Molly’s World at its finest (Mustang Rebuild)

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    Since the race at Pacemakers I've had a lot of time to plan for my next engine build. I want to stay manual not cause I want to be difficult but cause I want to be different. To be a competitive stick shift driver .. that’s the next goal I envision for myself. Just cause things didn't go as planned the first time it doesn’t mean I failed. I showed up and raced like I planned and to me that's a goal accomplished. I want my channel to be a vlog of my everyday life so my viewers get an in-site as to who I am. So I added footage of getting my quad (some off road content to come), my dad’s Jeep and taking my sister on her first hunt. Hunting, fishing and off-roading was a big part of my life and how I grew up. I love being able to share what I'm passionate about with my fans. So to wrap it up. Enjoy my video and be on the lookout for more!
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    4 Wheeler specs
    2010 Yamaha Raptor 700r SE
    New parts I bought to customize it will be in the next video!
    Dad’s Jeep
    2008 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited 4 1/2 inch long arm lift
    Time stamps
    7:37 3 engines
    9:03 Testing out the TKO2
    15:18 Then I got a Yamaha Raptor
    17:23 Dad’s off-road rig
    19:30 Pheasant Hunting
    26:37 Gen Busts her first pheasant
    Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more updates as we build my race car. Don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button!
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    1. Jay Seymour

      No gloves, nice pretty nails, where can i Find one of you in Michigan?!

    2. Randy Beuttell

      All that hate on the T5 ?? All you need is a pro 5.0 shifter and a mcleod stage 2 clutch.

    3. MC Viegas

      Hahahaha. . . wow! Is this what we call a throwing a rod?! nice whole through the oil pan!

    4. Big Joe Nick

      Why get rid of the parker intake?

    5. John Deneen

      Maybe you should have on your seatbelts! Never know when some one else is drunk! Or running from the police. Set the example. Thanks from? St. Paul Minnesota.

    6. Larry Van Horn

      I’d say the little lady sent it

    7. Kenny Hayes

      Can't beleave she's not running a ls engine in that ford

    8. Big Joe Nick

      What carburetor is being used?

    9. Ryan Downs

      Ya gotta stop with those stretchy pants Molly you're gonna end up given some random man heart failure with that axx of you'res 😆 haha on the brighter side the car came out bad ass.. The car really fit you Molly

    10. robert loftin

      Look Work on that speed shift they need to teach u , work with u but your having fun 🤩 I love watching

    11. edward arsiaga

      I need a girl like this

    12. Dwain McBain

      How do you pull wrenches and have all your long fingernails and no busted knuckles? Amazing!

    13. Jerimiah Phipps

      Holy cow crap! The destruction in the bottom end of that engine looked like a paper shredder and a whole lotta metal got into a fight.

    14. Bob Wahl

      Molly molly molly , wow! Lucky Billy. Talented! 👍🏼

    15. Brandon Baillargeon

      you guys are made for each other . get married and start your family early! been there done that but you two are special!

    16. الوحش دراقون

      I follow you from Saudi Arabia, the videos are beautiful 🇸🇦❤️🇺🇸

    17. John Dibianca

      Stock T 5 have to get off power to switch gears ... I put a 4 speed top loader in my 93 super charged Fox body .....

    18. Kawai hao

      Holy shit, she shot that bird at what looks like 1 o'clock with you standings at 3 o'clock. Well atleast that's what it looked like on video, 🤣🤣🤣 she got that bird good. Great job 🤙

    19. Scuba Steve

      Once We Get Off! Once we get it off... LMAO youngsters mind is right where it should be, on his girl...

    20. Alain Brisebois

      Where do you get your money Moly?

    21. proudinfidel

      I grew up hunting quail in central Georgia. Just LOVE to watch them dogs workin' them birds! I'm more happy watchin' them dogs work than I am shootin' at them little birds! A least those pheasants look to have some meat on them whereas it takes a couple dozen quail to make a meal...

    22. Thecause Ofitall

      Congrats to her on that first kill 🖒👌🖒👌🖒👌🖒👌🖒

    23. Thecause Ofitall

      She got some sweet pics

    24. Thecause Ofitall

      He shot that bird down down 💪💪💪🖒👌🖒👌

    25. Thecause Ofitall

      You was driving the shit out of that stang 🖒👌🖒👌🖒👌🖒👌👀

    26. Thecause Ofitall

      Wats up Molly #Milwaukeeinthebuilding 🖒👌🖒👌😎👀

    27. Jesse Flores

      This is fucking goals for a relationship

    28. billy smith

      i had a 98 F150 with a school buss shifter 5 speed. now every truck is automatic. cant get a stick anymore

    29. Bryan Roupe

      the ford wc t5 is the smoothest shifting trans i have ever had in a car with some power. they wont last long speed shifting with a ton of power but they shift like butter. if yours shifted hard than you probably had internal issues already, bad/stretched clutch cable, bad adjustment or shit shifter etc. my car probably made 500hp on nitrous and i speed shifted it many times at 6500 rpm and tons of 6500rpm launches on slicks. it had billet 3-4 keys, billet cluster support and that was basically it from stock, i used a stock replacement clutch which helped longevity for sure but didnt like hot laps. 3rd gear has no support and is usually where shit goes boom.

    30. Isaac Ocasio

      I mean no disrespect but she is beautiful

    31. Edward Tomlin

      That was a heck of a shot Genevieve!!

    32. adam cowles

      Ear buds listening to music while hunting, jeez so not good should cut out that bad habit now while he is young.

    33. G B2

      Cool vids! I have have owned my 86 gt since 1996!

    34. David Dixon

      Don't worry Molly ull get it , just when u shifting on the fly with a stick always stomp the clutch , like u kicking the floor , cause u want the clutch to go threw its cycle as fast possible so RMP'S stay up.. an dont listen to chevy comedians cause they use our 9inch rear ends , our foxbodys , our FR500 rims on the new z71 truck , Tahoes , Yukon an we not even gonna talk about on how sorry their trucks pull a load lol.. an the list goes on , an after all the stuff we help them out in life an racing an they've still got the nerves to talk smack lol.. don't sweat the motor cause U CAN BUY ANOTHER BIGGER BADDER FORD RACING POWER PLANT SUGAR , cause the reason chevy owners drive chevys is cause THEY CANT AFORD " A FORD... HA. HA..

    35. Brad Thompson

      Hey Chevy Boy!! why are you driving a Toyota?

    36. Victor Mason

      Good Lord Molly how much do your right foot weigh you going to tear it up tear it up good you a sweetheart though we love you

    37. Sherri Gaskin

      Maybe a Boss 429 from Kaase.

    38. Sherri Gaskin

      Too busy crying. Connecting rods in the oil pan are very undesirable.

    39. aintskairt olskol

      try a chevy ,dont cost as much and you already get 2 for 1 motors hahahah

    40. Jake Risner

      Nice quad! I used to have the same one. A couple years after "upgrading" to a SXS, I definitely find myself missing a four wheeler. That thing is a torque monster!

    41. M Caraballo

      Cute hair

    42. Douglas Greenough

      Molly is a pretty name

    43. Jesse Ruiz

      That ass

    44. sn95streetbuild

      What are you doing with the LS k member

    45. Dan Francis

      Man I’ve seen a lot of girl on IRvision that are pretty acting like they know mechanics this is my first time seeing or watching these videos I understand you guys are couples but no disrespect she is beautiful and she also looks like she knows exactly what she is doing. Man you got the best of both worlds. BEAUTY&CRAFTWOMANSHIP

    46. Billy Kirkpatrick

      Powerglide js. Lol

    47. Gary Ward

      Beautiful bird

    48. STANGm06deGT

      GOD SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL !!!! WOW !!!! That's a lucky man !!!!

    49. shawng7902

      I smiled ear to ear the whole video. This is the most American video I've ever seen in my life. People from big cities always make fun of us from small hick towns. When I used to travel for work I would be kind of embarrassed over being from WV, Live right on the river, I can see Ohio from my bathroom window. The older I get and the crazier the world gets as it falls apart. I can't thank God enough that I live in a small town. Yes, we have beautiful girls who drive and race, are hell on wheels off-road, and who can run bird dogs and hunt with the best of them. Keep all your big city problems. The rest of us wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

    50. shawng7902

      I thought he was joking with that broken rod. Then you show the oil pan holy shit!!! That baby shat the rod in a bad way lol.

    51. Super Bikes and Stuff

      Dam that was a really crazy shot

    52. Super Bikes and Stuff

      Ready to find the other one? "Yeh"

    53. Dylan Carrier

      What kind of suspension set up are you using?

    54. JordieMotive

      Just found your channel, just subscribed as well

    55. Scott Brown

      Muzzle up! Then Dog runs by them 3 times demonstrating why muzzle up. Love it!

    56. ponypwr

      Seat time is what it takes to be able to shift. Knowing you can hit the gear gives you the confidence to shift hard and fast.

    57. pmartinez1951

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    58. Bobby Roberrrt


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    60. Bryan pecarl

      awesome vid molly please keep up the good work i love the vids!!!!

    61. Damage, Inc.

      Where the Corvette?

    62. Brian Brandenburg

      Wanna sell 4Runner??

    63. T Overturf

      302/351w not the same block

    64. T Overturf

      You have sooo many miss matched parts.

    65. T Overturf

      What do you want for the parker?

    66. Tom Tucker

      Miss Molly do not rest your feet on the dash. If Billy had to break hard suddenly it would break your legs.

    67. Tom Tucker

      Molly you are so gorgeous.

    68. The66RedDog

      Thank you thank you for putting a SBF back in your Mustang. Stroked to 408 , manual shift lots of fun.

    69. Jamey White

      G Force is your best bet

    70. Sterling Frosty

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    71. Dee Bone

      Pacemakers is an 1/8 mile. Go to the Trails, I will race ya.

    72. rods907

      I would like to see more of this !! What’s wrong with a little variety every so often!

    73. Josh Aubrey

      Billy is the best camera man on the planet!!!!

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    75. TH3 S10 GUY 1

      I’m going to have to say - go back to Chevy’s !

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    77. james ozment

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    78. J Mch

      That dude with black mustang would of shitted if you pulled up in the S10

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      How can this relationship work, billy bowtie, and molly blue oval? 😂👍

      1. Rick Totz

        Because the blue oval rules

    81. Rusty Wells

      Your so good in front of the camera your a natural born IRvisionr Molly keep at it and your channel will blow up with time the best advice is upload videos regularly and give it time and try to collab with other youtubers! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    82. James H

      Did you guus move into a new shop?

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      Put a small block Chevy in it

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      Got to Love your puppy too cute🐕🐕

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      Dang miss molly is so beautiful and watching her hands on working on her car and is amazing. Hope the car stays together for u this time. Looks like it’s gonna be pretty sweet

    86. Terrell Royal


    87. Greg Hamilton

      She must continually wash her hands. You cannot tear an engine down and your hands remain do clean as hers!

    88. What the Hoot

      When the craigslist ad says "it started last year, just needs a new battery"

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    95. Robert Cowan

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    98. burnindarubber

      Gotta love the t-5 myths, there good for low 10s stock with a clutch and shifter. Watch out for them 5.0 blocks too lmao

      1. burnindarubber


      2. Hillbillyblog coleman

        Ford t 5 is junk. Be easy or you will be rebuilding.

      3. Wasn’t Me

        I busted third gear out of many T-5’s in Mustangs that weren’t anywhere near tens. I’ve cracked the front of the case from bottom ear to top ear on one of them.

    99. Jimmy Batts

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