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    In todays video, I finally answered your assumptions about me! I didn't hold back in my responses! I hope you guys appreciate my honesty & enjoy getting to know me a little more! XO
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    My channel is a fun place for people to enjoy the world of beauty! If you leave mean negative comments or resort to name calling, I will delete your comment & block you. My channel is not the place. This world is so ugly & negative & we desperately need to make a change. I cant control the world, but I can control my channel. Constructive criticism is always welcome! "you're a lying bitch" is NOT constructive ! Don't feel like you need to kiss my ass. Feel free to speak your mind but please respect each other! XOXO

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    1. Lorelea Andrichuk

      Please share what lip color and brand you are wearing? its a gorgeous nude lip!

    2. Lisa White

      Ok, I want to address the spoiled/stuck up stuff, because I think I know why people think that. Your thumbnail pictures look very high maintenance because you have a beauty channel, and you also do glam poses because it’s a beauty channel. So the first impression is not approachable and friendly like the videos themselves are. It’s not a criticism, I’m just hoping to reassure you that it doesn’t have to do with your personality. You seem like a very nice and genuine person, so I hope you’ll be able to keep focusing on the positive comments and not worry too much about what strangers say.

    3. Neringa Keteriute

      Loved the video 💗

    4. Nature Beauty

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    5. PEACHFACE24

      I was with her until she pretended like she didn’t know why people assumed she only uploaded when she had something to sell. It’s a fair statement and seemed to be true from last year and going back. That’s the pattern that she showed the world. It’s only recently that she can say this isn’t true. To be fair though no one forces anyone to buy the stuff she promotes so who cares. Just don’t act like you don’t know though.

    6. Angel

      Great video, I’m a cancerian too. I get everything you said. 🙌💖🤙🏻I’m sick of particular male influencers and their constant drama so it’s nice to see a beautiful female do her thing with good vibes. You Grow Girl 🍀🙌💖🤙🏻 2021 is going to be awesome!

    7. Nikki

      You have people come walk your dogs _at midnight!?_ what??????????

    8. Anmol12

      I so enjoyed this video she’s so honest I don’t understand why ppl would unlike the video!! Your face looks so pretty.💕

    9. Patricia


    10. Patricia

      Omg yess!! I would love to see videos like that!!?

    11. Brandy Reagan

      Did anyone else want her to stand up and show off her outfit? Because I sure did! Lookin like a queen! 🔥🔥

    12. Felicia Yvette

      Good America is considered expensive. At least to this single mom of 2. The body suits are 100+ the sweats I seen on the site are like 75. That’s outrageous for us normal folks. Just because the style of clothing looks “down to earth” does not mean it not expensive. Or that you dont only like designer. But it’s your life girl you do you. You worked for it you spend it how you please. I am glad however that you have come a VERY long way of coming into yourself and being comfortable, and your maturity and growth. Good work and job. Happy holidays.

    13. Marissa Palmer

      Omg seriously I wish we just met randomly before your fame we would have been besties 😂❤️ I turn 30 in 2 months and everything you say I relate I feel like we have went through the seasons of our lives growing up together 😂🤣

    14. heeral rathod


    15. Katie Miller

      I have addiction in my family. For anxiety and depression, I take Celexa. It's safe.

    16. Yinet Hiedra

      Talk about the non profit organizations you're actively involved with and what you've done to have a positive impact and why. Also, an updated house tour !

    17. Elena Barry


    18. Carmel Murray

      Well done hunni...your a lovely person... and your right stay away from the drama...and dont feel like your the outcast from the beauty community... your better off on your own...your doing really well girlo...loads love from Ireland xxx

    19. Hayden James

      I’m sorry. But I know I’m late to the party. But if you wanna make a video! Just make it! Do not worry about if people are going to watch it! Or not! So what if they don’t watch it! You said that you enjoy creating then do what you enjoy and create! You’ll be able to look back at it in the future and think, I really enjoyed that time in my life. Create for you! 😁

    20. armani fossie

      Yass Queen SPEAK YOUR TRUTH! Fuck the haters 😎 ♋Gang ALLDAY P.s. I would love a comfy things video

    21. MrsAshleyLacy

      You crack me up!! I’ve been off IRvision for awhile.. you look so pretty.... as I was typing this you was answering the weed question... CBD is great and it can come without THC, if you would ever need it.

    22. Abigail St. Arnold

      I know you poster this a month ago but I had to say I forgive too easily also. I just think life is too short to have drama so yeah I do too. I love your videos and have watched you forever! sending love from quarantine.

    23. Myassis Dragon

      I’m late to the party but girl, when you said, “Look me in the eyes and tell me a reputable doctor who would get on IRvision and say X, Y, Z” I actually yelled! In my opinion, you are 💯 correct and if he is legit then he is very unprofessional bc who would get on here and gossip like that?!?!

    24. Alexa and Kendra Rodriguez

      Yaass nothing & no1 is worth your peace of mind!!! I'm so glad to see how happy you are jaclyn cut out the negativity bc nothing & no1 is worth your peace of mind & keep the make up tutorials coming bc we love them & miss them....

    25. michelle alejandra

      I loved seeing this side of you. ❤️

    26. Lilly Hornbuckle

      This is so honest and raw she's completely different. Probably because she's actually happy now. You're glowing J keep doing your thing bb!!! :)

    27. Charissa Klingelhofer

      Man girl that comment has so much wisdom and you have my respect! "I respect his opinion enough to allow him to lead me." It takes a real woman confident in who she is to say what you said! Beautiful!

    28. Daphne Phillippe

      Jaclyn is so fuckin gorgeous

    29. Excuse my Glamm Cosmetics

      Ugh she is so pretty and successful. I know shes made alot of mistakes but you can tell she genuinely has a good heart

      1. sara smailer

        Yeah I guess 😂 that’s a bit of stretch but she is kinda pretty and successful!

    30. Nichole Goodnite

      Has she been messing with her face? Or gaining weight?

    31. Brooke Gustafson

      Love you Jackie!!!!

      1. Nikki


    32. Sasset Sheldon

      I see Noah Cyrus in you 🤩

    33. Gia Piwnicki

      i honestly haven’t watched in awhile , but watching this literally made my day i forgot how much i love your genuine energy and mannerisms , i hope you’re doing well , thank you for posting

    34. Alyssa Flores

      Can you be a clean freak and not do all the cleaning yourself? Im a clean freak and if its not they way i want it ill redo it lmao

    35. Care Bear


    36. Danielle Jimenez

      Love to see how much you have grown and matured! I remember five years ago you said you didn't want kids

    37. Stacey Menard

      JACLYN i wanted to tell you in case no one has today, you are such a strong, beautiful, kind woman.

    38. Samantha Elliot

      Omg the WAP comments lolol

    39. Jemma Rose

      I remember how that happened to your nose my love 🙋🏻‍♀️💜 been a fan since day 1 :)

    40. Shano Dhillon

      "spit on me" LOOL

    41. Suyen Frazer

      Girl loved you back then when you first started and still love you! There’s nothing wrong with working towards your goals. And nobody said it would be easy! We all go through things in life, it’s about how we deal with this. So im proud of you! Keep pushing cause, I’m still inspired! And working to achieve my goals. 🤎 And Yes family is the best! I provided for mines and they are worth all the hustle. Because of them I will never give up ✨✨✨ And by the way, My previous relationship ended months before I met my husband but still people assumed I cheated! They just don’t want to see a woman happy and living life.

    42. Lauren Davis

      PLEASE Make a Video on Your Favorite Warm, Comfy, and Cozy Products 💕

    43. Heather Mayeran

      I need the cozzzyyyy video like yesterday!!!!!

    44. Audra Alvarado

      @ Jaclyn are you posting your Halloween party this year?

    45. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedalio phobia

      I like how that holy crucifix is dangling on those thoty breasts. Not innapropriate at all.

      1. Nikki

        Why are you sexualizing her? You're gross.

      2. Nikki

        Ew you're disgusting

    46. Jamie C

      My assumption is that you voted for Trump. 😬🥴😂 God I hope not... Its not good to say “I work hard and so that’s why I have so much money/success”. so many people work more than full-time and are still in poverty and/or have been working since they were 15 and aren’t rich. Working hard isn’t only correlated with success, wealth includes a lot of luck.

    47. Ariel Elizabeth

      I don't even have words. You are one freaking amazing human being.

    48. Psychic Beauty Australia

      Such a true Cancerian Soul xx

    49. Marion Ribeiro

      Girl I really feel the "new you" !! you seem so much more "comfortable" with you self!! For instance, you can say the word "sexy" now 😂 no offense tho haha I hope you'll keep growing, Love from France 🇫🇷😍

    50. Dave Choi

      Actually I have watched her video since the beginning, and she seems like she is the nicest person in the world. Would want to have a friend like her in real life.

    51. Erika Laszlo

      I love how highly you talk about Jordan through this entire video! Literally goalssss

    52. Caroline W

      i love you jaclyn!!!!

    53. Lifeincali

      I haven’t seen her in years until today. Sad to see what money has done. She’s no longer what she used to be. It’s all the money I guess. I was hoping to see the simple, pretty girl.

      1. Anahi Chacon

        She’s exactly the same? If not, an even bigger person she has grown to be her true self. Why waste your time leaving hateful comments?

    54. Bonnie Gee

      Jaclyn I hope you read this..... is there anyway I can DM you? If given the opportunity, I would love to share my story with you. I’ve been watching you for forever now and absolutely love you for YOU. I look up to you in so many ways! You are such an inspiration!

    55. Ashley Apolinar

      The only thing you hoard is fall candles 😂

    56. Maryse 💄 Never Without my Mascara

      Forever my fave !!! Love you Jaclyn xxx

    57. Jay rose

      Someone cleans my house 😂😂 80 an hour . But that’s because I’m in New Zealand

    58. Hannah Leon

      I can relate to the child names

    59. Hannah Leon

      Love you!

    60. alexandrea resoso

      Jaclyn, i love your lip combo! Can you share please?

    61. Divinely Diana


    62. Cortney Fiddler

      Girl do you. If you want Gucci get Gucci if you want to get lipo do it and yes update I want to know if it hurts hahahaha.

    63. katie G.

      You are the first i started watching cause even today you are the sweetest,honest and your smile and your eyes says it all,true smile!love! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    64. Jessica Gaudette

      You may be allergic to THC but CBD is different and good for anxiety

    65. Arianna Valadez

      I LOVE YOU, JACLYN!!!!

    66. ANASTASIA !


    67. Carolyn Edgar


    68. Bianca Butterfield

      Love your energy. Keep being you ❤

    69. makeupcat

      Can't stop starring at her boops 😂😂😂🚫

    70. Jessica M

      Divorce community baby!

    71. Cosmo By Allie Nicole

      You should totally do a morning routine.

    72. Candace Coulter

      What lipstick are you wearing 😍

    73. Jaylynn Nichole

      Girl I love all your videos! I’m definitely ready for this comfy recommendation video! 😏😏🙌🏽

    74. kier

      this was the first jaclyn video i've enjoyed in a while but i wish the "if i can do this, you can do this" mentality and statements like "there is no cap on the money that is out there that you can earn" were excluded. there are systemic inequalities and inequities that are so present today, especially with the current potus. some people have to start life already at a deficit and will never have the opportunity to create an empire like you did, and it isn't about "creating" opportunities either. i'm just saying - lovely video but that portion came off a little ignorant and i want to explain to you why rather than thumbs down the video.

    75. Billie Blair

      Did that elbow pop feel good tho? 👀

    76. cosmo_rebeljdal97

      Why is her face so BIG?

      1. V __

        Well I mean no shade but she did gain weight. But She looks good

    77. MotherOfCats

      This is the Jaclyn I have MISSED!!! Comfortable, relaxed, honest, beautiful.

    78. Maritza Sepulveda

      Will always be one of my Favorites 🖤

    79. Yazzy

      Okay but as a nail tech, I cannnoot stop staring at your nails, PERFECT ✨

    80. Sarah Abraham

      Ugh. Finally you start looking 26.

    81. Tina. cooper

      U. R. So. Beautiful. 😇

    82. Brooklynn Thompson

      I loved this video!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    83. Julie Yang

      You look stunning, hun.

    84. Bradley Denison

      Just curious, if her boyfriend has his own place, why is his channel always filmed in Jaclyn's kitchen?

      1. Nikki

        She literally told you the answer to that

    85. als

      Lol ‘isn’t it crazy? Me doing my job??’ Hahaha I love you!

    86. Dina Sebti

      Love this woman, she is just great. I am so happy she is in a good place but would still adore her and love her if she didn't. God bless YOU .

    87. Nathaline Malcolm

      Haven't seen your videos in 4 yrs I'm glad to see your staying true to yourself and you happy😘

    88. Alexandria Alderete

      Jaclyn you are amazing !!

    89. Mona Mellblom

      You are always so genuine! Love that ❤️

    90. Laura Aparicio Lugo

      I love you sm and I just want you to be happy forever cause you deserve it!!! 💜💜💜💜

    91. vheather05

      I was shocked when she said positive stuff about her dad... I thought for a long time they were disconnected.. I didn't know he'd also passed...??? My condolences. ❤

    92. NUNYA BEEZ

      There's not much to say to shock you or make you feel like "oh wow never heard that, aw" but I love you, girl. Your soul is so fresh and what we need. Thank you for being so raw and yourself. Changing you was the best thing you never did

    93. Amanda Flemmi

      How does Jordan feel about u being friends with ur ex and how would u feel about him being close with his ex? I went through something like this with my present bf

    94. isabel garcia

      I loved this! It’s 3am and I’m sitting here like yes bitch speak your truth. Be real ! Be you! My boyfriend and I love your content. Love what you do and who you are and what you stand for ♥️♥️ just thank you!!

    95. molly1982

      Love you, Jaclyn!!!

    96. Aleecia Rubow

      Your awesome don't let anyone tell u different!

    97. blacklily624

      Jacklyn where did you get that Jordan necklace ?

    98. Myisha Rodriguez

      It’s a cancer thing, we do forgive easily

    99. Taya Huntsman

      Didn’t she launch a Jaclyn Hill palette in February? No hate I’m just curious because at 13:10 she says she hasn’t sold anything this year...

      1. Jacqui Poirier

        She was probably just referring to her own brand

    100. Najlha Alaraji

      ummm i need a tutorial on this hair style 😍🤩like asap