Suspension SECRETS! A look under “Billy The Kid”’s S-10

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    1. Ken Farris

      Thank you, even though I do not street or track race, I loved watching this because it has helped me understand a lot more and about how much goes into all of this. I am sure you have just shown us a small amount of what all goes into producing a quality race car/truck.

    2. J5BAIL

      Would you share the tire size you’re running on the 15x10’s Awesome video love the info, I’m building my 88 s-10.

    3. Michael Lone

      Third time watching this video and I am still learning stuff. Thanks again for making this video!

    4. bennyboom63

      This truck is tuned to dam near perfection which is a huge part of it but the great equalizer is the driver. If you have any second thought or fears your not gonna win to many races. You can't be afraid to really lean on that baby and kick the crap out of it which the kid has no problem doing so you got a winning combo. Please keep it up i really do learn a lot from you guys.

    5. Phillip Horsley

      I'm was born in Kentucky and raised in the Motor city and raced and was building cars since 14. The Kids Dad. For a man who claims he's not that smart. He laid down some serious solid racing safety wisdom. And mechanical knowledge. Rock on Sir. And I'm a Hillbilly Too. 👍🤔

    6. Cecil Squires

      Why is it I never see nothing from Billy hearing Yonder

    7. Bradley Dunford

      What caltracs did you guys get for the Ford 9" I'm gonna me putting a 9" in my 89 s10 with same rear suspension setup thanks

    8. Adriansitos623

      So mid 4's to the 1/8th and high 8's to the 1/4 Extremely impressive, Old Man.

    9. Rick P.

      I swear I have been on the other side of the lowering spindle argument. Seeing the truck at full extension, the light bulb went off. Thank you for all you share! I was one asking for this content, and it's very much appreciated. I hope you continue with it, and tire explanation! You and your family are amazing!

    10. Jake Orabanec

      Great video, one of the most informative ive seen on youtube. About the spindles, if I wanted to lower my truck would a drop spring limit droop travel like a drop spindle would? You mentioned you're running a melted/cut spring up front and a block in the rear. Maybe I answered my own question that a drop spring would be fine since thats basically what youre running. Did you guys do anything to increase droop in the front or is it stock? Im on a c10 chassis anyway.

    11. Christian

      “nooooo, daddy don’t talk about my settings, god forbid someone knows how I run my rebound dampening!!!!!”

    12. Christian

      “daddy i need u to do everything for me... i got a boner and don’t know what to do with it so can you come on this date with me and show me how to use it? you can just hide in the corner of the bedroom and when it’s time you come over and guide it into the right hole!”

    13. Alan Kirk

      Bill, After watching this for about the tenth time over the last 3 months.. love the info by the way... what's the part number on the upper balljoint that you used...

    14. Jason Gledhill

      Legend! thanks for taking the time to help out. im not going to race an s10 as we dont have em in oz but some of this is applicable to my ford falcon utility (ute).

    15. Ole Deuce

      How loose do you run the rear shackles? If you put a wrench on tge bolt can you spin it fairly easy?

    16. Danny Marrel

      I'll never be able to properly pay for the education I just received. Thank you sir. You may have just saved someone's life with this information.

    17. Dependable Auto Truck

      none of my business wish you would radius the corners on the cutouts on front upper arms where they wont crack

    18. Dependable Auto Truck

      smart man i always set up everything neutral usually will always work every where if you preload you will have to change every road you get on

    19. Tasi Fatu

      Your smart MAN...Thanks for sharing your knowledge...

    20. Track Life Racing

      Love the content!! Starting an S-10 project myself. Thanks for the tips

    21. Douglas Crosby

      When it comes to the bump-steer fix, I believe you're talking about the Ackermann angle. GREAT info!!! I'm sure it will help a lot of folks and piss off some of the vendors that are selling all of the tubular upper and lower control arms, coilover kits, etc.... A little ingenuity is all that's required.....and can be DAMN fast!!

    22. Robzilla Garage

      I have a question... whats your thoughts on building/racing older vehicles vs building/racing newer vehicles? New stuff now a days are putting in some crazy numbers and making power easier soooo whatcha think??

    23. Mike Stufano

      Thank you sir I’m starting my s-10 and without you and billy I was going to ditch it in favor for a light car. After all your help and the graciousness I’m going forward with the s-10 and using your ideas and tips you took the tip to add to the videos I hope more do it’s polish not to with the realities of the s-10 being a lot cheaper than a mustang and you and Billy helping so much to get these hard to hook up light weight trucks hooking up and helping us on how it’s a no brained. It’s rude for me to call you the old man even tho you go by that buy air is like to thank you and Billy and is like to thank you by your name if I may? Respectfully Mike Stufano!!!! Thank you sir!!!

    24. VRMN8R

      Do you happen to know off hand which ball joints those are??? Thanks!!!

    25. Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood

      My actual first street/strip car I built myself has alot of the same parts Ive started bracket racing since i was 14 but i didn't do much my to that car untill i wanted to go fast. But in 2014 I was 24 and ls swapped my 77 nova rebuilt the 8.5 10 bolt welded the axle tubes i even kept the drum brakes, caltracs and calvert leafsprings and rebuilt the front suspension with stock stuff with strange single adjustables home made sub frame connectors and 8 point cage, at first it was a cam only nitrous 5.3 but i poked its eye out then went with another 5.3 and learned and still learning a out turbo stuff and had a simple single kit fabbed with a 280 ebay 70mm t4 deals and had a ton of fun with old setup but it got out of hand quick it ended up goin 5.80s with the drum brakes and factory disc breaks and stock style front suspension it got Sketchy and had to throw the chute if went 6.20 or faster lol

    26. MarshLT1Z28Vert

      Do you still use the stock front upper and lower control arm bushings?

    27. John Dibianca

      Good job ! Explaining. A+

    28. Tim Rossell

      Curious... what’s the width flange to flange on ur 9” for stock size?

    29. Ken Flerlage

      Thank you for the Straight foward insight and information. Im a 60yr old, old school gearhead and have been doing some sort of racing since i was 14. I am now in the middle of a 2000 s10 street build. They are some things you pointed out that i already knew, and some i didnt . The ones i didnt, i now dont hafta figure out by trial and error. The Best of luck to you and your Family in the racing world. Be safe and keep the rubber side down.

    30. Josh & Audra Richardson

      Great Video Thanks!

    31. Christopher Foster

      I like being different so I have. 72 lemans everything is stock except ring gear pinion engine and tires ..this is a bracket car my question to you is I'm having issues shimming my ring gear I know there is a little lash but how the hell do I know it's the proper lash other words I jack the rear up and spin the tire back to forward and there's a little gap between the pinion catching ring gear is that normal? I'm also having an issue keeping the front end down

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        The "lash" you refer to is just clearance. Roughly .005" to .007" is where i like to be. If it is over .010" it's way too loose in my book. That will cause the sloppy engagement you are seeing. Who setup the gears? Doesn't sound like it was done correctly. Excessive clearance and they will not last long.. I would also check wear pattern. As for the front end, either add weight or a double adjustable shock to slow down the rise. You only need enough front extension to transfer weight, but if it rises too fast it may hurt as well. Hope this helps.

    32. Tiffany Hadley

      Hello I was wondering if u guys could help me out by getting my boyfriends go fund me page going his race truck caught fire the first night we took it out 😭 plz help us out ty.

    33. ol' boy

      Great vid thanks

    34. OTLMedia

      Have you guys ever considered using the assassin traction bars?

    35. Short Block

      Hey Bill do both of these trucks have manual steering I know you did a video but I do not know if you've addressed this question

      1. SRC Garage

        Yes both have stock manual steering boxes

    36. aka digz

      Good job thanks for the info

    37. James Harper

      Would love to stop bye your shop someday

    38. drake olson

      Man I love your no BS approach to explaining systems! Keep up the great work!!!!

    39. Jody

      Can't believe you guys still on lowering blocks!! It works no doubt about it!!!

    40. XrEdNeCkZx

      Love all the great information! Shining a light and paving the way for my S10 build!

    41. kevin shiley

      Thanks for your knowledge!! I'm not racing, but you've made a lot of sense and saved people a lot of money and headaches!! You da man, ole man!!! Lol. Best of luck to Billy, Tommy and Molly in their racing efforts!!

    42. Flomond Barnes

      hey old school i sure do thank u for the information i have a s10 blazer cant keep this thing out of the air and your making me re think some things i just about have the same set up thanks old school .

    43. Luis Gutierrez

      My favorite truck. This truck can run

    44. Mike Schwindt

      If it were me I would clean that nasty thing up. Very dirty and greasy and rusty.

    45. claytonhaske

      I feel this information is good for anyone who runs a leaf spring suspension. good stuff, god bless sir! I'm not to far away from you guys either, west side of Columbus, Ohio here.

    46. James Bailey

      How do I get in contact with you or Billy I live in Georgia

    47. James Bailey

      I have a 1985 S10 4 cycilder do need to change the coil spring putting a V8 in it or is it good

    48. Jerrell Kull

      A S-10 and a G body are basically the same thing, other than leafs on the rear, and a S-10 is a inch and a half narrower. The problem with the front end is the anti-dive built into the front end, which takes away forward drive. I've learned how to correct that aspect of the front end, aswell as quite a few more things to do for bite, and driveability. I love cal-tracs, but i do not like lowering blocks, they create spring jacking, because of the datum line is not correct for the spring. Shackles when mounted correctly are far superior to sliders. Just some food for thought, take a pyrometer with you on the next long tow to race, and check your shock temps. I put on red ryders to tow, and put race shocks on to race. I like y'alls channel, but y'all are leaving alot on the table.......jussayn. Great video though, you explained things very well, and your on point about spindles and springs, it's all about the "Stored" energy......

    49. Joe Doe

      Love this channel it's my favorite lots of knowledge here very good stuff

    50. Joe Doe

      What an awesome smart cool dad to have same as mine back in the day lol your lucky to have that

    51. Floyd Hunter

      I really enjoy y’all’s videos. One question I have is are y’all running a scatter shield on your transmission? If not I HIGHLY Recommend you do...

    52. Michael Johns ICYu2

      Don't do these things to the truck you use to drive to Grandmas house to feed the kittens.

    53. Tonythc 2866

      Great content! Enjoy the vids!

    54. Jose Ramos

      Nice truck..thanks for the video and the advice 👍🏽👍🏽..

    55. Ahmad Baghdadi

      Love what your doing iam Belding one like yours here in my country thanks for the info and God bless

    56. Chris Ahrens

      Yeah Mr Bill it has effected my truck doing that. It took up slack in the brake hose for wheel travel. Mine are 2 inch drop spindle with 2 drop springs. I have it for the ride height. I think if you bring the truck down in the rear 6 inches have a professional c notch with and 4 link and latter bars and a few other goodies that front end stays down with some good shocks. Hooks well. Of course Mr Bill you will have to tub the truck. But if you are budgeting then you are right your set up is working so unless you guys are wanting to spend money I wouldn't mess with it. I'm no expert either so my set up wasn't done by me someone else was paid to do it. I get lost in the geometry myself. I can get it down the track but end up pulling power out of it. I love what you do Mr Bill.

    57. Larry Webb

      Good Job Pap know what you are going through with them boys. Mine listened a little in 2012 we were track champions at English Mountain Tn. Little Red mustang. We did nothing fancy. Like Your style and Family. God Bless You All keep filming I’ll keep watching. 🏁🏁🏁❤️🙏

    58. ᚱᚢᛏᛁᚾ ᛋᛚᛅᚴᛏᛦ

      Passed you guys at Roosters in Circleville! Recognized the truck!

    59. David Craft

      The most impressive thing is how that truck has nothing special on the suspension at all. Its cheap lol. but it works really really good.

    60. Chris Kidder

      If it works for you there is no need to explain yourself as to why you use stock spindles.....tell the haters to fo....great content ole man

    61. Caden Bebout

      Thanks for the camera time and free advertisement boss!

    62. Ralph Hoke

      good video should be the kiss method ( keep it simple stupid ) truck is impressive keep up the good work.and the videos

    63. Jason Potter

      Great video on how to set up a vehicle, and the misnomer that it takes fancy parts to make them hook! keep them coming!

    64. Mr. 6 liter

      Hahaha he said it's embarrassing to show the front control arms. Whatever the kids young he'll get neater.

    65. David Donaghy

      50 years ago our suspension secrets were not secret. 90/10 shocks in the front with ball joint spacers and 50/50 shocks in the rear.

    66. Joe Momma

      Best advice ever: Make 1 adjustment at a time. Ask me how I know......

    67. russell hite

      Reading the instructions as so often overlooked I'm guilty of it myself

    68. DA PO LEASE

      Love these videos and a inside look at things. I’m sure some are gonna say he shouldn’t have done this and showed all the tricks. I applaud him for spreading the knowledge. It’s all in the driver behind the wheel and he knows that. You could put 10 different guys in Billy’s truck and none would go faster than what he’s laid down. You can’t buy talent.

    69. Clay Brien

      Thats a bad ass truck. Thank you for sharing your videos. Truly enjoy watching them

    70. supercharged6771

      Great video, look forward to the tire video

    71. Hallandale Complete Auto

      All that i can say is that you say you dont have the knowledge my friend you just opened my mind up. You can use what vou said on straight line or oval track cars and you said it user friendly.

    72. Shon Riche

      Thank you so so much for a guy just starting out!!!!!

    73. jimmie harrison

      Don’t have an s10 but a elcamino I’m tryna party

    74. jimmie harrison

      Awesome video

    75. Kelly Reynolds

      Awesome you support your boys in what your doing. Building an s-10 now answer alot of my questions an will save me a ton of money

    76. billy manilli

      Thanks again, VERY MUCH, for sharing!! ...and I fully agree w/ ya on the spindles. Dunno how people can't see that....

    77. Brian Brandenburg

      AWESOME CONTENT once again!!!!!

    78. Varner Theresa

      Thank you SO much. I have a 1985 s10

    79. John Festich

      You sound plenty smart enough to me and the proof is the performance. Job well done.

    80. Rocker Pat

      On offense here brother, but its a good thing your truck is fast because you talk way too slow for me!!!!!!!!!

    81. Kenneth Ketron

      You did a great presentation . Old is always good. Old school racing...

    82. Aaron Smith

      Will this also be the same for a Silverado 1500?

    83. Jeffrey Bamford

      The integrity is awesome and staunch you the man SNR.

    84. RMS Garage

      Well, shit... I have drop spindles and lowering leaf springs lol...

    85. Clay Freeman


    86. Josh Dison

      Love what yall are doing. Got a similar setup going on in a full size pickup. I enjoy watching yall week to week. Hope to see you in Alabama soon. Keep kicking ass.

    87. Rob Woitowich

      Great information thanks. And stop telling yourself your not smart. You've shown otherwise

    88. Brandon Keenan

      You're basically saying when you take off the line you'll still have steering it will drop?

    89. Godscountry

      Excellent. I wish I had received these tips starting out. For racers, this is equivalent to an MIT short course on going fast, staying safe, and having fun. A good alignment equates to lower ETs and a higher trap speed. My 2 cent tip: A 1-inch paint or colored tape mark on the centerline of the steering wheel can help to keep the vehicle tracking straight in a sudden wheels-up landing.

    90. Steven Foust

      Thanks for your advice, your doing a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    91. redlightcivic

      Best racing channel on the internet! Hands down! Proof that it isn't always the 'most expensive' and 'highest tech' parts that work. This is absolutely NOT a jab! You made it perfectly clear you were not 'thrilled' with your son's modification of the upper control arms. You also made it clear 'it is his truck and he can do what he wants', 100% understood. BUT, maybe, just maybe, you could talk him into taking an angle grinder, some grinding disk and 'smooth out' or 'radius' those 'rough cuts' left from the cut-off wheel. Just 'smooth them out so there aren't 'sharp corners'. As I am 100% sure you know, 'stress cracks' start from 'sharp points', a little 'smoothing' and 'making a radius' can really prevent a massive crack from developing before you can spot it during inspection. AGAIN! I realize you know ALL this. Just thought maybe a 'quick comment' might encourage him to do a little grinding. God Bless!

    92. Thomas Knight

      Starting on our suspension my son and I. Cannot thank you enough for all that you have shared with us.


      Hey sr. you speak just fine. id like to to talk about rear suspension and the term squatting .... it my understanding that ladder bars .. slapper bars.. and cal trax make traction by lifting the body away from the tire. This can be seen by watching a car take off and notice the gap between the tire and fender get larger / wider at launch. The only this that should be squatting is the tires. A 3 bar and 4 bar rear suspension will or should squat since the pick up point can be targeted by doing a cad dwg. or making a full scale chalk dwg on the shop floor... by making a dwg we can choose where the bars intersect, we can aim the intersect point to the crank , cam, carb or the front bumper. For u guys not paying attention to bill sr notice that ne mentioned the wedge on rear why is it really important ??????? cause it sets the pinion angle................ so whats so important about the pinion angle? please everyone who happens to read my comment give me ur 2 cents on my thoughts.

    94. Joe Cameron

      This is 2nd time I've watched it I have 94 ss and putting in a ls 6.0 I'll be looking forward to the next one

    95. Bryant Gordy

      Take it to the DMV please! Big fan!

    96. Nick Kirkland

      Good video buddy i watch all of yalls channels and there all as good as it gets. No bullshit just straight to the point is what I like.

    97. G M


    98. Wade Smith

      lot good info thank you wade 😎👍

    99. Doc Holiday

      👍👍👍👍👍. Yep kid made a mess of those uppers 😂

    100. JarCrandall Mr.Shortbed

      Nice video, lost of valuable information