Supercross Round 5 at Indianapolis | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/2/21 | Motorsports on NBC

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    Ken Roczen earns back-to-back wins in 450SX while Colt Nichols continues to show dominance in 250SX during Round 5 in Indianapolis. #NBCSports #Supercross #KenRoczen
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    Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, is the most competitive and highest-profile off-road motorcycle racing championship on the planet visiting 13 different states in 2019. Over 17 weeks and a million-dollar All-Star Race, Supercross attracts some of the largest and most impressive crowds inside the most recognizable and prestigious stadiums in North America to race in front of nearly one million live fans and broadcast to millions more worldwide.
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    Supercross Round 5 at Indianapolis | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 2/2/21 | Motorsports on NBC

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    1. the1whofights 43


    2. the1whofights 43


    3. matt bracken


    4. jusride7


    5. Machine Gun

      RC is the woat. Worst (broadcaster) of all time.

    6. Machine Gun

      Skinny RC still can't put a sentence together and is horrible at faking his enthusiasm.

    7. Megan Bradnick

      No he dose not et3

    8. Skip Moto

      You guys cut out the best part of the race. Ricky's Classic blooper of All Time. You are now the GOAT of Gaffes. I am still laughing. 🤣😅😂👍👍👍

    9. Danny Smith

      Glad to see roczen win. My Honda went bad. Got my mind on Suzuki.

    10. 385 LSB

      Yawn 4 strokes so boring

    11. Andy Denzien

      At least when they had 3 races in Anaheim the tracks were different. Ken was fast in Indy 1, and was fast on the same track 3 days later. Who knew?

    12. Rick Rojas

      Eli better step up this game. he needs the holeshot. better start practicing on that Hole shot honestly. Keny is not that easy to catch up this year.. GO ELI👊💥💥👍😁😁😁

    13. Your Mother should of swallowed

      Not cool on the 45 seconds rule, riders can't film practice even. Hope this changes, race we understand it's your video rights. Just watched some rider's video and they explained how NBC banned all GoPro etc video. Y'all allow 45 seconds? Great way to promote our sport.

    14. Ethan Whisman

      I think someone's going to lose the job this week because there were a lot of bad officiating going on

    15. Taylor Horner

      Where's Diffey at? Not a fan of this new guy in the booth, to much fact spitting and very little race iq

    16. Scott

      Smooth riding. Got ahead and stayed ahead. No one better when he is at his best ... see you Saturday, Ill be there! What happened to Lawrence by the way?


      Maybe modify the "Hay Bail" shapes and sizes or get rid of them before they get rid if all the riders. you see what happens

    18. vindarm

      Karma Malcom you hack! Gratz Roczen you are the man to beat right now. Barcia is riding hard this season, yea I think someone mentioned where is Jason Anderson?

    19. Jose Trevino

      Where is a atv at ????

    20. Miles Moore

      KR's on a roll. Can he keep it up ? Will he stay on the bike ?

    21. Miles Moore

      3 almost amateur commentators.

    22. Miles Moore

      Unnecessary tuff blocks creating damage and interference in the race as always. Stupid AMA.

    23. Mr Smith

      Let's Go Craig!

    24. Austin Mileski

      Roczen is out for the chip this year. Only real fans sat here thru his injuries‼️

    25. ant smith

      And the Overrated Barcia looses again.

      1. Nigel Dean

        *loses, and its not like second place is bad lol. Roczen is on another level this season

    26. John Cookie Doe

      What was with the tough block management this race?? Seriously...They never even replaced the tough block that Jett landed on.

      1. jmac636

        honestly over the years I've really only seen those tough blocks take out more riders. I've always wondered besides using them for advertisement, why have them on the edge of the track if they are going to hurt more riders than help them?!

    27. greys chambas

      colt nichols rode out of his mind

    28. Dan K

      That new Honda is real.

    29. Bobby Smoke6.4DZL


    30. nik mxforever

      Bobby Piazza got screwed.

    31. Joe Brings

      Calling it now. Colt N takes the 250 championship

    32. kyler fry

      yo you need to stop putting the winner on the thumbnail you ruin it every time

    33. Cohen Bennett

      Lets go Ken!!!

    34. Tommy Richards

      Dude I never thought Roczen would get back into form. Well... HE IS BACK!!!!!!! So stoked to see this dude back on top!

    35. M M

      Nice ride barcia tomac and Webb!

    36. Jordan Davis

      I gueess the AMA is running Craigslist ads to find these flaggers. Probably a bunch of junkies that reside at the local methadone clinic. It's making our sport look bad. Get some flaggers out there that actually have half a brain!! It's unacceptable!!

    37. Astrogonecrazy

      So what place did Jett Lawrence finish in?

      1. Astrogonecrazy

        @Hua Wei dang why? Didn’t he win the lcq?

      2. Hua Wei

        He didn't race the main. Pulled out before the gate dropped

    38. soulful terrain

      Do we really need Will Christian?...I mean, what does she add...really.

      1. John Cookie Doe

        I ask that question every race. The accent is bad enough, add the mask and I can't understand a word of it!!!

    39. Jeramy Blake

      That new Honda got Kenny on rails,he's flying & he deserves everything he gets, not many could come back for those injuries even faster!

    40. JsDs1020

      1:58 is a scary sight, I hope he is ok

    41. gothard5

      I keep forgetting about the Tuesday races.

    42. m m

      I like how Kenny shut the door on that lapper...not letting him get held up again like the week b4.

      1. VintageMXer

        he really needs an air horn if it's legal

    43. m m

      Let's go Kenny! Red plate the rest of the year. 10 sec lead 🏆 🏁

    44. Glenn Meyer

      This DO guying the 250's has some speed! Happy for him!

    45. blake mello

      Tomac is always cautious when it comes to passing Barcia...he knows Bam Bam will clean someone out at any point! lmaooo

      1. VintageMXer

        and Barcia was riding a little over his head. wise of Tomac to back off.

    46. Everyday Joe

      Barcia actually looked like he wanted to Tbone Ken after he got passed. Hoping Ken rolls thru this season 👍

    47. ThePlayMaker

      Dude I want Ken to win it so bad this year man. He deserves it so much.

      1. Amanda Canaday

        ** M iyf Gk Pup cm oupf6, gnomon. 00

      2. Cale Guenther

        @Nate Gonzalez he's always consistently in the top 3 riders. He's earned the ones he's has and deserves any win he gets.

      3. Nate Gonzalez

        He needs to earn it. Never handed to

      4. Jonah Dowd


      5. CaptnPsycho

        100%, so many insane injuries, almost losing his arm, insane the warrior heart Ken has.

    48. Jeff Quade

      Has there been any explanation as to what happened with the 250 finish? They just kind of glossed over it and moved on to the 450 race.

    49. Gary Welsh

      "Carnage all over the place" Ricky really has a way with words!

    50. Jesse Stewart

      friese is a total danger to everyone around him,that dude needs to go away

    51. B B

      Roczen is on a whole new level!! Dude is rippin out there! SMOOOOTH!!

    52. Porkbacon 69

      U already know everyone's rm fantasies got messed up because there ain't nobody putting plessengger in their top five but good for him I hope to see more of it

      1. A A

        Yeah I had osbourne in 5th and Aaron as my wildcard in 9th

    53. The Brothers

      Yes, kenny!!

    54. James Ambalavanar

      these flaggers are atrocious

    55. Twisted Jig Co.

      Rawskin it in baby🔥 good job bambam, most of the “top 5” are all just wildcards this year. Besides roczen, crazzzzzy

    56. Austin Randall

      Stop putting the winner on the thumbnail. Fucking ruins it everytime

    57. Mike Lotempio

      That Gas Gas bike is so sick

    58. Theadore Bundy

      NBC covers supercross about as well as they do the news! :/

    59. William Davis

      Roczen is relaxed and ready for this championship!

    60. Joe Wahrer

      Spoiler Alert...Barcia holds up Tomac!

    61. Kolten Bradshaw

      where is jett lawrence

      1. Hua Wei

        Crashed bad in practice then landed on a tough block that shouldn't have been there in his heat and messed up his shoulder but made the main thru last chance qualifier but pulled out before the gate drop

      2. Evolved Ominous

        He wrecked a couple of times so he sat this one out

    62. Key Beenleakin

      450 class beyond stacked

    63. Christopher Beahn

      Not even worth watching now, the other video you posted with the winner in the title completely ruined it. You should be fired. You have the easiest job in the world but you can't manage to name youtube videos correctly. You don't deserve this job.

    64. thefriend85

      Awesome race. To bad it cut the last 7mins. Off due to the hockey game running over. NBCSN is terrible. Since they took over. Its delayed airing. One after another. They really need to get their crap together. Or Supercross needs to change broadcasters...

      1. VintageMXer

        Peacock - $5 a month LIVE RACING and PRACTICE

      2. THunder Cowboy

        They do it with nascar constantly too. If they don't want to show the whole thing they shouldn't get any of it.

    65. Brian Smith

      Tomac should've raced Barcia the way he does other people

      1. Porkbacon 69

        He did clean

    66. Tom's Tinkering and Adventures

      Ken Roczen doesn’t need to worry about lappers with a lead like that.

    67. Jay Bird

      Jajaj Malcom stewart doing exactly what i told you.

    68. the dude

      Go ken! He deserves this. And barcia! Keep it up brother

    69. Will Malone

      Please start putting the points leaderboard at the end

      1. ipriori

        @Evan Burke wow. Internet trolls are rampant.

      2. MX Edits For The Boys


      3. MX Edits For The Boys

        @Evan Burke bruh ur so dumb we need to know the points

      4. Evan Burke

        Please shut up

    70. Jordan Hillard

      2021 is the season of horrendous flagging.

      1. VintageMXer

        @Jordan Hillard exactly

      2. Jordan Hillard

        @VintageMXer The race wasn’t over, that’s the point. They lost a whole lap of racing since the checkered was shown when the white should have been.

      3. VintageMXer

        Is the race over? Don't need no stinkin' white flag.

    71. Reese

      Congratulations Kenny!

    72. Jason Carter

      I pay for cable so I can watch sports and supercross, now I need to pay for a premium sub to watch? .Lame.

      1. 2strokesmoke81

        @Mark Clemence same!

      2. Mark Clemence

        Me too! stupid hockey game preempted my dvr. missed the last six minutes of 450 main

      3. VintageMXer

        I have PEACOCK and pay $5 a month for live races and timed practice.

      4. Estova

        You should see NBC trying to charge $15 PER GAME in the Premier League. It's a disgrace.

    73. Joshua Tincher

      Why is it, no matter how dominant a Yamaha 250 rider is, they are barely a top 10 finisher on the Yamaha 450?

      1. A A

        Ferrandis finished second a couple races ago

    74. Ryan Skaggs

      i was there and it was such a fun experience

    75. Cameron Anglin

      I love when bam bam and tomac have a somewhat clean battle

      1. VintageMXer

        Barcia was riding on the ragged edge - Eli smoothly stayed with him but there just weren't any passing opportunites without the good possibility of taking themselves out.

      2. Cameron Lbn

        I was hoping eli was going to clean him out

      3. Rambozo_FPV

        Good racing!

    76. Brian Smith

      RC almost slipped up and said something that might be considered offensive when he said webber was revving trying to " spook" Malcolm. Malcolm is riding really well this year just stay healthy. Hopefully no one is offended by my statement I just heard the almost slip

      1. VintageMXer

        Holy sh**! I posted the same thing! "Webb is revving his motor trying to s ----" scare him? No... surprise him? Nope...

    77. HFR83

      Let's go Kenny! I apologize for lack of conviction lol

    78. Charles Campbell

      20 minutes plus "2 " not 20 minutes plus 1. Jo Shimoda should have been given the win just for being the only rider paying attention!! Yes I know it was an honest mistake but ama needs to makes SURE that never happens again. The flaggers are a huge part of keeping the series safe and ama's choice to allow generic workers to flag the field is making a mockery of the sport!

      1. Charles Campbell

        @VintageMXer completely unacceptable!..... "You had one job!!"

      2. VintageMXer

        @Corbin Selanne it's unacceptable

      3. Corbin Selanne

        Formula 1 marshals have made the same mistake before, where the flag guy accidentally waves the checkers instead of the white

    79. Billy Bob

      Bring Jeff and Ralph back please. Sorry RC if you rode a bike the way you announce we would have never heard of you. Loosen your grip on the mic and relax buddy

      1. Kaden Keck

        Ya to Billy Bob's point, you gotta go inside outside and do whatever you have to do to get better. LOLOLLLOL

      2. VintageMXer

        "to your point..."

    80. Zachary Grosser

      Anyone miss Jeff and K-Dub in the booth ?

      1. Jesse

        I miss David Bailey!

      2. Skip Moto


      3. VintageMXer

        bottom of the comments

      4. Daniel Adams

        @VintageMXer what was he going to say

      5. VintageMXer

        RC had to catch himself when he said "Webb is revving his motor trying to s..." talking about putting pressure on Mookie. Can you guess what he was about to say?

    81. Chuck Chambers

      Get rid of the English chik !

      1. Jim Williamson

        Ya i cant understand a thing she says with the mask on

      2. VintageMXer

        Why do they love British accent announcers? Why not hire an Indian announcer?

      3. mrabrasive51


    82. Chance O'Neil

      Things would be so much better if NSNBC wasn't so horrible, and especially if the recaps weren't worse. Nevermind the horrible commentary. After being a fan of supercross, motocross, GP's, F1,etc, I still find it hard to believe that announcers can be so ignorant, and that "producers" can endorse such dolts. Get your *stuff* together, you bunch of *bunts*.

      1. skojo3e

        What’s are bunts??

    83. Hunter Kight

      Why did they wave the checkered flag early in the 250 main?

      1. Hua Wei

        Flagger had to pee

    84. Shaun A

      Great race, free freedom at its best.

    85. casada70

      250 is a shitshow right now, only 3 factory riders remain while 6 are injured. The fact that the top 3 lapped up to 5th place is ridiculous.

      1. Hua Wei

        @Brad Holtzclaw his hip I think, whoops in practice. His dad said not sure yet when he'll be back

      2. Brad Holtzclaw

        Was vohland injured?

      3. casada70

        @eric6rock I didn't realize that shimoda had moved to pro circuit

      4. eric6rock

        There is 4 Nichols, Craig, Mosiman, and Shimoda. I say it's good for privateers getting top 10's and getting recognition to someday get factory rides.

    86. Butch Cassidy

      Roczen is on and they ain't no stopping him. 😎

      1. nik mxforever

        Heard that million times before , season is early , let's see how Daytona plays out.

      2. James Frazier

        @daniel larr if coop can figure out how to get a good start and roczen is faster than Webb ever wished he could be Webb’s gonna have to learn how to ride whoops correctly to even have a chance to run with these guys

      3. James Frazier

        @Bloomer b the season is shorter with doing 3 races a week if anything it’s gonna help him

      4. Bloomer b

        Looks like he might have his health issues under control but it's still early. Even if he makes it halfway thru the season, it might show up near the end.

      5. Ronald Travis

        @daniel larr I wouldn’t my life on him , LoL I was kinda thinking same . But I like Rokzen. Just wouldn’t bet on him .

    87. Christian Roberts

      The tomac barcia battle was great

      1. tccraracer65

        @Cole Holden bruh I was thinking the same thing lol

      2. Beasty Squad 94

        I know they were both so aggressive

      3. Chad Hobart

        Would loved for tomac to give Justin the BAM BAM.

      4. Cole Holden

        @James Frazier Probably didn't want to be a hypocrite with what he said to Barcia

      5. James Frazier

        Tomac was scared to pass barcia I think he was pushing but didn’t try to make an aggressive pass

    88. Christian Roberts

      Where tf is Jason Anderson this season

      1. Noah wile

        @James Frazier yeah it sucks he’s gonna make the hall of fame cause we won a 450 title I hate the dude

      2. Jacob Collins

        Smoking pot

      3. Zachary Grosser

        Dislocated his finger today on throttle hand is what I heard

      4. Cayden Ho


      5. James Frazier

        Broken finger didn’t race tonight

    89. James Frazier

      Ken roczen is back guys he’s in 2017 form I don’t see anyone beating him right now

      1. paco miller

        Kenny will beat "himself" and tomac is lucky that the series end's in SLC "AGAIN" you know these are going to be " asterisk " championchips. I think Webb has the heart to do it,Justin's so stupid he's not sure which sport he's a pro at,HULK "A" MANIAC LOL,naw I hope Justin takes the whole tabernacle chior,if not I'll still love watching him try, thx motobros

      2. James Frazier

        @Bloomer b I think he did he took outdoors off and got out of shape to reset his body I don’t think he’ll have problems especially this season when their doing less riding during the week this is his best year to win it

      3. Bloomer b

        Hopefully he stays healthy this year. He could run into his health issues at anytime probably.

      4. Dallas Stars fan

        Hope he does not crash but he racing really good looking at he tape of his mistakes and took off outdoor now thats a man that wants to win LETS GO KENNY

      5. Chance O'Neil

        He's doing well. Hopefully he can continue. His history says otherwise.

    90. 2nd amendment supporting Republican

      How many points is he ahead now

      1. 2nd amendment supporting Republican

        @James Frazier ok Thank you for the info

      2. James Frazier

        13he should really be up 23 tho with 4 wins if he passes barcia round one and dean Wilson gets out of the way and dosent jump Red Cross flag