Andy Dalton INJURED (Cheap Shot) vs Washington


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    Cowboys QB Andy Dalton walks to sideline with assistance. Washington LB Jon Bostic ejected.
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    CHEAP SHOT on ANDY Dalton (Video)

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    1. LetsTalkSports

      Such a cheap shot by Bostic. Uncalled for in the game of football. Should be out as long as Dalton is.

      1. Thomas Arrington

        “Criminal action,” “racially motivated.” Are we all thinking about the same event? I think bosic went to hit Dalton and he slid. Hit his helmet.

      2. JY _ Sportscard _ Guy

        @Western Sky that never crossed my mind, but neither do the accusations when they go the other way.

      3. JY _ Sportscard _ Guy

        He was already going down. That was brutal

      4. Richard Naujoks

        @Western Sky Let's be honest here okay. youre either an idiot of epic proportions or a troll.

      5. Richard Naujoks

        @don stroud youre also not allowed to cleanly tackle people on the street....... youre arguing that the violence this game recognizes as ok shouldn't be regarded a criminal offense while the violence it doesnt should be. kinda arbitrary if you ask me, doesnt really add up. Also, if a 3rd string running back or receiver gets hit like that, no one bats an eye. the football community isnt outraged with this hit bc it's unsportsmanlike or doesnt align with the integrity of the game, the filthy rich people that operate the NFL are mad bc they might make a little less money, that's all

    2. Coolhumterboyz4444

      It could have been a mistake, but at the same time, who tackles like that?

    3. Jason Eaton

      Funny as hell.. he's hurt.. screw em QB please

    4. Ezzy Louis

      I don’t think most ppl on these comments ever played defense y’all acting like Dalton slid and Bostic launched at him in the law of physics last time I checked when you’re at full motion it kinda hard to stop 😂 2 he got hit with the shoulder where tf do y’all see helmet to helmet 3 this game soft af bc of fans like y’all 4 in the game of football in practice your goal is to take out who ever tf got the football especially when your team is last in the division 😂

    5. Basketball goat

      I hope he comes back and beats the crap outta him

    6. PTSD Friendly

      Look this is why I STRONGLY believe that QUARTERBACKS SHOULDN'T RUN. I know their football players too yadda yadda but considering their role to the football team they should do their part. I understand if there's an opening and they can take it then hey why not right. This is why not, they are going to get hit like this because even though they are giving up when their sliding. I don't know many football players who can change their momentum once they go in/ down for that hit. Also if the quarterback is sliding and the other player is going for a "hit,", but has tried to change direction his is he to predict where that player is going to land? Quarterbacks just do your JOBS AND THROW THE BALL in my OPINION. ALSO this is not just my opinion because I'm a BENGALS FAN it's mine because it's safer for all QUARTERBACKS LEAGUE WIDE


      how are you not fighting after that

    8. Moon

      but when pretty much the same hit happens to Wentz he was "made of glass" and "took himself out of the game." The hypocrisy in this league is real.

    9. Dan King

      66 needed to be a shamed of himself. Calmly moving past bostic

    10. nimitzopsoi


    11. TheeTy294

      With how everyone's been talking about this, I expected it to be far more egregious...

    12. Jake Lindsay

      Even if it' wasn't a dirty play or cheap shot, it's waaaay more telling to see the Cowboy players do nothing about it.

    13. Tayk1987

      Maybe he'll be better now. He couldn't be worse.

    14. Brody McCanless

      Dallas can't catch a break can't they

    15. Tim K

      Obviously, you can't hit the QB while sliding, but Bostic lunged at the same time Dalton started to slide. He should be fined and maybe suspended a game, but for a bang bang play, I don't consider it dirty when watched in full and real time.

    16. Chris Margadonna

      This looks like the hit on Wentz just from the front something you don’t want to see concessions are no joke.

    17. BruceM95

      Late slide. Clean hit.

    18. DD

      Not watching the games, but saw it in the news... Now what gets me, is, if that was Donovan Mcnabb sliding and Bill Romanowski did a helmet to helmet when the play was over, all the black players would be tweeting how disrespectful it was and how he showed no caution or respect for Dalton's safety... But I've seen none of that here, not even from his own teammates, none who went after the cheap shot artist !!

    19. Mari Prieto

      Does anyone remember last season when the black cat went across the field during the Cowboys vs Giants game?? I think that cursed them...

      1. pullt

        @jimmybobsteve hindsight is always 20/20....23 teams passed on him, so it's not like they were any worse than those folks that draft....

      2. jimmybobsteve

        They hired a dufus for a coach and he hired a dufus for a coordinator.. thats why they suck.. When Mcarthy and Mike Nolan were together in SF as head coach and coordinator they got the first pick overall... and then took Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers.. Jerry screwed up big time and only hired MM because he had beat Dallas a few times in the playoffs..

    20. Juke Joint

      Nothing would justify a cheap shot like that but there was no need for it. The game was out of reach for the Cowboys to come back. There was a reason for the Cowboys to reign retribution on Bostic. A real “Team” takes care of their own...

    21. Dexter Bushrod

      Didn’t slide early enough

    22. Frank Aguirre

      looks like a clean hit to me. Took Jerry Jones' helmet right off

    23. It's Mungo

      Going for the hit is one thing but he was using his body like a missile. He was intending to hurt the guy not tackle.

    24. Jeff W

      Not a cheap shot. That’s football. Every quarterback in the league knows that when he takes off he better protect himself

      1. R49 Y

        Dalton was clearly sliding, it was a dirty cheap shot. Coming from a 49ers fan...

    25. Elijah Real

      As an Eagles fan, I am appalled by the lack of camaraderie by the Cowboys. The whole team should’ve been going after Bostic for that dirty hit. What a shame. If this what the Cowboys have come to, then I can’t view them as a team anymore.

    26. Ron Duncan

      Tough call here. He had already started to use his body to take Dalton down before the slide started, so momentum was there. Dalton got hit with the shoulder, not Bostic's helmet. That said, it was still reckless. Bostic led with his helmet and turned, so he was expecting to hit him.

      1. Ron Duncan

        @XBL YellingZ Look at his right foot at 0:08 He was already falling forward at the same time Andy started his slide. I'm not sure what he could have done with his body at that point to pull off, and since he'd turned his head away from Dalton, he couldn't see to do so anyway.

      2. XBL YellingZ

        He can still pull off for limited contact

      3. Ron Duncan

        @Fran Foley I replayed it multiple times and went frame by frame. He led with the helmet, but it was definitely the shoulder that collided. The only reason I said it was a tough call is that you can treat the QB as a runner until he starts his slide. Bostic had already made his move before the slide begun so he really couldn't pull up. What made it cheap, in my opinion, is that he led with his helmet. If he hadn't, it would have simply been an unfortunate accident.

      4. Fran Foley

        Ron, I’ve argued with my brother for days. He said it was helmet to helmet, I say shoulder to helmet. Either way a cheap shot.

      5. Ron Duncan

        @lil flip Okay... wait for it. You might want to re-read and try again. I said, "Bostic led with his helmet" You said, "He threw himself helmet first" Those two statements AGREE with each other. Oops. Oh, and apparently the people who thumbed up my comment seem inclined to agree with me as well, since they felt inclined to positively acknowledge my point. You might want to try using your brain next time. It's a fantastic tool to prevent you from embarrassing yourself and being an overall failure in life.

    27. Jeffery Chavez

      That’s the kind of hit Romo got but from behind that ended his career. He was sliding like Romo and the defensive guy rode his back to the ground. Dirty

    28. Dustin Hendershot

      Why as a League are we protecting the qb so much when they leave the pocket? What other position is protected like this? It's become a soft sport, to imply that the defender meant to hurt the qb is the bs of this story

    29. Mr.BDDSWC

      Where are the criminal charges? That was intentional. On the street, that's at the very least assault, maybe more....

      1. pullt

        "Implied consent".... By choosing to play the dangerous sport, you consent to being subject to being hit/injured, even when the hit is outside the rules sanctioned in the game. This would never be prosecuted. Obviously, there's limits to that implied consent as well....a cheap shot is legal, but an athlete couldn't get away with something like a baseball player pinning a guy down and smashing his face in with a bat....

    30. 4Junior4real

      All I'm saying is, keep that same energy y'all had for Wentz everytime he got hit dirty

    31. Stephen

      looks clean to me

    32. Dan R.

      Damn nasty hit 🙄

    33. James Holley

      not a cheap shot

    34. The-Schmittee

      Yeah bro that LB needs to be suspended for this season and next. There needs to be deterrence so suspension for an entire year sounds like a good deterrence

    35. Fair Phil

      What a scumbag. Probably beats his girlfriend too.

    36. Z34 Teague

      Boom bostic

    37. Greg Williams

      Everyone calling for his suspension should just chill out. Apparently the cowboys had no problem with the dirty hit so why should we. Who would have thought that random football fans would have more balls than actual cowboys players. Smdh

    38. Greg Williams

      The hit was bad enough. The lack of response by every dallas player was worse. Not one offensive lineman on the field when that happened would be on the team after today. Send a fucking message

    39. Jack Dandridge

      Dirty play,cheap shot, he should be suspended for a week or two. Andy was going down already,why you do him that way.paybacks a bitch and the cowboys suck but they have few players that are beast and they should be reinstated it's going to be interesting to see how many players get hurt on Washington's roster during the 2nd game.

    40. Tony C

      That was dirty as hell, but even worse was not one Cowboys player going after Bostic. That team is in a sad state.

    41. Kurt Faulk

      another lesson for qbs who don't get it. slide a couple of yards before the defender. if you get greedy then you take the chance of getting knocked the f out. why is it always the d player's fault when the qb doesn't slide early enough?

    42. Blue Notes

      I’ve seen much worse every week during the NHL season... Suspending him one game would be suffice... This isn’t FLAG football. GROWN MEN!!

    43. J Nunyabizio

      Holy shit that's a crime

    44. My Ride


    45. Oliver Pavard

      Not cool

    46. Tommy Trask

      The Lidnsay hit was twice as bad but just as dirty. Targeting helmet to helmet. No foul. No ejection. Even less teammate reaction. At least Dalton only caught a shoulder and actually drew a well deserved flag and ejection.

    47. Bobby Walker

      Thats classic Washington

    48. Antdogg566

      Stay in your safe space pocket .... come out in the open and slide into a person making a tackle isn't a cheap shot

    49. Jack Blade

      I thought they weren't supposed to hit the QB when sliding? 🤔

      1. Anissa

        Exactly why it’s a dirty hit. 😕 not cool to see this happen to any player.

    50. D R

      I think Bostic skins face the firing squad

    51. Limahong's Time

      Injury, injury and injury.🤕 In evry NFL games.😭

    52. M

      Notice, not one teammate went after the player.

    53. Sam Turberville

      Those types of hits should be a 25 yard penalty 3 games suspension and a $1 million dollars fine

      1. pullt

        The fine amounts are confined to what is outlined in the collective bargaining it should be. Without that collective bargaining agreement, there's no way any fine could be levied.

      2. Dalton Severn

        Lmfao 1 million

      3. somebody you used to know

        1million? Tf

    54. The Critic

      No team fan here: its been a good season for the cowboys

    55. jake wescoat


    56. You Space

      Why are QBs protected? No seriously

    57. B. Lynch

      The offensive line was really upset with the LB it appeared.

    58. Jeff Ortberg

      Fk the no name team

    59. Ethan Flanagan

      Why didn't any of the player's do anything they we're not even mad ?

      1. Jack Dandridge

        All practice squad players, they dont even know who is on there team.3rd TE. O line is all 2nd and 3rd string.

    60. Shayde Cariaga

      clean hit

    61. Shai Sklar


    62. Cynthia

      No one had Dalton's back...he needs to be on a better team for sure

    63. The Keto Kid

      Dirty as all hell.

    64. Barry Meyer

      If the NFL truly cares about player safety any helmet to helmet hit automatic season suspension and forfeiture of the players salary for the year. That would stop hits like this. However they could care less about player safety.

    65. hs28172019 summ

      He slid to avoid a head-on collision

    66. N0T0RI0US DRUNK

      Not a single pussy ass lineman went in there to throw some blows. They were scared the whole time

    67. Patrick K

      Finally...a replay angle

    68. Jerome Bigby

      You wanna see a dead body ☠️

    69. kako kako

      hey i really love you content and want to talk sports with me on instagram @imalexkako...thanks

    70. Norman Steeves Jr

      The last thing I am is a Cowboys fan, but that was a cheap shot with a Capitol Cheap

    71. chris scorpio

      He valued that yard more than his health. Get down earlier

      1. Sanchez 1559

        Don't matter your not supposed to tackle someone trying to slide cheap shot

      2. J. Vega

        Cheap shot either way. He was going down

    72. Skip Garcia

      Let me guess Cowboys fans complaining. Smh🙄

    73. Skip Garcia

      He launched low before he slid to hit him low when he slid late it was to late for boom bostic to pull up. Therefore Dalton sliding late getting low caused the helmet to helmet collision. Real football 80s,90s players made a living on it.

      1. jcp 21

        Boom Bostic 💥

    74. Addy stevenson

      What is with the cowboys and getting injured. Jarwin is out dak, now dalton. This makes me so sad. He knows what he did and he meant to do it. Get better 🤍😓

    75. Jessica Walker

      Just disgusting and criminal...regardless of the repercussions of NFL and Washington franchise this on his Karma bank account books forever...

    76. cowboyfan1214

      How about suspending Bostic for the rest of the season along with a hefty fine!

    77. Bindair Dundat

      Red Rocket got his dome rocked. Serves him right for slobbing on Jerry’s knob and playing for the Cowgirls.

    78. Dan Broom

      Is Gregg Williams coaching the DC team?

    79. Chicano Powers

      That looks really bad, however it does look like he was already positioning himself for a tackle when Dalton slid toward Bostic.

    80. Nolan Frazelle

      How is no one throwing hands with that LB, idgaf about no size you hit anybody on my team that’s hands

    81. Bumble Bee


    82. Thomas Nickerson

      The fact that not a single player on the cowboys stuck up for this man shows the state of mind this team as come to

      1. John Miller

        There wasn't a brawl because the Dallas players felt, probably rightly, that they'd lose that too. Heard someone say the other day that watching the Cowboys had become a chore, and I mostly agree, but the difference is that after you finish chores, you at least feel like you've actually accomplished something. But yeah, nobody sticking up for Dalton is disheartening

      2. Sondra Sondra

        @Jack Dandridge lol........oh shit, your serious?

      3. Cory Gordon

        That's crazy the offensive line should be at his neck...dirty hit smh get well red rifle

      4. Jack Dandridge

        @Sondra Sondra the owners fine he just needs to give up the GM position does someone not named Jones

      5. Sondra Sondra

        @Jack Dandridge start with the owner if you want progress.

    83. Jahminski831 Michael Vienola

      Thx for showing the play. Did you notice that after it happened they showed 1 replay and never talked about it or show it again. BS! Disrespectful to AD!!! Bostic needs a nice 4 game suspension!

      1. Jahminski831 Michael Vienola


      2. jcp 21

        They replayed it like 5 times in like 3 different angles

      3. Addy stevenson

        @Jahminski831 Michael Vienola More than that. That was a dirty git

    84. dustin sanders

      That's criminal. That's not football.

    85. mark goodwin

      Cheap. Thats a qb. If he was still running you wouldn't try and tackle like that.

    86. Wilhelm Friedrich I

      Dirty hit. Already up

    87. MotorCityGAMING

      Teammates didn't even stick up for Dalton! Should've been fighting Bostick after that!

      1. J Nunyabizio

        Maurkice pouncey took a 2 game suspension last year and later said it was worth it

      2. jcp 21

        They didn't stick up for Dalton cause they know it's not Flag Football lol

      3. Donavin Sanchez

        This soft ass team is sad to watch it that’s my QB I’m throwing hands with Bostick

    88. Timothy Fisher

      I'll be surprised if Hes not suspended for the rest of the season..

    89. Shoff 29

      Was he ejected? Suspended? Should be

      1. Blax CiGaM

        He'll be suspended a few games for sure

      2. Kdkf Huh

        @John Gannon naw

      3. John Gannon

        Nolan Jensen should suspended too, tf

      4. Nolan Jensen


    90. m k

      Another Vonatze Burfict, total piece of shit. I would love to see defensive players play offense and try to make plays with zero protection from a cheap shot.

    91. Mark Howard

      Outside the stadium he would get 5 years in jail for that assault. National Felon's League!!!!!!

      1. Gabriel Miller

        No he wouldn’t . People playing recreational football and getting hurt ? No he would not get any charges at all . The cops would deem it an accident Bc he likely wouldn’t of been wearing a helmet unless you mean college football.

      2. Jay mice

        Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

      3. Khoi Cao

        Yes, because outside the stadium they're not playing football. Its football you're gonna get hit.

    92. Donald Lee


    93. SHY Vs DILLY


    94. Andre Khachatryan

      its almsot like bostic didnt know he wasn't allowed to hit dalton when sliding smh

    95. Andrew Trolling

      what a trash ass hit

    96. Amy

      That was disgusting get this guy a big fine and a suspension 🤮🤮🤮

    97. xXSyKoBloodXx

      As bad as this was, this is a blessing for the Cowboys. Now they can realize they need to trade for Winston or Fitzpatrick

      1. Joshua Escamilla

        This is no blessing the fact you don't care enough to wish him well is stupid and plus it isn't the quarterbacks fault it's the whole offensive line that can't block

      2. Francisco Munoz

        I’d rather get Kellen more out of the coaching job than to take them two bums

      3. oreo

        no qb can survive with that o line

    98. Kameran Taylor

      Fuck That is the season ending play right there

    99. Matt T

      Man I love it when they lay the lumber on a QB as much as the next guy, and I have no love for Dallas - but that was just nasty. He was giving himself up.

    100. unbroken1010

      14 and 52 full blown gematria in effect