Epik High (에픽하이) - Rosario ft. CL, ZICO Official MV


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    Music video by Epik High performing Rosario ft. CL, ZICO. © 2021 OURS Co.
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      1. ᴄ ᴀ s s ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ʀ ᴀ


      2. jeba blessy salomi

        I want to be like him write Savage lyrics and raps , Hit music esp visual...god did you hear me? When will you make me famous like him?

      3. Bridgette

        I've really been missing out like-

      4. Reyncygil

        Thanks appreciated it alot

      5. lan hung

        1:09 i seriously thought that she was lisa... This video helps us better understand our girls: irvision.info/home/Z3e5eJSYo7Kups4/fy-lm-h-y.html

    2. Rie Rina


    3. Rie Rina

      I feel bad for the people who still don't know this masterpiece.

    4. adoy lagi

      always bop

    5. Macmac

      Your Majesties 👸🏼🤴🏻

    6. ChuChuu UyU

      this giving me spanish vibes ... idk y heheh I like it tho 😌

    7. Reddyson K'mei

      Ain't no giving a fuck at what u say 🤣#savage.

    8. afmin984

      So, soooo GooD

    9. Black Swan

      Y dont we get this a whole fat GRAMMY? 🥵😭❤

    10. 걸리버

      지코 잘한다는건 이미 알고있었는데 진짜 이렇게 잘할줄이야.... 펀치라인에다가 딕션까지 어마어마하네 국힙원탑

    11. Aala Aliddrus

      Sorry but i am addicted 😃

    12. studu bae

      "i paved the way for everyone that is pavin' the way" mmmh, Tablo sneaks in sum stan twitter, i swear.

    13. Belen Gutierrez

      This video is addictive! I can't stop see it... Just perfect!

    14. nouha23k

      The legends together 🙌

    15. adoy !! stan treasure !!

      i live for this, *masterpiece*

    16. Jinwoong Kim

      타블로 딕션은 정말 최고다 90프로는 다들리네. 나머지는 뭐라하는지 반이상은 안들린다

    17. Aaron Oh

      Love this song !

    18. xbe. ix

      Zico finally has a collaboration with queen CL

    19. Sergius Sarmose

      If I sing this song, may Mother Mary pray for me too?

    20. han knowis

      Zico 🤩🥳

    21. Quynh Chau

      Oppassss 😍 & QUEEN 😍

    22. s u n s e t


    23. Suraiya Mustafa

      I LOVE ZICO! ZICO!!!!🤭🤭🤭🥰

    24. 지코니

      우죠 ( zico ) 나온다고 소문듣고 오신분 ↓ ↓ ↓

    25. 박돌발번역

      미쳤다 너무좋아.......

    26. Syuzanna Adsiz

      Gerçekten şuana kadar dinlediğim en iyi şarkılardan biri nakarat kısmına bayıldım cl sesi mükemmel . Mükemmel bir uyum yakalamışlar listelerinde bir numara ve ayrıca mv mükemmel tebrik ederim

    27. alice chae

      kpop stans can all agree that this is THE king and queen shit.

    28. Gorda Edionda

      Ctm weá buena wn

    29. Nirbha Bhattacharya

      ZICO MAFIA KING?|?|??|?|?|?| HELL YESSSS

    30. Nirbha Bhattacharya

      when i tell you im obsessed with this fucking bop wtf

    31. Sana Parhiar


    32. Tonia M

      Incredible 🔥👏👏👏👏

    33. Grim Cyber

      This song deserves more views

    34. lotus8602

      Rosario is the song you play when you drop kick your co worker in the face.

    35. Srta. Park


    36. the rattiest of rats

      this mv belongs in a museum

    37. alamsas2

      The director did a great job filming this MV! For some reason the aesthetic reminds me alot of Oldboy even though I haven't really seen the movie.

    38. Ica Uswhas

      can relate

    39. 030 GOKUL RAJ V


    40. Bro Maa


    41. Bro Maa


    42. Ja Sayks

      CL что за плечи ору

    43. Owe zka

      Все пожили и хватит

    44. Krin rin

      I want this to be played at my funeral lol

    45. paridhi gupta

      This is so awesome. I am obsessed, can't remember how many times have repeated it. The lyrics, the music, the rap, the video, Epik High, CL, and Zico. Wow.

    46. Ayesha Maleha

      Making different accounts just so I could like the video again and again

    47. Ria Ali

      The set reminds me of CICIL HOTEL

    48. Jash Duran


    49. F DG


    50. charylane

      listen to this every day and I'm still amazed by Tablo's lyrics as if the first time I read it, the meaning is immaculate

    51. Koroleva Geek

      no se que mierda estoy escuchando, pero lo amo

    52. dirssel xbts

      Mega combo

    53. dirssel xbts

      CLC queen

    54. Joselyn Alexandra Chafla

      Now this is my favorite song

    55. karla Porras


    56. Мария Дулепа

      Разбавляю английские и корейские комментарии русским))))) Отлична песня! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    57. Angennie

      This shit is so good mannn

    58. John Williams

      Song is fire!

    59. Maira Paez


    60. 김석원

      진짜 한국댓글 외국댓 나눠지면 좋겠다 타블로 진짜잘해 ㅠ

    61. Areeka .a

      waiting to see them all in one stage performing this song

    62. Anissa


    63. kerochan3486

      Loving it

    64. Hyun CHOI

      에픽하이 곡은 매번 들을때마다 2분이던 3분이던 몇초같이 느껴진다 그래서 몇달동안 에픽하이 곡만 듣게되는

    65. Gracia Putri Aureliaa

      gosh hellla cooll

    66. Erlis Esteen

      Haru’s appa never failed

    67. Jaeyoung

      미쓰라 되게 섹시하다 🙀🙀

    68. BlessedHero

      this song makes me wanna carry two duffel bags of money with fire in the back on the red carpet

    69. 송영대

      태어나서 에픽하이 노래는 항상 곁에두고 듣는 사소한 팬이지만 어쨋든 활동해주셔서 너무 감사해요 진짜 너가 제일 맛있고 멋있다

    70. 두부

      우리형들은 세로 버전 참 좋아해 본 헤어리 부터 ㅋㅋ 잘보고 가요

    71. Zilan tadik

      Müp olmuş 🥰🥰❤👍👍❤❤👌👌👏👏

    72. Aminata Kanu

      This song deserves way more recognition it's just fire

    73. cheesecake army fan

      CL 🤮

    74. V

      Omg 😱 omg 😱 queen cL is back 👑 😭

    75. Nethu

      *True, they are the ones who introduced the "trends" that kpop boasts about. No one is downplaying the talent of the current gen kpop but y'all have to acknowledge the OG's. Iam an army and aghase but lemme tell you my skin crawls when people fight about the relevance of the older groups. They are well respected and are legends and yall better treat em right*

    76. aishah muhammad

      This mv is lit 🤯🤯🤯

    77. HazelSubmarine

      Can't stop listening to this song Thank u for this masterpiece 🙏

    78. mittoung kim

      그는 나라를 지키러

    79. Carol Aballe

      CL's part 🔥

    80. nf hatin365

      I love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    81. nf hatin365

      I love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    82. Eileen Rodriguez

      When you're latino and the title of this song reminds you Rosario tijeras hahshahsa

    83. estaaar

      "I am a legend and I'm here to stay, I paved the way for everyone that's paving the way" WOOHHH THAT'S SOME LEGEND SHIT TABLO!!

    84. YES IT IS ME

      Man why is DJ tukutz being manhandled always 😁

    85. mon rombado

    86. purple universe

      "I paved the way for everyone that is paving the way" FIRST OF ALL THIS IS like hook and it sound really good.. To some people in the comments : Tablo was one of the Artists who inspired yoongi to join HipHop and they're also friends with bts and have collaborated many times..so please let's be respectful:)

    87. ms. nikki

      This song is epic! Well done.

    88. purple universe


    89. Zara Light

      Mv seems like Alice in borderlan

    90. Gdragon Wife

      Loveeee theemmmm,, 😍😍😍😍😍

    91. Gabriella OY

      'i paved the way for everyone who's pavin' the way. i am a legend and i am here to stay' YASHHHHH

    92. twinkle

      "out of my way, I am a legend and I'm here to stay!" YAAAAAS QUEEN! 👑

    93. Trusfrated Mochi

      And that's how there 5 legends break the stereotypes of Korea, and slap all haters. I am proud

    94. Carrie Psvijh

      Dear tablo oppa, i hope in future you can collab with Nam Taehyun. He has good voice and he is unique.

    95. nocx

      WHAT a fucking song. I want 2021 to keep this energy.

    96. Arlety Guerra

      The Shining meets the Cecil hotel. I love it!!!!!

    97. yas yas

      These lyrics made me tear up, I don't usually write comments, but I just wanted to thank Epik High and everyone who worked on this project. People on the internet and in general don't realize that those who died because of your hate comments/bullying don't need your love after they die. All of these Young artists who committed suicide deserved waaay better because THEY'RE HUMAN, but people realize the importance of the problem only when those artists die. Just leave them in peace when they're still ALIVE. And it's not only about kpop, it's about everyone, influencers, IRvisionrs, foreign artists - EVERYONE. Just let them live in peace, not only rest in peace. It's so simple yet a lot of people do not understand it. (oh, and when I say that some artists died because of hate comments, I am talking specifically about this reason, but as I said, they're human, so they can feel depressed not just because of comments, but it still impacts a lot...)

      1. yas yas

        @lee somin Ikr, I think they only read the “I paved the way for those who are paving the way” lyric and actually ignored the real meaning of the entire song...

      2. lee somin

        yesss thats the actual intention of the song! not about hating on 3rd/4th gen kpop....as some people in the comments say

    98. Valeska M.

      Chef’s kiss

    99. Kthi

      Todos ellos juntos son muy icónicos, todos sin leyendas 🙇🏻‍♀️✨