2021 Tesla Model S Refresh Reaction!

Marques Brownlee

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    Honest thoughts on a LOT of new stuff, and why I won't be ordering a Plaid Model S 👀
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    1. Cord Kretzschmar

      I think we are reaching a Point where more acceleration became dangoures. More than 1 g is an issue. It is fun until the first Baby is killed by broken neck, behause of doing 0-60 in 1,99s. Or your daughter is loosing her Eye, because you forgott a penciel became an arrow, just flying into the back.

    2. Alex Perez

      As someone who has to use hand controls to drive I have to spend some time studying how I could use the steering wheel lol

    3. Mark Kelder

      i wouldnt set too much stock in the steering wheel that is pictured, pretty much every concept car for the last 20 years has come out with a yoke steering wheel - yet i have never seen it come into any production car. even the original design of the cyber truck had one but was on the list of features that had to change before it would pass road registration.

    4. gaming0rhino

      The car is not for you buddy

    5. Luis Mercado

      I see steering wheel turn knobs coming back :-)

    6. Mrorangechair32 yee

      Imagine getting Gamepass on a Tesla 😭

    7. Terence Jones

      That steering wheel !?!??? NOPE !!

    8. Lochlan Hughes

      Looks bad. I want buttons, I want stalks, I want a gear selector. I want all those things until the car can drive itself fully.

    9. Fourgore0

      my '88 f250 dock truck will always be more reliable than this smartphone with wheels.

    10. C D

      Id rather have a full steering when, if im not mistaken formula 1 cars also have different ratios for steering. And drive selection as a button or shifter would be better im very not interested in having to open the screen each time i wanna go in reverse

    11. CS_FL

      The steering wheel is one issue. the other is how much time your eyes AREN'T on the road when you are looking at the touch screen.. Auto steering helps that, but doesn't FEEL as safe as me running it. Probably IS, but it doesn't feel good.

    12. Ragnaroks Den

      the tilt screen thing at 6:40 kicks in when you go into space ship mode and turn left or right while flying

    13. Oren Herbert

      After been poor for seven years and suffered 😭,I finally get in touch with *hackpinky* on Instagram he changed my life from grass to grace,then I was able to buy this car...it really awesome using it with my family...

    14. Oren Herbert

      After been poor for seven years and suffered 😭,I finally get in touch with *hackpinky* on Instagram he changed my life from grass to grace,then I was able to buy this car...it really awesome using it with my family...

    15. Oren Herbert

      After been poor for seven years and suffered 😭,I finally get in touch with *hackpinky* on Instagram he changed my life from grass to grace,then I was able to buy this car...it really awesome using it with my family...

    16. ogz stn

      I don’t love it, I don’t hate it but would never buy it.

    17. ogz stn

      They shouldn’t have removed the drive selector. I can imagine loads of times it won’t work

    18. Adstral

      I dont know how i feel about that wheel

    19. h v

      You didnt even drive in it ...

    20. TeeFunkable

      I once had a car as loaner where the owner had installed an F1'esque "yoke." So glad I never have to do that. Sure, one can drive using that. It's just a lot worse than a wheel and looks really stupid. For me, the main thing that the model X brought to the table is that it had a somewhat functional interior. It would seem that's not the case anymore.

    21. Roman Huhn

      active noise cancelation is standard at mercedes since the 223

    22. Yellow Cracker

      Me: Imma go reverse and turn, I left ma purse at home. Tesla: Nah... not today Sir!!!……

    23. There's No I

      this is my friend elon, he's cracked at engineering my guy

    24. Endless space.

      i would of loved to see more of the interior other than the front dash only.

    25. JustinHit

      I like that part where Marques drives the car.

    26. yusra jamshed

      lmao in the us its 134k for plaid+ here in canada the plaid+ is 200k i dont think 134k usd is 200kcad

    27. Silva Hawk

      2025 Tesla model S: remove the brake pedal. AI will determine when you think you want to brake 😏

    28. Jon Eckendorf

      Is the Plaid version a reference to Space Balls?

    29. smithy george

      This car is the road to loosing your right to freely drive. Don't be fool'd by the tec. In the end it's all about control. Be a good little citizen and obey.

    30. SS S

      100k for one of these is a massive bargain

    31. Sasha Yav

      The ergonomics of this car look terrible.

    32. proCanes

      Love how you can easily see the awful build quality of a Tesla from your video. Maybe they should figure out to properly install door seals...

    33. SmoothieGuy

      Wow i think this car is really cool 😎

    34. nahyan86

      The steering wheel is no good.

      1. Cifortio

        Yeah it's pretty ugly :/ But i guess you'll get used to it tho

    35. NightCoder

      Tesla, please give us a touch-screen accelerator and brake pedals! I just really want to short your over-hyped stock.

    36. Colin

      I hate the idea of not manually selecting the drive gears. That makes no sense to me.

    37. Colin

      I don’t like the new steering wheel unless it’s only 360 degree rotation from full left and right lock

    38. Colin

      The Model S looks way too much like a Jetta in my opinion.

    39. Artan Filani

      chrome definately looked better.

    40. Waka Maka

      active noise cancelling in cars isn't new. but tesla is probably going to have the best execution of it given their 22 speaker array and software flair. If Tesla is going for the aviation theme then redundancy is something they should carry along with the design language and jargon.

    41. uzziman9659

      Imagine doing a 3 point turn for the first time 😬

    42. James Ford

      Electric cars gives cancer bro!!!

    43. Jami

      Great video! I'm okay with the idea of the yoke steering wheel, but the idea of no shifting scares me.


      2 seconds it’s insane!!!!!


      I don’t have to slow but I’m watching this video and quality Unfucking believable of the video

    46. TTVBL4ZE FN

      Gonna go cop this car rn

    47. Wilson Eng

      Might as well drive a new Model X. 💪💪💪

    48. Gabriel Constanza

      i may be wrong but i though the yoke steering wheen was illegal in the US, or at least most states.

    49. Commander Roddi

      No F-ing car will "guess" my gear.... Yeah, its only forward, back, or park, but... NO F-ing way! (if not, watch videos of Tesla autopilot fails, and notice quite a few of them aren't that old). I like slates, but No. if this is that way Most Teslas go in Future, something lik ehte VW ID4 or Mustang MachE are starting to look VERY good! (especially the ID4)

    50. BigBoss7777777

      Thumbs down for the clickbait. You made it out like you actually had the car.

    51. chef leon YT

      this is boutta be like irobot

    52. josh cruwys

      Elon talked about the car guessing what direction you want to go on Joe Rogan.

    53. Amir Ismail

      Can imagine if tesla roadster is out in production. How fast it could be

    54. shaesham

      Y'all....don't buy Tesla stock.

    55. Adriana Rodiguez

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    56. shaesham

      Absolutely rediculous steering wheel. Terrible. Tesla are clowns in some respects.

    57. Kepe

      I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that the yoke steering wheel is optional and you can get a regular round wheel if you want to. Also, at least in Europe the yoke is legal since there is no law or regulation on what shape a steering wheel should be.

    58. Carl Thomas

      TBH I think they are just going over board with minimalism. There are fundamental reasons we have buttons and sticks in cars. Some of it is part of tactile feedback you need as a driver to cognitive feel confident in what you are doing. The whole movement away from that has made it difficult to really feel comfortable with buying a newer version of tesla... but just MHO

    59. Jeremy Delgado

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    60. Flo Studios

      The active noise cancellation in the cabin isn't new. My 2015 Accord has an always running ANC that is meant to reduce engine noise. I couldn't tell you how much it helps but it's definitely a quiet ride.

    61. beastmaster

      hey mind sending me it? i want lol

    62. Oleh Pukalo

      Who needs a PS5 when you can game in your car for 100K? How many shares of GME is that?

    63. Abdul Rehman

      Cop: Sir, put the car on park. Driver: Sorry officer but the car said "No"

      1. Aman Ashraf


    64. Douglass Garvey

      Your honor it wasn't my fault, my car thought I wanted to reverse based on its surroundings 😂

    65. Boyan Cheyka

      That car will be drivable only with the Neuralink chip installed...

    66. Caleb Blickensderfer

      Honestly I'd wait at least 6 months after a new tesla releases at this point to let them get the bugs fixed, but that's probably just me

    67. Yo Acasia

      I love the steering wheel actually

      1. Yo Acasia

        I do think they should have options tho

    68. Randell Hendley

      I love Tesla, but that interior on that new Mercedes makes this new interior look super outdated. It's time for a completely new exterior and interior for 2023.

    69. Zeky Murra

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    70. CaparoniGaming

      Men drive manual cars only 😎

    71. Lucky Albanotti

      Me: I want to go on reverse! Tesla: I don't think so!

    72. Wallahi Wr3

      Can u plz review the new Audi rs

    73. Sanjay Khushalani

      Driver: How do I reverse? Tesla: Shut the F up and let me drive

    74. Erick Rojo Lopez

      The screen pops out like Michael Scott's flat screen TV. Haha

    75. Josh Bouwkamp

      yea.. hard pass on that thing

    76. Lotto Boy

      Drive it dude!

    77. Brian Cunningham

      The Plaid+ is sick, but I'm with you, waiting for the Roadster!

    78. _Charcle _

      honestly at this point 1.9 seconds doesnt even sound fun, it would probably just be painful

    79. Chris George

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    81. Cal McCarthy

      Show us a video of you driving the new Model S!!!!

    82. Jeremy Wright

      I'm 100% about utility and could honestly could not care less about the looks. I ordered a tri-motor cybertruck after the reveal. THAT is the car I wan't because it's made of stainless steel, it can tow, it has a massive range, it can carry 6 people and it can carry a lot of stuff if I want to go in a trip with it. That is the perfect car in my mind.

    83. Avil Georgescu

      great video

    84. bhsr tkm

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    85. Abdullah Tayseer

      I like the feeling when the steering wheel rubs between my palms after I made a turn.

    86. Disgrace

      I ma getting this car babe

    87. akyhne

      So what happened to lower prices?

    88. JaiiDee Official

      Lmfao this was funny but informing 😂😂😂

    89. R B

      we’re you wearing a seatbelt in a fake car chair?

    90. M Ibrahim

      Very ugly design , I would certainly go for one of the new Mercedes Benz electric range. They look beautiful just as usual. This Tesla thing doesn’t look luxury, doesn’t look premium it simply look like a Toyota or one of those Japanese cars.

    91. Tyler A


    92. Ayva Holland

      Tesla is not the first company to use active noise cancellation. Mercedes has been using it for years. Jaguar, Ford, even Honda has it too on some models

    93. Hunterrr19

      Plot twist: Apple makes Tesla's

    94. Ayush

      11:40 This one didn't age well chief!

    95. Hesky Ji

      All the buttons on the wheel so driver never need to get their hand off the wheel? Really? Isn’t Tesla aimed to auto pilot and hands OFF the wheel, right?

    96. korrick green

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    97. Sandy Dillard

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    98. ozan Diken

      Dude did you buy bitcoin ?

    99. Wald Meister

      Sorry but you are commenting without testing the real car. This is meaningless and that does not contain any information

    100. Connolly Alon

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