IGNITION & POWER MANAGEMENT on a TIGHT BUDGET? We show you how we do it!

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    An in-depth look at our low budget ignition system and power management tricks in Billy’s twin turbo 1500hp Small Block S-10

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    1. Kevin Fenwick

      Love it great job !! Keep it up. !

    2. Matthew Young

      Man. You answered so many questions I've always had!!!!! Amazing, thank you

    3. Protect Mage

      2,700 Likes, 11 people lost races to you guys apparently

    4. Cameron Lbn

      Old man is a goat

    5. Kevin Murano

      “You still couldn’t drive it”

    6. Billy Vance

      The old man and M Vicki need to get a room and not a hospital room. You guys are to funny.


      you guys are the best

    8. Dink Player

      U still got to drive it!

    9. John Slaughter

      Very informative. You explained everything this 60 year old man has been wondering about these turbo setups. I have been wanting my 72 camino to wheelie like your S-10!

    10. Stance Nation

      I wish I had a dad like you when I grew up , I didnt know family was really this close , you guys are amazing .

    11. Ed Allen

      Thank you so much for all you share with us

    12. Clay Brien

      Love watching your videos. The only thing that scares the shit out of me is using Laptops on the cars. Looks like ill be staying old school for a bit longer lol

    13. zerotolerance39

      I love your tech videos! You guys are the buddies/brothers I wish I had your info helps any so many questions and show that a guy can really go hang with the fast guys without the crazy expensive equipment

    14. Robert Johnson

      Bill your a humble man. Thank you for the great information and content.

    15. Dirty Boy

      Keep the recipes coming, I have some cooking todo. Very appropriated for you guys doing this, I look forward to watch more of your videos and hopefully someday meeting your family. You guys are truly blessed.

    16. John Dibianca

      Good job ! You made perfect sense. !!! 👍

    17. Nolan Mitchell

      Weird question but how tall is billy? I’m 6’1 and was thinking about getting a RCSB s10 but I’m worried I’ll be uncomfortable

      1. SRC Garage

        6ft. It’s got plenty of room with Kirkeys

    18. Michael Lepore

      Hey I think you need to change your jets again hahahhahahhhahahha only one to never win a race

    19. feff

      next time i get a wise ass that says "how hard is to drag race, hold the wheel and floor it" I'm going to have them watch this video.... Thank you, very simplistic with components compared to the cars your racing at some of these events and i love the fact you are faster most times.

    20. John Hoover

      Love you show. Love your family. Great to watch local guys racing. I follow all 3 channels. Much luck to you all

    21. Matt Cates

      I am so glad to see families doing this stuff together and passing down a passion through the generations. Thank you guys for putting you life on youtube for people to see that this sport can be done respectfully and as a family.

    22. Bradlee Blazintires

      Ok Pops, I just discovered your channel about 2 hours ago and I'm hooked! Been binge watching this whole time lol. And your explanations are perfect imo. Been into American muscle my whole almost 40 years of life, and I've actually learned some things from you. Keep up the awesome content!

    23. Ray Hardesty

      You guys are an amazing team. Love the videos pops knows his shit

    24. Thomas Vittetoe

      I’m ready surprised you show all your secrets

    25. Bama Scarface


    26. Poor Touring Hot Wire Garage

      Best thing about being a mechanic is still being able to say retard

    27. Pyle81

      Senior, FANTASTIC video. Ive watched it twice, And here is what rings out to me. YES a 23+year old ignition system can and still does win races. And unfortunately Biden and Harris are going to tax the hell out of all of us. No matter if its Co2 or Ammunition. On to the next thing, The $1,800.00 fuel pump, It obviously is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. So thats $$$ well spent. Which leads to the next thing, With all this R&D (Research and Development) you guys have done to Billy's truck. Thats going to make setting Tommy's truck up so fast, That our (The fans and viewers) heads will spin. As for sharing this, Some would say "GUARDED INFORMATION". You guys (And ladies) are doing so much for your sport and hobby that its unreal. This kind of sportsmanship is very rare today. Especially when $$$ is involved. And thats what makes YOU and EVERYONE ELSE in your family (even the boys girl friends) the GOOD people that you are. And im proud to say that this channel is one I highly recommend to all my friends. Even if they aren't into racing or even cars. So Senior, You are making strides like NO other in your channel, Keep up the good work. And the man upstairs watch over all of you. And be safe in your travels.

    28. Chapman racing

      Great info guys

    29. John Walker

      Blow-off or psi relief valve

    30. John Walker

      New breath tax...lmao

    31. John Walker

      Dome/back psi regulator

    32. Gary Bicksler

      Thanks for the information you share with your followers. Your ability to give that information is perfectly understandable for me and I know very little about these things, so don’t worry 😉

    33. Don't poke The Bear!

      You could use nitrogen and cleaner.

    34. DNR Auto

      Damn I wish my MSD LS box had half these features!

    35. jaime reza

      thanks. for the info 👍

    36. Travis F

      For 2 years I have been looking for initial setup and programming videos on that box. I have been chasing a misfire for several months and your comment about pulling to much timing and the rotor jumping to the wrong cylinder sounds like my issue. Thank you for this video!

    37. Brandon Chauvin

      When he said there is a launch retard feature.......my brain......never go full retard lol

    38. FrosT WorX

      Wow that wheelie has to be the most beautiful wheelie I have seen yet for how straight it went.

    39. Cyle Marsh

      I have a forged LS motor with a carb, the shop that built my motor mostly did small blocks and had the timing set as so. A friend of mine that tunes LS was worried about how high the timing was as with EFI he wasn’t used to seeing those numbers. What would your recommendation be?

      1. Cyle Marsh


    40. Rodney F.

      Great video guys 👍 I have dealt with old school ignition systems it's nice to hear it explained in a way I can understand. So glad y'all did well this year .

    41. Victor Hex

      Well done video on any level, its relax and learn, like going to racing school for some tech. ( and that was one epic race). You guys rock!

    42. Blain Crockett

      I love watching y'all, yours and Billy's channel, but now I'm more confused than a chameleon in a bag of Skittles. 😁

    43. Jim Askins

      This is in no way being negitive just curiosity question. Why do you not upgrade to a more of a Funny Car cage around Billy? You guys are making serious power and there are allot more hazards if you crash on the street than on a track. Again no disrespect meant just a question.

    44. Wayne Tate

      Incredible experience shared. Thank you.

    45. Daniel Ward

      Shifted mid wheelie like a boss

    46. Joe Radosta

      You guys are awesome, we appreciate everything you guys do for our racing community . Billy handed me my ass in round 2 at dod but I gave him what I thought would go down but it was a little too hot for track after the sun went down. Congrats on going rounds and now u hv data for March.

    47. Ken Farris

      I love this because you explain the reasons and the mechanics of why and how it works with all involved. I am able to understand when it is done that way, maybe it has to do with my dyslexia which has to do with the way I perceive things, I think.

    48. 618speed shift

      Love your videos ya got some awesome stuff.. and like your how to vids lots of good info I feel.

    49. Jimbo Rachetmaster

      Excellent info, Maybe time for the old girl to get some high speed paint over the winter. It'd be beautiful back like factory. Thanks for the info, and is Ms Vikki gonna have any of those cookies available in your merch store? Sign me up for a sweatshirt, a hat, and a box of those cookies. Peace guys and keep it safe.

    50. yarrdayarrdayarrda

      Some serious education right here! It never ceases to amaze me how many options there is out there to go quick on shit surfaces, from shade tree methods to this to the exotic stuff like Holley HP/Dominator. Much love for this content!

    51. Ed Smith

      Does sharing to fb actually help you guys out with pay

      1. SRC Garage

        Yeah it does

    52. Dustin Helton

      How many Wins have you gotten with the truck?

    53. Tj Abdon

      Y’all are awesome. One day I hope to be using some of the knowledge you have given so maybe one day I’ll b able to do it with my boys.

    54. mike aston

      I'm usually at work day and night through week this time of year here in Ohio, but I look forward to sitting down on the weekends and watching your vids.. marathon style. Thank you for doing such a great job.

      1. SRC Garage

        Thanks for watching.

    55. MrShark4488

      are you 2 going to have your winter time live vlog's like last year ?

    56. Drag Car Builder

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    57. Nuttz And Boltz Garage

      Definitely subscribed need more videos and teachers like y’all immensely jealous of your dynamic with your young men hope the best for you and yours

    58. BilletGarage

      Didn't realize I would be going to school here. Great info! Great Video!

    59. Jeremy Eubanks

      Looks like the Hughes dumpster is made by Leash

    60. Jeremy Eubanks

      That's alot of control for $400 .

    61. Enrique Coronado

      Love your channel ol man 🇺🇸

    62. Ronald Reyes

      Hi Bill Hoskinson I Went Golden 💰🍗 Chick Yesterday Im Ronald Adán Reyes Moreno Thank You.

    63. Wayne Bollentin

      Having the information and using the information are 2 different things. Also if you can't read the surface and data, you won't know what to do with the information. You want to talk about old technology. I started wi8th gen6 DFI back in the 90s with homemade boost controllers lol. You guys do a great job. Keep killing it.

    64. chris vercher

      I've learned more off your tutorial than probably all other videos put together. Thank you

    65. Crooked Dealer

      Learning more everyday, thanks.

    66. Mike MacCracken

      If you folks ever make it to the New England area (NECT) and need a place to fix anything you are more than welcome to my garage and equipment. Plenty of room for everyone and everything. Thanks for all the information and entertainment.

    67. Donald Mcleish

      Awesome video bill really enjoyed it👍

    68. Break it Rc

      Lol billy I knew from the look on your face u wanted one when the old man got one lol the addition of Rc cars

    69. Ron Follrod

      Another great video guys. I really appreciate the info. Thank you.

    70. Kevin Bowden

      When traveling and one of your boys is driving, can you actually sleep or is it a one eye open rest?

    71. Karl Mawby

      The videos keep getting better, why we love you pops n Billy n Tommy , miss Vicky too,.....love n respect Happy Holiday's

    72. Edward Vidal

      Awesome content ! I was wondering what all those lines were going to the carb ! 🤔 Aloha 🤙🤙🤙

    73. TopCity AutoMechanic

      You're an awesome family. I enjoy watching all your videos thank you for sharing.

    74. Keith S

      I hope some day I can learn more about wtf dome pressure is and turbos in general. Im a high compression NA guy that knows a little about nitrous. A bit about super charging. And the least about all the fancy turbo lingo shit. Ps-love your channel. God bless you and your family. Keep these videos coming 👍

    75. Jeff Hunt

      Could inert nitrogen be used instead of CO2? Just a thought.

    76. Socalfun

      Wow. I just learned or understood more in this one video than in a year or two of listening, reading, etc. 👍🏻

    77. Jeff Graham

      Another juicy tech video! Thanks guys for the excellent content! Good luck at Dig or Die!! Tear it up Billy!

    78. Your Favorite Driver

      Yall so gangster for making these videos here is are whole step up bet you still can't beat me lol

    79. Dent Oldani

      What a pleasure it was to see that LONG wheelie again! I've always said a properly built/tuned SBC with the RIGHT drivetrain WILL rise above anything else!

    80. Ada 7474

      I love when Billy and Tommy give each other shit. Counter steer Tommy. New nickname maybe Lol

    81. Brian Lepley

      Outstanding content keep it coming!

    82. Vegaman66

      Man! I always wondered why his hood did that at the top of the run when he let out.

    83. Jimmy Neutron

      The old man said finna. Stop dad your allover the road

    84. Clamdiggerdan Boone

      More Please!Thank you

    85. Tim O

      So instead of buying that pump could you have that wire turn on a second pump i am looking at doing the carb and boost deal so thanks for the info

    86. Kevin Wilson

      Great info in this video! What plug gap do you guys run on the NGK's?

    87. Kevin Johnson

      For me it don't matter weather the vidya is an hour or a minute il watch and enjoy it and most importantly I'm thankful that I'm a gear head and iv been around people like u that have explained all this stuff to wear i can understand it which makes it even more enjoyable. And I figured the bov was makin the hood raise and thats funny dont let it bother u unless the other end of the hood starts to lift

    88. sean mix

      thank you guys for post videos on both the racing side and of what you do with tommy and billy trucks

    89. Darren’s Mopar Express

      You did a fine job explaining things .. so did billy.. very easy to follow An understand

    90. Kevin Wadsworth

      You did a great job explaining you set up! You have my attention gentleman. Better than any school class I ever had! Thank you!

    91. aaron sitz

      Hello from Tennessee love the content always interesting you guys are living my dream God bless good luck with the dig or die looking forward to Tommy's build and get that nova out it needs some love too !!!

    92. Jamessr23

      Where’s the Davis box😎

    93. G-rock

      Thanks for the info!! Does the software on the computer come with the msd or do you have to buy the software??

    94. Chad Sims

      Awesome job on video, that's is so simple and works like a champ. Y'all keep up the videos. Have a great weekend.at dig or die

    95. Andrew Johanningmeier

      Man i feel retarded but I can't thank you enough for helping me learn how to do this. My dum ass will watch this about 300 more times but thank you. I just want to learn and you guy's are giving it to us for free. One day I'll have my project done and a street car as well. I'm at a loss for words my friend's. You are extremely great people. Keep the vids and info coming if all possible.

    96. Andrew Adams

      Good luck in North Carolina. I live here and know the track and think you have a good shot to win it. Most guys last year we running mid 6s at best. Maybe it will be better with some rubber down this year.you guys are my favorite channel.

    97. John Monroe

      Hey RUN DRY NITROGEN..... instead of CO2. You can have a Mother Bottle. Used in HVAC. Lmk I can set you up in the deal.

    98. bill harriss

      Great spot for the necklace! You guys be safe on the road and Good Luck!

    99. Steve Stauff

      Question would the msd setup work without turbo? Say nitrous or n/a for controlling launches? Probably a stupid question but there it is lol

    100. Nick Boucher

      Class act.