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    Happy Tuesday! This week we have a compilation dedicated people who think they are too stylish to fail! Enjoy dressed to the nines.
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    1. RazorZumT

      4:50 lol can't stop watching this :D :D :D

    2. The Catfather

      4:18 The SPEED that thing had! Even at 0.25x speed that thing just f*cks off! 😂😂😂

    3. Jeremiah Crawford

      Why was everyone dancing to no music in the one clip?

    4. Slack O'Lantern

      Hey Forbidden Planet! That's a great movie!

    5. H. Collier

      The fat ugly green thing was totally staged. Duh.

    6. Publius

      4:52 _need I say more?_

    7. Benito Novas

      0:43 big ooooooFF

    8. Ja Donald

      I don’t think you should include scenes of people pulling chairs out from under others as this can cause serious back problems.

    9. Emran Dafadar

      Just play the 4:50 clip in a funeral People are going to kill you

    10. TrackFocused

      4:48 made me lose my shit

    11. I had to change it

      4:48 It still amazes me that people don’t realize you’re not supposed to put the syrup in before carbonating it smh

    12. x

      4:50 y’all might be laughing, but she’s just preparing herself for ww3

    13. FloofyFatRat

      4:40 I want to see more of her

    14. HiYa Pal

      3:58 *Hilarious!!!* Lol!!! 😂😂😂

    15. James Gray

      Does anyone know what I can search to find the original video of the 4:30 clip

    16. Gyanendr Shukla

      4:51😂🤣 soda machine: you you you!!! disrespected me lady now i take revenge. (🤣soda machine launches a missile 😂)

    17. Gyanendr Shukla

      3:13 that dog 🤣at the left corner was like🐕: WHAAATTT!!! THAA FAAKK HE'S DOING

    18. Free Majestic Bird

      Can someone please tell me where I can find the video that starts at 4:18?

    19. RyanLovesKiddo

      4:51 I believe that’s what they refer to as “Mach fuck”

    20. T D

      4:50 Calm down people. Everything went perfectly as planned.

    21. Super Konner 2020 Sheffield

      Are they requested by the best fails and funny vines mr failarmy?

    22. Ahmad Hamdi

      1:34 is like me and my siblings in a 2 star hotel 🤣🤣

    23. Stuart Coupe

      4:22 that’s Peter Kay doing his drag act.

    24. Roobics Coob

      4:00 really hit at the end tho 😂😂

    25. TheSheepDogPatriot1776

      Im going to have to unsub if you keep showing the mental illness which is transgenderism!

    26. Pandu Miharja

      Nailed it!!

    27. psympson

      4:50 "She" deserves it for going so well made up!!! OMFG! I'm still LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    28. milosz pogoda

      4:50 my favorite

    29. Helmut helmjut

      4:18 - 4:55 Wtf That makes the biggest laughing flash in the world to me..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    30. mmssmsms

      1:19 is just mean

    31. Bubblegum

      @4:39 Ive never actually laughed out loud at a fail before. This one got me to

    32. Tim Sacks

      4:50 Apparently they put Divine in a horror movie...

    33. Blue Meow

      1:30 When my wheelchair's controller glitches out. LOL!!

    34. Deadstick

      LOL... CO2 in water creating a rocket blast. But don't worry, her face doesn't look any worse than when she started.

    35. Hue SereotY


    36. Regi Corp

      The panda makes me think that a mascot themed fails would be cool.

    37. Harold Willett

      I've looked everywhere for the plumbing snake breaking the toliet but can't find it anywhere

    38. Sergio hugo PB

      3:58 LOL i cant stop too!!!!!!!!!!!!! where can i get the original one?

    39. Derek Farley

      What happened to the fails of the week videos?

    40. King Keef

      5:00 dog was like.. damn it !!! I thought we all agreed NO COSTUMES this year

    41. King Keef

      4:18 OMG for so many reasons... that scream at the end.. LOL

    42. I_hate_you_tube_rewind_2019_and_I_dont_like_sand

      4:17 WHAT THE HELL IS EVEN THAT??!?!?!?!?!

    43. Máté Jancsek

      The lady clown who made her soda maker launch to the moon and the guy who just ran into the window without any reason made me :D

    44. magna116

      Easter Bunny - Blue Mountain resort, Poconos!

    45. Robertas Gaurilčikas

      2;50 wtf irgi noobas

    46. Sofie Schelle

      2:40 so awkward, why isnt anybody talking about that?😂

    47. Patrizia Chioc

      4.19 come cazzo si è conciata quella?

    48. Vipul Katwal

      3:12 Green Lantern wants your location.

    49. Toxic_skyfox

      1:21 it so dumb

    50. TheYertIsHere

      4:50 I want some context

    51. Shady Urbexer

      statsmash.com/calculator/failarmy-net-worth sure they are gonna remove it soon

    52. Shady Urbexer

      dude we need a "toom many rich kids with #money video" it would be epic"

    53. Bandicoot803

      1:26 - Express Room Service!

    54. HauntedBox


    55. brad nowall

      failarmy used to be good, now they suck, like most youtube channels over the years.

    56. Rutvij Deo

      4:51.... me when I have TacoBell.

    57. jan Lukas

      1:05 Wer kennt Simple Club?😂

      1. jan Lukas

        @Aaa Aaa Ehre 😂😂

      2. Aaa Aaa

        jan Lukas omg danke ich hab das Video pausiert und überlege seit Minuten von wo ich das kenne

      3. Broccoli

        😂😂👍 same

    58. GeorgeJansen

      Breaking glass... 3:59. The greatest got dam sound on earth

    59. elmek13

      4:54 ugly and stupid....:D

    60. Zero the Wanderer

      4:51 - I wanna see what the wall looks like after that thing rocketed away from her at mach 3.7

      1. Simon Beavin

        such an underrated comment

      2. Shol ́va RIchthys

        @Demir Betsa No... that´s what happens if you add syrup first! And she pressed it soo many times... xD

      3. Demir Betsa

        thats is what happens when you press the button to many times and hold it down for to long

    61. Kieran Eric

      Does anyone know how to get the original video of that women in the green shirt (with the exploding fizzy water machine)?

    62. Cloxboy

      It's been said over and over in the comments: "don't mess with the formula" but you didn't listen, now this channel is losing thousands of subs everyday. Ditch the goofy music and stop doing so many 'themed videos'. Operating this cash cow does not require you to "grow" or "evolve" as a company; just post fail videos and make money. Or keep changing shit and end up like FailBlog.

    63. Fürst As

      0:38 Erem Movie xdddd

    64. sukisuzuki10

      4:55 had me crying with laughter, thank you so much for posting

    65. Plug Plugintons

      4:18 a wild Snorkax appears

    66. Plug Plugintons

      0:55 dude hit his head, turned into Adolf Hitler

    67. Never Trumper

      I really really REALLY hope all those hurt. 👺

    68. Mad Hatter

      4:28.....😲😲😵😵😳😱 Scared the crap outta me...and 5:17 the dog is smart. Once you took off the horrendous ricer costume he bitched at you for wearing it.

    69. Michael Shiflet

      4:40 and the human with the CO2. I. just. can't. even. DEAD.

      1. kleetus92


    70. Nick Topinopolis

      4:18 did anyone else notice the last few presses were trying to cover up fart sounds? Sorry to make you watch that part again :/

    71. FritsusKristus

      4:18 😂👍🏻

    72. fm

      So its crazy irvision.info/home/faDfdGh7Y8urqtI/fy-lm-h-y.html

    73. Morgan Freeman

      Falling into deep water with a wedding dress on can be fatal. A woman in Montreal drowned doing a photoshoot when the photographer asked her to jump into the lake. She couldn't tread water and started sinking to the bottom. They dove in to try and save her but the dress was so heavy with water they couldn't pull her up. She had just gotten married a few hours earlier. Trajic.

    74. Eugen Pancer

      What happend at 4:51😂

    75. Илья Дементьев

      4:30 это женщина? пздц,я думал мужик накрашенный

    76. M 23

      week ass clips

    77. Justin

      Nice to see you guys found some new fails on the internet.

    78. Barshonk

      that dog is fuckin crazy!


      4:50 had me screaming

    80. DoWorkChopper

      Ran out of videos of people dressed up in nice clothes... alright, let's throw costumes in too.

    81. Mizo

      4:25 everytime she presses the Button my heads like : Its enough Stop it... STOP IT ! , STAAAWP !! 4:50

      1. j o c o

        Phillip L dq’s go by she

      2. Phillip L

        That’s a dude.

    82. Mr H

      0:38 is the newest "Annie Don't Fall" clip.

    83. Breno

      0:09 The real DRAG RACE

    84. Infected funerals

      4:22 that make up...

      1. j o c o

        it’s drag

    85. Starvel

      Can you do sport fails

    86. MySide OnU

      4:46 ...I died!!!

    87. Solar Wind

      4:43 Spoiler: these farts were not coming from a bottle 😁

    88. Lance Loyer

      4:19 Didn't know clowns wanted their own suicide vests.

    89. RQuinn 53

      Handrails and butts don’t mix ppl FYI 🤣

    90. RQuinn 53

      0:11 to be fair he had the longest dress, thus that’s why he kissed the floor first lol

    91. Play3r_ SlaYeR27

      3:33 playing GTA online

    92. no code

      The dude with the soda stream was funny 💯% epic fail.....

    93. Karim Mohamed


    94. duffsman316

      4:51 I think you pressed it 13 times too many.

    95. murkedszn

      Ready for fails of the decade video

    96. Autumn Mitchell

      4:15. Dude Perfect Panda 😂🥰

    97. Oforid222

      Name of the song from 3:09 to 3:51

    98. TheBennedy85

      4:55 She sounds like a really pissed off donkey!

    99. TheBennedy85

      4:50 Was just heaven! Everything about what was going on in that clip was perfect! HAHA!