75. Lawrence Engel

      This is a fun project, going to be sweet seeing each sage of the restoration

    76. Dimitris Andreou

      Paint it a reddish orange

    77. Keith A.

      Many years ago (over 40) I rebuilt a 914 engine in my apartment. After it was done, I borrowed a friends garage for a weekend and swapped engines. My Porsche 914 was a beast!!! That Steering wheel looks like it came out of a 1966 Mustang...... A lot of small differences between the 914 (VW type 4 engine) and the VW type 3 engine....

    78. Jonathan Buck

      ...pretty wee car Musti

    79. parteibonza

      What an angry little motor haha

    80. charlesmdoc

      good job!!

    81. Give Academy

      Clever use of a wheel balancer. Hehe :)

    82. Tim Smith


    83. judith taylor

      Thank you mustie my husband like to lie to me buys ride on without my knowledge he watches this channel all the time

    84. Stephen Kamin

      Mustie1 pushes every button...labels none of them

    85. Stephen Kamin

      Body kinda reminds me of a Bricklin... but its missing the rear side windows... and the lack of the really long ugly Bricklin nose it makes up for with the really long back end....

    86. Gribbo9999

      Hi Mustie, just to say thanks . I just had a couple of knee replacements two or three weeks ago. I have been viewing my way through your back catalogue during some long slightly uncomfortable nights. Half watching ,half dozing, your soothing voice and pace of video have been just perfect for passing long nights. The new knees are getting better day-by-day by the way. Thanks and keep them coming!

    87. Will Wade

      I believe your door is warped, try making a metal frame to put around the perimeter of the inside of the opening. If it was me I'd change the switches to the ones that lock in when you press them into the hole.

    88. Jimbo44CC

      Please stay on this one for a while. Want to see it run down the road.

    89. Retro Gaming With Hopper

      Smooth running. Now stick your finger in it and see if it's wet. Had to laugh.

    90. erikjgreen

      This would be a great candidate for an electric conversion.... very light vehicle, would be very high performance.

    91. Mark Douglas

      Getting that pilot bushing out of the end of the crankshaft took me back about 35 years! I remember using hydraulic force to get one out - I packed the hole with grease and then whacked a close fitting rod down the hole. With nowhere to go, the grease forced the busing out. I was amazed it worked and glad it did, as it was all done while grovelling around on my back under a car held up on jack stands. Those were the days!

    92. Adrian Martin

      Hi this is Adrian from United Kingdom, may I say I have been watching all your videos from back when you wore at your garage at your home (you are awesome) Thankyou for letting us be part of your hobbies and showing us what you do. Very well explained indeed enjoy them very much thankyou again.


      That type of fuel pump was junk even when new, I had experience with them on my 63 Ford.

    94. super steimy

      I bought an amante gt in 1987ish from an amazing vw mechanic and my boss in central indiana. Crazy car. If I'm correct I think I remember there only being a couple dozen kits imported. Lose those bumpers. Mine didn't have the hood scoop. Fun project you have. Enjoy!

    95. Dana Owen

      Knowing that you found the bad plug, now i can sleep tonight. Lol . Great video.

    96. Callum Bush

      Nice automobile!

    97. neil1150

      Whats happening with the Econoline ?

    98. Joe's Junk

      Needs a Subaru WRX turbo 4

    99. Skip R

      How much power?

    100. Jason Whittemore

      Mustie! nice work! great vid!