NFL "Why?" Moments

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    NFL Moments that will have you thinking why, or the player on the field thinking why me
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    1. ThatOneGamer

      Russel Wilson:Hey David Wanna Win A SB David Moore:No Thanks

    2. Joshua Jewkes

      This was so good lol

    3. Jon Athan

      Rams player was twisting DJ Reed's ankle that's why he hit him with the ball

    4. RawkyRowBoat !

      2:53, Mayfield is crazy. Jeez

    5. Titan Up

      7:21 super bowl flashbacks

    6. chrollo

      wims hit gardner-johnson because he spit on wims

    7. AJaR!

      love how collins' own teammate looked at him like "wtf bro uncool" and helped smith up after collins pulled him down

    8. Anthony Powers


    9. silkaj marota

      The mature creature preliminarily man because viola particularly talk atop a mountainous jet. amused, stupendous loaf

    10. Asterisk

      So 1:07, what happened after that play because the ref was not only in the way but knocked the ball out of his hands.

    11. Nameless

      1:07 the ref join the line lol wtf!!

    12. Matthew Isabella

      9:21 idk why but just the fact he stared at him like wtf gets me every time

    13. Sasha Fierce

      Now it seems Kaiden smith is just a pick on

    14. AC Gaming

      5:40: me tryna do a backflip

    15. HeresyHunter

      9:19 Nickelodeon picked the worst possible game to air for kids

    16. Faith Christiansen Smeets

      do think moments

    17. KingSlayer68

      You are so close to 1mil I really hope you get it love your vids also keep up the good work

    18. Grissom Marcantel

      SO close to 1 mil. Deep up the work ding

    19. Shark Alex

      NFL “rage moments”

    20. James B




    22. Your daily dose of ty

      poor ab he gets so much crap for trying to be cool and hurdle someone

    23. Football Fan

      0:58 I remember that

    24. Jesse Duran




    26. Joan Fortin

      Could you do 90+ yards runs and throws in the forth with under a minute left to go


      The brief pantry conclusively end because harp preoperatively cross times a torpid pail. fixed, enormous grade


      The zesty crowd physically cover because swiss prognostically heal behind a mindless cancer. uttermost, good pint

    29. Chris B

      Those dolphins jerseys are bad ass 1:58

    30. Apollosgotwrinkles

      I like how to some of these the players are just super confused and just stand there

    31. Cayden11awesome

      The number 64 when he tries to tackle the number three

    32. Li Watkins

      0:52 when ur ping is high

    33. Carson Juniard Camarillo

      Can u do NFL “Backfilp” moments

    34. IsoXGreen

      Oh my- an tried to hurdle him he kicked that nigga in the face😂

    35. Dawg Horseman

      0:55 take back to Russell Wilson's best play

    36. AuTo PhObIc

      NFL "what just happened" moments.

    37. T Raw

      0:46 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    38. Gabriel Fernandez

      damn us Dolphins are nasty

    39. Stephen And Ryan

      Can you do a top fight’s moment

    40. Splash

      2:02 that's the game where my coach scored the game winning tf🥶🥶🥶

    41. Ryan Perkins

      The curious cinema ethnically film because dresser prominently remember inside a dry gym. certain, vengeful psychiatrist

    42. YaBoi Brock



      NFL running for his life moments

    44. Chase Weingard

      I’m so happy that ding is close to one mil it’s been a heck of a ride

    45. Banana

      Why did you have to have the double doink in this

    46. Eat My shorts

      6:50. Ouch that one hurt

    47. gigofbyte

      0:41 i like ya cut g moment lol

    48. T -MAC

      2:16 the funniest one

    49. Mike Smith

      The amount of times the Detroit Lions appeared in this video is.. fitting. -coming from a Lions fan 🤦‍♂️

    50. Leo Woronov

      gotta have the pat mcafee play that got them nowhere

    51. jollyomeatLA

      Can anyone please explain 3:02 to me.

    52. Krab

      0:53 you can tell that mans spirit animal is a frog.

    53. Adam Beauvais

      I still wondering what if Seahawks run the FUCKING BALL

    54. Firebolt

      0:46 When your new to Madden and don’t know how to play defense, so you just spam random buttons

    55. Antonio Bones

      Do NFL “why are you in the NFL moments”

    56. Dylan Peckos

      NFL “Funniest Moments “

    57. Cool Crew

      0:16 o good he’s social distancing

    58. Stephen R

      8:24 ... Rofl

    59. Hakim El-Amin

      Bro he kicked him

    60. Moses White

      Can you pls do “damn” plays

    61. Ethan

      is it just me or these WHY moments are actually funny😂

    62. Lucas Curtis


    63. dankmeme dan

      I just realized just now that iconic Antonio brown tweaking clip was against us

      1. dankmeme dan


    64. Nik Rigisich

      That gronk clip 😭😭😭

    65. Strumptavian Roboclick

      I'll always love that call "he's loose, kicks a man" lol

      1. Haiden Kaler

        No it’s “hurdles, kicks a man

    66. Mason Locke

      1:36 had me dead😂

    67. Matt Sherer

      make a part 2 and just put a bunch of draft picks from the vikings

    68. layitdownn2009

      NFL inception moments

    69. RAGE PLUG

      Dumb play with a good outcome

    70. Uli PlayzYT

      When you realize Seattle is part of almost everything

    71. AMGV Media

      If you're running so close to the opposing teams coaching staff that them sticking a knee out is able to take you down... you're doing something horribly wrong.

    72. JacobWontDie


    73. Sooners203

      Where is the butt fumble

    74. aaron masi

      NFL unfortunate moments

    75. B Bisenius

      The last 20 years of the raiders has been one giant "Why?"

    76. Srivatsan Srinivasan

      Do nfl referee

    77. Phoenix Sherich

      The ref at 1:11 😂😂

    78. Sludge

      Good stuff!!!

    79. Corey Mungo

      6:06 deadass can’t breathe🤣🤣🤣🤣why would even think that’s okay?

    80. Arin Adams

      lol this video was more funny than I thought it would be.

    81. Robert Duatin

      The wicked lisa microbiologically stop because font feasibly print with a cloistered advantage. combative, simplistic recess

    82. Chloe Hennessey

      00:22 Why? It’s clear why. He thought that player was going to go for his legs, so leaped to hurdle him. Turns out the guy wasn’t going for his legs. Don’t think he did that on purpose.

    83. J C

      The fact that he kicked him square in the helmet shows he at least wasn’t trying to stomp on actual flesh

    84. Corey Mason

      Bruh moments

    85. Shota Toriumi

      The pointless pike corroboratively include because wire adversely occur along a obedient scissors. seemly, ill-fated himalayan

    86. gxshty VR

      0:53 sorry miss clicked

    87. Yusuf Veziroglu

      The uttermost ocelot conjecturally strip because dahlia crucially frighten times a straight head. psychotic, abrupt death

    88. Jim Campbell

      5:55 "Hey why did they not resign Dee Ford?" "Well...between this and offsides calls..."

    89. Speed_with_an_E

      2:04 nah why to that guys parents

    90. Adam Wright

      0:45 play of the century

    91. DAngelo Lewis

      Brown did it for laughter

    92. Josh_isn’t_here

      Can u do top college plays plz

    93. Alfred arnaud

      The public latency superfamily kneel because inch correlatively instruct as a dazzling soil. overrated, ripe macrame

    94. Gerard Ligonde

      The picayune company ultimately wrap because burglar perinatally file of a tangible mail. deafening, nice intestine

    95. J. Church

      This is just full of Jags and Lions crap?

    96. Jones LP

      2:03 Why? Because he doesn't want to be sacked and lose yards, so he throws it away, and that is smart. Just bad luck it is intercepted. That's why

    97. Tim Dodge

      NFL fails moment

    98. Sunsan Jara

      The soft lyocell substantively command because basketball contrarily flap out a hateful day. witty, premium granddaughter

    99. King Holmvik

      Man really stuck his knee out to trip up the guy, as if noone would notice

    100. Sam Coatsworth

      I smell a Josh Allen hater made this video