Food Theory: Subway Tuna Is NOT Fish? ft. TheOdd1sOut

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    Oh Subway, it was not so long ago that we were trying to figure out if your bread was REALLY bread or if it was secretly cake. Well, it looks like we are not ready to say goodbye to your scandals. Today, we are opening the sandwich on what exactly you have been putting inside them. Specifically, your "tuna". Is it tuna? Is it even FISH? Time to find out!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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    1. Cheng Teoh

      Next thing you know there will be a class action lawsuit accusing Subway Sandwiches of not being made of actual "sand" or "witches"

      1. Archie Sims

        @Cheng Teoh no giraffe

      2. Creative Name

        Or even better, witches who live in the sand

      3. The ballistic Tree

        *soub Hahaha

      4. Rusto

        *wiches not witches. witches are the women tried in the Salem witch trials. Your claiming it’s made of magical human women. Soylent green

      5. Luxa Laney

        @Jeff Faller dude, it's a JOKE. You don't have to look into every single detail

    2. official Beach Bear

      now i know that brian wasnt eating a tuna sandwich in fast and furious

    3. The Panther2706

      I just love subway

    4. Olivia Brown

      it is

    5. Young Goddess

      This was a publicity stunt .... just like this video

    6. MainKalosewop

      Me thinking why the captions are in dutch

    7. KUAH QI YANG Moe

      “Tuna fosh”

    8. ronlpn

      This video be like: blub blub

    9. Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief

      Hi, how are you? Great video, thanks for sharing. Have an awesome week!

    10. Diamond Tiaria

      MatPat, who is the couple in the beginning of the Food Theory intro?

    11. Piano Player

      0:50 Bendy's (Wendy's)

    12. Brett gaming 08 08

      Yo fizzle guy

    13. de dewayans

      if this is true, ill blow myself...

    14. KarTheWanderer

      I really hope that nobody actually allergic to tuna mistakenly thinks the tuna sandwich isn't tuna and tries to eat it

    15. Alex


    16. Rosetta’s Voice

      All the fish puns..👀🍵👍

    17. Jesse Cadle

      Sub way did settle it out of court, 500k to the judge and bam! Thrown out xD not likely but America so possible.

    18. Xx pløpkin xX

      IRvision collaborations are the best thing that have ever happened to me

    19. ZacharysPlushieWorld

      And also Karen The girl is a Karen

    20. victor

      odd1sout: nu me: HE SPEAKS ROMANIAN!?

    21. Fawn

      if they actually faked the tuna i would be so disappointed in subway for missing out on the marketing techniques that would make there sales go up so much by puttign it as vegan or something lol.

    22. Fox Of Chaos

      I can confirm the mislabeled fish part, my dad bought king crab meat a while back to food lion. Turns out it was Polloc.

    23. Matthew Lauber

      I'm not convinced that Subway didn't ask someone to file a law suit they could win so that they can look good.

    24. TheGuyBehindTheAnimation

      You should become subways lawyer sorry I mean Soubway’s lawyer

    25. nicky TATS

      Best intro In years

    26. MinecraftKid Gaming2

      The tuna already got tested for tuna and it came out positive

    27. Bhai Yaar Krish

      Tip of the Karens are problems

    28. GotCopper


    29. Mr.StealYoGiga

      the true subway scandal is the jalapeños stems debacle

    30. FerretsForever94

      Honestly, an allergen free tuna but not tuna would be revolutionary and I would love an episode on methods of 'growing' meats, fish, milk/cheese, etc. that focus on either cell based/'vat-grown'/'test-tube' meats and bi-products. I think MatPat would LOVE the science side of it.

    31. Lord Voidfiger

      Bro food is food

    32. Galaxe

      Idk man, maybe their attorney is the *exact same* as the taco bell attorney


      Tuna fulsah sub

    34. Memer

      finally2ofmy favuoriteyoutuberiscolabtogether SOUBWAY

    35. Germanyball

      Subway Theory Think Fresh

    36. Michelle Eretza

      Not me sitting down to eat a subway tuna sandwich while watching this video about subway tuna sandwiches 😩

    37. edgar darya tan

      "no*clap*fish*clap*whatsoever*clap", but if that is so then why is there flavors of fish, and those 2 person must've trying to find ways to get 5 million dollars by just saying that subway's fish is not fish

    38. TheSupremePotato

      i didnt know the roblox sandwich existed in real life

    39. BradLovesMemes

      the crossover nobody asked for but everybody wanted

    40. NG CYNN DEE Moe

      He wants his *olives*

    41. crappie guy gamer

      Me: "sees the odd1sout" yessssss

    42. Nowi Da Manakete

      I thought he was going say that these companies hire the people to make a lawsuit and the company defends it and gets free publicity.

    43. Maxximus Hicks

      my personal motto: don't ask too many questions about what you are eating or else you will never eat anything

    44. DonTrez Anderson


    45. DonTrez Anderson

      Foot long

    46. IANOYTYK

      MatPat please don't fall into the trap of "lol dumb individual is suing a giant corporation". I get it's a meme right now, but why you making fun of someone's name?

    47. Brittani Dunning

      You Can't be Serious MATPAT you are ruining tuna sandwich/salad's for me

    48. Commentis Anonymous

      do I love a toona foosh oot sooubway

    49. Ava Crute

      KARAN Noooooo

    50. Mamun Hussain

      mans actually said tuwuna fuwush

    51. Connor Hell

      How many fish puns were there

    52. Martín Bravo

      The tuna alternative Is soy. Search "Profeco atún enlatado soya".

    53. James Kason

      It was great to see James back behind a Sooubway Counter, even for a quick minute.

    54. David Kassa

      Finned fish allergy’s ?

    55. ihavehopeforu

      Tuna or not, that shiii gooood

    56. Archie Sims

      Do a video about food that makes us poop or diet foods

    57. JOHNonymous

      Is that a demonic duck of sorts

    58. Wallace Reed

      Can the fourth quarter of your channel be a gaming channel please like playing Minecraft and among us and stuff please it would be amazing I would love it and good job with all of your channel keep going

      1. Wallace Reed

        @Michael lavin oh ok thanks I didn’t know

      2. Michael lavin

        @Wallace Reed just type gt live it's means game theory live and he play games live

      3. Wallace Reed

        @Michael lavin idk what that is sorry

      4. Michael lavin

        Do you mean gt live?

    59. Owen Keenan

      If these baseless allegations are actually good for the company because they can turn it around into good pr................ it might be a solid business model to pay people to accuse them of random bull**** .

    60. Morhamms357

      Ah yes. FT THE ODD1SOUT EVERYBODY!!! WE GOT HIM IN THE EPISODE!!! Odd1sout totaling in at like 1 minute of skits that barely have to do with the episode. I remember story time animators were being BLASTED from this, but I guess food theory is fine Besides that kinda clickbait title, the video was really good. Please next time just link that special someone in the description or something if they won’t do many lines

    61. Rvo Studio

      Why is he not a lawyer

    62. Gamemaster Anthony

      What I would've done: "Produce the lab results...or we charge you with fraud." Even if they drop the lawsuit, they still get in trouble for causing a stir and it may result in a full stop on suits like this.

    63. DKSTAR

      Oh Yes The 6 Olive Rule

    64. Luis Miguel

      Toona fwoosh?

    65. Andrija Vasić

      Did you guys think subway made the lawyers sue them for this on purpose?

    66. EpicStar 86

      The tounafish sandwich meat is made out of a 19$ Fortnite Card

    67. 王人傑

      Just can't talk about subway without TheOdd1sOut

    68. DinoGaming44

      California is the Karen capital of the world honestly.

    69. Pr!me Tim3z

      mm, im pretty sure this is just subway being both the prosecutor and defendant. I mean think about it, its a dumb lawsuit that spells fraud done twice, at the same time of the year, in the exact same way, they just mysteriously drop the case and disappear, and subway gets to run massive ads without looking like the bad guy because they're just "defending" themselves. This just spells fraud all over, subway knows any press is good press, so why not make some bad press to profit off of? and if you say, why would they do that to force themselves to spend more money running ads, riddle me this, wouldn't they have just ran those same ads anyways? instead of having to space out all those ads to keep drawing in attention without bugging people by making too many ads, they get to release massive ad drops in your face, "defending" themselves by challenging people to *go eat at subway.* furthermore, it takes a long time to make ads so you can't just whiff them out of thin air, and ads cost unreal amounts of money and brand support. meaning, every ad subway releases stakes its own neck on the chopping block, so they have a lot to gain it things go right, but unimaginable amounts to lose if anything were to go wrong. Imagine if subway ran all those ads and was proven to be wrong? saying it would be the end of subway would be the best outcome for them because it would get far worse, very fast. all this not even mentioning, subway spent a grand total of zero dollars and zero cents on this case because nothing was pulled through. it doesn't matter if it was tuna or not, it's just a poorly disguised pr campaign ran to make it seem like darling ol subway is just defending itself. BUT HEY THAT'S JUST A THEORY A FOOOOOOOOOOD THEORY

    70. Eddie Lemon

      Maybe it's all a guerilla ad campaign to get subway in the news and to shill tuna sandwiches.

    71. vanko gaming

      The people that get there also why are there so little olives reference our true fans of the odd ones out

    72. Natalie Jimenez

      I'm allergic to "finned fish" should I go for the sub?

    73. Monica Ibeck

      I like how everybody is talking about James but not matpat

    74. Monica Ibeck

      JAMESSS oh now he’s gonna hate me

    75. Jacob Menjivar

      Why did he say tuna SALAD at 5:00 when showing a picture of a sandwich?

    76. 4372696D736F6E

      In Poland it is. I don't know about america.

    77. Mrmcguru

      This seems very fishy

    78. Plasma


    79. leon copilah

      I want Chilean Sea Bass

    80. Pretty_ Boy

      🙏 my two favorite youtubers collabing for a couple of seconds is the best thing

    81. Tendo of Nin

      Next up: Wondy's theory ft. Arin Hanson

    82. bruhify

      My nightmare: But hey its just a theory an anime theory

    83. Erdbeerkuchen Nico

      Tesla did the same thing

    84. IonarAssorted

      0:18 UwOrdered

    85. Nadia hocson

      dont they kinda sound the same

    86. Kenzie Ang GD


    87. Gavin O'Leary

      I just ate a Tuna Melt from subway and now I'm watching this

    88. TJAwsmness 54

      that intro XD priceless

    89. Shea Polk

      Matpat with the odd1sout references XD

    90. Cali AirmanB17

      Not only should Sooubway not pay, but they and the justice system should make an example out of the plaintiff and their attorney. That’s the only way people like them will stop making frivolous cases. 🥪 🐟

    91. Creative Name

      I love how he asked about the olives, only true sooubway fans would know

    92. DalekTDP

      LOL i got a subway ad at the beginning of this

    93. Dylan Dudley

      Can we appreciate the fact that there is 999 dislikes and 99k likes (right now)

    94. Dylan Dudley

      I changed the vid from 999 dislikes to 1000 hahaha ok imma change it back now

    95. D. Johnson

      The person who's allergic to tuna fish: My time has come

    96. kipa

      I can test this i cant eat fish

    97. Tera Star

      subway hired them as a publicity stunt

    98. Impulsive Gaming

      James pls make a fox ploosh 🦊

    99. Jaron D'mello

      Subway’s Tuna sandwich is not Tuna Source: Dude trust me

    100. fnaf reacts

      They sound the same