Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins


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    HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm switching lives with the Dolan Twins and becoming Jeff Dolan! I wanted to give myself a huge challenge and try and live like someone who has a completely different life than me. Ethan and Grayson took me on a whole day of adventures and what they do on the daily... Buckle up and join me on this insane journey!
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    1. Samantha Graessle

      why is grayson's laugh so adorable

    2. Rollersky

      Me hearing and vibing to Mexican music in the background when they get their ice cream 😂😂

    3. Emily Marine

      14:49 That was everything🔥🔥🔥

    4. Emilycordelliahook

      Oh my fucking god they drank out of eachothers drink

    5. micapalokazzopa

      Jeffree looks like Winona Ryder here instead of looking as a straight man

    6. Mike Hunt

      16:03 fuck me, that is the most surreal shit ever XD

    7. Zaharoon Akhaar

      You look good Jeffreestar look good your hair so good l love it

    8. Köpeklerle Yaşam


    9. chlorine Sampson

      Jeffree: what if nate leaves me! Me 2021: 😢

    10. Xeronix

      plot twist: jeffree became the top after this

    11. Empress KaLin

      I'm inlove with Jeff Dolan🥰😍😱

    12. LivMarie

      That “30 minute window” crap isn’t true

    13. Lil Jesus

      They should live a day has Jeffrey

    14. Lil Jesus

      I can't tell them apart with their hair the same. But the 1 in the white tank diff has bigger mus

    15. Pink Egg

      when he's doing bench press his eyes were like....help lol


      He looks like Joey Gerseffa

    17. Abri Mudd

      nobody: e and gray: FUCK YEAH JEFF

    18. Dan Gross

      Me hiding my personality when I meet my straight friends😳

    19. N8 & Nadi ツ

      I miss this kind of content from J☆ 💋

    20. gaurav bhatt

      Jeffree has turned straight for few hrs

    21. Amber (Cinderz) Morthland

      OMG I love you. So refreshing and funny.

    22. Ambika Aggarwal

      Jeffree has a really well defined face

    23. EvaLasta

      18:57 why didnt he take the nails off haha

    24. Autumn Kills

      jeffree star you should try florasis beauty # beautiful makeup 🏵🌺🏵

    25. Talia H

      I love how he sips the red bull like water 🤣

    26. Aiden Ryder

      Hello ken barbie

    27. Oumayma Bahlous

      Jesus Christ how good looking was Grayson when they were walking to the gym! like tf

    28. Mayra Martinez

      Poor Jeff the next day 😂😂😂

    29. Jacob Davis

      why is this video soo cringe 😬😬

    30. Back2basics 59

      Imagine a world with a Jeff Dolan in it. I can't stop smiling.

    31. Sahiba

      Jefree you look awesome like this be natural seriously you are handsome ❤️ don't ruin your beauty applying makeup wearing wigs and all ! 🙄

    32. f to milex

      Jesse Rutherford...

    33. Mia Guerrero-Dagnino

      He does look like a guy

    34. Myles Brandon

      looks like Kris Jenner @11:24

    35. Chrisjoe Baiko

      wow jeff look so handsome..

    36. kurama

      Idk why but it just feels like he'll break or something

    37. Mj


    38. Mj

      LMAOO they look like they don’t want to be here

    39. Plump Penny

      Bruh he looks handsome 🤣

    40. •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

      Hiiiii _11:44__ I swear jeffree looks like a josh_ *11:49**-**11:51** lol the bro* _11:52__-__11:56__ cute but the fist bump tho_ *12:26**-**12:27** oh ok* _12:56__-__12:59__ the outfit_ *13:14**-**13:21** *strongly* "love u babe"* _13:42__ but it's a cute bag_ *16:06** I swear they look like those basketball players In school that everyone crushes on* _17:54__-__18:09__ i can't do that_ *18:33** IM DED THEY MISSED* _19:33__-__19:35__-__19:36__ NO LEGS_ *20:03**-**20:05**-**20:10** IM CRYING* _21:29__-__21:44__-__21:47__ tbh I eat like a lot but Im still skinny_ *22:07**-**22:10** LMFAO THERE NO WEIGHTS* _23:15__-__23:21__-__23:22__ ok is he ok_ *27:03** LMAO I FEEL TALLER* _28:40__ so he just cooked it and add no seasoning_ *30:06**-**30:11** isn't nate a skater* _30:30__ the last words_ *31:15**-**31:18** is jeff ok bc he got hurt a lot* _31:16__-__31:20__ wow Ethan catched him_ *31:35**-**31:38** the times that jeffree got hurt* _32:25__ thats already been build it's called the sway house lol_ *32:58**-**32:59**-**33:00** lol the purse* _34:13__-__34:16__-__34:18__ I think it's the tats_

    41. brooklyn g

      "2019 has been crazy"... 2020 be sittin here feeling confused

    42. The Blossom Gloss

      Why tf jeffree haven't crossed 20 mil yet 😒😐

    43. Rachel Anderson

      This was THE best 😹😹😹😹😹

    44. Sandhya Banda

      This was such a fun video to watch !! Jeffree you're Epic 🔥

    45. Meg Doherty

      He looks like Zachary Quinto 😅

    46. Feyrus Mohammed Abdullahi

      Just Jeff might be my new crush. He is hooot, that is what I am saying!

    47. cassiercarlin

      I can't believe I'm just seeing this. Hilarious! I laughed the whole time.

    48. Sarah Maysky

      We not pressing powder we pressing benches😂😭😂🤣😭

    49. Sarah Maysky

      Omg!! Jeffree looks crazy as a regular guy Jeff Dolan lol. I love my ORIGINAL JEFFREE STAR!!⭐❤

    50. Tanya Munoz

      Let’s just be brutally honest here!!! Is it just me or does anyone find Jeffree so attractive both ways?

    51. Reeva Cramer

      I'm 118

    52. N3SSAOWO

      I love how their literally best friends😆

    53. emma cherico

      look at graysons arms at 21:42 omg

    54. Jennifer Nguyen

      This video is hilarious 🤣 love itt

    55. s s

      Woah he looks awesome

    56. Kiley Dog

      This is really funny , when they both chest bump 🤣🤣

    57. Yara Bazeih

      Omg I love the Dolan Twins

    58. RockSnow

      Jeffrey's brother he buff

    59. Rose June

      I never laughed so hard

    60. Gypsy Love

      Poor JEFFREE is not feeling that C4 babies anxiety was up

    61. CoconutICEcreAM

      dolan twins sound like those friendly bullies hahaha

    62. Sanjiv Chanai 2A

      Anyone knows the name of the song played during the ride to the gym?

    63. Jorge Avendano

      Ugh the straight guys are having their fantasy of the gay friend bing straight💀

    64. Susan Day

      Hello! I'm from 2021^•^

    65. Mackenzie Hodgins

      wowww these were the days. this is incredible content hahahaha so good


      im still watching this on 2021, God Jefree looks so innocent here hahaha love it! ❤️

    67. Anna Wong

      Jeffree's low voice sounds hot

    68. Candy

      Jeffree actually looks really good with the hair and brows!

    69. April Carsa

      your handsome jeff

    70. April Carsa

      your handsome jeff

    71. Angie Brea

      7:29 is me when I found out one direction broke up😂😭

    72. Ravon Fans

      Omg how many times a day does he drink RedBull ????

    73. Kel Ell

      This is just CRINGE!!!!!

    74. Elise Hazard

      He looks amazing either way so I don't know

    75. Riche Zebrowski

      Jeffree star lowkey looks like lil huddy

    76. Johnes Ro-Gul

      Dear jeff, u are totally out of ur comfort zone, that's really inspiring. thanks d content inspires me.

    77. Whitney Douty

      How can you not love Jeffree he's just the sweetest funniest realest person EVER he pulled himself out of so much pain and hate and anger I've only been watching him a week and I swear I'm addicted he's one of the very few people in this world that would befriend anyone no matter what you have or who you are!

    78. Crystal Pirner

      OMG so fuckin funny!!!!!!!!! Both vidieos.........you all are so awesome.......would love to hang out with you all......my stomach hurts already........

    79. Joy Wairimu

      Why u going to the gym tho? U slim

    80. 笨蛋

      wow handsome

    81. wing 2786

      ew hair by jay

    82. Brycy Brice

      “Oh, you don’t do Hermès? .... TRASH!!” Iconic

    83. Larzaparz 8876

      I SO enjoy watching Jeffree . I could watch this man all day long. He could be cancelled all year long and I will still watch the ads, like, and comment. Bitch, what. I said what I said.

    84. charlotte dodd

      hahaha I fucking can NOT hahah babbyyy it doesn't even look right lmffaaoo 🤣 like it looks so real but I just cant unsee our QUEENNN lol

    85. Awjay TV

      Jeff? He could be a model tbh

    86. Aisyah Md Johan


    87. Carolina Rico

      Is so sad that they are not friends anymore 💔💔

    88. Kashia

      honda civic sales after this video 📈📈📈📈

    89. Ava Kate

      Just wait for 2020!

    90. Lauren Trammell

      Why does he look like a better looking Tom cruise 😂😂😂

    91. Under The Sea Nursery

      13:29 jeffree star thought that the dogs where miss him and didn't know who that was

    92. mayanda mayanda

      he looks like justin bieber

    93. Shogun Hiro

      Jeffree was meant to be a girl...

    94. Risa Yukito

      looks like chucky son

    95. Ags

      david bowie + eminem

    96. Lori Jimerson

      i should start drinking the sugar free redbull

    97. Noah Smith

      The transformation threw me OFF so bad 😂❤️ my mind couldn’t process.

    98. Kati Laine

      He looks like kris jenner

    99. Lisa Atreyu And Dustin Williams

      The I feel taller comment killed me. Laughing so hard Im crying 😂😂 Love this ❤😂

    100. Kent Geonzon

      you are a dude so much dude