iPhone 12 Anti Repair Design - Teardown and Repair Assessment

Hugh Jeffreys

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    Apple says they are aiming for zero climate impact by 2030.
    So to me that says a device should be able to be repaired when the time comes to, preventing it from becoming e-waste. But is that true?
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    1. Hugh Jeffreys

      I believe this is something everyone needs to know about. If you have the time sharing this video would be appreciated. Have a nice day everyone, keep fighting for our right to repair!

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      2. Rigoberto Tovar

        Alexander Wong im

      3. saravana kumar

        Super man I will never see like this

      4. Aldz Dela Torre

        @yQwO )pp]⁰]]

      5. Supreme Master

        Yes. I will share to my friends that Apple will be a luxury item that break every 1 year.

    2. ToneyCrimson

      im shocked.

    3. Trump is Janus

      f*ck em good bye

    4. Rahul Soibam

      Rip ios lover. I use oneplus 8 series n i am more than satisfied with the performance camera battery everything. And when it comes to gaming its a beast i dnt need ios.

    5. Alexander Montie

      I guess how the heck that all the components will fit in the iPhone 12 mini

    6. WhiteSnake9191

      This is absurd, while it's not the best specs or camera in the world these days, my couple year old former flagship LG V35 certainly suffices for daily tasks...I firmly believe in planned obsolescence so I don't spend a lot on what have essentially become disposable mini computers, about $200 or so spent every few years on a slightly older flagship will keep you in the game, or budget phones are even respectable now. Phones have sadly become a wannabe status symbol but they certainly don't tell all....I've seen people with the newest iphones at the time with no vehicle and no food in their house except ramen noodle. Priorities...

    7. Norbert Mayer

      Apple wants to be environmentally friendly. Yet they kill third party repair. Interesting.

    8. Glenn Jacobs

      I feel like only on USA versions there are repair problems? I am just getting the message on the screen, thats all...

    9. Peter Cobalt

      Typical apple

    10. khylle alvyn

      reason why android is way more better:

    11. Wildan Fakih Alfariz XII MIA 3

      Thank god I'm using Android

    12. Richard

      Apple lost me years ago with there Microsoft like BS updates and apps not working after.😡🤥🤑

    13. Inten Ditore

      This is some whole another level of this filthy abomination. I hate Apple now

    14. forfinkly

      That was a shitty move from Apple not to include a charging brick for the price of the phone, want to help the environment then change the lighting cable to USB C.

    15. Yann Kugler

      This once again shows how Apple products are bestsellers no matter how shamelessly apple acts

    16. Donut Theory

      Well now I know why Apple made a carbon copy of the IPhone 11

    17. Dreary Collective

      I believe this is something everyone needs to know about. If you have the time sharing this video would be appreciated. Have a nice day everyone, keep fighting for our right to repair!

    18. Joey Hernz

      Well they’re gonna milk you for your money

    19. Ahmed Than

      let them fix your device as long as you have a valid warranty after that ,, it's gonna cost a lot

    20. neoboi

      Ahh Apple. Still a monopoly I see

    21. Tony Johnson

      Has any one of you guys tried iWave? Throw your iphone in the microwave for 30 seconds and it will fully charge. My friend told me it works, if anyone tried it, let me know!

    22. Dexter MLBB

      Jaiphone channel: we'll take care of that :)

    23. Edmundo Uriel Flores Dominguez

      I never think on Buy Apple iPhones again time to see other company like Sony Xperia or xiaomi

    24. Avarosa

      5.1k brainwashed Apple iSheeps have disliked this video.

    25. Kaylin Rajah

      Good video, I like the message about repair and reuse at the end

    26. Sarge

      why do they sey (product) tm on the back?

    27. mark norris

      i just can't comprehend this obscene level of e-waste designed into phones

    28. Mike The American Alejandro

      Tim Cook has destroyed this company.

    29. MountainGoaat

      Um, I have never seen those Apple adapters in my life, nor did I know they even existed up until this moment. Isn't USB the universal standard?

    30. cliff owens

      Hence why I hate apple

    31. Kiseki

      hope people dont buy it and apple ends up returning to the way they used to be

    32. Unknown A1

      Steve jobs is probably just mad at what his company has done (he is looking down from the skies)

    33. Dorei

      This is obviously a security feature, everyone knows there's a chip small enough to fit in a camera to hold someones facial features. Brilliant. Well done Apple... You guys make me laugh every time.

    34. rocket star

      in Steve jobs brain : Quality first, inovation first, Trendsetter then profit. in Tim Cook brain : money , money , profit , profit , profit , i don't care with after sale.

    35. Silhouette

      Apple: "We want to have zero climate impact by 2030" Also Apple: heavily contributing to throwaway culture with malicious anti-repair practices and built in obsolescence

    36. Ryan Williams

      Hey bro can i get one of them

    37. Finix Yellow tooth

      I think Cydia Developer can help this issue (mean Jailbrake)

    38. We are not livestock

      120 degrees celcius or farenheit ?

    39. We are not livestock

      Most people talking about ecology are hypocrites. This is also true for other subjects, such as equality. The more you talk about moral values, the less you have, in general.

    40. Jshot

      Does anybody know if this anti repair system is affecting older iPhones like the iPhone seven. I recently replaced my iPhone front camera and the camera would work properly on the camera app but in any Third party app the front camera would crash the app so I wouldn’t even be able to open the app

    41. Ultra Sauce

      These are anti competitive practices, the time for action is now

    42. Thai883

      Say goodbye asian copy market 😆😆

    43. Huzaifa Ali

      I dont understand why Apple is allowed to do this it should be illegal bcs as we pay the full amount for the product and for the service and feature it provides even if its an expensive product so we should have a right to tinker or repair our own things since we have paid for it .Apple is forcing people to buy a new iPhone or repair from their shop only regardless of the hefty price we have to pay again so bad and soo Sad :/

    44. Gary Wang

      Apple: We are removing adapters to cut down on waste also Apple: You need to buy the new adapters separately, don't worry if your old adapter completely goes to waste

    45. Jannis Kettner

      Nice Video!

    46. spotify95

      Okay, so if you want to see a phone that I would recommend (instead of this Apple iPhone 12), see this video (also by Hugh Jeffreys): irvision.info/home/hmHUhHx4i7aCadY/fy-lm-h-y.html This is an example of something that can be repaired.

    47. Justin Bailey

      www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2020/11/20/apple-uighur/ let that sink in. apple is benefitting from slave labor. share that link with your self righteous pro apple fanboys

    48. Marco Trejo

      Lmao apple sucks they just want money

    49. Moritz Paffrath

      are you dumb? or just dont see the solution? just use a normal usb c cable we all have at home...

    50. justAneedlessBOI

      I hate how companies do this, if your being literally the commercialism devil, please don't pretend like your saving the environment. I wont even mention bp or nestle.

    51. Titus Pullo

      Say NO to all Apple products!

    52. Darsh Thakkar

      7.8 Million Views big milestone keep it up 👍

    53. Executivebird

      I think this is good and bad idea good because thief’s can’t steal phones for parts like what happened to me and bad because what if your like me and like self repair then Apple makes it hard

    54. Magpie

      Biggest load of crap. To cut waste. Bye!

    55. a random soviet soldier

      ok so we didn't put a charger in your box BUT HERES YOU A DISPOSABLE INSTRUCTIONS AND STICKER

    56. al pacino

      I would say it's a god level business strategy. Go 🍎 go.. tear the consumers apart. Huhaha

    57. The Metal Mag


    58. Harry Mason

      They've always been extremely hostile to anyone they don't control, completely. I used to repair computers and they would only sell me a special screwdriver if I could show them I was a certified tech trained by them. They made a monitor that used a special tipped screwdriver that the shaft was about 10" long. Also, the tip was patented and no one else could manufacture it. We called it a vertically integrated company. I actually called a glimpse of Communism in America. I hated them. Don't even get into whole big-endian vs. little-endian thing. They purposely made their computer word read backwards from the industry standard. They did it on purpose to be completely hostile to everyone else but themselves. They planned to take over the world, once upon a time and they seem to me like they haven't changed much from the old days.

      1. Helen Zhu

        Big cooporate = Communism. RIght. Nice Buzz Words

    59. Kitchen Roam

      I swear android is so much better. im no type of "Fite me m9 android is better" kinda stuff but one time i dropped my tablet on my hard floor and there wasnt a scratch.

    60. Easton Von Shist

      This exactly why I would never buy an apple product. They deal dirty and they treat their customers like 💩💩💩

    61. JK

      Planned crapsolescence.

    62. Pokemon2019

      I was excited to buy one of these There is 0%chance I’ll ever buy one of these I Keats have to replace parts on my Phones. Every time This phone is a huge no no

    63. Young Nut69

      At this point imma just switch to android lol

    64. Robert

      I stopped using Apple phones a while back when they quoted me $600 to repair as its no longer power on, and the first thing they suggest is a new phone for $900, I sense this is just to sell more phones, took it to a few local repair shops and a few quoted $300+ to repair , for $300 I got myself a new Android Motorola, does everything but even if it breaks after two years I would simply buy another as it is so cheap. Don't get me wrong, I love Apple stuffs, they are beautiful designed and simple to work with except it comes with a price tag that many may not be able to afford when things go wrong. the iPhone 12 is a prime example of Apple trying to force us to only use Apple for any repairs meaning they will have the sole monopoly of this market, meaning they can quote and charge whatever they like, this idea scares me because its almost like dictatorship.

    65. Saint Ricardo

      That's what idiots get for buying crap like that

    66. A. Azazagoth

      The double standard what we expect from Apple by now.

    67. Alastor

      Me: I just paid $800 for a phone, and it doesn't even come with a charger? Apple: If you're cool, you already have a USB-C charger laying around. You're cool....right?

    68. Pðeticy

      Ah yes, let's be the worlds leading tech company and not include a standard USB port on our computers. 2021 is the end of Apple and it's showing...their business model is wack and they are too full of themselves.

    69. namisauce

      ive been using this phone for a few weeks now, its pretty good. but to hear its anti repair... man...

    70. René van Wijk

      Never liked apple, and wil never buy one. This company should be boycoted

    71. llauac


    72. Nguyenbao Minhkhang

      I need boy friend

    73. Jackson Scott

      How is apple environmental, they are selling you a phone that uses material that thousands die for in the congo while the lands are absolutely destroyed. A small plastic charger with a few basic materials means nothing. They just want you to have to purchase something additional other than the phone itself, which is already over 1000 dollars. Such a scam.

    74. Jackson Scott

      They are not including the power adapter so that you have to pay more money, simple.

    75. Jonah’s POVs

      Boycotting apple because of this scammy design

    76. Goosfraba

      me: how much for the repair? 3rd party repair: it will cost you $20-40 to repair Apple: it will cost you $500 and $300 for the labor

    77. SomeDumUsrName

      DAMN APPLE. I'm really at odds about them right now. Both my iPad Pros are down.....1 after 3 years and 1 after 2. Because of their anti-right-repair actions, I think I'm not even going to replace them even though they are insured. My get the replacements and just sell them. I'm thinkin' it's Surface Pro time. I'm also sick of their need to be always logged on and the constant VERY INTRUSIVE update OS messages. Really pisses me off. Can't do anything about these on the iPhone but ran some commands on the Macbook Pro and got all the messages stopped except the constant not-logged-on message. Love the gear but trying to do anything without TOTALLY abiding by the demands of their eco system is a FKN' HEADACHE. The File Manager addition of IOS was a fkn' joke and I'm sick of this stuff of not being able to simply navigate to and see my files. NO, everything has to be attached to an app and invisible. GEESH! SO SICK OF THEIR CRAP!!! They want to see every damn thing you do and manipulate you into a buying cycle schedule. They just don't want you to be content with something for years that is working fine for you. They make it VERY HARD. Everyone forced into this cycle of buying the next latest greatest is what they want.

    78. dastur2000

      how u can be still giving money to this fking swindlers of apple omg

    79. TheXtrendonAndroid

      Still after selling you another dongle/accessory apple slaps their users with this kind of bs and yet they stupidly buy their products

    80. Thomas DC

      Honestly I understand and I support the fact of not being able to repair his iPhone at a third party. A smartphone is like a car if you put aftermarket parts it will never last as long as original parts

    81. I Nick

      imagine buying an 🍏

    82. Betsy Robinson

      Let's not put a power adapter because its less e waste Well if you don't put a adapter there gonna buy an adapter and there gonna have adapter either way so it doesn't matter there just chhheeeaaapppp

    83. newton raymond

      There's no such thing as zero climate impact, it's a big illusion. Just existing has an impact

    84. Resared

      G R E E D

    85. Kronos

      Charging a ton load of money for unnecessary reasons - thats apple for you


      Me: Whats an Effrey? Hugh: Huge.

    87. Ruslan V

      iPhones 13 - Charge the device? No, buy a new one

    88. Chris Russell

      Removes charger because there’s already 2 billion. Keeps making sticker.

    89. I amcarbonandotherbits.

      Apple's logo should have a maggot crawling out of it.

    90. Cool Blox Gaming

      I must send links to people whp believe apple is the best

    91. hangming zheng

      Apple: we removed charger to save environment. Also apple: camera broke? Don't replace a small part, discard the phone and buy a new iPhone :)

    92. Peter Iselizo

      why do people still buy these, it just blows my mind

    93. flower

      meanwhile poco trying to charge anyone who wanted to unlock their phone's bootloader

    94. ss ss

      You don't actually own the device. You have paid money to use the phone and their online services. Unique connectivity has been their business model from the Apple 2e.

    95. Alex Crump-Haill

      Keep it up @hughjeffreys great vid!

    96. Felix

      I dont want to be rude, but f**k Apple, all thay want is money :)

    97. SinisterMinister

      only idiots buy iphones.. change my mind they provide nothing more but increasing inconvenience

    98. Rami Faroush

      What a great video I love the comments and details you go through your videos! Keep it up!

    99. Jon

      ya shoulda tried a hammer to separate the shells after removing the 2 screws...

    100. Jubeidono2012

      Automakers will be following apple soon.