more fonky for your chonky

Daniel Thrasher

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    1. Daniel Thrasher

      just vibe with me real quick

      1. Retro Walker

        Live reaction of my face |( ̄3 ̄)|

      2. Black_rvses

        yes! nice im 499th comment

      3. Life’s a party so have fun

        Vibin over here :)

      4. mochi


      5. Dehan Badenhorst

        This is my first true vibe session. This is great

    2. Jessie E

      "Do you want that fonkay-chonkay?" Yeah daddy-o 😎

    3. Seth Young

      I need this in Apple Music now!

    4. BEST BANANA BUS pyram

      Also my fonky choncky child didn't want to come home with me...2 weeks later I found out the child was just vibin at the respect shelter

    5. BEST BANANA BUS pyram

      Press X in comments on this to pay 12,0000 respect

      1. BEST BANANA BUS pyram


    6. Anthony Merrick

      I almost forgot to watch this today

    7. Definate Human

      Wha....whats he doing?

    8. Calvin Baker

      Would you call some of those grooves, polyrhythms?

    9. Cassian


    10. • CrazyDogPerson •

      is this on Spotify yet?

    11. Faith P.

      im still watching this and i dont know why

    12. Dan S

      I'm just gunna leave this here...

    13. Eddie Thompson

      This video just be called “Daniel vibing for 4 minutes and 28 seconds”

    14. Breanna Martin

      the fonky has been delivered. chonky much approved

    15. Breanna Martin

      if there was a way to freestyle dance while playing the piano, pretty sure Daniel would be the first to master it

    16. Mowki Kowski

      Bro you just accidentally wrote the Space Invaders theme but with more fonk

    17. Michael Crain


    18. Michael Crain

      Daniel I want to get raycon earbuds but it’s 15% off instead of 20% anything?

    19. French Bacon!!!!

      I literally just looked up fonky chonky and I’m now content

    20. Seth Osborne

      Tom Lehrer of his generation but better

    21. Dawson Williams

      good jam

    22. Drasov Nightling

      I got my hopes up thinking this would be the full fonky 'Heartbeat, Hearbreak'; not let down because this was fonky as hell, but still hoping for fonky 'Heartbeat, Heartbreak'

    23. Riley Patroff

      Thank a for the funk for my chonk

    24. Henry Billing

      That bass line... Descending line... "Hit the road, Jack"!... That right hand... Sounds like Supertramp.

    25. RealDeel73

      almost fell down my stairs vibing so hard to this.

    26. Susanna Torres

      The best part of this video is that he took the time to set up the mic for this performance

    27. Mark 27

      That fonki chonkiiiiiii

    28. Jackson Jones

      Extra chonky plz

    29. Toby Unwin

      I know you want to see a 1 hour version of this. Don’t lie to me 😤.

    30. David Jarman

      Bro you couldn't teach me man your so skill

    31. Sahil Abedin

      If you ever make merch, It will be a crime if you dont make a shirt saying fonky chonky on it

    32. Daisy Leaney

      Thank for the fonky

    33. NinjaDuckie

      that fuckin descending line at 02:00 is incredible, ties the whole thing together

    34. • BOOBERRI•

      Daniel is slowly going insane and I am here for it

    35. valrxid

      i love it how he makes it sound like something straight out of the 80s

    36. Victor Charles Holove

      Dood. Danny boy. When is your project band starting?

      1. Victor Charles Holove

        I like this so much I just liked my own comment and commented on my own comment. I broke all the rules of internet etiquette for you Dan.

    37. Terraminator DerEchte

      Yeea thats somw fonkeY chonkeY

    38. UwU


    39. James Alexander Buntoro_4B_7

      Talented kid: "plays Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement That one quite Asian Kid: fonky choncky time Principal: (went in the music class and starts vibing)

    40. Nick

      The "dirty" part in the middle is righteous and needs to be explored.

    41. Nick

      What key is this?

    42. Joshua McLawhorn

      Need the fonky chonky t-shirt

    43. super succfcy

      Grifting vibes

    44. Aarush Parekh

      I shall give you the fonky chonky while I proceed to punch air

    45. Aaliyah M

      ngl, i was kinda scared to click on this video

    46. Reid Moore

      I call this piano voice: Frazzled E-P.

    47. Error Sebastian

      Put this on Spotify so I can just vibe some more

    48. Mickey Shevlin

      Been trying to figure out what that reoccurring riff is for days and I’ve finally got it

    49. Parzival

      Do I want a what now?

    50. Chocolata_ Dei

      You have to keep uploading things like this

    51. Beelay Mcgue

      What is this title tho

    52. Paul Inparadise

      Me to my sister: look what I just found on the internet! [shows her] {she’s felling the vibe} [my mom comes in to the room] What ist this funny Musik? [i show her] {she’s feeling the vibe} We three standing in the room and just vibe to that funky chunky

    53. The Weed King

      It’s funny how u can def tell these IRvisionrs would be losers with no friends eating Cheetos playing video games all day with no social life living off ssi with no job Oh and living in their parents house but think they r cool once they get a million followers when their mom bought half of them and all the stupid equipment to sit their in her house n do these dumb pointless videos Like this is what u get when kids start to be influenced by filthy frank n Logan Paul You r all twerps I’m not hating it’s just true

    54. DescendentCross

      I feel this man

    55. Erin W.

      it took me to 3:20 to realize the right hand melody actually says "do you want that fonky chonky"

    56. josh steines

      This gave me a involuntary positive stank face

    57. Nic Merrell

      Thank you Daniel

    58. Justin Allen

      I feel like this could be in the background of someone doing fonkay shenanigans

    59. Hagakure

      Yes ! I need more fonkey fo dat chonkey

    60. Deku Simp

      That last “fonky chonky” was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard

    61. king dynamite

      Me just in my room listening to Steve wonder then this pops I can just feel without clicking it the Jazzy chonky donkey monkey fonkyness of the video

    62. Colten Clarke

      0:00 and 0:04 of course I want that fonky chonky

    63. Colten Clarke

      Please tell my this is on Spotify

    64. Colten Clarke

      1:53 looks like me when I get caught with my hand in the cookie jar then try to run away, falling off the stool and breaking the jar then running away

    65. PoTaTo.

      That was... fonky.

    66. PoTaTo.

      Let me take you to... FONKY TOWN.

    67. Giordy16

      Instructions unclear: can't understand if the subject has gone insane or is just dramatizing

    68. Taylor Hurt

      Man i want piano lessons haha. Love your style of play

    69. Lily Moon

      1:25 If Daniel and Justin Johnson collaborated the music would catapult us straight into the stratosphere! I’m not saying I would sell my soul to see that happen but if Daniel’s devil appeared before me with one of his contracts I also not saying wouldn’t not not sign it...

    70. Santiago Felix

      founky fo yo chounky

    71. Amber Stone

      I had this on while I was playing minecraft and that little "do you want that fonky chonky?" that he whispered scared me out of my non existent socks

    72. Florian Klee

      Im a duuudde. I'm straaaight. But... This guy's attitude, the humor... Looks fly as fuck as well. Not gonna even go on about musicality, that much should be obvious... Man...

    73. MusicByLaasya

      You know he’s into it when he looks ✨Disgusted✨

    74. Stefano Fulciniti

      i may or may not have watched this 50 times on loop

    75. Algor 007

      I think... i want that fonky chonky.

    76. Jamie House

      I'm getting very Supertramp vibes, and I love it!

    77. Landon Battelli

      Daniel: Do you want that fonky chonky? Me: Yes!

    78. Princess NayaNae

      I listened to this like 15 maybe 30 times.

    79. Levent Çelik

      Cant stop making funky chonky faces

    80. %-mouse momma-%

      Yayyy fonky for my chonky I’ve been waiting too long

    81. evit april

      the eye contact was making me slightly uncomfortable

    82. TennTheBeardie

      Daniel, I am begging you. Please, please, please make a full version of the Jazz Fur Elise! (I call it Fonky Fur Elise) The fact that it might exist one day is about the only thing that is giving me my will to live. Well that and my bearded dragon.

    83. Daryl Reimers

      Sounds like that kind of music you hear when you're put on hold on a phone call. I'm sure many people can relate.

    84. Emily Cornwall

      Thats when you know its the good stuff. He got that stank face.

    85. Kat H

      *tiny mustache*

    86. Valerie Nabokov

      The thought that this man does this for a living.... Is amazing

    87. Valerie Nabokov

      From 2:20 to 2:44 that random transition into feeling the fury of humanity then going back to a normal person

    88. Lucas Thorne

      frick the people who disliked this, I'm lookin at you 510

    89. XxChickyNuggiexX

      I lost it when he whispered into the mic XD 1:30

    90. Tyler S

      This is how they defeated thanks he was to busy pop-lock and dropping to this

    91. one in a penny

      How is he this good?!

    92. CORP. Tailor

      When u gonna drop this on Spotify?

    93. Kerrie Smith

      I can’t wait for you to graduate IRvision and start hearing your name on the tv and radio cause this kid has *got it*

    94. Arauto reach

      I want fonky for my chonky

    95. Chase Kolesar

      Who could possibly not like this?!?!?!?!?

    96. Trashy The Catguy

      I've listened to this all day, 10/10 would buy the single.

    97. samuwaii

      Why does daniel plays the piano like its 3 am in the morning 👁️👄👁️

    98. Blue Kool-Aid Man


    99. yeshua arcos martinez

      mai funky is satisfied with your chunky

    100. James Lowe

      Sheet music, NOW!