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    It's time to double your laughs! Check out these hilarious fails that will have you seeing double! Stay safe out there!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 6 ماه


    1. FailArmy

      Want new fails? Our new Fails Of The Week are exclusively on our website now fail.army/3dToCF7

      1. Jackye Sharky

        New what? same videos always, and you get money for this? discusting

      2. Tracey Cravy

        Eight like s and eight comments! Never seen that before

      3. dank9288639

        You are the FAIL😂

      4. LeROYtheLAMA

        So there is no reason to stay subbed then... Thanks for clearing that up. Side-note(read:venting): Remember the saying "If it ain't broken, don't try to fix it"? Still valid!

      5. Dire

        no, I don't think I will

    2. Oyun zaman?

      1:50 she turkish? İts Namaz's sound

    3. Ryan P

      The egg in the mouth one was funny af

    4. Poke-stop

      how did the woman at 4:08 struggle so much. just pull the bin up.

    5. Bimbi

      deja de reciclar flaco

    6. SuperNovaHeights

      Cat: I don’t know what it is but I’m gonna lick it anyway

    7. Matt Jasa

      0:44 When you have a lot of work to do but little to no resources to get it done.

    8. Tonatsi

      I never understand drone fails. Like, just shut it off; the drone will suffer the least damage if it drops to the floor upright.

    9. Raşit Aydemir

      1:46 EZAAAANNN 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    10. Maria Bravo

      1:58 she could have gotten that in her lungs. Unsnuggly

    11. Brandon T

      tbh i honestly don’t care if a lot of fail army videos be from years ago i still enjoy watching them lol

    12. Selin _35

      Yasin Öztekin and Elisa Linnes😌💛❤️

    13. zipzopbeesopdro

      There are just repeated so it makes it look like new

    14. berr

      1.45 NERE la ora ezan okunuyo

    15. F 3id

      1:57 name the flower??

    16. dank9288639

      I haven't seen this much recycling since they opened the centers for aluminium cans 😂

    17. FrogsInThePot

      @5:08 That's goo- OH THAT'S TOO HIGH XDXDXD

    18. toothless ekans

      Remember when FailArmy was good? And wasn’t worried about demonetization? And didn’t recycle clips in every single video?

    19. Jeremiah Crawford

      Yikes these comments are brutal.

    20. US Military TV

      Good video

    21. Molley R

      Wow, so many fails you've seen. Your quality control or work ethic has just gone ABSOLUTELY OUT THE FUCKING WINDOW and watching this channel is just really pathetic now.

    22. AH! Why is there poop in your mouth

      cat.exe stopped working. 3:03

    23. kjkjk kjkj

      Cats ??


      3:50 love that guy😂

    25. sergey s

      its time to rename the channel into RETROfailarmy

    26. Boomer112

      Does anyone knows what spilled out @01:09. I'm just one of those really curious people. My guess is paint but it doesn't really look like paint... It looks way too watery.

    27. Neil Patel

      How scummy to just recycle views and clips now

    28. Moritz Huber

      so geil hey

    29. ThePatMan

      2:37 I like that his mate instantly runs to help :)

    30. Vedran Bjelobradić

      Newest video is from 2017. Failarmy is FAIL!

    31. Dominic03

      Have I watched this before? Because I'm pretty sure I've seen these clips

    32. Joey Mama

      You don't torture your cat with sliced of cheese right after he eagerly followed your command to sit. Sends a mixed message.

    33. Till All Are Fun

      The content is so stale on this channel

    34. Andy Newlon

      Are we not going to talk about this channel advertising a Hulu show and turning off comments because they know they suck?

      1. Lordi

        Yeah, wtf was that

    35. Maggy7187


    36. MitFlake Productions

      People, stop complaining that they reuse clips, we are stuck indoors and new fails cannot be made! So maybe you hecktards should stop complaining 😡😡😡

    37. The Car Industry

      0:42 weight reduction BRO

    38. Brian Auer

      who wants to know the story of the cheese. cha cha cha chia. but the baby needs food too!

    39. Kelsea Nova

      I will never buy a drone. Not after all the disasters I've seen on youtube.

    40. MrXaXasMagic

      the 1rst video that you use is defenetly not from 2020 why are you lying to people?!

    41. AS

      3:33 - Watch closely at the graphics: When your ping is 600 😂

    42. Arnau planas gomez

      You guys are killing FailArmy.. I cant believe this

    43. Danny L-P

      I feel like fail Army has bought the rights to like 1000 fail videos and they just make the same videos switching videos and titles

    44. mikea hiooi

      3:00 How it feels to order from Postmates, Doordash and Uber Eats during COVID-19 lockdown.

    45. Christoph Poll

      I wonder... how often have I seen that clip with the boy on the beach and his pony surf board now.... ONLY ON THIS CHANEL THE LAST 8 YEARS!!!???!,

      1. mikea hiooi

        I'm noticing a HUGE shift in fail attitudes. More people are seen LAUGHING at the absurdity of their situation rather than having a cussfest meltdown! So refreshing!

    46. Chatdeaumane

      May 20 not 2020

    47. El Davo


    48. Haikal purnama

      Lalucu pisan

    49. CY Thang

      1st video poor mazda

    50. 33 da Great


    51. Mugumbo Jumbo

      May 2020 first video from 10 years ago 😑

    52. Severus Snape

      The dandelion jokes aren't funny.

    53. Josip Pekić

      6:08 no you don't...

    54. Lucas Roberto Homes Diaz

      They are idiot for doing that

    55. Laurin 1306

      Can you do a one wheel fail please

    56. Эльвира Сагирова

      I swim this may

    57. Jose Tul

      *1:36* Good friends right there.

    58. Matthew W

      Please stop showing videos by nitwits that can't hold their phones correctly.

    59. k98237

      I'm noticing a HUGE shift in fail attitudes. More people are seen LAUGHING at the absurdity of their situation rather than having a cussfest meltdown! So refreshing!

    60. wizardwithguns

      Seen them all b4

    61. LMTR14

      join the failarmy report club! let's take these fuckers down!

    62. CaptainFoufeu

      3:00 How it feels to order from Postmates, Doordash and Uber Eats during COVID-19 lockdown.

    63. Maximum Speed Flying Pony

      Do you know that a TV channel by the name of TBD is using your content in all weekend long Marathon?

    64. NORTH417SIDE

      LMAO, FAILARMY clout chasing 6ix9ine!! 🧐🧐🤫🤫🥳🥳

    65. Stephen Whiting

      Why do we have to be cruel to animals for entertainment. Not funny 😡

    66. Alexander Coburg


    67. Sebas_thefox

      Mmmm took me 3 mins to realize why it said double your fun on the title, 2 videos of the same "type" in a row lol duh

    68. R O

      Muchos vídeos viejos 😒

    69. mem free

      so, new in 2020... that?? ok, just wait

    70. Dima Metlitsky

      Ну какой же это баян..

    71. Bubblez Beano

      Failarmy channel: where it's Groundhog Day every day. Over and over and over and over again.

    72. Tryo707

      I love the broken dogs so much!

    73. Ravenholm

      quarantine activity 10/10

    74. Das Raddiche

      CHEESE CATS FTW!!!! You cant call it animal abuse because they love the cheese.

    75. Batnano

      when you run out of content

    76. Locio8 _br

      4:06 the scene terror movie

    77. Руслан Валиуллин

      Первому видео уже лет 10

    78. Karim Mohamed

      ٢١ رمضان

    79. David Hansen

      The guys throwing eggs at people and stuffing dandelions in peoples mount just prove that being a dick on IRvision is profitable. Doesn't make them, this video, or this channel funny, though.

    80. Michele Walters

      Please do not show people cheese on their cats face. That’s just plain cruel to cats. And the first cat in this clip fell off the counter. Items like that with people doing mean things to animals it’s not funny at all

    81. MrKh4Ot1k

      In case you ever feel worthless or stupid, have a quick look here to boost yourself 😂🤣

    82. Beamij

      4:00 genius

    83. FEELING LIKE G7.

      Friends: *prank~* Me who hate meaningless things: *friendship ends now*

    84. Bryan Padilla

      Fail army failed to pin this

    85. Gaming Entertainment Network

      Such a terrible channel now. Thanks for selling out. Been subbed for 6 years but I'm unsubbing and off to find a better fail channel.

    86. 1000Orgasms

      Recyclage galore.

    87. Anthony W Stanton

      Always love your content!

    88. William Gabriel

      first car was already fucked though

    89. Alfie Liney

      1:21 It looks like the paint weirdly flies away from the door and misses it??

    90. Salvatore_ C

      recicled videos

    91. vashdegun

      Recycled trash

    92. Lecter

      this is why aliens refused to land on earth

    93. Stefano Golondini

      Freshly, freshly

    94. Nishan Mazumder

      triple fun

    95. Mike

      2:09....dead. Perfect timing & that reaction. Priceless.

    96. KosBros

      2:24 virginity lost

    97. Danger Durcan

      2:37 a real friend right there

    98. Kapil Pokhrel


    99. Irritado tá loco