HEMI Swap with Jasper Engines Replacement 5.7 in a Dodge Ram 1500 on 37" Tires


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    This is the official start of the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 HEMI truck project in the AutoEdits Garage! This vehicle was originally built by Fred Williams and Frank Allioto for Petersen 4 wheel and off road magazine for the SEMA custom auto show in Las Vegas several years ago. It has custom suspension by Edelbrock that just about fit the 37" Mickey Thompson tires at stock ride height.
    There's a Randy Ellis Designs front bumper and Light Force lights. Custom interior by Katzkins and a very unique paint job... yes that is all hand painted details on this Ram.
    The truck has been wheeled hard by many magazine editors and then given to the production crews at TEN or The Enthusiast Network to help support the shows on the Motor Trend You Tube channel like Roadkill, Dirt Every Day, Ignition, Roadkill Garage and Head to Head.
    Once the engine failed, I was able to buy the truck from the company and had stored it in my driveway for several months until getting the Jasper Engines and Transmissions re-manufactured 5.7 HEMI to swap into this thing.
    In this video, I attempt an engine swap on my side yard in the middle of a record Southern California heat wave that saw temperatures at 110 degrees for the entire week!
    I picked the Jasper Engines 5.7 because they offer one of the best warranties in the business and have over 75 years of experience. Plus, the more I learned about the company, the more I wanted to support them. Jasper is an employee owned company and offers training programs for young mechanics and employs a many of our military veterans... I dig that so much!
    So come along on this journey of breathing new life into this great Dodge truck and start it on it's new adventure.
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    Thanks so much!!!

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    1. SonnyGTA

      With all the shit I read about Jasper, it’s nice to see someone have a good experience with them. I’m looking to get an LS1 for my Corvette. This was helpful!

      1. AutoEdits

        I've been very happy with the truck engine.

    2. Frankie Lopez

      How’s the engine hold up .I just purchased a jasper motor for my expedition just wounding if ur engine still good because I been reading a lot of bad reviews

      1. Frankie Lopez

        Nice good to here good things.feel better about my purchase now 👍🏻 thanks man

      2. AutoEdits

        irvision.info/home/eHjcdK6BnLaNfrA/fy-lm-h-y.html 3 years and 30,000 miles later

    3. Allen Traylor

      They didn't fix the biggest, most important issue, that this engine has.. Poor lifter lubrication.... Which flattens cam-lobes .

      1. Allen Traylor

        @AutoEdits I've seen two really good video demonstrations of the lifter angles being a reason that the flung oil doesn't migrate all the way down the body of the lifters , to the roller-bearings (at idle ) Wich is why this issue popped up in service vehicles that sit running for long periods of time... I got a 6.1.. i won't risk it , so i don't let my srt8 idle for more than 10 min. 06' with 150k .

      2. AutoEdits

        I'm not sure that's the exact issue causing the cam lobe wipes. There was a run of low grade metal parts for cam and lifters that took them a year to sort out.

    4. Jacob Sebastien

      The ram Hemi is a Beautiful Engine 💪

      1. AutoEdits

        I completely agree!

    5. Jacob Sebastien

      Luv my 2008 Ram 2500 5.7 Hemi 4/4 it is a BEAST 💪

    6. K ROSS


    7. James Seaman

      You’re gonna jack around and screw that engine up! Remember you’re still in the break in period!

      1. AutoEdits

        I couldn't help it. Ended up being just great. I'm several years and 30,000 miles later and all good.

    8. Dave p Hawke

      I also am doing in a rebuild on my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi I am replacing everything in the engine except for the crank it all started with a cylinder 3 misfire from everything that I seen and read told me that it was either a bad coil pack or broken valve springs or bad cam unfortunately it was none of these my cam had a little bit of wear on it the truck has just over 355000 but I noticed when I pulled the Pistons out three of them had wear marks on the side but very little wear marks on the cylinder walls so I am going to replace everything like I said before fun fun


      so that plug play even with PCM didn't do any reprogram? transmission fit so easy Thanks

      1. ŚŃĨРĔŔŚЖ

        @AutoEdits an amazing upgrade

      2. AutoEdits

        Yes, went exactly as shown. The transmission re-learned on it's own and everything worked out great.

    10. Loon Lodge

      All of these comments are a few years old. Does anybody still recommend the 5.7L from Jasper? I've read a LOT of mixed reviews and I am really trying to seek some solace in this nightmare of a time I'm having with my ram 2500. Any and all input appreciated.

      1. Loon Lodge

        @AutoEdits Sweet, I will check it out!

      2. AutoEdits

        I have 4 years and 30,000+ miles on this one ... here's a recent video from last week irvision.info/home/qoTQhJ6bnMWDetY/fy-lm-h-y.html

    11. Shawn Brown

      When you did your 500 mile break-in did u hear the hemi tick?reason I asked because I just purchased a reman and starting to hear a tick at 100 miles...was told to use conventional oil for the first 500 miles and idk if it's the oil or the hemi tic....purchased from powertrain products

    12. ernest copoulos

      what about the hemi,s horrible valve spring and camshaft problem,s!nice that they redesigned the piston but they were never really and issue

      1. AutoEdits

        there were different issues across different year ranges of production and the engineers at Jasper deal with as many as they can for each. many people like to mention the valve seats failing on these engines and that was up to 2009 but not the 2009 engine.

    13. Geo

      Can you engine swap my charger 😂?? Great video btw!

      1. Geo

        @AutoEdits I forgot about wiring & the computer my bad isn’t there a risk for switching the computer components perhaps the car might not read the new one and start?

      2. AutoEdits

        @Geo lots would need to be changed including computer and some other wiring... but can be done for sure.

      3. Geo

        @AutoEdits do You recommend swamping a 3.6 engine for a 5.7 hemi without any dramatic changes other than the mph meter ?

      4. AutoEdits

        Bring it on over... lol

    14. Steve G

      The pistons weren't the issue in these engines, its valve seats and valve train, you didn't even mention anything about that...

      1. AutoEdits

        Not in 2009. Valve seats were the years before this. Just to give you accurate information. I had lifter and cam lobe issues.

    15. Max Herceglic / Mile high city

      awesome video i really like the build already whats the name and brand of the front bumper ? thanks

      1. AutoEdits

        It's custom and not available but if you type in pre runner ram bumper into google some options come up.

    16. Joe Caldera

      The best kind of music to my ears when you fired it up!! Love that that sound man!!!

      1. AutoEdits

        I was surprised and happy!!! Thanks!

    17. Alx J

      Ever put headers on there?

      1. AutoEdits

        I didn't. It runs and sounds pretty great with the stock manifolds.

    18. David Foulk

      Did a Jasper motor,V-10, on my old 2003 Ford Excursion and it was amazing how they,Jasper, would take the initiative and re-engineer the small issues that Ford never bothered to change and improve.$8,500.00 well spent thank you Jasper!

    19. Professional Firefighter Lawn Service

      thanks for the help

      1. AutoEdits

        Any time

    20. Ryan v

      Great video! Wish you showed more detail of connecting the engine to the transmission. Do you have any other videos discussing this part?

      1. Ryan v

        @AutoEdits thank you very much.

      2. AutoEdits

        I don't have other videos on that... it went pretty easy. Just make sure you don't force them together and the torque converter moves freely enough to line up the bolt holes.

    21. Dan Doyle

      Was probably just a bad fuel pump and tipm lol, nice truck

    22. Hilda Blanco

      Replace it with hell cat engine

    23. Paul Lawton

      Also... Subbed and thanks for the videos man. Love my Ram... Long live Mopar!

    24. Paul Lawton

      Wish I could find someone to sponsor a header and muffler install... I have stock single pipe muffler and stock shortie headers on a 2013 quad cab Ram... 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️...

    25. Braxton Patterson

      Curious to how long this took?

      1. AutoEdits

        Two weekends of work. So about 4 days all in.

    26. Ron 2021

      Is there anybody else on here wish he was their neighbor...lol

      1. AutoEdits


    27. Lance Remus

      @AutoEdits You mentioned the jasper piston upgrades but do they also upgrade the cam/lifter lack of oil supply issue? I keep thinking all that needs to be done is an improved lifter design that “leaks”/ dribbles some hydraulic pressure supply oil onto the cam...but don’t see anything like that available.

    28. Supreme Steam 360

      good job , iM CALLING JASPER ENGINES

      1. AutoEdits

        I've been happy.

    29. Armando Paz

      Nice vid, man. You made that look so freaking easy. Great job. Gonna replace the engine instead of a new rig. Jasper's been in the eyesight, you might have just made my decision for me.

      1. Erik Gonzalez

        Nice vid man i was wondering does this engine have the mds deleted on it or whats the deal if u can plz let me know that will be great thanks

      2. AutoEdits

        You can do it!

    30. Fuse Beat

      Would love to see some long tubes on a BRAND NEW ENGINE!!!!!!!!

      1. AutoEdits

        Me too but the cost and smog problems here in California make that a no go.

    31. MIke Anonymous

      Its like trying to restore a yugo. Just go melt that dayum truck down and use the metal to make some good chevy parts! :P

      1. AutoEdits

        If you're gonna troll... make it funny. Nicely done.

    32. Kav

      Just check out the consumer affairs reviews of Jasper engines.....they must have paid this guy to make this video.

      1. AutoEdits

        calm down karen

    33. International Trader

      I Didn't know jasper did all those upgrades. Im definitely getting a jasper now thanks for the video.

    34. Barry Monroy

      How's your Jasper's engine running???

      1. AutoEdits

        Great, irvision.info/home/eHjcdK6BnLaNfrA/fy-lm-h-y.html

    35. The Lone Motard

      Why not throw a 6.4 intake on there since you copped one anyway?

    36. Gestalt Garage LLC.

      Nice work!!!💪👍

      1. AutoEdits


    37. Darrell Mitchell

      I am on my second jasper 5.7. The original motor lasted 150000. Had a Dodge dealer put a jasper in made it 50,000 miles well I'm on my second jasper. Not sure I'm a fan yet. Also with the warranty I was still out of pocket for 2200 for the last replacement. I did get back 1100. My truck is a 2009 love the truck just hope this engine will last longer.

      1. Darrell Mitchell

        @AutoEdits yeah I bought it with 28,000 miles one owner real nice guy. My wife and I like the off road back road kinda stuff. We travel for work and just spent a Awesome year in Colorado.

      2. AutoEdits

        That's a bummer to hear about. Sounds like you put a lot of miles on that thing.

    38. rugby

      You need to fix back up

      1. AutoEdits

        Not sure what you mean

    39. Tango November

      Can you swap a Hemi in the JK for us please? With step by step instructions too? 😁

      1. AutoEdits

        I'm not sure I can easily do that here in california... smog is tough to get around. I'll look into it though.

    40. Ryan K

      I know this may be a loaded question. Just kind of speaking generically. If I wanted to buy a project Ram truck, have a local guy install a 6” life and put 37s on, is it possible also to buy a crate 392 engine and install it on a 1500? Would they also have to build up that driveshaft and differentials to account for the extra power?

      1. Ryan K

        @AutoEdits Thanks so much for the reply, I always wanted a monster truck but don’t know much about the mechanical stuff.

      2. AutoEdits

        Always good to upgrade the drivetrain for added power but you could totally get away with that.

    41. Alexandro Zencovich

      Hi, very impressive work, and I can certainly relate to the emotions of seeing back your truck back to life. I have one question for you, 3+ years have passed by, how is the truck doing?

      1. Alexandro Zencovich

        @AutoEdits Wow, it sounds that it paid off all your effort. My Grand Cherokee limited sport, hemi 5.7lt is broken :(. Since the truck is in good conditions (but the engine), and it’s a 2007, so following your way of thinking, I think it’s worth it to replace the engine and drive it another 13 years, any suggestions?

      2. AutoEdits

        Fantastic. Have you seen my latest off road trip in the truck irvision.info/home/eHjcdK6BnLaNfrA/fy-lm-h-y.html Plus, it's still my go to long haul vehicle. Just drove to Moab and back... 1,500 mile round trip and it is so good.

    42. richard francway

      hello there this cajun just like the spice i bought a 2006 dodge ram slt 4x4 wrecked on left side which left the truck totaled i checked the fram for straghiteness it was true not bent so i swaped my cab ram1500 slt no 4x4x wheel dr. on to the 4x4 fram i swaped harnesses to my cab up to the center cab forward i did 'nt swap the cargo harness at the top i found the seal plug to the cargo harness was different so can someone please help me correct the problem by changing the plug or should i just find the harness for th cargo assy,

    43. Ken Robinson

      using the starter to crank the engine over to prime the oil system is a proven myth. the oil gets to the places it needs to go faster by actually starting the engine and letting it run. You really don't think the factory does that to a brand new engine, do you?!?

      1. AutoEdits

        You do you.

    44. Eric Couture

      Jasper engines are honestly the best replacement engine you can buy. Not to be nosey. What did that 5.7 cost you from jasper. I have a 2006 ram 1500 4x4 with 5.7 hemi. Im thinking of doing a engine swap when mine quits. Whats the price for that.

    45. Phil C

      After all that you put the stock exhaust manifold back on.

      1. AutoEdits

        I understand what you mean but this is a limited budget repair. Think about what happens if you put anything else on there... needs new catalytic converts, Y pipe and custom exhaust. This way I can bolt it up and go and still pass smog here in california.

    46. David Speller

      My '04 Durango ruptured a piston rod at about 175K miles. I had a Jasper engine put in for about $5700 miles. it's still going strong at about 250K miles.

      1. AutoEdits

        Mine is still running strong!

    47. Diego Morales

      Does the jasper engine have any lifter fails because of the poor oil design the original hemi has

    48. Cesar abanto

      Do you have a video with a price breakdown of everything you've done to the truck . At the end of the day the quality stuff and doing it yourself might be worth it after all

      1. AutoEdits

        I don't keep track of that stuff and just charge ahead with what I want to do next. There are links in the description of all the upgrade videos that you could easily track current pricing on most things.

    49. Tumbleweed Lights

      was this truck hauling the Mazdarati when it was stolen?

      1. AutoEdits

        I used to work for motor trend and have towed the mazdarati a few times with this truck but it was stolen after I left.

    50. Diego Morales

      Hemi engine is garbage to many owners with lifter fails

    51. blackmesaresearch

      16:20 - Don't unplug the coils, unplug the injectors. Otherwise you're washing down the cylinder walls of your new engine with fuel and diluting the oil for first startup, no bueno.

    52. Ghstbstr4lyfe


      1. AutoEdits

        Thank you! Cheers!

    53. Yogi Beer

      Wonder if Jasper fixed the crappy lifter problem that ruins a lot of the cams in my 2014 RAM? Great video, me and Boo Boo are subscribers now!

      1. AutoEdits

        Howdy and welcome! Yes, Jasper uses a higher grade metal for those parts.

    54. Blue Duck

      I would have put some quality headers on that engine, along with new sensors, and a custom high cap radiator, while it was out. Other than that, great video! You make it look super easy!

      1. AutoEdits

        I wanted to do all of those things but at the moment of an engine installation.. you're talking about a few thousand dollars more expense and I wanted to do this as practical as possible at the time. Now, if money were no object... heck yeah headers and full goodies!

    55. TT-RS

      Is the Jasper Rebuild the better way to go or a new mopar one ?

      1. TT-RS

        And what kind of counterhold for the Flexplate do you use ?

      2. TT-RS

        @AutoEdits May you do me a favor ? My new Mopar engine arrived today. What Motor Stand do you use ? Need one to by, here in germany for the v8

      3. AutoEdits

        I’ve been happy with the jasper

    56. pcking2008

      +AutoEdits A Great job you did on your truck and it sounds good. Great job on your editing skills. I am curious how long did it take to install the motor? I was told by a mechanic it would cost $9100.00 to swap out a motor and to install a new manifold, that he would purchase at Chrysler. My 2005 Chrysler 300c died last week 10-11-20. A second mechanic quoted me the same thing $9100.00 plus a 3 yr warranty and 20hrs of labor. That's too expensive. I didn't pay that much for the car itself. I live in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, CA I was told by a guy in a group to buy a crated engine from Jasper Engines and seek another mechanic cheaper to install it for me. Unfortunately, I don't have this level of mechanic experience or I would try to do it myself. Wifey says to buy a new Chrysler 300c or truck, but I'm thinking of the monthly payments. I don't know, I'm still researching all my options. 1. How long does it take to swap a motor? 2. What would a motor cost for a 2005 Chrysler 300c? Does anyone know? 3. Do the New Chrysler 300 and Hemi "motor" have good reputations? Thanks in advance. Angel from The Bay

      1. pcking2008

        @AutoEdits Thank you I appreciate your feedback. I have reached out to Jasper Engines, their company has been compromised so they're closed for a couple days as of 10-19-20 I should hear something soon. Angel from The Bay

      2. AutoEdits

        It took me 2 weekends to do this swap. I don't know what the exact cost for a engine for you vehicle but this one is about $5k then you would have the installation expense. I have had this engine in for a few years now and about 35,000 miles of successful driving.

    57. tree fiddy

      Great video. What did Jasper do to address to lifter and cam issue on the modern Hemi?

      1. AutoEdits

        They use higher grade metal for many of the parts. Sometimes a manufacturer will get a run of parts that have a lower grade metal for a bit.

    58. jose sanchez

      Need more in go on the torquing spect

    59. Barry Monroy

      Hows that Jasper's engine doing???

      1. AutoEdits

        Freaking awesome. Here's a recent trip irvision.info/home/eHjcdK6BnLaNfrA/fy-lm-h-y.html

    60. Jason Jones

      having done this swap on my 2014 just like you did, on the ground, i will say taking the front clip off is the way to go, be glad yours wasnt a 8spd trans, theres a rats nest of coolant lines ya gotta deal with

    61. Sai Ramos

      A big thank you for making this video!!! As a first timer for this, it really helps. I am currently in the beginning steps of swapping my hemi out in a 2011 ram 1500 and keep back tracking to this video to see what you would do. 3 years old and still helpful and love seeing your current upgrades as well.

    62. Mack M

      Jasper, IN great city

    63. BoostedCajun

      Do a Hemi swap on an 80’s Ramcharger?

      1. AutoEdits

        Sure... can you hook me up with a Ramcharger?

    64. Scott Cobby

      Great Engine Change - Like a Pro

      1. AutoEdits

        Thanks! it is still running great years later!

    65. Francisco Sanchez

      Can you do a hemi swap and keep the same transmision? I own a 1986 W250 Ram Prospector.

    66. rugby

      Fuck calif

    67. Terry Trice

      That truck didn't have no Freon in it!😂😂😂

      1. AutoEdits


    68. Kevy Kev

      You should also have a video of blowing up your Ram after the Hemi goes out. It’s what I want to do to mine. $5000 motor replacement it outrageous and I wont be buying another

    69. Mink

      Man why didn't you call me I would've helped you a bunch 😭😭

    70. Fmandan77

      I'd give Jasper a try. I used to talk with one of their sale associates who would come into our shop in California. Really cool guy. I told him I had actually driven by the Jasper Engine facility in Indiana several years ago. Being that it's in the middle of no where, he thought that was pretty cool. Anyway, your Jasper rebuilt Hemi sounds great!


      Jaspers website isn’t easy to navigate. Why is it so hard to find a price on their website?

      1. GARY HOBAR


      2. AutoEdits

        I think because the pricing is regional but I'm not sure. I sent an email and they got back to me pretty fast.

    72. mike

      But they didn’t fix the valve problem

      1. GARY HOBAR

        @mike the newer hemis get hellcat style lifters and nitrited valves plus an available MDS delete for ram applications

      2. mike

        AutoEdits valid point that’s the 2014s and up with mds I believe

      3. AutoEdits

        This particular generation of 5.7 engine doesn't have that valve problem but they do install higher quality valve seats. I specifically asked about this as well.

    73. Chris Mcguinness

      Having mine done next week... a little nervous lol

    74. Richard Brown

      Get you a better air filter system the engine will last longer.

    75. Edgar Aguirre

      Now im thinking of swapping my 06 Commander Hemi with 200k miles.

    76. Ben Wallace

      This is a great video. But I would enjoy more details like torque specs and how you got to the bolts that marry the engine to the transmission.

    77. 252laylow

      Whats the price of the 5,7 Jasper engine?

      1. AutoEdits

        You have to email or call to find out what it is in your area.

    78. yourneck2

      I see you have alignment issues, I don’t feel so bad about mine....

      1. AutoEdits

        You see wrong.

    79. Braeden Trebell

      wow okay, I have been contemplating an engine swap on my 08 Dodge Charger RT and this helped make my decision, you made it seem a lot less scary then I thought. Worth a sub!

      1. Braeden Trebell

        AutoEdits good to know! Thanks for the info!

      2. AutoEdits

        @Braeden Trebell It took me a total of two weekends but since I ordered the new power steering pump... those weekends were spread out. Takes about a day to get the engine out and 2 to 3 to get it all back together.

      3. Braeden Trebell

        AutoEdits thanks for the reply! Have you done swaps before? And how long did this one take you? The editing could make it seem like it took you a weekend

      4. AutoEdits

        It's overwhelming to think of it as a whole project... just break it down into sections and you totally can do it!

    80. Marc

      Watching this for the second time!

      1. AutoEdits

        Howdy and thank you!

    81. Angel Bahena

      Good job fantastic

      1. AutoEdits

        Thank you! Cheers!

    82. Mouse Toad

      Where can I buy a Jasper engine? I don't need an installer. i don't let anyone else work on my cars. I'm a certified mechanic/

      1. Mouse Toad

        AutoEdits thanks, I called Jasper and they said I could install it myself. They gave me a quote but it was about $1500 more than ATK. ATK has no cores so the wait would be at least 3 months. I talked to a friend who owns a shop and he said he had a lot of problems with Jasper and recommended ATK. My local machine shop who told me my core would need all 8 cylinders sleeved and would not be worth rebuilding said they stopped carrying ATK 3 years ago due to problems and recommended Jasper. Trying S&J.

      2. AutoEdits

        I simply emailed them from the link at the website and asked to install myself. Worked out great.

      3. Mouse Toad

        Can anyone recommend a brand of reman engine that has warranty and one can install themselves?

    83. DYNA KLO

      hey awesome truck, and new info peoples PUT AN OILING TUBE TO YOUR LIFTERS NOW, mod the block or something this shall fix the 5.7 and other 'HEMI' engine's problems. It has been found , what is causing the lifter and cam damage, the lifter roller gets no oil, and the lifter belly side gets no oil, Use a COMP CAMS lifter grooving tool in your lifter bores to add an oil accumulator groove to pool oil in , also you really need to route oil there somehow, this and then this engine shall rock like it does only better. there are oil tubes under the lifters and this blocks crank case oil from slinging up there as well from the hole that is on the crank and windage. So to properly fix this engine to be excellent and durable MAKE oil tubes out of aluminum or other brake line tubing etc. and you shall be golden. Also the oil that runs through it and any drip oil just doesn't get to the correct places, so just do this and be trouble free, because this is the only problem with this engine i have come across. And it is fixed with oil line to put oil to or squirt to or run ported to, : The lifter bores, and the hydraulic lifter ROLLER tip. The needle bearings go out and can cost your entire engine in some cam failure events, face it HEMI owners , there is a problem with these cams burning up in short order. Do this one thing for me, and for yourselves, spread the fruit around keep boxing with LS forever , costs shall get lower and everyone more profitable.

    84. Tom Zweifel

      And after all that effort, it's still a Dodge. :-(

      1. AutoEdits

        Lucky for me!

    85. Grant Merle

      dodge hemi 5.7's suck ass. Almost bought one till I found out about all these cam/lifter problems.

    86. Bo Jangle

      What about the valve train? That's the weakest part of the whole engine.

      1. AutoEdits

        They use higher quality metal than OEM for those parts in this application.

    87. Lupe Mejia

      How difficult was connecting the torque converter with the flex plate?

      1. AutoEdits

        Not hard at all, very easy.

    88. Chaudhary Ali raza

      W/o good

    89. Californication Endless Summer

      Bro you just gave that company 2k 🤦‍♂️ you should have kept the old one and rebuilt and sold it you. aren’t completely help people. You are kind of screwing people who want the whole story.


      Where can I get that bumper from ? Lol

      1. AutoEdits

        It's a custom bumper but look up pre runner bumper for ram and a few options will come up.

    91. killerwowmaster

      Music at 13:10?

    92. SrtPookie

      This was actually cool to watch bro nice job explaining what you were looking at and fixing

      1. SrtPookie

        AutoEdits no problem man I was just looking because I have a old ram truck in excellent condition that has a bad shell and was possibly looking to swap the 5.9l into another truck this was helpful man

      2. AutoEdits

        Thanks a bunch!

    93. Donald Ford

      I feel ya bro, you looked like a little kid on Christmas during that start up😂

      1. AutoEdits

        It was a very good moment!

    94. 512TXS DIY

      This video makes me want to get an American truck. :-)

      1. AutoEdits

        Heck yes it does!

    95. V R

      Awesome truck and awesome work! 👍

      1. AutoEdits

        Thank you! Cheers!

    96. Cole Chalmers

      Is the motor still in perfect condition. ?

      1. andry mashka

        How many miles have you made on it so far. I got burnt hemi sitting in my garage, just exploring options. I just 50/50 on Jaspers, as some say they quality went down in past years. Update video on engine would be much appreciated.

      2. AutoEdits

        Yep, still the best thing about the truck.

    97. Carlos Teodoro

      Pinto !!!!! The Best !!!!

    98. Joe House

      What did you pay for the engine

    99. Noah Navin

      Got an update? I've heard terrible things about jasper

      1. AutoEdits


    100. bdcountry1

      That truck was only 8 years old when the engine died? What the hell were yall doing to it lol

      1. AutoEdits

        Got abused as a company vehicle and ran with no oil for a year.