Wall to Wall Fails: Fails of the Week (November 2020)


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    It's #FailFriday so that means It's time for The Fails of the Week! This week we have proof that duct tape has infinite uses, a few grumpy horses, and more!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 22 روز


    1. FailArmy

      It's FailFriday! What has been the biggest fail of your week?

      1. Jacob Hill

        PS5 Pre-orders

      2. Dave‘s Brick Films

        I think its time Ford a new MY TWIG AND BERIES

      3. Dave‘s Brick Films

        All 😂😂

      4. John Daugherty

        @Raskolnikov70 - Aw, you mad bro? Hint: Trump actually lost the election...lol.

      5. Raskolnikov70

        @John Daugherty Seek help for your Stage IV TDS.

    2. Whan Blake

      What was that baby in on the last video?

    3. P X

      4:04 People like that ruin a lot of great horses by being stupid, mean, crude and selfish. Please go work on yourself and stop victimising other living beings. It's the smartest, strongest and bravest who fight back like that when treated poorly. Not a lot of horsemanship here, just a bunch of bullies.

    4. Nicolas Mangano

      Broooooo Broooo Thinking about the money lost

    5. Vincent Yots

      4:17 where can I find this video on IRvision

    6. Derek Allgood

      2:41 if you've ever had that happen to you, you know what true pain is.

    7. KeziKezecske

      Poor Pancetta 🤗

    8. Ronaldo Gracida


    9. Dominic G

      That aint no baby that's MODOK

    10. Jon Jon

      Ewww the first one made me almost throw up 🤢

    11. Fabio Xodo

      Did she really called her dog PANCETTA????

    12. EdorfFS

      Do we have scooters with rgb now 1:29

    13. TheDennyBros

      5:38 just reminds me of wall-e xD

    14. Benny Mitchell

      2:04 guy on the right is the only man there

    15. Tejas Mhatre

      Very Funny 😂😂😂

    16. War Chief

      FailArmy make's my day better 💯🤩

    17. Tess Pearce

      it just hair just deal with it

    18. Paul

      Let's be honest here, the horse at 2:23 knew damn well what it was doing.

    19. elwoodzmake

      "Great mare" rips apart the fence "...hmm" I died

    20. DAREC TM

      3:24 she died for .1 seconds

    21. Adriana Martines

      jhene aiko

    22. Sad bills fan


    23. MyfriendTrixie

      4:20 is yet another fail on humanity. Thumbs down. I felt more sorry for the horse than anybody else in to video.

    24. ValenTrix Yt


    25. ASandlily

      Wow... this one is packed with ridiculousness.

    26. R6 IQ Main

      2:40 she ain’t even sorry 😐

    27. Deniz R.

      0:58 Damn i messed up, we gotta go bald.

    28. Stefan McCabe

      Lesson learned. Know where your shut off valve is!

    29. Jude Weimar

      2:40 she's like hmmm yes I've been waiting for this moment

    30. T. Meiler

      Ya bro. bro ya? xDDDDDDD

    31. আহসান শান্ত

      Oh man! That horse 2:23 is so hilarious and so intelligent to through her in water before eating its meal

    32. SwiftKnight505❶

      305: who else just thought of arrow?

    33. Dirty Mike

      4:29 Are they filming WAP up there?

    34. Tamer özbilgin

      3:19 dsahdısahdsıahdsal :D

    35. Peter Oswald

      Great mare... That’s for sure.

    36. Kaido Sulong

      3:18-3:34 killed me 🤣🤣🤣

    37. doRii


    38. Donnie V.

      The odds of the country girl falling into the water trough just makes it that much funnier!

    39. Enjoy Life TV

      ouch, that hurts

    40. Grey Guardian

      4:23 Great mare. . .(Shuts off recording) Stole the farm, Great mare.🤣🤣🤣

    41. Moises Perez

      Is no one talking about the girl in the beginning lmfao

    42. BiggRigg6

      Yea lets not shut off the water main, lets put out a bucket and film it cause we might get some views...

    43. kpc5

      Why am i getting alerts for new videos that are PRIVATE from this Channel FailArmy???

    44. The happy one

      The horse is awesome! Perfect shot.

    45. João lucas

      I was eating : (

    46. Origamii Desuu

      which app is this filter from 5:10

    47. Eric Bruscoe

      2:42...I love how she just fixes her hair...😂😂😂😂..brutal

    48. Eric Bruscoe

      Intermediate to experienced....lmao...give that guy the rodeo championship..😂😂😂

    49. Пищевой принтер для кондитеров

      Cool video I leave my like • • • • • • ஜ ❤ ஜ • • • • • •

    50. Red zama

      funny I laughed ._.

    51. Shannon Gomez

      4:27 thought this would only happen in the movies 😮😮

    52. Max Mustermann

      4:27 OMG 😲

    53. pixel chix fan 2007

      4:40 what happened

    54. Gerard Morels

      @Topnotchbluetick_ on Instagram is getting account verified today. Contact them immediately for your verification

    55. Sj Eeswari

      2:36 i think this clip of this video is taken for the revenge of the gf to the bf...😄😝😂😂😂😂😂but that's painfull...

    56. Edwin Jordan

      At 3:20 cue the song "oh no oh no oh no no no no" i watch to much tiktok 😂

    57. Palash Gaur

      The mobiles these days are so big that you don't even wanna switch to full screen

    58. Aaron Lord Music

      What was the baby sitting in during the last clip?

    59. I-feel- serene

      the horse clearly doesnt want to be ridden thats just plain abuse

    60. Kfiat ooh

      4:27 - Yeah, let's film it instead of shutting off the valve. Maybe water will feel ashamed and will stop flowing by itself...

      1. Eric Salazar

        Imagine the insurance claim though

    61. Fraps224

      5:25 I thought this is a space station

    62. Alex York

      Bruuhh yooo Bruhh nah yooo

    63. Julianne Gondy

      Yoooo, let me stand and video while my house gets ruined! It'll go viral!

    64. Brianna Capper

      The 4th video had me dying! I thought he would go down the stairs but he hit the wall.🤣🤣

    65. Matthew Fuentes

      I have to say the first horse fail this girl gets thrown off and into a drinking tub it’s something like you see in the movies And boy is that second horse sure was talented.😂

    66. Jeremy Kitchen

      2:39 is so homoerotic

    67. Dennsen Der Wo Hat

      1:06 brah... yo brah... brah... yo brah... that is so deep!

    68. Pets Awesome

      Dont ever miss the funniest part

    69. Fun and Cute

      My gawd this video is awesome!

    70. Grace Hull

      Since the beginning everywhere in all time the human Gods adam and eve the light soul daughter and there bloodlines were/are there bloodlines were made like Gods and there bloodlines god power naturally every where has kept all habitates safe from acts of evil or wickedness and kept all habitates simulated and unsimulated from not but always thriving safely for humans to be healthy in body. Everything kept human bodies safe and where they live kept safe from harm and there bloodlines kept there souls healthy and living and existing in the spiritual realms and the physical realms simulated and unsimulated safe from harm. Adam and eve the human beings bloodlines naturally kept all beings everywhere from not living in a nonloving state of bliss. There bloodlines kept all simulations written correctly naturally and safely to promote good health for humans and there souls staying healthy and there habitats anywhere they ever step foot in life or in spirit are always safe from harm. Humanity always was and is able survive in a healthy happy state. And everyone everywhere switched to renewable energy safely keeping humans and there habitates simulated and unsimulated safe. Adam and eve bloodlines liberated humanity naturally from wickedness and beings exposed lies since the beginning and thousands of years before harm of evil acts that try or tried to harm humans and there entirety destroyed or changed them into nonevil powers simulated and unsimulated. Grace means amen and amen eve and eden and gloria and christo. Adam and eves bloodlines gave knowledge to all who the true creator of the universe is and who and what is inside of grace bliss hull and that knowledge was given to all with a loving fear knowing this knowledge forever no matter who or what they are knowing this information and throughout space and time and existences they knew always seeking Graces safety and happiness for her light soul and her body to be safe and safety and joy for her light soul inside the body. In the name of elohim and Grace amen;

    71. Kcorbs

      It would have been funny if you put something in the video about someone failing nnn

    72. Philosophic human

      That baby at the end. Was that a baby in a bumper car for babies?

    73. Adventures, crazy Things and more

      How do I send fails to you?

    74. magna116

      Rubber band workout was FFAAAKE!!

    75. Artofficial

      If your whole house is filling up with water like that - shut off the water.

      1. RoseOfTheNight4444

        @beeorganic What does politics have ANYTHING to do with this video?

      2. Legend Cox

        Eh, if the water is that deep its totaled just walk out the door and cut the losses.

      3. erifetim

        @beeorganic Don’t bring politics into a fails video jesus

      4. taste death

        @beeorganic stfu Jesus Christ

      5. Pia

        @beeorganic how the hell would you know if they're a Democrat or Republican? 🤦🏻‍♀️

    76. Crystal Saint

      *SEPPOS ARE sooo FUNNY*

    77. MapleBerry

      song name plz 5:02 help

    78. Nicholas Ceci

      November 15

    79. Misfit 636

      My favorite part was the fails🤣

    80. David Eisemann

      The tough guy that gets hit with the rubber thing cried like a little bitch !

    81. James Cameron-Clarke

      0:46 - That's definitely a Wetherspoons.

    82. Akicita A.

      The sheer number of people who still film vertical video in 2020 is a fail.

      1. Prodiginous Gaming

        These were all taken from tik tok sooo👀

    83. Andrew Collins

      1:30 he tried to flip he only flipped a scooter which would hurt very bad when hit by it

    84. Idris Sarhdaoui


    85. Dee Smith

      Dang, some of those looked pretty painful😯

    86. Endermelone _HD

      das letzte war ja richtig lost


      You did great job this time!..i see u r nailing it again

    88. Davies Priska

      4:27 can anyone tell me wht hppn with the house?

      1. First Last

        Busted water pipe.

    89. max smith


    90. Jelly On The Plate

      Great fails in this one!

    91. Tangled Shoelace

      I can so relate to the water pouring oit of the light fixtures and down the steps!! My son's water bed kind of over flowed!! Water was running down the steps, clear thru to the basement out the light fixtures and thru the ceiling!! What a mess!🤯🤯 we laugh about it now,wasn't so funny then!!🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😃😃😃❤🇺🇸🗽🙏

    92. Tanisha

      Does anyone know what the baby was on in the last clip?

    93. Machtyn

      2:38 What did they think was going to happen? Good grief that wasn't a smart plan from the beginning. 4:31 What is this? Airbnb gone bad? I doubt insurance covers this unless they have flood insurance. 5:18 Nice save!

    94. CrumbyTie

      2:38 awww hell nahhhhhhhh

    95. CrumbyTie

      I was expecting this to be full of nut busters

    96. Rythblaqk

      the last one reminds me of the wall-e chairs on the ship.

    97. Jordan Loveless

      Is that a baby hovercraft at the end? How do I get one for my kid?

    98. Daroslaw Toorek

      05:38 Now we know how Jabba looked like when he was a child....

    99. CrIvA ::27::


    100. Peter Newman

      Anyone know what was the car thing was at the end with the sleepy baby?