Kick to the Face Train Selfie Fail | Tales of the Fail


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    The train has left the station - destination his face! On this week's episode of Tales of the Fail, Jared brings you the story behind the kick heard around the world and how a simple selfie made him internationally famous.
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش ماه


    1. Riceracm

      1. Was that a real PSA? 2. Did that PSA actually say “silly American” or something like “idiot white guy”? 3. If that is a real PSA that is the most humiliating part of the whole experience...😬😱😵 4. As an American, it sucks that apparently our reputation is so bad, any dumb white guy is automatically thought to be one of us, not Canadian/UK/Russian, etc. 😕

    2. Teknoslav Dvořák

      poctivě vylízaný chlapec( jak talíř od Svíčkoví) ještě bodlo do prdele a koukej padat ! :-)

    3. MissingLink 21

      3 is AMAZING

    4. kaktus

      Oglądałem to czwartek 12 listopada 2020

    5. Xenotara

      Do 3 l0l

    6. John

      Mustache fail

    7. Nick Lamoureux

      Man I woulda hoped on that train and ran up front to knock that conductors teeth out..... on the other hand, I don’t take selfies so I wouldn’t have to anyways 😂

    8. Lycanthrope pastel

      You had so good idea to made selfie near the train, next time you should probably make selfie near a aircraft reactor.

    9. Exominuz

      Him: "I wanted to take a pic with the train in the back" Also him: *Filmed himself* Aight

    10. ummm...

      A train going by me at normal train speed..... and apparently that boot kicked some of your brain out of your head.

    11. snipewa4

      Your Darwin Award should arrive shortly by the sound of things.

    12. Victoria Relámpago

      People like Jared are the bread and butter of channels like FailArmy. Just put cameras in every cliff and/or volcano. Profit.

    13. Miguel Da Silva

      Well done train conductor.

    14. Jaay Honchoo


    15. SuperChief5

      Felt like I was on a backpacking trip for four months, it was called basic training.🐍

    16. Picachki

      Part 2 him and the conductor meet and grab a beer together >.

    17. Dr. Erich Hernani - LESIONANDO

      Still idiot

    18. よ


    19. Ste Jer

      Imagine being so narcissistic that you take a selfie, which fails, but you upload it to the internet anyway, and you give interviews about it afterwards.

    20. Daveunave

      I wonder if this is going to become the next big thing? Kick to the face Machu Picchu Tourism Selfies. Everybody lines up along the train track and the conductor comes by a couple time a day and just lowers his Size 12 Engineers boot and wrap,wrap,wrap,wrap... Clock, click, click, click...

    21. TheDeppert

      These reenactments were hilarious! Well done and informative.

    22. friedbraids

      i mean that was a dumb ass decision.

    23. Zach Stewart

      Thats still assault that dude could have made a really big deal about it

    24. Foxy Pups

      Man, that’s messed up dude =3=

    25. JoshyJosh

      Tosh.0 did this tho, and it was brilliand. Like the girl who fell off the stair rail in a cruise and broke her ribs hahahaha good stuff

    26. JoshyJosh

      Mkay I liked this hahahahaa

    27. Docang

      Is the guy who told the story and the first guy the same person? He looks very different

    28. Sam Dickerson


    29. Y E E T

      This is dope.

    30. J_lCb 4

      Brooo I couldn’t stop laughing after this 2:59

    31. Cacilia Valentine

      Do number 1 next please!

    32. Lorenzo Farinotti

      The reinterpretation and also the slowomo had me dead: nice acting 🙈😂 GG Fail Army, keep it up! 😌😉💪👋 (When I need to compliment myself with someone I do it).

    33. ルイスRui

      Just a reminder that the internet don't hate you , internet loves you and u probably made a million people laugh

    34. Kevin Ferdian

      Recycle recycle and keep recycling

    35. Kaitlynn clark

      You know what, I don't even want to know 😖😖, 😤 accidents happen 😖😖😤😁IM SORRY 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖤🖤.

    36. John Skelton

      Lol this is awesome! I can't wait for other fail stories!

    37. rdizzy1

      What kind of piece of shit train conductor purposely kicks someone in the head. Just yell at them. No need for the assault. I don't believe people that are saying he saved him from getting hit with the metal, don't see it, in slow-mo in the original posted video over and over, no metal was going to hit him, the guy reached out a good 1-2 feet or more to kick him in the head.

    38. FlybackdiodE

      And that there kids is natural selection

    39. Fun and Cute

      That's cool. I love watching series behind the scene, that seems so real

    40. kegan cuin


    41. Maximus

      That why watch your head

    42. Christopher Manzo-Ciak

      Definitely #1. My best friend & always quote this clip haha

    43. NuoXiaCF

      More of these

    44. MaxesTechnik

      I think that's funny ! 😄

    45. Potato Chips

      I’ve always found the “Sarah help me” video funny! You should do that one next!

    46. John Parr

      Dude, the internet doesn't hate you. To me, your fail is the best epic fail of all time. I mean, yes, a perfect storm of internet humiliation, i suppose, but that's the point of posting your epic fail on Fail Army, to be able to laugh at yourself and allow us to laugh near you (okay, for us to be able to laugh at you as well). Imho, I think your fail even tops the iconic fish slap the weather girl took.

    47. 5809AUJG

      Has it NEVER occurred to this....individual...WHY it's not a good thing to play around TRAIN TRACKS? My God!!!

    48. Buddy Revell

      It was funny he got kicked in the face before watching this video. After watching this video I wished the kicker was wearing steel toes with swords attached.

    49. marvin martin

      The story from the conductor would be priceless now.

      1. Mel Roth

        They need to do a part 2!

    50. Kylar Stern

      The girl that was pole dancing, kicked herself in the head with her own stiletto shoe, tried to keep going but failed.

    51. Adam Glenski Music


    52. L0R3 -_-


    53. Phil Hobrla

      More of this, please!

    54. MC

      backpacked through South America also and knowing Peruvians, that was definitely an intentional kick in the head haha.

    55. Joseph Billing

      this is like Web Redemption and I support it

    56. Platinum

      Thanks! This video has bought me so much joy..

    57. DSBenny

      The official statement of the conducter is that he saved his life. His foot blocked a steel rod that would have wacked him on the side of his head.

    58. gerrixx


    59. PerthBeast Zzzz

      Really is this how much ur lacking in content ur interviewing a guy that got kicked in the face by a guy on a train lol so dumb

    60. T. Jackson

      "In Canada you're just not allowed on train tracks" - Um, says who?

    61. Daniel Dugan

      Nah pretty sure they were thinking look at this douchebag Canadian, not American.

    62. Cannabis_ niagara

      The fact it didn’t take off til they changed it to douchebag says so much about the world 🌎😂

    63. Gustavo Gentilin

      Dude , we don't hate you.

    64. Jungle Puzzle


    65. Timespace Voyager

      Well at least you didn't die for a selfie. Also here's a fun runoff fact: i was watching something about another thing that led to this thing and You can't believe in humanity before properly believing in yourself. Your haters most likely wear cheese helmets.

    66. Annabella Mills

      DUDE I wanna see #1

    67. Positive Vibe

      Damn xDDDDDDDD

    68. Brett Reggio

      I like the concept. I don't like the re-enactment. Something else needs to be a filler for storytelling.

    69. Oüber fox

      What did he do wrong?

    70. Alpha 06

      Guy: taking selfie Conductor: TOOT TOOT MUTHAFUCKA!!

    71. Kikísek Scótermann


    72. Nash Bash

      Damn this is rough , he is Canadian and they called him a dump American 😂😂😂😂😂

    73. Nash Bash

      Lol actually I like this idea , great content as usual.

    74. Jorge Gonzales


    75. We laugh

      OMG How scared

    76. cuove

      Fail army running low on ideas

    77. Komplexx!


    78. yukuhana

      When you take a selfie, the reality is reduced to watching video on the phone and it's easy to become oblivious that the event is actually real time. I think there're are lots of people who have died while taking selfies.

    79. living like larry

      Number 3

    80. Carry Daily

      This is absolutely not why we subscribed. Put this on some other chanel.

    81. Jay-Jose

      Canadian Hiker: Train Fugitive

    82. KES YT


    83. SpaceDaddy Cereal

      Lls that conductor is the real MVP lls

    84. Harley Mace

      As The Late Great Frank Sinatra Crooned. "As a Fella once said Ain't That A Kick In The Head"

    85. David Hunt

      Sarah help!

    86. Mister P

      I​ think​ he wanna keep you​ safe​

    87. HairyBottom

      So basically this guy is an idiot.

    88. Francisco Rivera

      Peruano ql hahaha

    89. Clark Kent

      Well that white guy deserved it. 😂 I would of kicked harder tho. Lol

    90. Octavia Tucker

      Should definitely do "Sarah help me" that video is a classic and so funny

    91. Ezra

      Snow tow, extremely hilarious. Would be a good one to do.

    92. Ju3lz 19

      The remake footage is the dumbest thing ever.

    93. Leatt46

      Spoken like a true Canadian, settle it with a beer! Americans would try to sew the train engineer.....that's the difference between Canadians and Americans.

    94. Rafal Polessa


    95. Chop Shuy

      Yeah that conductor would’ve got the business

    96. 4lifebboy775

      I dont think the internet hates him i think the internet thinks his an idiot got doing that hahaha

    97. Lil Bark

      Why so many dislikes

    98. Lucas Borba