The Top 100 Fails of the Year (2019) | FailArmy


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    Here it is, our biggest video of the year! We have painstakingly curated our favorite fails of 2019 and put them in one HUGE video! We hope you had a great 2019! Thank you for spending this year with us!
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    1. Evelyn X

      Hahahaha the phone on his back was hilarious😂

      1. Matic Mlakar


      2. CALIFY09

        Y’a that one was funny

      3. amorio1978

        @Donald Mashburn.

      4. Sabella Alcroft

        bilinas mini lklk

      5. Sabella Alcroft

        bilinas mini lklk

    2. TiOZÃO

      15:02 = *BABA YAGA*

    3. She said she was Lvl18

      #80 is just karma. People are so stupid. Does she talk like that cause she thinks it's cool?

    4. RobertJan Rodermond


    5. Tenchi Kelly

      95 is fake

    6. StateRailfan 402

      7:15 Well Hanah went to heaven

    7. Michael Hübner


    8. lolgamer 27

      6:24 thats what you get from mongopushing

    9. Drin Krasniqi

      Fail nr94 gets me That happend between me and my bro His face was all like hurty and stuff it was so weird

    10. Julian Johnson

      playing these fails in 2 times speed makes iy so much better

    11. chipmunktubetop

      We are not supposed to wax our nostrils.

    12. Novak Simić


    13. Wolfe

      Parkour!! 10:50 -Michael Scott

    14. Shes Psycho

      Lowkey annoyed at the vid titles blocking where I have to focus on the ones I’m most curious about 😂 vid fail

    15. TheFyreFoxYT

      16:34 I mean the kid's not wrong

    16. Itsdavenslife

      15:02 Illuminati is real guys be careful

    17. rasclaat07


    18. Low key Diego Duran

      1:11 sorry but that's fake, if you slow down the video frame by frame you can see that the chair starts to move backwards before the drone even hits it and even when you look at the drone hitting it its not even hitting the chair its going slightly over it.

    19. Jesterwonder01

      Min 11:50 for the outcome of first video. There you go.

    20. Chugwater Jack

      13:07 - do stupid things to other people, but not to animals, please!

    21. Christel Vinot

      lmao that cat didn't slap that cake, his hind leg stepped in it lol but man I just had my first laugh of the day.

    22. Christel Vinot

      I can't imagine not being able to touch part of my back. My boyfriend's not even muscely and he can't reach all of his back.

    23. Reenub

      I wonder if there is the original clip of the #95 its heccin' funny xD

    24. Alex Caruso

      1:12. I'm calling fake there. Looks very animated.

    25. Lance Richmond

      23 mah favorite malen

    26. Andrew Nguyen

      that last video. He’s lucky to be alive. My god

      1. Collin McSpirit

        Why u copy the top comment?

      2. Connor Coombs

        Lmao copied

    27. Ijo Heather

      Stupid people. Deserve all these fails.

    28. Nicholas Hanna

      2:13 they say hes still trying to get that off his back today

    29. Average Artist OwO

      16:27 "Well, thats what happens in life." -Best of 2020

      1. Ayham Abusaa

        I really wanted the dad to grap a shotgun and say “i just want to talk to him”.

    30. Maitreya Huisintveld

      The black guy destroying the tv is a pearl of evolution. Lol.

    31. grant johnston

      82 look at his buddies in the background!

    32. Valentino Berchu

      That guy on the skateboard gets what he deserves

    33. Vel Kov


    34. Yeeting HotSauce

      10:05 that woman is a Gamer

    35. Julia Eckhard

      These people are sooooo bored

    36. Jordan Dauzat

      Clickbait 3:54

    37. Sclavii Polii

      I would pay 10000 dollars to see that 1000 dollars scene live🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆

    38. Daisy Harris

      15:07 just see and I've nothing to say

    39. Torrez Dave

      95 "Drone Drama" Its a fake video, look how glass shards occur at the floor "sry for my English" xd

    40. abdallah damra

      14 12 hhhhhhhhh

    41. LVSkinny


      1. DraGo / Impostor


    42. BAGofTALENT

      All of these suck

    43. Kanika Kanojia

      15:07 just see and I've nothing to say

    44. Anthony Zehe

      12:39 F

    45. Pride

      0:42 you should've seen that coming after that sound

    46. Day Moi

      MY SЕХ LOVE.

    47. Tiffany E. Markovich


    48. War Chief

      The best video yet

    49. sandrik4ik

      6:05 thats georgia

    50. MTC Cableitoh01

      I feel bad for the dude that had the nose buds

    51. Denesh diary

      your video is the best of the kind I have seen in IRvision, Thanks to you and your team for bringing this entertainment during this time. Peace

    52. Lo La

      6:42 he looks (when he ate the cheese) and sounds like the guy from boxtrolls trying to get the white hat

    53. Alex Burn

      I MEAN 13:47

    54. Alex Burn


    55. Alex Burn

      I take that back🤣

    56. Alex Burn

      1:04 it’s obviously fake when the drone crashes into the chair because 1. Why would someone have a chair in the middle of a room. And 2. If you slow it down then you’ll see how fake it is😂

    57. Lala foster

      When the baby threw up on her dad’s face it was so funny

    58. Jerry Grimes

      Watching him launch that basketball in the mirror 😂

    59. Ash lewis Martin

      1:18 1:42 2:49

    60. Fried squider

      hey fail army 81 its not sneaker heads it is under armor heads

    61. CALIFY09

      Ok u have to agree the bear one at the very end looked really real

    62. Whet_Boi


    63. Joe Guilfoyle

      The lady at 10:04 don’t think she was in her right mind . Happy hour ,must have been late .

    64. Diamond Chill face

      3:38 when your making money but still hate your life

    65. Jotaro Kujo

      5:32 Broken back

    66. Sceenzy HD

      I want to see 2020 because it was already bullshit

    67. FromTheHarte

      8:06 she died for like 5 sec

    68. UNO


    69. denisa Tole

      14:29 hai ilie nu te lasa, it means, come on ilie(a name) don`t give up

    70. Siren Head

      Shirtless men scare me their so gross

    71. Constantine Gonzales-Urias

      Me: MMM cake Cate: ME want a taste


      I could not stop laughing


      The renegary was soooo funny


      The garbage one was awesome

    75. Mr.ErrorGaming


    76. BEST Videos TV

      If you are not satisfied, I invite you to come to me :) I am eager to accept your assessment and criticism: D

    77. Mustafa Sozer

      is the comedy

    78. Khai Roll

      2:27 Damn but I would take that opportunity to burst more shots. Like using smoke gas. Flip the card!

    79. copyclubweb

      10:05 is Not a fail

    80. //Br0laf\\

      1:05 is definitely fake

    81. Christian Animations

      0:19 that is so stupid 😒😒😒

    82. Max Pojednic

      they were talking about shooting that dude in the bear costume “we might have to put him down”

    83. Northwoods Peach Tree

      Fo!!ow me Please i post fun stuff

    84. S.K Carbon's

      You should make a fail video of people with mask on and call in cdc fail or a when people are stupid video lol

    85. zoe Clarke

      2:39 was so much instant karma

    86. Kitty

      8:24 i can't breathe wtf hahhaaha

    87. kaimi 344


    88. PsihoЯobot

      7:02- 8:33-14:12 omelette of eggs!

    89. Emil Mic

      14:29 ROMANI MEI

    90. Edward Jones

      2:59 9:54 What are places like those called?

    91. Lords Servant

      2:59 2x lol 9:55 14:51

    92. The3ril

      81 is look like TG

    93. IT'S ME ADHI V


    94. Fili Mete


    95. LogGrad98

      Funnier not in slow motion all the time

    96. Michael Petras

      christ didn't know thats even possible with steroids 2:00

    97. Henr_y

      Pickup truck dude is a douche

    98. Aaron

      Buen video me hizo reír 😂

    99. Jaycer PH

      Why im Cried in the first Video😂