Things to DO When You're Under Quarantine (March 2020) | FailArmy


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    Things are getting pretty crazy these days. If you are anything like us, you are holed up in your house/apartment/van down by the river. Here are some things for you to do (or not) while you're stuck under quarantine!
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    Featured clips:
    Girl Uses Friend's Mouth as Cereal Bowl -
    Guy Spills Sports Drink Doing Paper Towel Straw Challenge -

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    1. Donald Sayers

      "It's too dangerous to go outside so let's try to kill ourselves at home." - almost everyone in this video

      1. Nando Ben Sogas

        @even1313 m . M M M

      2. Anemarie b

        even the cats

      3. Smruti Sri

        Can't coronavirus kill us? What's the point to stay at home

      4. Dhanny Playz

        I am going crazy because of this stupid quarintine and i have just kick my moms thighs for no reason. Now shes crying

      5. Diz Solution 2020

        Diz Solution .2020 video for every taste. daredevil

    2. Charles culver

      @3:19 when u blow the toilet up at a friend's house

    3. Glaceporeon

      1:05 that sound thou It was not fresholicious

    4. RockinRockella YT

      My voice when I wake up in the morning 3:49 Lmaoo

    5. AlanH

      Funny as fuck this one

    6. Samuel Ellis

      This is on some ridiculous BS. There's no way these people can attempt the straw challenge just by using a paper towel to drink all the liquid right thru it. Looked like they bit off than they can chew

    7. Autumn Thor

      that guy he just have the cups on his feet and he trip.

    8. 1.

      Play on your Xbox or PlayStation

    9. Ariadne R&S - O mundo da criatividade

      1:30 - 3:40 Oh my gosh! Hahahahaha 😂🤣

    10. Vera Lenora

      4:47 She has Lysol spray!!Q@Q Where did she get it????

      1. Constitutional Republic

        She has “Awesome” cleaner, from the dollar tree. This stuff is fantastic!

    11. Shubhrajyoti Saha

      3:13 hilarious expression

    12. Andrew Stephen

      too late ;-(

    13. Lords Servant

      0:54 im not literally dead

    14. Christen Higgins

      Good way to choke to death!

    15. Event Horizon

      3:45 how you laugh when you have rona

    16. azim md


    17. Quodhomounique

      This second guy is just sick in the head ;D

    18. Corey Mondello

      Junkin Media (Fail Army) still trying to destroy smaller channels?

    19. David Dobbins

      Me when I was 25 percent british 25 percent Costa Rican 25 percent Japanese and 25 percent Filipino 3:40

    20. Ross Jaeger

      That last one was a killer fail!

    21. Superbrain

      3:52 she got a laught like a impact Drill

    22. EK Blackwell

      My favorite was the finger down if your mama ever said. The girls instruction and just deliberately doing it in front of her mom!

    23. Liam

      00:55 Adrianna Chechik, that you?

    24. Yusuf Eltalkhawy


    25. Callerway 7

      3:41 That Laugh Sounded Like My Dad's Flatulence

    26. Stickfood

      3:48 When the demon in her says hello

    27. R3tr0Zane

      0:54 lazarbeam reacts.

    28. EliandBrittany T

      Liked the video just for 3:10, everything is better in slow motion, especially fails

    29. Tarløn

      3:41 my car have a demon inside

    30. j4m3s M0ld

      the mega straw challenge got me creasin

    31. Hernan Andres Marin Diaz

      The gatorade man just died

    32. benja vega


    33. Gavin M

      Why was I almost hospitalized for hyperventilation after playing 3:29 . My lungs are lowkey scared

    34. Alberto Portugal

      I’m going to stop you at 1:18. That was really bad.

    35. Lords Servant

      0:11 😆😂 0:53🤣

    36. Sergio Ramos Fan#1

      3:20 When your parents ban you from using your switch

    37. visible spams LT

      3:31 is that the woman from “Asian people are so EAHEHAHEAHEHA”

    38. ishrat oishi

      Some are funny 🤣 Some are cringy 😠 Some are disgusting 🤢 Some are painful 😖

    39. Chelcy Gutierres

      That get me funny 0:23

    40. Khubaib Ali gardazi

      3:50 WHAT WAS THAT NOICE???

    41. Khubaib Ali gardazi

      first video made me to say WHAT THE DUCK

    42. Precious 34

      3:42 is that a fart of a laugh

    43. Narith Cooking

      That's it

    44. John Halve

      That last one Haha. That's me too

    45. Epic Life

      wow, so funny

    46. Elizabeth Mattison

      3:41 the one place I can’t stop laughing

    47. Mariah Cerda


    48. Gung-Ho Nature Game Casts

      Things to do while in the Florentine. Throw cheese at your cat. Thanks

    49. Eagle Talon

      I feel stupidity when I see this.

    50. Tae’s Tea


    51. TurDuckenGaming

      0:51 ... He hit it like a Hookah and almost drowned on Gatorade😂😂😂😂

    52. Joshua Stringer

      0:29 - Fake.

    53. Noe Delpin

      1:16 my man was aaaangry HAHAHAHA

    54. 1k Subs With No Videos???

      3:10 when you try to impress your gf

    55. Joshua The Joker

      1:00 is it just me or dose it look like he is about to cry

    56. Rafael arcángel Estrada Saucedo

      3:41 piche moto

    57. Mentus Publius

      @5:40 Congratulations, you were abused by your mother.

    58. yes man no


    59. Drainey

      how it feels to chew 5 gum

    60. BLINK starlight

      Guys don’t try dangerous things 🙄🙄🙄

    61. AKZZ 157

      3:38 So my personal philosophy of rehabilit.... ahggghkkkkkkkkkkkkggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhaahhhkkkgggggggkkgkgkgkkg

    62. GroundMemory

      3:57 - Instead of showing fear when startled, respond with a death metal growl to establish dominance.

    63. Tech vlogs

      4:50 double prank😎

    64. Pikachu and frends

      1:43 made me rember ween I broke a tv to ween I was 3 4 or 5 I throw something at the tv and broke it

    65. Maya Avelarde


    66. Hak Dogaa


    67. Smiley J

      5:40 is too real lol

    68. Jah Pods

      0:53 Netflix : are you still watching ? Somebody’s daughter :

    69. Leo SRL300

      *Oh, you think isolation is your ally. But you merely adopted the isolation; I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't meet other people until I was already a man, by then they were nothing to me but ANNOYING!* *The quarantine betrays you, because it belongs to me!*

    70. bluewolf god


    71. bluewolf god


    72. bluewolf god


    73. BaddestPuppet69

      You wanted to do something stupid? Well now you are gonna feel stupid.

    74. Bru Nope

      The bottle fail we’re he got hit in his eye the same thing Happened to me and I got pink eye from it

    75. Blair the cat

      First clip is just nasty

    76. R.I.P the Donut

      0:50 that’s what she did last night

    77. BlahBla

      4:26 I was like wait is that DanTdm merch?

    78. Rebeca Grieg

      The Chinese guy who tryed to kick the bottle oof that must of hurt!😫

    79. Ruhan Slater

      1:10 my fav part hahahah

    80. JULIAN TV

      4:04 is albanian, wtffff

    81. Derek MacPhail

      Mamma was so right.

    82. Chloe Paige

      3:42.... I like thAt laugh

    83. DesolateDragon

      3:40 My door when I try to sneak out of the house undetected

    84. Rayhan Ihsan Nasution

      Some of these are just plain tiktoks.... I came here to see FAILS not intentional prank and silly joke...

    85. Shirley Drake

      Lord, these people!

    86. ShovelFighter12

      What have we learned about not using paper towel straws?

    87. Isabel Chamorro

      mucho texto xd : v LOL

    88. KM Erga

      They first video is little cringe

    89. Reynaldo Marroquin

      What came out of that females throat 😂 @3:41

    90. The yeet guy

      3:13 press F to pay respects

    91. Jose Tobon

      3:41 sounds like a chainsaw trying to be started

    92. I m n00b but i love games

      Yesterday I've donated my cellphone watch and wallet to a poor guy. You Can't imagine the happiness that I felt as i saw him putting his gun back in his pocket😂

    93. BeardClan [FBC]

      einfach nur dähmlich das hat nichts mit failarmy zutun

    94. CV MEGA

      1:00 DUDE COOL JOKE :D

    95. Janusz Tracz to mój idol

      3:06 xDDDD

    96. Muirgen Monet

      The real fail was that I laughed so hard at mega straw that I nearly provoked an asthma attack.

    97. silverxkube

      How to bring out the profanity in your asian doctor 1:30

    98. BL00DY MAR

      1st and second one is so cringy its jus sad when weird people try to be funny

    99. M I

      3:40 *Satan has now entered the interview*

    100. Chase Bridges

      The most bad to the bone first video hahahahah fooled her goooooooood hahahah