Car Cooking: The Oreo McFlurry #shorts

Max the Meat Guy

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    Car Cooking: The Oreo McFlurry #shorts
    Catch the series premiere of Fast Foodies as top chefs compete by recreating next level fast food tonight at 10:30/9:30c on @truTV #sponsored
    In today’s episode of car cooking we set to take on the McFlurry, quite possibly the most iconic fast food dessert of all time and one that holds a special place in my heart. Armed with nothing but a hand-crank ice cream maker and some tailgate grilled candied bacon - through blood sweat and tears - we gave it our all in that McDonald’s parking lot.
    Tensions were high, calories were burned (then replenished), and awkward drive through encounters were had… This is car cooking after all. The Fast Food showdown continues tonight with Fast Foodies premiering on TruTV at 10:30/9:30c! #FastFoodies
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    1. khan Aswad

      "it's time to cream" that sounded sooo awkward lol BTW you're sus ngl

    2. Alena Conrad

      When the ice cream machine at McDonald’s isn’t work. “That alright I brought my own”

    3. Zak Bone

      Bacon, are you for real?

    4. BooKu 5teppa

      No dhank ona bacon

    5. Tiger 844

      I'm sorry, but his ear looks so weird in this

    6. Anubis Bitar


    7. stefegra 2008

      The oreo bcflurry

    8. w x d i

      What is wrong with his ears

    9. bees

      Can't you do this at home?

    10. Pastel Princess

      Okay but why is he doing it in the car?

    11. kingnoah06

      Rip m&m mc flurry you were the best of them all

    12. Drippin Just-Ice


    13. Nat Copeland

      I have the same ice cream maker

    14. jacob ranno

      No one sees this man casually standing outside with snow in the ground, a short sleeve shirt and making ice cream

    15. Mylie gorham

      WHAT THE FUCK you doin with bacon in you fuckin icecream damn

    16. I'm Bored

      Him: I got my brand new ice cream maker and we are at McDonald's. Me: awe it's so nice of you to donate.

    17. I'm Bored

      Oh no the vegan teacher won't be happy about this

    18. I'm Bored

      Omg at first I thought he was going to give mcdonalds the ice cream machine because mcdonalds ice cream machine is always brocken 😂😂


      Oreo Mcpussy

    20. Jack Garing

      I did not expect that mcdonalds have oreo

    21. ccsballazdre

      Burger King did a test product for a bacon sundae. It went in.

    22. D4rK C0rp

      Ew what the fuck he started eating it and then mixing straight after. That's some rank shit. And his sister is gonna eat that too? I hope not

    23. Deputyzen

      *adds bacon into vanilla oreo ice cream* Now i see why your little sister is concerned

    24. The Funniest

      Did u just put bacon in a McFlurry? That’s like putting bits of sausage in your icecream Sundae

    25. Jess T

      I love this guy but he has an addiction to meat

    26. kous ueki

      wait.. you buy ice to make ice cream when there's a lot of free ice outside?.. you're a mad lad!

    27. Lonely_ Cabbage;-;

      Fake cause the McDonalds can actually make ice cream

    28. Semii Choutzu

      Only white poeple

    29. LV 08

      Who in their right minds would eat an ice cream with bacon

    30. I ,

      You make me sick

    31. Do DoubleG

      2 seconds in: I'ma guess candied bacon is gonna be involved. edit: I am a goddamn prophet.

    32. victoria 1919

      He’s honestly just embarrassing himself like he’s doing it all in a parking lot like i think he chose the wrong scenery for this🤣

    33. Ben Martinez

      Good job it look good

    34. Couldnt think of a name sorry


    35. Yahia Ali

      I’m never gonna eat McDonald’s again thank you very much

    36. Zeta Kumar

      My grandmother has one of those when she was young

    37. dionceleste

      Bacon in icecream? Huh???

    38. Alexia Wilson


    39. Annagh

      He sweating & putting bacon in the ice cream 🤮

    40. David Agbesi

      “Can I have the Oreo McFlurry... hold the flurry” The most iconic line of all time

    41. Matthew Hyman

      The only voice that can stand up to scottie pippen’s

    42. Suzanne Perez


    43. Julian Fernandez


    44. Lexiplayz roblox


    45. Unai Dr

      Fake, the ice cream machine never works

    46. Raza Cha

      Say your American without saying your American

    47. Emma Landsmann

      Do people eat bacon with ice cream? How have i never heard of this, also wtf


      Fuck yeah hhhhhhgg

    49. Little Bit

      This channel is so dumb

    50. Sam

      You talk like those sisters

    51. Armani Jones


    52. Wrlwind X

      Imagine if he puts bacon on everything

    53. YAALI 21

      You aren’t gusting

    54. Yao Cui

      SLOW food

    55. Catie Anne

      So you cranked it in a McDonald's parking lot? 😏

    56. World As War

      Never seen anyone using real ice for an ice cream:D or am i missing something.

    57. Amir Ismail


    58. Amir Ismail


    59. Amir Ismail


    60. Amir Ismail


    61. Amir Ismail


    62. Náthaly Marçal Virginio Duarte 1B


    63. IAmAnne M.S

      Idiot nude ice when there is free ice literally outside his door

    64. Melia Davis

      Umm I didn't know that bacon and ice cream went together...

    65. Kent Zyven

      I think you need someone else to hold your camera for you, your sister seems to have had enough🤣

    66. Vihn Mags

      Something would white people do

    67. Karlis Cardoza

      Wow yummy

    68. Ha Ha

      It’s all most over red people

    69. Sir douglas.

      "Rock salt." That's meth.

    70. Anurag Mate

      WEAR THE F**ING MASK..!!

    71. Mr. Belding

      That’s all the Oreos they give you? Wow.

    72. CrazyGamer

      bacon in ice cream?

    73. Queen Giggles

      I would not add the bacon lol

    74. s ii

      Lmao he's backwards moving forward

    75. It's Laysia Tho


    76. ATC Polite

      McDonald's gonna sue you

    77. MysteryMachine 444

      Okay isn’t that technically an Oreo bacon 🥓 McFlurry

    78. Jose cas76

      Just eating infront of ur sister while she watchs and slowly becomes more jealous then backstables you and steals your youtube account and your identity

    79. Yasuo Gamer

      Yo max can you cook ice cream with applewood?

    80. GalaxyGamerOMG

      Me when the ice cream machine at McDonald's is "broken" again:

    81. Twee

      Totally off topic but just a reminder Jesus died in your place 😌

    82. Jake Lamb

      Why do Americans add bacon onto sweet shit?

    83. Junior Lovell

      Never in my life have I seen green rock salt ctfu

    84. Victoria McCormack

      The ice cream looks good but I’m a fan of the candy bacon

    85. Parker Cottrell

      Gordon Ramsey would be pissed

    86. Mikki- -San


    87. Alxen FRESH ONE

      McDonald’s be like it’s the hold guy again

    88. o_BeanyBoi_o

      Tell me your American without telling me your American

      1. o_BeanyBoi_o


    89. Josvi Ibarra

      No se me da asco •~•

    90. Lopholillie

      My guy really just put bacon on ice cream-

    91. The Artist in Me

      The girl’s voice when someone was coming😭

    92. Icsdi

      What the actual fuck is ice cream with bacon.... "oh yeah, let's make a delicious chocolate but let's add a bit of rotten salmon... Delicious"

    93. Google Uwo

      Its not fastfood anymore

    94. Philip Lane

      I thought they were gonna say the ice cream machine was broken and you were gonna give them your new one that would of been sooooo funny 😆

    95. Kara Goeltz

      He looks like Ted from Schitts Creek... 😳

    96. Glair Bear

      Gordon Ramsay is right “Max what had happened to u”

    97. Skull

      Oreo and bacon What in God's name are you doing

    98. Abdullah Albraiky

      Dude buys ice cubes while surrounded by snow

    99. Dino nuggie

      Can we talk about how he’s just casually out side wearing a t-shirt in the snow

      1. Dino nuggie

        @JuiceBox oop missed that lol

      2. JuiceBox

        He’s wearing a jacket when he’s outside and he wears a t shirt inside the car because it is heated

    100. ꧁AJK Wonders꧂

      Let me have your icecream then if your gonna hold the flurry