Surprising These Guys with Something Awesome!!!


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    Thank you BendPak!!!
    Blow up Brandon's new channel! How strong is the Demolita??? I want to see at least 20,000 subs by the end of the day.
    Thanks so much for all the love and support guys!!! Grab a shirt/hoodie/patch and join the Demolitia today!!!
    I get lots of comments asking about my equipment, here is what I use to make my videos!
    Main Camera
    Secondary Camera

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    1. David Shelly

      Matt that was very nice and the guys at that shop they really needed that that's going to help him out a lot kudos to you man that was awesome

    2. Jeremy F


    3. thr8061

      I just subscribed and he has 135k !!!!

    4. scotty campsen

      Are u shortening the wheelbase ?? I’d imagine bcuz the body won’t be long enough to cover the frame even after cutting but just curious

    5. Courier Seven

      It's a Cummins Duallie-Cuda

    6. hans miranda

      The tan partner semiannually learn because canadian ultrascructurally stamp till a tame ping. five, precious oval

    7. David Forster

      How about “ Bear”?

    8. 932511ajm

      It reminds me of the Tumbler from Batman Begins.

    9. Bald Tires and Misfires

      This build was cool until it became a dually in my opinion

    10. 10ring Craig Daniels

      Put a set of super singles on the rear instead of duals.

    11. Dejuan Mcgowan

      Yo make it water floatable..... yeah????

    12. Dejuan Mcgowan

      Dude ok I need a flag bro ....

    13. Billy Joe Ortiz

      just call it C.C. for Cummin Cuda

    14. The shadow Hunter

      Name it the( Cuda Cummins )Matt this is a name idea

    15. thepreparedindividual

      Man that's cool of you to help. 😎

    16. Thos Almon

      Or Muscle Utility Vehicuda.. kek

    17. Thos Almon

      CudAWD...? Or BaraClimber.. ?

    18. Dawgman 49

      Not any of my business but couldn't you spend that cash to finish your abandoned mansion?

    19. Bobby Khairullah

      Greetings from Toronto, Canada, love the channel AND subscribed to @UCm3FTVCcafNM2SHX7DWEL2w.

    20. A2343

    21. The Watcher

      The baracummings is gonna look sick

    22. Vic Diaz

      this shop needs a Rotary compressor. much quieter

    23. Norris Town

      So, put the “BarraCummins” emblem on the trunk, then like a truck bed, have it fold down, but it can also come down after being folded and it basically turns into a step

    24. Norris Town


    25. Norris Town

      Plymouth watching these videos like “dang, I wish we thought of this”

    26. gixerwoody

      So,Matt are we looking at your "Duallacuda"...epic build mate, love it.

    27. Stonebull

      cummins C, cudadual 12. (i think he said v12)

    28. Joe Jon

      I'm not a - Neg-!! But Did Bend Pak Piss You Off ? You guys said their name a couple times and then just before the end you guys spoke of some generic 4 post lift....WOW WUWT?

    29. Ken McKinley

      You could turn the back into a tail gate won't need steps to access boot.

    30. Brandon Samoyloff

      Just widen the whole cab by 3-4 inches, give you more center console room and do a wide body, that might give you a good look without having big flares

    31. Smokey

      Dude, Brandon is awesome.

    32. Raffield's Way Of Life

      Raffields way of life subscribe

    33. james

      Wow a channel that i won't have to go back through years of videos to get caught up to.

    34. Aaron Brady Melton

      how long until you get the baracummins

    35. Odin All Father

      121K subscribers

    36. Jamesdeke Collins

      121,000 muscle rod shop subscriber's and it's only been a few weeks nice y'all

    37. bigg mike hodgson

      What nationality is that bearded looks like he has a Maori hook on his necklace

    38. Just Some Person

      Hinge the rear panel like a truck gate so that you can just slide stuff in rather than going up over it to get stuff in and out of the trunk?

    39. Darius Walker

      The cummda

    40. faster thanu

      well looks like those tires might do well in SNOW...might need studs for ice tho...

    41. Mr. Texahoan

      Matt!!! You're so fucking awesome dude. Keep it up and good on you.

    42. toakodan

      I don’t except a fifth wheel attachment, but I hope at least you put a class 3 or 4 hitch on it. We all know it’ll have the grunt.

    43. Terrance Olejnik

      Yo The "Demo" Cuda

    44. Kevin Griffin

      He’s putting a 5.9 in the cuda 🥵🥵

    45. Herman Pienaar

      You should make a t-shirt that says"yay buddy"

    46. garscott


    47. B.J. Conway

      Hey Matt, call it thje "Cuduelly".

    48. Emissary Of Elohim


    49. dad's restore channel

      Matt you are so amazing guy with a heart of gold don't forget my birthday October 8th I love the 69 chevy c10 truck me and my father had one that we was restoring and when dad got sick he had to end up selling it it was the most painful thing I ever seen my dad go through he was definitely crying as they were pulling it away it's the same one that's in the parking lot in the clip 10:46 it definitely brought a smile on my face get at me matt Dustin luckeydoo on facebook and whoever else would love to see my dream come true God bless you all

    50. Emissary Of Elohim

      I know a guy for that, and I know a guy who knows a guy, and I talked to this guy and got him to help. Matt, what a guy.

    51. Emissary Of Elohim

      A man with a plan and a will to stand is bound to make something with head and hands.

    52. Kohlenstoffisotop12

      That's pretty damn nice of you!

    53. Vidane

      The baracumma

    54. Stevie Genoski


    55. Julien Cloutier

      about the name of the cuda... I was thinking the Demo DualiCuda with the Cummins C

    56. chet freouf

      Whistling Diesel 8:52 You are go to debunk this statement Right

    57. Bantam gamer

      It needs a to have a tow hitch and tow with it

    58. Josh Repik

      Guys, it’s a 4x4 Plymmins 12v ‘Cuda

    59. Jerry Johnson

      Measure twice, cut once.

    60. John Bradfield

      Diesel duley cuda😁

    61. Debbie Hill

      I hope you didn’t know anyone involved in the Pile up😱

    62. Stephen Green

      Just call it the Cummin-Cuda and get it over with

    63. Paul Meijer

      Lol the new channel is at 140k now

    64. almighty e


    65. Willis Crabtree

      First Gen Dodge Dually Cuda 😂🤣😂

    66. Derek Vinsand

      Should call it the cually with a cummins c

    67. Miguel Guzman

      Mat your killin me your cutting off Brandon talking to about the cudda more then him cutting thr cudda itself

    68. Sam Thomas

      Looks like a mad max car

    69. The NJM Way

      I want to be more like Matt My missus also wants me to be more like Matt!

    70. Eric Shoemake

      That's sic af

    71. Jason Ludwick

      Hey Matt really love the channel's and hopefully everyone at your place of work and family is good and can't wait to watch more videos 👊

    72. kyle depatie

      6 days later 112k just subbed dam keep them coming!!!!

    73. Jeremy Fortune

      I just went and subscribed and he’s at 111k subs already he can thank you for that lol

      1. Jeremy Fortune

        Might get the record for the fastest growth in IRvision history lol been around for 1 week

    74. David Moore

      I think the car should be called "BaraCummins Cuelly"

    75. Jose Windy

      Perfect name for the cuda: "Frankenstein"

    76. Dustin h

      Way to be a nice guy

    77. FadingLight

      supporting local business is always the best content

    78. Rob Morgan

      110K subscribers as of Feb 11th

    79. jeff jostandt

      Just saw video showing what Cuda would look like with truck wheel well and looked good

    80. Pascal Van As

      110 k subs now on the MuscleRodShop channel omg

    81. I SEE You

      DuallyCuda 4WD diesel.....

    82. Michael Hoffman

      That's so badass! Not sure what their plan is, but it would look AWESOME if you were to tub the chassis to the frame on each side, like a rock bouncer or tube chassis wheeling rig. It would look awesome to have that look on this, rather than seeing the pinch weld under the door, then seeing the frame hang 6 inch down on each side. Search for a tubbed rock crawler and look at how rock bouncers have the same look. I think some of the king of the hammers rigs look the same way. Anyway, it's looking so cool! If I'm ever down in Texas I'll have to come check it out when you have an event of some sort of an event. Stay well buddy

    83. BIGBOUY5

      You call it a Cumm-cuda, says it all ha

    84. MykeyyMoneyzz

      Imagine them screwing up the baracuda after all these gifts and clout 🤣🤣🤣

    85. Vincente poitra

      You should call it the cumith


      I think a Dodge funder would look awesome on there

    87. D. J. N Jessie Neino


    88. justingulb34

      Dude!! I said to do Cuda with the cummins C in a previous video!!!!

    89. Zach Knebel

      These cars look like cars from fast and furious

    90. Mort Neff

      XIIVal +Cummins C- on the front of Cuda! XIIValCuda

    91. stinkerton

      You should call it the Carrikuda

    92. Vian Zaaiman

      This is why Matt is the King!

    93. Uss Indianapolis


    94. RJD1232

      Mat u should see what bullet cal it takes to go through a tank shell

    95. D-BOMB

      fuel tanks - for the CUDA do some type of truck style side tanks with steps built in think it look mad with the twin tires

    96. Hard Truth

      12V CU-DIESEL.

    97. Uriel X

      'Plymouth' on the left, 'DuallaCuda" (with the Cummins C) on the right

    98. Kevin Quinones

      The 4x4 Cummins Cuda Dually! Love it. Really excited about this build!

    99. Clinton Toney

      12v Dually cuda

    100. TheKajunkat