First Wash in 1 Year Porsche Macan GTS Used Car Detail


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    The Porsche Macan GTS used car detail was desperately in need of a healthy cleaning after 1 year of being neglected. I was lucky enough to find this Porsche in poor condition and negotiate a below market price (according to Kelly Blue Book) before its restoration detail. Obviously, this was not a total or complete disaster detail nor was it disgusting. It was, however, not in a condition that I would accept and enjoy driving, so I was super excited to spend a few therapeutic days detailing an SUV I've always hoped I get to drive one day. -L
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    1. odjallen

      Larry, I love your videos and how open/honest/relatable you are with what you share and how you share it. I've yet to make use of probably 90% of what I've learned watching you, but the 10% I have has been extremely useful. Keep it up, brother.

      1. Micah N.

        @odjallen OBVIOUSLY he showed you the nasty one and then swapped it out for a brand new one. Because talented detailers simply CAN’T exist. 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

      2. The Stratisphere

        @odjallen yeah it *_is_* a weird thing to ask especially on a comment like this

      3. odjallen

        @The Stratisphere I just thought it was a weird question to ask. *shrug*

      4. The Stratisphere

        @odjallen seeing that no one else has replied yes probably you I'd ignore him, mans spittin some BS

      5. odjallen

        @dee106ful Who, me?

    2. DWalther

      Somebody paid for this car more than 50000$ just 4 years ago - I can`t understand how they treat their expensive property.

    3. JeepCherokeeful

      Someone needs a Baja!

    4. Dian Jacobs

      I loved to watch other youtubers detail cars. Stopped watching it at some stage, but kept subcribed to your channel. Started watching others again, but I can't help but compare the videos. This is n prime example of a full detail where as other people only wash and wax the car, and call that a full detail. I love the videos man. I don't usually comment on YT videos, but I have to tell you, your videos are the best videos on youtube. Keep it up!

    5. Bruno Bernardi

      Man I wish I had a facility where I could clean under my car!

    6. Tim Jeffries

      My car's clean, how much would it cost to detail it though like shown. And who does this kind of work?

    7. KMTM 888 88

      Nice wellcome to my country great job.

    8. chris boccia

      Can you please tell me where I can order that car lift?

    9. TARW Creations

      Is there a reason you don’t use tube lights when cleaning/polishing body work? Personal choice or professional opinion? Just wondering as I see detainers use tube lights more often than not.

    10. Moe Samasa

      My car need this

    11. Shen Yu

      How much does this whole awesome detailing cost?

    12. Vasiccc

      a struggle to find dirt

    13. Scottishboy1956

      Really surprises me that people don't spend just a few minutes looking after their car and that's an expensive Porsche, or adjusting their lifestyle so the car does not get so dirty. I'm sure there must be valet companies in his/her neighbourhood (neighborhood!) who could give it a basic going over for a few dollars. I find it very therapeutic giving my FK8 Type R a good going over, wheels off, Red Brembo's cleaned and waxed, arches pressure washed and I've never owned a car that got that dirty.

    14. Kev Mak

      Congrats on your worked hard for it....

    15. Aaron Coulombe

      18 gauge needle on an insulin syringe, I’ve officially seen it all!

    16. Mahmoud Elhaddad

      Very nice sir! Very good job! Never seen that cleaning quality!! 👍👍

    17. Drug Enforcement Administration


    18. Dean Lindner

      Love your videos

    19. Mun Fai Wong

      + "0 2sx

    20. Michael Christian

      I think I have a problem.... I just bought a used car really only to detail it just like Larry did. I can’t wait to put three days into it. Love the Ammo line. Just ordered a ton of it to tackle this car!

    21. AWS ASHER

      You should have reps going to body shops with your body shop safe products and I need to go on your website and check out stuff for my home detailing needs 👍

    22. komit73

      Looks like that car was oil sprayed for rust prevention. Annoying to clean but it does work. Great job Larry.

    23. A.J. Hedge

      Can't believe the previous owner would let this car just set outside. They obviously don't deserve it, hence why Larry has it now :)

    24. ferrariowner123

      Larry, I have been subbed since April 24, 2016 and have been watching you since before that, I remember seeing you on /drive and knew that your attention to detail would be the main reason I enjoyed your solo content. I truly appreciate how in depth you are in all that you do. It shows just how passionate you are, a quality that is very inspiring! Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next 10 years.

      1. AMMO NYC

        Wow, thanks!

    25. Ethan Lavalle

      White stuff on the seats..... Detroit....... I think We all know where this is goin

    26. Bojan Stankic

      No primer on the metal before the touch up?

    27. Nicholas Bowe

      Hey Larry, the mould in the boot is a common problem on the Macan to do with a leak in the sun roof. Should be covered under warranty. Love the video's keep them up, ive learnt heaps!

      1. AMMO NYC

        Good to know. Thanks for watching and supporting AMMO!

    28. rustyfan89

      I can’t see how someone could buy a Porsche and neglect it that much

    29. James Beavan III

      Crazy deal from a lazy ass previous owner who obviously didn't care about losing money, all he had to do was get the car cleaned...

    30. Kionna- Jai

      Love this channel! So glad I rediscovered it two years ago

    31. andres barallobre

      Hi Larry, I am a Spanish fan of your work and your love for detail. I hope we had something as professional as Ammo NYC in my city, Madrid. A question to you, I have a Porsche 997 and I cannot get rid of horizontal (and some vertical too) streaks in the outside of the windows even when it is totally dry. I guess you may have faced this problem too, so what do you suggest to properly clean the inside between the glass and the door panel? without damaging anything inside..... Thanks in advance. Cheers, Andrés

    32. prince Yuvraj

      That porche is a buety

    33. James G

      Make sure to clean your sunroof drains. I like to cut a little off the rear sunroof drains so they don't stick shut. Mostly a problem in freezing climates as they'll freeze shut if they get partially blocked. Snow melts on the roof and slowly fills the drains untill it goes inside...

    34. Jake Ledbetter

      whens larry gonna get a dry ice blaster?!

    35. C J

      Love your pivot spray bottle. Cool invention

    36. 꽉꽉

      디테일링의 끝, 정말 대단하다 형들 나는 한국인 이니까 한국말로 할게~

    37. gamers station

      What's the name of the song in 0:45 ?

    38. floppy

      THANKS FOR BEING ON IRvision !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    39. Ian Forbis

      I feel like people just don’t clean their cars for a year just to get in a video

    40. aconfusedazn

      Glad to see you taking care of yourself and using a respirator, gloves and other PPE!

    41. Mujteba Al Hajaj

      I'm so glad that you used Amsoil.

    42. omnyt

      I’m tired!

    43. George Ioannou

      what i don't understand, why most people cleaning the outside first and then the interior will result in cleaning the outside again. First do the interior, close the doors then exterior and you are done.

    44. oMrBonesz

      Where you guys located? To get my car wash and detail 😎

    45. Beer Da costa

      Love to see u use Vredestein tires! They are made in my hometown! Enschede, the Netherlands!

    46. Kevin Lee

      how much would it cost ?

    47. E Fan

      With all the soap, don't they need to be rinsed?

    48. Aydin Amurkhanov

      I loved this video so much I had to watch it twice

    49. TopSecretVid

      can you detail my Nismo??

    50. Sonder Wonder

      I’m here for the foam 🧖🏽‍♂️🌬 then I’m off to sleep, always great videos from you guys 👌🏽

    51. Norma Bumbaugh

      When Larry started cleaning the undercarriage my husband said that was too much. I said no sir. Give me a q-tip! I speak fluent Kosillese!

    52. Bashar Fernando Hdz

      i can´t believe that your porsche has the same pedals as my audi A3 , it is more expensive the porsche

    53. Stopworks : 공돌이쭌

      Can silver painting so shine like this? Wow you guys are great job! How long did you guys take? Really great job !!

    54. Ali Akhtar

      Love ur work 🤩

    55. David Aldrich this is a FULL detailing.....ty....very nice

    56. Bob White

      Well done. what's a PDF?

    57. Ano

      waw! a Porsche Macan has 7000 usd ????? I never saw that, if you accept twice! and put it in a container to Antwerp (Belgium), I buy! in the state it is in :-)

    58. Amaris Zafar

      what should i use to lubricate under body part

    59. Ashish shewale

      Great work man👍🔥

    60. Michael OBrien

      The only issue is, I've found that if someone neglects the car from a cosmetic standpoint like that, they most likely drove the car hard and neglected it mechanically too.

    61. majedm

      I think that the car is now cleaner than when it left the factory

    62. tim Blackwell

      Ahhh... you forgot the wheel detailing stand. Cant find that one. Lol.

    63. Sahif Hossain

      I am really trying to find a macan in the same condition as this one, hopefully i find one

    64. Dalmacio Mejia

      Yes Sir your the best in cleaning cars... I like it I'm a bus driver here in the philippines

    65. King Jerbear

      Larry is an obsessive maniac... and I love every second of it

    66. Tyler Song

      Wondering if i can afford this clean regularly😂😂😂

    67. 1986CarDriver

      Việt Nam no nerver do it.

    68. gp19

      I can practically hear the Covid particles screaming for dear life.

      1. Svensk Void

        @finance oneonone there is memes about everything buddy.

      2. finance oneonone

        Imagine , COVID has damaged us so bad we are now making memes out of it Nothing bad towards you thoo, just pointing it out

    69. Grady Black

      Larry, love your videos. You literally think of everything. Your editing is on point as well 👍🏼

    70. Why you freaked?

      Seller after watching this video: Run it back!!!!!!!!!!!

    71. Talasas

      Man that Macan GTS was neglected like some sort of cheap daily Camry.

    72. irakli kh

      Amsoil is the best oil for engines

    73. SergeantScopez

      9:51 “thick layer of dust”

    74. PJK

      Anybody comparable to your detailing work/shop in CA?

    75. Ali Ibraimi

      Why do u have the two headed eagle as ur logo are u Albanian ?

    76. chris stump

      pretty sure the body is aluminum, it wont rust.

    77. Mustafa Yilmaz


    78. Austin Graner

      Fantastic detail series Larry! Really enjoyed it and your new Macan GTS is badass 😈

      1. AMMO NYC

        Glad you liked it!

    79. Simon Ståhlenberg

      Link to wheelholder please!

    80. 윤영우

      우리 BMW 6GT 도 여기에다 보내고 싶다

    81. JOE DIRT

      Kelly blue book is not right NADA is who u want to use

    82. DiecastCollection

      Hands down my favorite detailer on YT. Just a joy to watch. And AMMO products are amazing !

      1. AMMO NYC

        Thanks for the kind words and for watching and supporting AMMO!

    83. Joe Van Seeters

      Great one Larry. That amazes me that the person who owned this before you, had the money to buy a Porsche Macan GTS, yet they couldn't buy a $10 bottle of simple car wash soap to just wash the vehicle once a month!! That's nuts. They have far too much money on their hands. Glad the vehicle is now in your hands and it will see the true pampering that it deserves from this point forward.

    84. Brandon 1

      Can I buy the exact foam gun, and foam / soap used etc somewhere?

      1. AMMO NYC

    85. Ruslan Anuchin

      I definitely have some issues... im watching this video for the 4 time

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      Can you give me the name of the first song has been used in this video, thanks

    88. Nick Vetter

      If you buy a car like this pay for it to be cleaned because it's going to cost you if it ends up like this

    89. Jake Wyler

      I’d love to know how much mechanical work needs to be done on this. $7k for this car seems extremely low. Like salvage auction low.

    90. Jensem0nn

      2:17 song name ?

      1. Ahmad Hanif

        A passion for glory-harris heller

    91. Jerry Le Roy

      Your work is flippin awesome 😎

      1. AMMO NYC


    92. Tobias O.

      I wish i had the opportunity to get under my car and wash and clean everything like you in this video. Great Job!

    93. Vse Popizde

      Good job. Great video.

    94. Hercz Zolt84

      Better first wash the car and after the calipers

    95. Jan Lundquist

      i never look at videos with music instead of machine sound, i wanna hear what you do

    96. Nate Olmsted

      Brain: Gahh. I'm exhausted. I really should go to bed. IRvision: Wanna watch Larry clean a Macan for 20 minutes? Brain: ...well yeah

      1. hudezxc

        his videos are great bedtime stories, in a good way

    97. Steli8 Unz

      9:48 White stuff on the rear seat.......👃👃👃👃

    98. cookieassassin12

      Pretty honest and amazing job. it reflects your years of experience in the field

    99. Sean M

      Great job bro.

    100. Sean M

      The soundtrack and 2 12's underneath my bunk while I watch Ammo is a poor man's Shiatsu..... 👍 Music dude!