Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Gameplay Trailer

Cyberpunk 2077

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    In this world, consumed by neverending conflict, sometimes only an outsider will get the job done. And that's you.
    Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.
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    About the game:
    Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.
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    Title: Come Close
    Created by: Sebastian Robertson and Daniel Davies
    Title: Suicide
    Created by: Geno Lenardo feat. Valin "ZEALE" Zamerron
    Title: Makes Me Feel Better
    Created by: Kevin Hastings

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    1. Razmond

      4:38 ok is no one seeing the left hand that’s supposed to be holding the shotgun is just... gone?

    2. Joel 56

      Hm, this is actually pretty accurate.

    3. clotobee

      this shit was running on Titan RTX x2 SLI to say at least

    4. CPD98

      This trailer was a 10. Game is a 7 at best.

    5. Ishaq Khan

      GTA 3: Son is that you? CYBERPUNK 2077: Dad!!!

    6. valeria sachek


    7. Wojo Wojtek Znany Youtuber

      4:20 “Sometimes it’s about style, choosing your look” If you are not cary about armor then yes but you will die over and over again. Also tanktop can be better than something that looks like armor vest ... They just could implement layared clothing to use as a look.

    8. Minatinho Senpai ふ

      a slap on the hot

    9. Magic of Pagan

      Basically Omega from Mass Effect

    10. DevilDelirious

      Lies rivalling Todd Howard

    11. Catfox

      0:37 "Story changing player choices" all three are "F-off old man, not gonna tell Hanako anything"

    12. bleciak 123

      Przeciesz to Polska gra a tu tyle anglików!

    13. JCS


    14. Sam Briddon

      Shittest game I've ever played

    15. Zoltan Gyongyosi

      DO NOT PURCHASE THIS GAME! Honestly, I have better time playin Snake on my phone. Don't waste your money. A half developed superbasic game, non of the promises are present in it. Literally half made!

    16. Mary

      Kinda reminds me of Deus Ex

    17. Alex Ignacio Andrade

      Rogue's voice!!!

    18. m.muhaimim

      GTA 5 is better...

      1. Zoltan Gyongyosi

        Almost every game out there is better!

    19. FrankNite

      "Welcome to the next generation of open-world glitches"

    20. Isai Garcia

      I mean I play on PC and it was definitely a great game so far had two tpose glitches so far .

      1. Zoltan Gyongyosi

        @Isai Garcia Yes. I agree in this!

      2. Isai Garcia

        @Zoltan Gyongyosi I mean I guess lol. You should never cave into hype or you'll be disappointed quite often.

      3. Zoltan Gyongyosi

        Nah... you must be one of the internet trolls... :D

      4. Zoltan Gyongyosi

        @Isai Garcia Also the environment. Full of unbelievably dumb lifeless NPC puppets.

      5. Zoltan Gyongyosi

        @Isai Garcia Oh no I don't have problems with bugs. I don't mind them. They can be really funny. It is the poor content that I have problems with. C'mon now. This game is half made. Don't tell me it was matching any of the promises and hype that they came up with. You can't be serious....

    21. Wildan

      Came here just to downvote this lie.

      1. Zoltan Gyongyosi


    22. Erik

      It has Keanu Reeves? Fine shut up and take my money


      Do something better with your time.

    24. asd dsa

      4:25 your pastime? there is nothing like hobbies or something

    25. Szk

      Why didn't they talk about the hyper advanced police in 2077? I want to know when teleportation was discovered.

    26. Vest Youtube

      C Y B E R B U G

    27. TheSoarc

      I really liked Keanu but after this game.. he should not do work with CDPR again.. they really bad for his reputation..

    28. RedBlaster7

      Honestly this game still can't beat the legendary grand theft auto

    29. Luis Casas

      Que gran historia. Lo volveré a jugar. Los bug son lo de menos. Gracias CDP.

    30. SINAXES


    31. Shazim Ali

      next level game fantastic

    32. Shazim Ali

      wow what a game


      Expectations ruined, no character customisation, no 3rd person , no car customisation , poor performance, false advertising , bugs, crashes , missing features . Insane pc spec requirements and don't even start on consoles , really poor from cd project red . I know it not the Devs fault but the guy who thought they should release this mess needs to be fired asap. It could have done with another year of delays at least

      1. asd dsa

        No secondary activities, no heist, no house buying, no casinos, not IA, not police chase. damn what a waste of potential.

    34. Best Waifu

      This looks like a masterpiece that I’m sure would work extremely well on last gen consoles

    35. RedBlaster7

      Yeah cyberpunk bugs becomes meme

    36. Alice Baker

      What a game fuck it too scary

    37. M-M-Alexander

      I don't see how my version of ps4 Pro looks worse. Loved the game

    38. Dr. NoBuddy

      This game is a joke and we all know it i wish i could get my money back for playing this garbage, you are NOT talented OR HARD WORKING you are just a scam and we know it all now so stop trying to act like you care since iF YOU DID you wouldn have release the FREAKIGN GAME AT CHRISTMAS FOR CASH GRABS !

    39. ben amor mahdi


      1. Zoltan Gyongyosi

        If only it would be about the bugs.... I'd rather call it Cybertrash.

    40. V for Vladimir

      Is this bad joke or next-Gen shenanigan has more bugs than a gypsy tent

    41. dOOmer _

      This game is a complete failure. You created a game worse than Gta IV wich came out in 2008. Nice.

    42. Anakin Skywalker

      2013: gta v trailer and cyberpunk 2077 trailer 2020: Gta v trailer and cyberpunk 2077 trailer

    43. SK Extreme

      Welcome To The Next Generation > F**K >

    44. Acerock TOAO

      I dont care what anybody says. This is an amazing game. Easy game of the year contender.

      1. Zoltan Gyongyosi

        As one of my friend would say: 0 IQ

      2. Zoltan Gyongyosi

        It looks amazing. But it seems like for you it's enough. Good for you buddy. Some of us has no interest in the content of the game it seems. Make your crap look shiny, some people will buy it as gold.

    45. Schneider Kersaint-Pierre


    46. Bro_Nz 11

      Hey man you guys mislead the whole world during your guys interviews. You guys specifically said l quote "We PROMISE" to have the best customization exprience you will ever have in this game. There was absolutely nothig but minimal customization, with example; letting my character have a big Johnson is cool and all, ut theres no purpose for it when you dont exprience what you guys have failed to mention. Please not only fix the bugs and crashes in this game but give us that exprience you promised us the whole world. Even the car variations are there like l have a futuristic Bugatti that cost all my eddies but drives like shit. Soo... GIVE ME THE REAL NIGHT CITY EXPRIENCE

      1. Zoltan Gyongyosi

        Big Johnson line got me laughing. :D Also Agree 100%

    47. Igor Bélens

      Arassaka = CD Projekt Red

    48. Сергей Тимофеев

      Столько написал( играйте и любите иг ры)))))

    49. KW 2024

      I’ve never been so disappointed in my life. I just uninstalled it, thank goodness I can return it. And I’m not even talking about the bugs. It’s utterly shocking how bad every aspect of this game is.

    50. Ash Ashy

      Why did you lie so much about this games features...

    51. Moritz Tabor

      Damn liars

    52. Саша Веремейчик

      What is the name of this music? 3:18

    53. Swift Sheng

      God this trailer looks good

      1. Zoltan Gyongyosi

        So true! Even tho I deleted the game halfway through because it is such a garbage game, after watching this trailer I got excited again. But then I remembered that in reality it's a pile of trash. I think they should make movies instead of games. :D

      2. Abdul Karim


    54. Duke J

      You guys need to get A NEXT GEN patch out fast it may save your customers on PlayStation.

    55. ZaJaRany Ja

      Kiedy aktualizacja?

    56. Cyber 117

      Flatline Gpu error evolved to game shutting down pc

    57. HoodParty

      Haven’t seen such a lie since the 1st watch dogs when the entire world was fooled

    58. pheonixblood clan

      why am i expected to voice to brief 47 on who to kill? -A.M.

    59. Dirt Kimi

      ... update?????

    60. Brian white

      I wasted my money and time

    61. Bhanu Gaming

      i can play cyber punk . wonderful graphics

    62. Berg the 89th

      They should’ve called this game Cyberpunk 2077 BC

    63. Geert Matthys

      CDPR: "People like us we either do well, or are in a grave"

    64. Vinsent Krastev

      4:44 Lmfao

    65. Gaming With Shetan

      bhai shadow gaming pe raid padi jaldi se visit karo yt grow up video k liye

    66. Micheal Louw

      The statement, welcome to the next generation of open world games, might have been relevant in 2013 cdpr.....

    67. Damini

      Better than gta 5?

      1. Brian white


      2. Rahul Sharma


    68. Eror 505

      Do you want this game for Android without money. Yes:Like this comment Absolutely: Subscibe My channel 😉

      1. Eror 505

        @Abdul Karim yeah

      2. Abdul Karim

        Actually everyone is screaming for refund dude. This game is total failure.

    69. SubzeroDev

      "next gen" open world, when every npc are basically brain dead.

      1. Jude Price

        @Miko and? To me in gta and red dead it's fucking boring after you finish too.

      2. Miko

        and there's nothing much to do in the world after you finish the quests there's no activities :/

    70. EndKnightZeeper

      Gta 5 is better , better Npc , better water system , better cop physic , gunshoot npc system , better shadow , and This Cyberpunk 2077 is too much bug should be fixes...

      1. EndKnightZeeper

        @Cokky Galang Change the Game Up "CYBERPUNK 1977"

      2. Cokky Galang

        Yup, broken game

    71. CRooK

      3:55 You want to infiltrate the cyber life tower?

    72. Jhonson Powser

      the game without physics

    73. jay c

      I am foreseeing a Keanu reeves & Emily Blunt (action/sci-fi) 3 -4 hour feature in the future.

    74. HEL1X

      Next gen my ass.

    75. Bot Bot 69

      "next generation of open world adventure" right, and I'm married to Wonder Woman.

    76. Kelsipher Zatozia

      I feel like this trailer spoiled some very important plot elements from early on

    77. NightMage GG

      CDPR = misrepresentation in order to receive financial benefits

    78. Herzmlug

      The biggest lie being advertised game in the market goes to cyberpunk 2077. This channel literally spends 8 years advertising lies ingame feature and what we get is bugs and glitches and beautiful city but it's empty

    79. Julian Gameplays

      Cyberbug 2077 *:D*

    80. Racoon1008

      First 0:10 second of gameplay ain't even in game??? I would remember that laugh and scene, DLC maybe?

      1. Racoon1008

        @KapyKaleb Yeah but thats not the present Rouge, thats was like flashback Rouge.

      2. KapyKaleb

        that’s the rouge and johnny ending. you need at least 60% with johnny to get it i think but i remember that part

    81. Alexandre CDS

      Let them a chance guys, I play Cyberpunk on PS4 and it's work perfect (2-3 funny bugs but there no big problem at all) I have a rich great and unique experience with this game and the stories lines.. Criticize cyberpunk is probably the ''cool thing'' to do on the internet. but when you play you can notice how much love they put on the game (soundtracks, véhicules concept design, story etc...) I'm glad to buy this game before they delete it from the market. I don't want CD Project forced to stop the CP adventure, I think they work very hard Thanks CD Project Red.

      1. Abdul Karim

        My bois are looking for you kid. Now prepare for my refund. Allah hu Akbar.

    82. Stona Raptor

      bla bla bla "next gen in open world" ffs GTA 4's liberty city felt more alive. I'm really disappointed in you CDPR.

      1. Amori Desaintè

        Now you just lying because GTA4 was horrible

    83. flameroad123

      Future DLC: six more endings Misty Romance Jackie lives Jackie and V become legends together Morgan Blackhand makes an appearance Every gang in Night City at war with Arasaka. More Romance options You live in the crystal palace You destory the crystal palace The heist was a total success Night city gets rename and actually becomes a much better place then it was before. V triggers the fifth Corporate War. Blue eye's true motive. All of Night City see's you as a problem than a legend. Jackie is the third perrson in the bio chip trying to save you from Johnney and your fate. V's life was actually a brain dance recording someone else is watching in the distant future. V dies but Jackie lives. Evelyn Parker Lives and romance options You become a rockerboy just like johnney, but you still have your body.

    84. Harshad Deshmukh

      1:48 they even glitch in trailer, lol😂

      1. Bert Man

        @J C the guy eating the burger is buggy

      2. J C


    85. Vivalavida loca

      All that video and I'll admit what sold me the game is the last 20 sec soundtrack

    86. Johan Jönsson

      I'll be 82 when this is real life...

    87. Prema Chandran

      "You Picked the wrong game fool"

    88. kj3283w

      All the marketing suggests a level of polish not found in the actual game.

    89. Sans the Legend

      Cyberpunk 2077 was released, and then everyone got *Keanu Reeckrolled.*

    90. Jedi JMBLK

      Make a third personn ! And let us choice ur skin without stat like transmo plz

    91. Jedi JMBLK

      I never see a biggest scamm like this game

    92. Romano Amarhioale

      I had never seen such a video filled up with Bluushits, like this one

    93. Shreya Arora

      Cyberpunk game company this,game is op but there are some glitches in my game !!

      1. Abdul Karim

        @Shreya Arora tell me. Do you want bomb or sword?

      2. Shreya Arora

        @Abdul Karim huh what i m fyn i think u r not ..... I m telling only my review not the review of what the whole world say about this game ....n its better that first u should read the comment n all...

      3. Abdul Karim

        You need a therapy dude.

    94. Juan OMG


    95. Aryan's IQ

      we can our games full of bugs

    96. Solomon Chan

      We living in a real cyber punk world now , big tech company can control the country just like arasaka

    97. Bro Gamer



      *DIE CD PROJECT RED.* *D I E.*

    99. the virgin

      Thank you for making my ps5 explode from these graphics

    100. Banana Man

      I've never watched any trailers for cyberpunk and i finished the game yesterday lmao (miracuolus stuff, huh). After watching the trailers, i see why the people were so disappointed. The marketing overblew stuff, and the people set their expectations to the highest level. That being said, i enjoyed the living fuck out of the game, i simply wasnt in the hype train.

      1. Mr Supreme

        Yea. This honestly isn't a bad game, just not the one we were promised (And I'm not talking about the bugs)