Don't Be Scared: Fails of the Week


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    It's time for The Fails of the Week! This week we have an easily scared coworker, a very excited dog, and more!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 2 ماه


    1. Galang

      4:13 55555

    2. ToP FuN VideoS


    3. Havoc Actual

      Was that chick “testing” the paint by huffing it?!?! 😂😂😂

    4. Алексей Ломаев

      Every man filming portrait videos should be shot

    5. Dani Iliesi

      Poor cat, fkn spiderman suit?! For real? He wears the most gorgeous supersuit and you put him spiderman? And make him fall.

    6. matthew harvey

      guy at 5:48 shoulda been wearing his damn seatbelt, wouldn't have been sat on the dash after a brake check

    7. The Plague Road

      Retarded people talking to their animals and expecting them to talk back.

    8. Darvin Black

      5:09 that dude 1) overtightened his wheels 2) was trying to break them loose while the car was jacked 3) was using basically a spanner wrench 4) was making extra leverage which is strictly forbidden exactly for this reason. How did he even get the car in the first place?

    9. Jorge Ramirez

      What’s up with the music at the end now

    10. Ferry

      4:02 good luck walking after that lol

    11. Günter Retnügg

      Only fkn morons putting animals clothes on.

    12. Mark Sixsmith

      Halfway through I gave up - most of this is nowhere near funny.

    13. Guy Beltz

      The 3 screen split does not make your vids better, only harder to watch.

    14. Raptor Jesus

      5:04 i was cringing thinking he was about to bust his knuckles!

    15. ralphbenjamin4


    16. 1 l

      Started straight up the 🐱🤣😂

    17. Patrick Ryan

      0:48 That dude from the thumbnail. The way his friend scares him is hilarious AF..

      1. Daniel Wilson

        I thought I was going to die when he did it

    18. David Murphy

      Seriously why propose within 5 foot of water😂

    19. Jane Doe

      How was the last one a fail??

    20. Riker Montgomery


    21. breathe and squeeze

      4:02 she ripped her cuzif.

    22. Aeryn Boyer

      First clip and it's already a visit to the Crunchy Taco.

    23. Lyndon Kinley

      cat is spiderman costume at :30 seconds is animal abuse - clearly it couldn't move safely and fell without being able to protect itself. Please don't post or like videos in which animals are hurt by people.

    24. juan ariza


    25. TimesNewLogan

      So, so glad you guys are doing Fails of the Week again!

    26. Kelsea Nova

      5:01 is that how it's normally done?

    27. EszterC

      5:58 the squats the dude is doing are a fail in themselves. The ball only comes on top of that.

    28. Eskimos 69

      For recording vertically with a smartphone there should be the death penalty.

    29. Hamish Edser

      What’s with the music that always plays through the last half of every video?? Is it necessary?

    30. EnoughSaidOfficial

      last one was not a fail, title saiys fail only

    31. Dashaman Stevo

      Trick shot at 2:17 was no fail, that was a win...a huuuuuge win!

    32. Misfit 636

      Right in the lady wood🤣🤣

    33. Emma Sanford

      This is why maybe either you plan a small wedding, NOT get a 10 top high wedding cake, or just get a simple 2 or 3 high top cake, or pop the champagne on another table.

    34. Gyufikaaa

      5:12 Wasted... :D

    35. Artem Bychkov

      oh, these musical inserts, just like in the humorous shows of the 90s. like I'm small again. thought it had become bad form back then.

    36. Bradley Smith

      Break check midget is the funniest!

    37. Hyoudou Issei

      6:43 lmao best part

    38. 2C

      Backfired! LMAO.

    39. Boreal Bricks

      4:08 thought that was the beginning of tricky

    40. Boreal Bricks

      That four wheeler looks so fun to me, in the mud getting messy in a forest, not caring about life at the moment.

    41. Roo Hamm

      Spray painting is a terror for sure-🤭🤭

    42. bushweednever

      the little dude break check was on another level 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. fishy z

      The guy the broke the wrench..i know his pain..i snapped a 180lb breaker bar on a brake caliper slide bolt..this is what happens when people just blast it down with an impact wrench..the bolt i broke on was only supossed to be like 15ft\lbs

    44. Zero Subs

      So Fail Army has become one of those chanels who put anoying music by the end. What a bunch of idiots.

    45. Josh Creator GALAXY

      1:22 GASP!!! THE CAKE!!!!🎂🍰😱😭❤️ 🥀

    46. stan_sprinkle

      What I realize watching these is a lot of people have dirty ass houses

    47. Cyber Surfer 3D

      5:30 gross.. I hope they don’t pull stunts like that at Pizza Hut. I like my pizza without greasy hat hair thanks

    48. Cyber Surfer 3D

      4:07 what the heck is that grandma doing bombing hills!? Her grand kids just watch and laugh. That’s so messed up

    49. Cyber Surfer 3D

      I’m wondering when all these vids were recorded. I only saw 1 person with a mask

      1. Everyday Fun

        could be regurgitated content? have a wonderful day!

    50. Tristan Baldwin

      Yeah that spray paint can backfired, literally

      1. Everyday Fun

        yes it did. have a good one!

    51. Lars Becker

      4:51 Even if no one understands this quote, i have to write it down: Röhrich. Das reißt ab.

      1. TimesNewLogan

        Today, I discovered "Werner - Beinhart!" I also found what sounds like a German with an Irish accent.

      2. Heinz Entertainments

        Sach nix Hübbi. Hübbi, sach nix.

      3. Yani spielt

        "Sabbel nich dat geiht!"

    52. Sandra 02all

      2:24 2:36

    53. MCM

      3:29 fake af lady fronting for Facebook

    54. TDale Martin

      4:22 --- pretty sure I saw these tiny ring--size life jackets on amazon.

    55. juna wood

      spray painting without safety glasses and mask...karma

      1. Everyday Fun

        yup! really asking for it! have a good day!

    56. SuperTime2Change

      Stop. With. The. Music. Holy. F. It's as bad as ATOMS.

    57. Freedom Rings

      PEOPLE please stop putting clothes on your ANIMALS, you are HURTING them .

    58. Tilo Eulenspiegel

      This bottlefuck at the beginning was very impressiv.

    59. Kristopher Ryan

      5:48. Mini Dr.Dre deserved that

    60. Srdjan Vukovic

      It's 2020 and people are only worse in recording a horizontal video.

      1. Everyday Fun

        it is an injustice haha. pet peeve of my! have a good day!


      2:36 When you reached home and your number 2 are coming in hard. We all know that pain well.

    62. I know Nothing

      These aren’t even funny anymore

    63. Steven Orbeck

      That wedding cake looked expensive but if it hadnt toppled over no one would remember it. LOL

      1. Eskimos 69

        For recording vertically with a smartphone there should be the death penalty.

      2. FailArmy

        haha you are right about that!

      3. Everyday Fun

        right! burned in the brain now haha! enjoy your day!

    64. heaintloveu

      0:58 Obama no!!!

    65. Milkbox Lofi

      2:16 that was a cool trick shot tho

      1. Raphaël Dang

        Thanks that's me 🤟

    66. Milos Popovic

      5:12 "Ta jebem mu mater" all ex Yugoslavia people understand :D

    67. Darktower52082

      Around 1:10 Wedding cake is the best thing in the universe. He wouldn't have made it out of the parking lot alive.

    68. LucasGamin

      I feel bad for the pepole who where in this and its kinda funny

      1. Everyday Fun

        Funny to watch to sure haha. unfortunate to live in realy life. have amazing day!

    69. tremorist

      Why do you keep pushing that stupid music?

    70. TylerM0y352008

      1:04) sounds like a minecart! 😝😝🤣🤣😅😅

    71. Naughty _Bear_79

      So what she was testing spray painting her face?

      1. Everyday Fun

        I guess. seems like a good thing to think about before the test haha! have an awesome day!

    72. Zélina Lumina

      america is stupid haha funny vidéo youtube .

    73. Andres Gonzalez

      Min 1:37.... Jeje 🇲🇽🤘

    74. Nick Knatterton

      0:38 What do you expect with this shitty suit?

    75. 1krazykev

      1:00 Divorce lawyer, how long were you married?

    76. Aïcha Rami


    77. Ben Rogers

      Hand thrown axe 6:20 LET ME SHOOOW YOU ITS FEEEATURES

    78. neoangelz

      The dude changing the tire... god... u dont lift the car before loosening the bolts dude.

    79. Patrick Thibaut

      4:22 close to the side, water not very deep, with a decent set of goggles and a flashlight he should be able to get the ring back. And it will be a special engagement story.

    80. RuththeRuth Less

      Poor Guber....

      1. Everyday Fun

        poor goober!

    81. The Southern Outliner

      2:24 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    82. GeorgeJansen

      5:50. Gotdam fidget... Throw his ass out the. Window

    83. GeorgeJansen

      5:35. 5:42. Gotdammit I'm out of napkins

    84. GeorgeJansen

      5:15. I thought it was a torque wrench or socket wrench.... But gotdam, that's a breaker bar.... He's phucked

    85. GeorgeJansen

      4:17. Goofy phucker. Or smart...he did not want to get married

    86. GeorgeJansen

      4:18. Red flag. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩That's a sign of him going to slip up into some new pxssy after they get married.

    87. PDK O'Dude

      Brake check one was hilarious. Didn't even hesitate...just started laying into him lol!

      1. Everyday Fun

        It was great! Comedy at its best! have a great day!

    88. GeorgeJansen

      3:33. Cute dogs


      Im very sad for the people who doesn't eat that cake

      1. Everyday Fun

        right?? I might have just ate it off the ground haha. looked that good! have a great day!

    90. Nevo

      Who sleeps with their HAT on ? 😕

      1. Daniel Wilson

        I fell asleep (drunk) while my mate was outside smoking. Wasn't actually going to bed yet

    91. Master Yoda

      guy losing the ring in water prolly was laughing with his family or friends about the possibility of losing it in the water

    92. The Big Smoke Collectables

      4:58 what in the blue hell? That is how a liberal changes a tire. with extender bars meant for heavy duty calcium filled tires because they have no upper arm or body strength. Gonna start a war please you will be cowering in your safe space as we purge the Liberalism virus right out of the continent

      1. The Big Smoke Collectables

        5:50 You don't buckle up you get what you get break checks a bitch even worse if you just woke up

    93. Dennis Jansen

      5.47 Gangsta Midget?

    94. Valorous Heart

      Changing the tire, he needed to tighten the bolts near the stuck one a little bit to break it loose. Also needs a better tire iron...

    95. Ahmad Moawwad

      From 1:04 -1:36 That's the most terrifying sound I have heard!!

    96. Alec Fleming

      Learning to paint with a $14 can, and you're going to look into the cap as you press it? Many levels of dumb here...

    97. Marshyboy

      This was the saddest moment of my life 1:30

    98. James Leslie

      Anddddd the slowmo is back... I thought we were done with this filler crap.

      1. Everyday Fun

        nope. bring it back haha. have a good day!

    99. AllNightFright

      4:47 Who wears gloves to change a tier? A pushy, that’s who.

    100. Ryan

      I'm sorry that brake check was hilarious.

      1. Everyday Fun

        I am glad I am not the only one who thinks that! have a great day!