The Lemonade Machine

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    Our first ever house wide machine project - The Lemonade Machine. This complex chain reaction travels through the kitchen, kid's room, bathroom, office, parent's room, living room, patio & backyard using everyday objects to automatically pour lemonade for the entire team of builders. Enjoy.
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    Sprice Machines creates complex chain reaction machines and vibrant domino art. Our team plans and builds custom projects for advertisements, TV & film, and live events. Sprice Machines works with advertising agencies to design the perfect project for their client's objectives. Other services include brand integration, domino rental, video production, and editing.
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    1. Muhammad Agda

      Waw,, jenius sekali orang ini,, Aku paling suka saat teko minumnya menggelinding,, loved it 😁❤️

    2. Adi MP183

      This is amazing

    3. Lol

      Wow. 9 minutes of mesmerising traps just for a lemonade. Imagine after the entire thing you realise the camera wasn’t rolling.


      legend says that the tap was still spewing water until today


      nah ill skip

    6. Faa

      After doing this i dont wanna clean up🤘

    7. ItzRoinkki

      The fact you all were able to do this amazes me.

    8. Vector Evilman

      You must of had to go to ikea a LOT.

    9. Shaun jayden Tan

      Now who's gonna clean up this mess

    10. Rice Wolf

      This for sure would make Lemon demon scared

    11. Rachael Powell

      Wow all that just for a few cups of lemonade! What entertainment!😂 anyways when when the ball's where rolling who else never let the ball out of there sight? 😁☺

    12. Rachael Powell

      I didn't know that you have yo have all these ✌"ingredients"✌ to make lemonade lol. 🤣

    13. EmmaAnimated99

      When life gives you lemons time travel to the past and put lemons on daisy's bunk :b Marvels Agents Of Shield -Deke Shaw

    14. Roach Commando

      4:15 you forgot your shampoo

    15. FN65 gg.p

      It's gonna be a lot of work to clean it all up

    16. Sweehin Lim

      Don’t leave da sink on

    17. gothic wargamer

      Why hasent hollywood put a rube goldberg machine in a movie/series where the characters are kinda impressed untill the end when they realize it triggers a bomb

    18. Narayana Banoth

      Wasted 9mins successfully.

    19. Aldo Giron

      Want lemonade? Sure Ok just wait 8 minutes and be satisfied by my machine

    20. china tang

      *wow, he broke an iPhone just to make this video come true, I’m impressed*

    21. Yorangey

      Was it that hard to turn a knob.

    22. La Prueba

      When less lemons lens lessons, lemon

    23. JayAshBran AudioScripts

      Feels like I’m watching honey I shrunk ourselves/ kids all over again

    24. Julia Ionescu

      Me trying to get a glass of water at 2 am be like:

    25. Jayant Shrivastava

      Think what happens when his mom finds out what is going on in her kitchen

    26. Charlotte Searle

      I know it's a Rube Goldberg machine but my god it's so unnecessary! I love it! Just it's so fast and then sudden you gotta watch slime drip out a cup for 10 minutes

    27. 1mespud

      Rube Goldberg would be proud!!


      *They must be Engineers!*

    29. G. W.

      If i Watch this Video i have i smile at my face.😁

    30. MD MAHI

      It's amazing I like it so much.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    31. a_furry

      Imagine if it didn’t work

    32. loodlebop

      This was worth every second they spent making it

    33. arrowguy173

      6:46 Who else thought the balloon was gonna pop on the cactus? Whew!

    34. arrowguy173

      Rube Goldberg Award for 2018 and beyond. LOVE the variety of things used.

    35. arrowguy173

      Who are the rude and unsupportive individuals that thumbed this down?? Should be required to post a WHY just like a negative Amazon review. All the time people put into these things yet YT's Dislike Patrol reminds us there are shitty people in this world.

    36. smith delimont

      Who wakes up one morning and thinks, “ HmM I’m GoiNg to build a GIANT F**KING CONTRAPTION TodAy

    37. Ryanknight595

      When life gives you lemons "Hey! I know what we're gonna do today!" -Phineas

    38. the smasher

      Me trying to make a piston door in Minecraft:

    39. Ms. June

      Incredible!!! I want to know long did this take you to set up?

    40. Terra Lockwood

      Hey comments from 2018 bet you didn't know covid was coming but seriously it's a very bad deal

    41. Josie Bianchi

      How we're all making lemonade in lockdown

    42. brightblackhole

      5:02 i like how they made the toilet close slowly to not make as much noise but the rest of the video is just AAAAAAAAA

    43. rainbow HUGE

    44. Ez Peasy

      And he still manually turn it of

    45. Ez Peasy

      This is only something men do I'm pretty sure edit and Chinese girls

    46. Ez Peasy

      All this for lemonade

    47. Сактаган Уксукпаев


    48. Teeterboy 1

      Cave Johnson would be fuming

    49. •uniqueX •

      can we just talk about how long this probably took

    50. Ryland Staub

      I liked the pulley from the window curtain

    51. Grace Yue

      Well it’ll be a big mess to clean the whole house up 🤨

    52. jellycoding

      Is this the pure definition of "nerd"? I love it !!!

    53. Harsh Jain

      *When will it end*

    54. Peter Anthony


    55. TheLocalTechPriest

      “Cave Johnson here. Turns out that machine to make lemons combustible can’t even succeed at making combustible lemons. It just makes lemonade. The lab boys are telling me that it’s technically combustible lemonade, but the fuse time, as they’re calling it, is so long that it won’t start burning until the heat death of the universe (something to do with that slime timer part), so you guys that made this, hope you’re listening, because you’re technically fired. Actually, no, you’re actually fired. Get your stuff, get out. Now. *siiiiip* Oooh, that’s not bad. I take that back. No more science for you guys, but you can work in the cafeteria.”

    56. Saikyou senpai

      Mom :johnny what happened to the house while i was gone Johnny : umm... I was just making lemonade

    57. Olaf CLAPZ Brawlstars

      This is why restaurants take so long to make a glass of lemonade

    58. Christiana Bair

      Wallace and gromit would be proud.

    59. BEST Minecraft tiktok

      What a shame

    60. joseph

      Holy shit man

    61. No Real tea

      “Ferb I know what we’re gonna do today!”

      1. Julian Lozano


    62. Hriday sardana

      "Dad What are you doing with my Toys"

    63. Shivam Tadepalli

      Set it up at night wake up then go out and by then boom a cup of lemonade

    64. Krishna Shah

      You have genius mind you guys are crazy


      what is the hand for?

    66. Matthew Song

      I just watched a lemon roll for 9 minutes straight

    67. Dvine-Zvine

      This is just 9 minutes of pure talent

    68. DARK CLASHING 001

      Imagine ,if he forgot to turn on camera 😂.

    69. DARK CLASHING 001

      This should be in Guinness world record 😊

    70. DARK CLASHING 001

      He used every part of his room 😂.

    71. First name Last name

      4:18 dah

    72. KvaGram

      When life hives you lemons, don't make lemonade. GET MAD!

    73. Katherine Barnes

      I clicked on this thinking of a simple lemonade machine and got this. I’m impressed

    74. Jeremiah Long

      0/10 Didn't burn the house down with the lemons.

    75. Grasshopper

      Jesus, dude really did all of this over complicated stuff and just to make lemonade? Dumb lmao.

    76. Donna Soulek

      When your mom isn’t home

    77. the sharkwarrior856

      I did this once it was on accident and went on till the bikers got mad that i knocked there bikes

    78. Nardo

      Legends say it is still going

    79. G01D3N_ _801

      im glad i spent 9 minutes watching this

    80. boy in a room

      When you have way way too much time on your hands

    81. MS paint type beat

      You have so much stuff

    82. Emirhan Kanberoğlu

      I totally forgot about the lemon halfway.

    83. Mukesh Kumar Kanojiya


    84. AR GAMING

      I just imaging how much time works it take too clear all these

    85. Nolan Provine

      imagine if he forgot to record 😂

    86. Jonathan Sandy

      4:17 Boo

    87. Fingerbone Bill

      The man in the shower was actually DoodleChaos.

    88. Jonathon Ellis

      This has quarantine energy

    89. 썩바

      0:30 I am worried about the water.. Nobody think he will not turn off the tap because he was taking video?

    90. conservat1vepatr1ot DL

      When MIT kids do meth lol...

    91. 2 old 2 kare

      That must have been a bitch to clean up

    92. ꧁michii꧂ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      *How he gets ready in the morning in a nutshell:*

    93. Gabriel and Ericman

      :ok_hand: also if you get a call your phone vibrates and might move

    94. JP Johnson

      This is so cool. But I have a question: Why?

    95. Joshua Castro

      4:55 Holy crap wut just happened

    96. DC games

      imagine how long it took him to make this.

    97. Jesse Zavala

      One thing messes up TRIGGERED

    98. Joe Solo

      Imagine navigating that house during the time of the green stuff