Why Do Electric Plugs Have Holes? Answered

Silver Cymbal

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    Why do electric plugs have holes? You have seen them for years but what do they do? Stop believing the myths & learn what they do for yourself. After receiving multiple comments asking me to answer this question I hope you enjoy this video.
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    1. Silver Cymbal

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      1. Gary Grieve

        @Richard Wolfe koi koi

      2. Jessie

        Its there to have a Tighter fit in the plug... if it wasnt there it would just slide out with ease!!! Thats why the holes are there.. Sounds Dumb, punching a hole through it bends the metal so it locks in the plug.

      3. L.Pasteur

        @Víðarr Kerr - From what I understood from the video, the holes themselves were a derivation of the small indentations from the original design by Hubbell. Other companies worked around Hubbell's design with the holes so they wouldn't have to pay Hubbell for his work. Both the small indents and the holes were there to secure the plug into the outlet so it wouldn't pull out easily. Modern day outlets, however, don't have any internal design that utilizes the holes in plugs to secure them in place. The holes are in fact obsolete or serve no purpose but we continue to use them because that's what people are conditioned to see. The prongs of plugs could be completely solid (no holes) and they would work just fine.

      4. Víðarr Kerr

        So, what were they for???????

      5. Daniel

        You meant "indentation". There's no such thing as an "indention".

    2. Marc Field

      So basically you just took a 3 minute video to say "If it ain't broke don't fix it."

    3. native pride

      So why do they have holes

    4. island mike rood

      Wrong..its just to save on metal..


      Yes way jous.

    6. michael hompus

      Did I miss it? After watching your video I still don't know where the holes come from or what their purpose is.

    7. cole younger

      It's actually used in the manufacturing process it makes them easier to test

    8. Zack Jandali

      So weird! I thought about this the other day and then found this while *searching* (not the IRvision algorithm) for another video 😳🤯

    9. Old Geordie Geezer

      Despite your global survey - looking at a few sockets - most older socket designs included either a spring loaded ball bearing or a bump on the socket's wiper blades which enabled the hole in the plug to "click" into place, making it more difficult for the plug to fall out. While it is not "required" according to NEMA, it does state that if it is there it must be a certain size and in a certain place. It is therefore logical that while the hole is not a requirement it was at some time at least an "option". Before standardisation as we know it patent apps included the hole as a method of retaining the plug in the socket. When NEMA came along and started telling everyone how things should be done they had to cater for a large number of designs that were already out there - hence the line stating that if you put the hole in it should be this big and here. Do you really think that companies like Apple and Samsung would got through the hassle of putting holes in their adapter blades if there was no reason for it? This reinforces the age-old maxim "Just because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist".

    10. matthew schreiner

      So we do not confuse it with the Chinese plug

    11. Old Geordie Geezer


    12. Amir Loren

      Wow imagine thinking you were actually gonna learn something.

    13. Michel uwu

      This was insane

    14. Jason C.

      They act as a catch so the plug cannot fall out. It’s friction/press Not Mechanical. The hole is round Not square because it’s easier to drill out a round hole than to punch out a square hole.

    15. MarsFKA

      There you go - three minutes and sixteen seconds of utterly useless information. You learn something new every day.

    16. Rad Thadd

      So basically it's there because "We live in a society..."

    17. David Clawson

      The answer: ease of manufacturing. The holes help the prongs stay in the molding and wiring fixtures while they're being made.

      1. Ken Wittlief

        correct! why did this guy make a video and post it on youtube when he did not know the correct answer? oh wait... that is what youtube is for

    18. The Legend

      Why do electric plugs have holes? The answer will SHOCK you (get the joke hehe)

    19. Philippe Guo


    20. Tai Mai Shu

      Holes holes holes holes holes holes holes holes holes holes holes holes

    21. Barry Kratzer

      You still didn't actually pinpoint what the holes are for.

    22. betwixt2worlds

      Lazy manufacturing, could have saved me some life minutes here

    23. Mark Kohl

      When you buy a lamp there is a plastic wire tie going through those two holes with a warning lable attached. So that is what the holes are used for.

    24. Dave Kozicki

      Very informative, thumbs up. But quit saying actually so much. It is an overused "filler" word. If you remove it from a sentence, and the sentence has the same meaning, there is the proof.

    25. robert mccully

      Those holes are for the flux capacitors negative ions.

    26. james cisneros

      Excellent work. I watched twice. Good editing & very informative.

    27. K W

      They are there so you can ground your kids by locking up their video games and other electronics.🤷‍♀️

    28. David Bronstein

      That's great, but I live in Australia and we don't have holes in our plugs, so that was kinda redundant for me.

    29. Ray S.

      I have a pull down cord reel that has an outlet on the end, It has a locking outlet, so that it can't come unplugged. you have to press a button on the outlet for it to release what is plugged into it. ( If the plug has the holes in it )

    30. Will O' Man

      Huh? The hole is drilled out, no? So companies wouldnt have to "add" the material back in. It would technically be one less step in the process to leave the prongs solid throughout. Less machines, time, and probably saves money. And im pretty sure (nowadays) the holes are used to connect/extend wires without having to cut and splice a perfectly good cord. They used to be for pressure fittings to hold the plug in the socket but modern socket designs have made it unnecessary

    31. Chris Tollefson

      You can buy extension cords that take advantage of those hole to hold the plug in. They have a little release button on the female connector to release

    32. Turkey Bowlwinkle

      I'm gonna fill those holes and see what hap

    33. ProfessorElb

      Tldr; the same reason we still do circumcision

    34. DarkSerge34

      That hitachi wand...

    35. John Lawrence

      Okay then , he still didn’t answer the question why are they there

    36. Vincent van go


    37. Joe

      I wish outlets would have a click into place and you'd have to press an eject button to remove them, that would save many people from accidentally unplugging it, and it would put the stress on the pegs going through the connector, not the friction-fit connectors, and they'll be less likely to loosen over time.

    38. Michael Carmean

      Do Nothing Holes ✅ Got It

    39. Lg G2

      45,000 Likes... for a couple of holes. Lol, nice.

    40. qwertiedota

      So you can make one more for every 5 holes you didn't fill up. And 6 is greater than 5.

    41. That Guy

      The Algorithm Brought me here....

    42. Samuestos

      I’ve got a high quality modern extension cord with a button to lock and unlock plugs by use of those holes, but crappy plugs get stuck in there because they are putting those holes on without any intended purpose.

    43. citationau

      Whats the device at 2.04?

    44. Jim Conway

      The holes let the electricity get in.

    45. DoctorDothraki

      Long ago (around 2007 or something back when IRvision video responses were still a thing), I saw a fake tutorial saying that you could power a TV off a AA or AAA battery. The method was to use RCA jacks in the power plug holes and the other ends using a battery. Something like that. Of course, people tried this and it didn't work, including someone using a video response.

    46. Krankie V

      Where I work, we have this old extension cord which has a lever you can flip which locks the plug into the cord so it can't fall out. I'm sure it utilizes those holes for that purpose. I wish this feature were present on more extension cords!

    47. WFY Murda

      I never wondered that un til I saw this video lol

    48. Eric Nata

      Why do 🔌 have holes? The same reason that humans have holes on their behind.

    49. h4u5er

      Well that was stupid... additional process in manufacturing without any good reason

    50. D VK

      I use extension cord that can be locked with plugged-in electrical accessories, the lock`s mechanism use this holes for safety and will avoid unwanted unplug! You can type in google search : "Plug locker Heavy-Duty Extension Cord".

    51. The Beast

      It reduces sparks on contact from being seen as much..

    52. Hophead

      I was looking at some extension plugs. On one older one, the holes are on the inside only of each leg and on another, the opposite, holes on the outside only. Both have legs that are folded over and the hole is on one side only. The 3rd has solid legs without any holes.

    53. Kushana Bowala

      I dont think they drill a hole they already have it in the mold

    54. Michael Ellsworth

      Personally, I would prefer if they reinstalled to latching mechanism in the outlets... my chargers unplug WAY too easily and often... LoL

    55. Art by Atlas

      Honestly I liked the first answer about needing a standardized plug, so I’ll go with that one 😂

    56. Richard Iredale

      First of all, no such word as "indention." You were probably thinking of "indentation." Secondly, the holes were used in the early days to help remove any corrosion on the socket contacts as the plug would be inserted and removed.

      1. Silver Cymbal

        The original patent documents clearly describe the holes as the retention mechanism the corrosion ability is a myth with no documentation supporting this.

    57. rlitz99

      It's interesting that the holes were originally used to keep the plug from falling out. The real question then is when and why did the manufacturers stop making sockets to take advantage of that design feature?

      1. Silver Cymbal

        That's the question I spent hours on. I believe it ended around the 50s, I could not find any example outlets after that with the prongs in use and because so many companies made outlet it varied per brand so one brand may have kept it going longer. The standard itself never actually changed and since they weren't required they likely just stopped using them.

    58. jonnyboat2

      I kinda remember when I was a kid in the late 60’s and 70’s having trouble pulling plugs out of the sockets. Maybe those holes were doing their job.

    59. David Sharpe


      1. Silver Cymbal

        The UK plugs were so far ahead of their time when they were created. They are excellent.

    60. Random Spectator

      0:19 I didn't know the Italians made a mjolnir

    61. zurdo

      typical USA design stupidity. You wanna see REAL STUPID ? look at product packaging in USA products. Food products packaging to be exact. Ever tried to open a food product package? Go ahead and try.

    62. rj hinde

      Wow, that's a modern socket / wall receptacle? Ugh...

    63. R Wright

      I never knew it !

    64. Zero

      The American plug is shit anyway. The European plug and socket are the best and safest. ------------ Change my mind.

    65. Gamer KING!!!

      U got the reason in 0:50 when u showed the plug u over pushed it and u just got blind or idk there is a little bend fot it ... thats the 1st reason :)

      1. Silver Cymbal

        Look carefully the holes are chamfered and offer no resistance to the prongs. The original plug patent included actual points that settled into the holes. Those have not existed since at least the 60s

    66. MrChowhua

      Nope, I never wondered why electric plugs have holes.

    67. rock star2345

      I return appliances that don't have holes

    68. Kevin Wotipka

      And it's still a terrible and dangerous design.

    69. Braeburn Hilliard's Channel

      Actually, there are some extension cords that use a locking female end. I've seen it several times as a commercial electrician. Certain drop course utilize those holes and when you plug it into a locking extension cord it does not allow the end to be pulled out accidentally. You have to pull back a release collar to be able to unplug your device.

    70. Teodoro Julao

      lock out tag out loto.,. hahahaha

    71. Some Guy

      As a European, I don't care that much

    72. TheRulerofEarth

      On some level i knew this, but didn't want to admit it.

    73. Rick James

      It really is obvious when they're missing. Not sure why, but it's unsettling seeing no holes.

    74. Medic_Gaming 45

      If theres a hole theres a way

    75. zz1956 zz1959


    76. sevin furly

      With those holes you save so much steel in big production line

    77. onecrazywheel

      Open up a Hospital Grade outlet. It does incorporate the holes for retention purposes

      1. Silver Cymbal

        I have opened several and none of them utilize the holes. Hospital outlets are under UL 498 and if you review this document, this is not required there either.

    78. Damon Thomas

      Most plugs have holes in both prongs, but the plug on my electric golf cart only has a hole in one.

    79. Letrixo

      Europeans: *what?*

    80. Lamtitude

      So wtf are the holes for, dick? You can’t make a video like that and just leave us hanging.

    81. Peter Epp

      “Indentions”? Is that like an intention to make a hole? Or did you mean indentations?

    82. josh ice

      Probably won't see this but great vid bro I dont know have I have never seen u before

    83. matyrdoomツ

      Yeah probably because of design to help electricity to get in

    84. joffaute

      After all that you didn’t tell us the reason

      1. Silver Cymbal

        The holes replaced the indentations that Hubell had originally used in early outlets to hold the plug in position 1:00 - what they became later is explained further in the video. Hope this is helpful.

    85. Pouring Kahuna

      Some extension cords have a locking mechanism in them to go into those holes so when you move the cord stays plugged

    86. rigomortisfxstudios

      some do not have them made now

    87. FireTech

      2:03 nobody actually going to talk about that lol

    88. henrysmooth

      Convient tho if You wanted to twist wires to them or connect terminals (not advised but could be done)

    89. Ararya Arkananta

      Laugh in asia

    90. Morey Monroe

      Am I the only one to catch the humor at 2:03

    91. nick fatsis

      I wonder how many countries don't have those holes? We don't in Australia.

    92. Ho Renomo

      “Fast-forward to day?” “Indentions?” Are you not a native English speaker?

      1. Silver Cymbal

        Correct, I am from New Jersey

    93. James Belcher

      Less material saves money when 400 million units are made with a penny of metal saved each is still 4 million dollars...

    94. Mark Wainwright

      I just feel bad for the person who wants to use the vibrator but can't because this guy locked it...

    95. Adeyemo Francis

      Thoughts in the shower be like:

    96. Jeffro451 !

      “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

    97. formertech

      I would guess that the holes are most often there because while modern outlets don't really require them, a lot of older outlets (which you WILL still find in a lot of houses) still need them.

    98. KameraShy

      "We've always done it that way." Reason enough.

    99. VGofRI

      They are used to dissipate heat.

    100. Daniel Bingamon

      The holes are useful if you are connecting a cord to a "wall wart" transformer inside a chassis. You can run the wires through the hole and solder them in place.