Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Free Winter Update - Nintendo Switch


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    New seasonal events, Reactions, hairstyles, save data transfer, and more! Get ready to celebrate the heartwarming holiday festivities with the free Winter update, coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on November 19! Learn more:
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    1. irene kate enriquez

      how about being able to move the view 360 of the game itself? (just like in sims 😅) being able to use the furnitures, being able to eat etc??

    2. Gioele Lordgamer

      Fyinalli Is Christmas in animalcrossing And snow, Is super

    3. Oliver Smalley

      Report: I have found another restaurant using Luigi pictures, is this yours?

    4. Jack Komura

      Help me I am addicted to the Turkey day music- *It’s so cute*

    5. Tan AS

      Nintendo thanks for listening to the fans for these new features, but I have a request. Could you add a feature that would let me switch the resident representative on the island? Its really hard since I play the most often but I have to switch accounts to do anything

    6. Cheesebrackers

      I dont have the workout emote, am i the only one?

    7. It’s a Rock Fact

      Now Nintendo, could we talk about the lack of personality in Villagers, repeating dialogues and interaction? Seriously like I almost repeated Turkey Day because I loved so much trading stuff and search things for them 🥺

    8. Linda M

      Hi, how can I get the new update? I haven't it yet...thanks

      1. Cheesebrackers

        Go on acnh (but don’t open the game) Just stay on the image of the game and press + You’ll see a whole menu of thing you can do, updating the game included

    9. Haru chandes

      Just recently got my acnh switch and game and love the updates already and have been chatting with my friend about it lol


      BEN en çok nintendo switch seviyorum

    11. Chris Roey

      Does anyone at all know who that little baby is a 0:32? He/She/It is incredibly different and interesting to me.

    12. The unknown master of noobs

      Ok I have a problem is it just me or I downloaded the update its the 4th of december in europe and my island still has no snow. Im not sure why. If somebody knows why can yoj please relpy?? Thank you for reading this comment!

    13. Anna Samras

      0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!

    14. Gabriel Martin

      I thought of an update that I wish was real and if you have a friend on your friend list but not on your best friend list you still should be able to speak to them if they are in the game

      1. Gabriel Martin

        and I really hope it is the December or January update

    15. Magically Me

      Animal crossing character: sits Fans: free real estate

    16. Cheetos Burguers and Fries

      Oh boy! Bunny day 2

    17. 井上コウランチャンネル

      マリオメーカー3 そろそろ作った方がいいけど

    18. DaeDae

      The Black hairstyles are so cute, I'm glad they're making so many people happy

    19. My Melo Simp

      Ok no cap, I’m excited for New Years

    20. Soy Bean

      Wow, Nintendo’s actually listening to what we want? EA could NEVER

    21. shwet rag

      so how about long dreads

    22. Cheeto The Cat

      (Please like this so Nintendo will hear us) •Buy/craft multiple things at once •Change the Island name •Change the players name • More custom design slots •Bring back the old characters •Bring back Brewster, Gracie and more •Perfect Fruits •Expand shops (Leave more good update ideas down below!)

    23. Luckyducky

    24. بدر السلمي


    25. بدر السلمي


    26. Tocaboca Zelda

      My island won’t become snowy so sad

    27. Cat King10

      Yay I can sit on the ground

    28. Jennifer Pugliano

      Finally I can store my clothes I really need that!

    29. GlitchNoobDev

      The fact im getting the game on christmas :D

      1. Cheeto The Cat

        Oh, but u need to upgrade all ur stuff for jingle to appear. RIP

    30. Abyss

      Why isn’t my island snowing or have any of the new items or anything?

      1. Abyss

        @Cheeto The Cat yea i got the game on the first of this month so I’m still learning about the gane

      2. Cheeto The Cat

        @Abyss Your welcome

      3. Abyss

        @Cheeto The Cat thank you I was confused

      4. Cheeto The Cat

        That's normal, u have to wait until 15 of December. And time travel doesn't work anymore

    31. Julius Jackson

      Have you set that commercial

    32. Julius Jackson

      So I heard about LOL surprise.Nintendo switch lite and Nintendo switch?

    33. Dejna Radur

      Me still waiting for more costume design slots

    34. shalina akther

      Update list: -Being able to change the character’s name -Being able to change the island name -More storyline and stuff to do

    35. Ray Caballero

      Would love to enjoy some of the classic Nintendo games like kung fu and Mike Tyson's Punch out and the super Mario brothers games and even the one before that without having to be directly connected to the Internet to enjoy that that's very annoying The whole point of having castles in the first place is to be able to enjoy it on the go or wherever you are and being restricted to having Internet takes away from the enjoyment of playing the game whenever you want unfortunately I think they should change this

      1. BaddieUniverse

        You can get Super Mario Bros U deluxe. It's a modern 2D Mario but it can be played offline.

    36. Mr_ Pickle

      I kinda want bridges but not in water so you can have a path not interrupting anything in the air

    37. Lola 100

      I’m getting animal crossing soon! Cant wait to play!

    38. •luvbxbas•

      I’ve been missing all the fun for 4 months cus my nintendo broke- but finally i will probblably pick it up this week this week! FINALLY

    39. Nuclear Sailor

      Thank god they're listening to the community, let's all hope and pray that they continue on this path

    40. The Super-Star Rareș Show

      I have some ideeas for the update for January! Can there be added perfect fruit as in AC: Pocket Camp? Also, can there be more updates on the shops like nook's cranny or able sisters to be more cooler? I will be happy if at least on of these are in the game!😁😁😁

    41. Lightning McQueen Gaming

      cute space buns

    42. Elijah Meier

      Nintendo add Nintendo 64 and gamecube to Nintendo switch online

    43. Ice AnonYT

      Oh boy it’s thanksgiving haha I love this- B E T C H

    44. Larry Anquilo

      So I heard Nintendo listening to us this is the things I want Building multiple things at once please

    45. Suley Mendez

      I play fornite in my switch and my name is morasdg

    46. Strawberry Alien

      *Am I the only one who wants to be able to ask questions to villagers and Isabelle-*

    47. Carrie Jauss

      Why isn’t it snowing on my island it’s December 1st it’s still fall

    48. jarrett maltry

      So now that we have all the major holidays set, will they give the same rewards every year? I assume Nintendo is done with the holiday updates now that they can just reuse them every year like they did in past games but if they reuse rewards it’d be kinda lame. I already have almost every seasonal item

    49. TCrow2020

      You Should Make a Rambo Character or Mii Skin For Smash

    50. Im Very Unique

      Nintendo I know ur probably Busy But Hear me out Can u add roller Skates so we can run around And Villagers Can wear them to!

    51. • b x r r y •

      I wish I could play animal crossing but me and my sister lost the charger 😔✌️

    52. Furret

      What island did they use for the winter part cause it looks so nice, I don't think anyone at nintendo would take so much time to make that

    53. mija lalala

      nintendo: we have christmas and turkey day, I hope you love it everyone: we are gonna sit with all villagers. me: Hoping that brewster comes back. Also hoping to see what is upstairs in timmy and tommy's store.

    54. Minecraft PE5788

      Finally, I can troll my villagers by trapping them on my bridge

    55. Nook TV

      Amazing content! I love it

    56. Just Leelee

      Who else is sad cuz they picked the wrong hemisphere qwq

    57. I hate my name


    58. FunSurprise0607

      Animal Crossing Villagers: speaking gibberish The captions: speaking a n i m a l e s e

    59. Alejandro Perez

      Can you make more reactions for the next update

    60. Specimen 8

      It would be nice to change the tracks of New Horizons- i mean. I love the New Horizons music but i also wanna hear the ones that came before! Tbh i feel like New Horizons will probably and hopefully be better than new leaf. I really want features like this to come- posibly for the 20th aniversary? I dunno' but watever Nintendo gives us we gotta be happy

    61. Wackaz 2.0 - Arthur Wacker

      Please, for the love of God, add The Roost. I'm growing impatient.

    62. Klaudia

      I just wanna know when its gonna snow 😭✨

    63. Thomas Jones

      it would be realy fun and werid

    64. Thomas Jones

      i wish spore was on the swich

    65. nikolas 777

      Y también arreglas ha mejorado yamila Floyd

    66. nikolas 777

      Y también saca la de Peppa Pig o Piggy una de roblox

    67. nikolas 777

      Smash Bros podés poner la skin de Eevee que yo soy fan de gibby

    68. Davi Machado Sampaio

      Can you do The same pen that The DS have for The switch too?

      1. Cheeto The Cat


    69. Joel the Awesome


    70. Coach


    71. bobthecorn2000

      i can sit lets go

      1. bobthecorn2000

        when can link and mario sit on command (yes i know marios idle animation)

    72. María jose Franco ortiz

      Super mash bros x brawl stars

    73. Henry Miron


    74. анимация от шаурмы no name

      yeees думаю Обнова крутой бедет

    75. AquaGamer1212

      I haven’t played in months, I’m so behind all the new updates. I left my island in shambles and I know there’s gonna be weeds and roaches galore. I’m most excited for the new reactions and hairstyles! ✨✨

    76. OALN player

      And Nintendo still forgets about the Southern Hemisphere

    77. Eimai Xazos

      A turkey cooking turkeys? hol' up

      1. Koneko

        You innocent soul. Try looking up Franklin’s role in the Harvest Festival in AC City Folk.

    78. stick gameplays

      dear Nintendo why don't you release super Mario odyssey for Android i'm tired of playing copies of Mario odyseia please

    79. Luke Shannon

      Does anybody else want more than 10 villagers? I'd like them to allow this. There is clearly space since you can have 8 people houses

    80. Ева Логинова

      yassss update my ak today 🥴

    81. matt rogers

      Incident get the thanksgiving update

    82. Christian Pérez

      Me gustaría ir a visitar la isla, alguien sabe el código de sueño?

    83. Bernardo Santos

      Oh my god, Madri Gras is gonna be a thing? Brazil and Portugal are gonna loose their minds

    84. JacienV

      Oh yay, space buns. :3

    85. Luke Traill

      F u guys for locking it I’m not going to play any more

    86. StrikedCrystalZ

      I need to get the game tho Edit: ahhhh I just got animal crossing yesterday, I'm already addicted

    87. Yoshikage Kira

      Lets not forget another event, my birthday :)

    88. Caitlin Jade


    89. masterqody


    90. HomeStuck Games

      All i wnat for krimah is MOVEABLE RESIDENT SERVICES

      1. StarrieMoonlight

        Don't think that'll happen

    91. Aron Is Cool

      1:28 bald angry

    92. Ella Martin

      Nintendo Are You EVER going to realize there is a Southern Hemisphere NINTENDO give US something like why

      1. StarrieMoonlight

        You get everything the Northern hemisphere got they even changed the harvest festival decor to a spring version for you

    93. Ayush Saripalli

      Hey Nintendo. It’s been a great 3 years with you. It’s time I upgrade my switch. I am getting a Xbox. I have played on switch for every day of every year from 2017 to now. I loved fortnite and Minecraft. Super Mario odyssey truly sparked my love for video games. I was nearly in tears completing the game. It’s been a great time. Sincerely, a gamer

    94. Brenda Herrera

      Now we can take revenge and sit down and annoy and block our villagers path hahahahaha

    95. Michael

      I've updated the latest patch but still no snow. A friend of mine already has snow, why is that? Is snow random?

      1. StarrieMoonlight

        @Michael your welcome :D

      2. Michael

        @StarrieMoonlight Thanks a lot!

      3. StarrieMoonlight

        Yes snow flurries are random they can come any day, next month your island will start be covered in snow and you'll be able to make snowmen with snow balls randomly generated, which also melt, a santa piece outfit will be sold in able sisters if its like the old games everyday, buy them, and talk to your villagers every day next month from December 1st write it down too :D

    96. Izzy thePotato

      NINTENDO PLS LISTEN AND REPLY! I was hyped to play the turkey day but my mom hid my Nintendo and i missed turkey day cuz i could only play on Fridays-Saturday and i cant time skip back to play turkey day and now I'm sad :(

      1. Izzy thePotato

        I did but it didn't work :/

      2. StarrieMoonlight

        @Izzy thePotato don't time travel to Turkey day next year in 2021 time travel back this year 2020 to Turkey day on the 26th of November make sure it's 9am or past 9am

      3. Izzy thePotato

        @StarrieMoonlight I don't understand ;-;

      4. StarrieMoonlight

        Tt back to Turkey day not forwards but backwards

    97. Scali Cali

      Nintendo please let us have 2 more villagers at least in our island!

      1. StarrieMoonlight

        Yeah should be 15 like gc

    98. Clare Newman

      What day does the island look all snowy?

      1. Cheeto The Cat

        I think 15th of december

    99. Raccoon Droid

      I didn’t even get to celebrate that BC it wouldn’t even notify me

      1. StarrieMoonlight

        Tt back to Turkey day not forwards backwards

    100. r2tired

      Anyone know when winter will start in game?

      1. StarrieMoonlight

        @r2tired sorry, I'm glad its not December yet so you didn't have to go out of your way to do that

      2. r2tired

        It’s okay, don’t worry

      3. StarrieMoonlight

        O my stars i think I misinformed you I don't think you have to ask villagers what they want anymore its lost its charm so much or dress up as santa sorry

      4. r2tired

        @StarrieMoonlight thanks!

      5. StarrieMoonlight

        December 1 usually, bc villagers tell you want they want everyday be sure to talk to them everyday and write it down, if its like the old games buy the santa outfit pieces you'll need to dress up